The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    This story deserves its own IMDB entry.
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    When I got home this morning Sally wasn't here. I'd thought about this when I went to the office Christmas party. She'd encouraged me to go; told me not to worry about her she was planning to have dinner with a couple of her girlfriends. That's when I knew she had already made plans and they didn't involve her girlfriends; she'd hooked up with someone to take care of her pussy, if I wasn't going too. She arrived a couples hours after me, clearly looking used and put away wet. She was a mess, I realized then that she been more than fucked, she'd been repeatedly fucked, by what had to be more than one guy. She insisted on a full mouth kiss and I could taste the lingering smell and cum on her breath. Had I not already showered and cleaned up our breath would have matched. I followed her to the bedroom and helped her get undressed, she had hickey marks all over her neck and breasts. I commented and she smiled and asked me if I wanted to taste her pussy. I looked down at her matted bush and thought, did she just get fucked before she came home. She lay back on the bed, spread her legs and told me to come on, I need you to lick me. I crawled up between her thighs, noting another hickey as I nibbled my way to her well used cunt. I gave it a gentle lick, sending a shiver throughout her body and a moan of pleasure. I licked again and again, as it did I could she from her reaction that she her pussy was feeling very tender. I looked up and asked her how many cocks did it take to do this to her. She smiled back at me and told me not to stop that my tongue felt so good.

    I continued to lick and began to gently suck on her labia. She said, I remember Sue telling me you that you were the best when it came to eating pussy, but I never realized how good that was. I lifted my head and said, I can't believe your daughter was telling you about how good her husband was at giving head. Sally respond, oh, my girls and I have no secrets, I knew about your little dick before you married her. Carole and I both warned her it wouldn't last, we knew she was a bit of a size queen, not that Carole isn't also. I guess after listening to me complain about their father's tiny cock, they vowed not to make the same mistake, yet Sue married you. Now, I understand why, it felt good getting the shit fucked out of me last night, but it was worth it to have you licking my cunt this morning. I knew I shouldn't try to make her orgasm, she needed to rest so I got up after a few minutes more of soothing her well used vagina and led her to the bathroom for a nice soak in the tub. She smiled at me as I finished drawing her nice warm bath, and said, you're a lot better lover than you were a son-in-law. I left her to languish in her bath, figuring I'd earned some serious fucking for later.
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    Sally's older daughter Carole, arrived for the Christmas Season on Friday afternoon. I had the task of picking her up and taking her to my ex-wife, Sue's, house. Carole and I have had an love/hate relationship, she's finally come to terms that her former brother-in-law is now her mother's lover. I know it sounds incesteous but I'm not blood related to Sue, Carole or their mother Sally, the fact that I've fucked all three is okay, just a bit unusual. Anyway, when I arrived at Sue's no one was home, fortunately, I still have a key and was able to let her sister in. I was about to leave as I had to pick Sally up later that afternoon, but Carole, complained, that I was just dumping her off and leaving her alone, so I agreed to fix us a couple of drinks and wait for a bit hoping Sue would be home soon. Sue called a few minutes later wanting to know if I'd picked up Carole, then she told me she was still at work but would be home in a couple of hours. Moments later, Sally called, also wanting to know about Carole. I asked if she was ready to be picked up she said, no that she'd drive herself over in a couple of hours. I passed all this on to Carole, and she smiled, asking if my dick had grown any. I flushed red expecting that she was simply toying with me, but then she said, oh hell, I don't care, I want you to fuck me anyway. Well, my cock had been half hard ever since I first saw her at the airport. All the way home, I'd been thinking of our last visit to LA and how she'd not only let me eat he pussy, but let me fuck her, suck her tits, making out kissing. I suddenly hoped perhaps this is our new relationship, but she looked at me and said, don't think things have changed between us, I'm just terribly horny and even the thought of your little dick is making me wet. I wasted no time after that, I dropped to my knees told her to sit on the sofa, I pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties off. I was eating her as she clawed my scalp, and cursed me. I enjoy eating the girls mother, but eating Carole and Sue is infinitely better. After about 15 minutes of licking as sucking her cunt, she told me to get up and come with her to bed. She finished stripping on the way and I followed her lead, we left a trail of clothes to the guest bedroom where she always stayed. She lay back on the bed spread her legs and told me to do my best. I climbed between her legs, guiding my stiff little cock into her delicious pussy, as I dropped my head to her huge tits and began sucking them. I knew from my last experience from her she'd want me to just try to keep it in her while she squirmed and bucked beneath me. When I'd try to fuck her before, I kept coming out and this is how we finally were able to keep my dick in her cunt. I started kissing her neck and face and finally her lips, she let me put my tongue in and moments later, she was trying to work her tongue inside my mouth. I loved kissing her, she was so beautiful and her kisses were so sweet, totally unlike her normal personality toward me. I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would and when she sensed, I'd cum, she asked. Then told me I'd have to clean it out before I got up. I ate her again, this time tasting my own cum as I did. I finally gave her the orgasm she was looking for and she pushed me away, telling me to get out, that I could dress in the other room. She showed, and joined me about 20 minutes later. I'd made fresh drinks and we were still sipping them when Sue, arrived. She took one look at us, turned to me and said, you fucked her didn't you. Carole, jumped in telling her it was she that had done the fucking, that I was the only dick available and she needed it. Sue smiled, turned to me and said, you little shit. Another 20 minutes later and Sally arrived. She looked at us and said, he fucked her didn't he. Then she said, I hope you enjoyed it, because that's all the pussy you'll be getting for awhile.
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    Things are really strained between Sally and I. We haven't had any kind of sex with one another for almost two weeks. She's resumed fucking her young stud, that I thought had dumped her, but now I know it was her that dumped him. Apparently, she wanted to play it straight with me and try monogamy. Two bad she didn't tell me, I fucked those two bitches Skinny and Fatty as well as her older daughter Carole. I think that was the straw that broke the camel back. Sally told me, if I ever wanted to fuck her again, I'd need to learn to keep my dick in my pants. I can't believe this old whore is treating me this way. She's fucked so many guys, I know she could begin the tell you how many. It's okay that I was married to her second daughter Sue, and now I'm maybe Sally's lover, but she lost it when she found out I'd fuck Carole. I don't know what to do. She hasn't even let me eat her pussy.

