The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    I am glad you get the BEST of BOTH worlds. I just hope that Sam doesn't end up butt fucking you and put you back on the doctor's couch. Enjoy sucking cock and swallowing and eating pussy no matter the age of it. Its ALL GOOD.
  2. waynerobertson

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    You're doing good jon. Try not to have Sam butt fuck you. Accept the toys in your ass but not cock for your own emotional well being. Keep sucking ad swallowing. You need that as well.
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    You missed your chance to slide your micro-penis into her ass for a really tight feel, or perhaps along side Sam's cock in her vagina. It would have been a bonding experience.
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    Well after my day with Sam and Mrs. Gilmore, everything has been relatively tame. My new friend Lisa has returned home from her trip and we've been fucking like rabbits. She's not perfect and neither and am I, but her pussy is pretty tight for my little dick. She's really getting into cock sucking, she woke me up twice this week that way and even wanted to do in the car as we went through a car wash. She says she loves to feel me cum in her mouth and likes the taste of it. Then she added, that what really gets her off about it; is that it's always been a taboo thing for her and she likes feeling like a nasty whore when she’s sucking me. That's when she told me about what happened when she was a little girl; she’d walked in on her mother and caught her sucking a man's cock. He was not her father and she never did find out who he was or why her mother was kneeling before him sucking his dick as he sat on her parent’s bed. The man saw her and winked, she quickly ducked back out of her parent’s bedroom and ran out of the house and back down the street to her friend’s house where she had been. Her mother never mentioned it and neither did she, she assumes her mother never knew she’s seen them.

    So things have been great, I did see Sam a couple of times, but I’ve only sucked his cock once in the past week. He wants me to come over again, while my neighbor Mrs. Gilmore is there. She apparently loved having me watch them and clean them up after they’d fucked. I saw her and her husband leaving one evening they both said, hi and she gave me a friendly smile, which made my cock stir with excitement. I’d seen her go into Sam’s apartment earlier that afternoon and wondered, it she had her husband eat her out when she went home. Lisa is asleep and I would love to go see Sam, I saw him with some young woman earlier this evening. I suspect she’s someone’s wife and he’s fucking her.
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