The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    I had a good day today, I think I may have found a new job in a smaller city about an hour away. It's a very small office and none of the people there know anyone where I've worked previously or now. It might be a new start, if I get it. I should know be the end of next week. I haven't told anyone that I'm looking and I don't want anyone to know where I went, if I get it. I'm serious about trying to find new people for my life. Meanwhile, when I got home, Sally was napping on the sofa. I woke her up rubbing my cock on her face and mouth. When her eyes popped open with a startled look, and she tried to ask what I was doing, I slipped my dick in her mouth and said, suck it. She did and it was long before, I unloaded my cock giving her a mouthful of cum. Well maybe not a mouthful but I gave what I could. She swallowed it and knelt down between her legs, pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties off. She moaned and cooed as I ate her pussy until, she had a nice orgasm. Afterward, she told me Carole had arrived from LA this afternoon and was coming over for dinner with Sue. I asked if I should leave, she said, no, she'd told Sue I was staying with her until I found a place of my own. I asked what Sue had said, and the old cunt told me not to worry.

    When Carole and Sue arrived, I was greeted nicely by both of them. I fixed them drinks, and Carole, asked if I'd messed around with their mother. Sally, interrupted and told them both that my living with her was temporary and she could take care of herself. I could tell neither of the girls were happy with this answer but they let it slide at least for now. We had dinner and they pretty much ignored me and I stayed out of the conversation as much as possible. Before they left I excused myself saying I had a little reading to do and started to head for my bedroom, both glared at me and Sue warned me, that I'd better not try any shit with their mother or I'd pay for it. I went to my room and waited for them to leave.

    About an hour later, I woke up as Sally was climbing in bed with me. I fucked her and we fell asleep. When I woke up again, she'd gone back to her room. Tomorrow's Saturday and I'm going to wake her up eat her pussy and fuck her again, before breakfast. If I get the job, I'm going to move out maybe as early as next weekend, so I want to use the old bitch as much as possible before I leave. I'm going to fuck once or twice everyday, make her suck my cock and eat her pussy every chance I get. I might even fuck her ass tonight and make her lick mine.
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    Well the new start is a Positive step, though it's Only an hour away, the other side of the country would be better.
    You planning on getting as much sex as possible from her before you leave is just like a last binge before you give up something else that is not good for you and has gotten to the point that it is having Very Negative effects on you and your life. Like smoking, drinking, or drugs.
    But just like those are easy to turn back to because of their availability, being only an hour away is going to make it easy for you to turn back to. It's going to take a Very Determined Willpower to resist. Just take it one day at a time.
    Good Luck
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    Well I got the job. I start June 1st with a 26% pay increase. I can afford my own place and think I've found it, I'll know for sure by Saturday. I've been using Sally like a rag doll. I've fucked her in every possible hole; made her suck my dick and lick my ass. The way she's lapping it up, you'd think I was some sort of hung stud. I guess she's reached that age where you take what you can get. I do have to say, I'm loving the fucking and having my dick sucked everyday; not to mention eating her pussy. Sue and Brenda were both gorgeous, with sexy bodies, but I've fucked Sue mom more in the past week than I did her in months if not all year. I've not had to suck any dicks, lick any ass, nor been pissed on or spanked. If Sally were 20 years younger she'd be perfect, but of course if she was she'd probably be fucking some big dick studs, like her daughters do. I know it's probably sick, but I do miss them Sue, Carole, Brenda even Bill. I hope this works out for me; I've not told anyone, I'm leaving. I've got two more weeks to fuck the shit out of Sally. I hope Sue finds out I want her to know that I'm fucking her mom, like a 2-bit whore. Carole on the other hand, might just get on a plane, come home from LA and beat the shit out of me, so I'd better still not rub it in their faces. Sally should be home anytime now, I'm going to rip her clothes off and fuck her as soon as she comes in the door.
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  4. Pathedick

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    Congratulations. Focus on your new job and your new Life for now (when you start it). Leave the past in the past. Be Patient and eventually a new Sex life will find you. Just make sure that in it you maintain YOU.
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    Okay so I got my own apartment. I'm doing it, I'm on my way out of this place. It's been a fun week, I fucked one of Sally's friends. She's about the same age as Sally, doesn't have the body of Sally, but she was good. Her name is Martha and I fucked her twice both times when Sally was working, first on Thursday and again yesterday. She's retired and told me, she's available anytime I want her. Her husband died about 4 years ago and I'm sure she hasn't been fucked for a long time. She says she's never sucked a dick nor had her pussy eaten. She promised to try sucking my dick and I ate her pussy right away. Right now I'm planning on fucking her everyday while Sally's at work. She only lives half a block away. I'm taking my vacation time from my current job, so I only have to work there a couple of days before I quit. I'm not sure, I'll go back at all. My vacation days end on Tues. May 28th and I start my new job on Mon. June 3rd. I'm planning to move on Sat. June 1st, I can pack and be gone in 5 minutes. Sat. morning, I'm going to fuck Sally and call her my ex, Sue on facetime while her mother is sucking my cock. I might even facetime it with Carole her other daughter, who's in LA. Maybe that's going to far, that's really burning the bridges. Meanwhile, I'm going to fuck the shit out of Martha as well as Sally, I hope I'm up to the task.
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    Saturday I leave for my new life. This past week I started out like a sex crazed teenager and ended near disaster. I was enjoying banging Sue’s mom, Sally, and her friend Martha. There’s something satisfying about having you ex mother-in-law kneeling between your legs while you’re pumping a load of cum into her mouth. I also found out Sally was glad to share me with her friend Martha. The three of us in bed together almost every night this week. I’m eating Sally while Martha is sucking my cock then they switch. I didn’t know two women in their sixties would be so kinky. They haven’t gone down on one another but they’ve played with each other’s tits, Sally even joined me and together we sucked on Martha’s huge jugs. They’ve each sucked and licked my cock right after I pulled it out of their friend’s cunt. When we finally stop to eat, it’s amazing, we work together with one goal; nourish our bodies so we can get back at it. I’m wondering if I’m making a mistake by leaving, but I know it can’t go on this way.