    I'm thinking of driving over to see my ex-girlfriend Lisa, this weekend. I've spoken on the phone with her and she said, she'd love to have come for a visit. She told me Mrs. Gilmore had left her husband and moved in with Sam. She said, my leaving had affected everyone. She said, Sam hasn't tried to hit her up for several weeks and she broken up with the guy she was seeing and missed me. I'm sure that's partly bullshit, but it sounds like she's willing to let me fuck her if I come. She asked about Bill, Sue's ex, I told her I'd seen him at Sue's last week. I know Lisa is such a size queen as soon, as she started talking with me, I'm sure she thought of Bill. That's okay, I just want to get away from here for a few days, maybe Sally would get over been mad at me. I'm going to drive over to Lisa's tonight, if all goes well I could be fucking her by dinner time.
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    Well I got here early evening last night, Lisa was waiting for me. I like to say anxiously, at least she seem excited to see me. This told me what I suspected, she'd been dumped by the guy she taken up with before I left. We had went out for dinner, delaying any sex for a much more romantic night. By the time we got home, we were both ready to fuck like rabbits. I wasn't into it long before I found myself comparing her to the much older Sally. I missed her, even though she's my former mother-in-law and 22 years older than me, I realized she was second only to her daughter Sue. I still had a great time with Lisa, I was able to be in charge. She wasn't trying her best to lure me back and I went alone with it, fucking her every way I could and when I was fucking her I had her sucking my cock or licking my balls. It was great. Unfortunately, she had to work today, so I was left home alone. I remembered Mrs. Gilmore and strolled over to her apartment in the early afternoon. She wasn't home but her wimpy husband was and he wanted to know if I'd be up for some mutual cocksucking. I recalled his tiny little dick and decided no, but told him if his wife came home to tell her I stopped by and was staying with Lisa. He called me an asshole and said all I wanted to do was fuck his wife, I agreed, telling him she was a decent piece of ass and too good for a little cocksucker like him. He said, fuck you. I said, no I'll fuck your wife instead.

    I was loving being in charge shit. It was then when Sam popped up as I rounded the corner to Lisa's apartment. He said, I heard you might be in town, suddenly I felt my in charge feeling disappear. Yeah, I came to see Lisa for a couple of days. He said, she's still at work, let's have a drink at my place. I wanted to say no, fuck off, I'm not sucking your cock, but I found myself saying sure. When he closed the door behind us, he asked if I wanted a beer before or after I sucked his dick. He looked at me as I dropped to my knees and reached for his fly. I thought so he said, then added, I saw you leaving the Gilmore's, she's coming by her later. I'll let you fuck her first as a reward for sucking my dick now. I'd sort of forgotten the size of his big cock but was quickly reminded as he began to fuck my face with it. Holding the back of my head, he said, it's been a while since I've had someone as good as you suck my cock. He lasted much longer that I wished but didn't disappoint me with the mouthful of cum he blasted down my throat. I was gagging and choking as I tried to swallow, finally he eased his big prick out of my mouth and finished, pumped the last of his jizz on my facc.

    I had barely recovered from his face fucking when the door opened and the lovely Mrs. Gilmore waltzed in the room smiling. She looked at me and said, her husband told her I'd stopped by and she added that her pussy was looking forward to seeing me. She whiffed past me to Sam, giving him the kiss, that I wanted. As their lips locked in a passionate embrace, his hand roamed freely over the married woman's well used ass. Finally, breaking it off, he told her I was going to fuck her first, she started to object but he reminded her that I'd be there to lick her pussy after he finished her off. And that's what happened, I lost my load in her pussy after only a few minutes and Sam took over, fucking her long and hard, giving her multiple orgasms along the way. It was like watching a master a work, the guy could really fuck and her body was made for fucking. By the time he emptied his load of cum in her I was hard as a rock and eager to eat her. It wasn't but a few minutes after I finished eating her out, that the phone rang and Sam told who ever it was to come on over. Then he told me Lisa was on her way.

    That's when I learned that Lisa and Mrs. Gilmore had been having 3 somes with Sam. I discovered, Liza and Mrs. Gilmore both loved to eat pussy nearly as much as I do. Sam fucked both girls and I cleaned up afterward. I don't know how he can keep cumming. By 10 o'clock, we were all worn out. Lisa and I came home, Mrs. Gilmore climbing in Sam's bed as we were going. Lisa crashed with what clothes she thrown on to leave Sam's and has hardly moved. I woke up a bit ago, with the taste of cum on my breath, wondering if I should head back home to Sally tomorrow morning.
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