    It didn’t take long for my little world of sex with the horny old ladies, came crashing down. I’d given notice at my office; totally forgetting that one of Sue’s friends still worked there. Apparently he’d casually mentioned to Sue about my impending departure. Sue wasted no time in sharing that with her sister Carole and then confronting her mother, whom, she suspected might be fucking around with me. When it all came out, Carole was on a plane then next day and arrived here Thursday night. When I came home Friday afternoon, to an empty house, I wondered where my two old whores were. I’d become accustom to one or both of them to greet me and the sex would begin almost immediately. I didn’t have to wonder long, as I heard the front door open and in walk Sue and Carole, along three of Sue’s friends that worked with her at the hospital.

    I knew it didn’t look good, Carole, opened up immediately, telling the me the gig was up and I was going to pay. She went on telling me they knew what I’d been doing and didn’t like it one fucking bit. Sue pointed out that already knew her friends and knew Amad loved it when he’d fucked my ass once before and was ready for seconds and thirds or until my ass wore out. She said, I hope you’re hungry because there’s going to be a lot of semen to eat this weekend. Carole said, I know how you’ve always wanted to eat me and how I loved it when she’d gotten so drunk that she let me. After these big black cocks have filled my cunt, I’m going to sit on your face, make you lick their cum out of my cunt, then I’m going to fill your mouth with piss to wash it down. Sue added, we’re going to use you the way you used our mother and her friend. We’re going to make you our whore and we’ve lined up others to come by and use you shitty little ass and make you suck their big dicks.

    They kept their word and I feel like I escaped only because I’d been used this way before only this time I knew it would end after a couple of days. I was fucked senseless and swallowed load after load of cum for almost 48 hours. It started Friday night and ended Sunday morning. In between taking a load of cum in my mouth or ass, I was pissed on, spanked and forced to lick asses until they were clean. I threw up until I was retching with dry heaves. I woke up Sunday evening, in my car naked with all my stuff, including my suits just tossed inside wrinkled and some stuff, covered with semen residue, blood and fecal matter. I was in a strange neighborhood, thankfully it was dark. I was sore and hungry, yet felt like I was going to vomit any minute. I struggled to get dressed and drove away, until I found a familiar road. I don’t have any credit cards, and discovered they’d help themselves to my cash. Banks were closed and I knew I couldn’t spend the night in my car. I drove over to my old friend Skinny’s whom I used to work with and whom, I’d fucked occasionally when I’d gotten really horny, when married to Sue. She let me in and at first wasn’t going to let me stay, but finally relented when I agreed to eat her pussy, right there in the front hall of her home. She wasted no time in calling the other ugly bitch I worked with, a gal I called Fatty, whom I’d also occasionally fucked. They liked to both use me together. Alone, I could be in charge, together they were in charge. I knew I’d have to eat a lot of pussy, but they liked to treat me like a baby. They would give me a bath, on occasion, even diapering me afterward. I’d have to nurse from their breasts. Skinny have nothing but nubby little nipples, while Fatty, nearly suffocated me with her mammoth tits. I figured I could get through it until today or tomorrow. I’m still at Skinny’s but I think I may have another place to go on Tuesday. I’m not telling them. After eating them both, they’ve let me rest as they had some plans today and are gone until sometime this evening.
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  7. Pathedick

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    Yet again your past life blew up on You.
    A Final Lesson?
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    I stayed at Skinny's for two nights, had to service her and Fatty. Ate their pussies and fucked them until my dick was getting sore. This morning I was having breakfast at a diner and my old lawn boy and later lover of Sue came in. He joined me asked about Sue and I spilled everything to him. Long story but I ended up staying with him tonight. He went out and left me watching TV. When he got home he'd had a few beers, just enough to loosen him up. He asked if I still sucked cock and I nodded as he unzipped his fly and took out his big cock. I was reminded of the first time I saw it when I came home to find him in bed with Sue. She pulled back the covers, exposing his huge dick and told me to show him mine. After they both had their laugh, she told me to suck his cock and I did. I was the first guy every to suck him and asked him tonight if I was still the only guy to suck him. He told me yes, and only asked me tonight because he knew I liked it. At least tonight there was no question who was going to get his load. As I swallowed his thick hot cum, I wondered if I'd be able to give this up, in my new life. He said he had a girlfriend but she was out town until Friday, and I could stay tomorrow night but I'd have to be gone by early Friday afternoon. Sally, my former mother-in-law, that I was living with has another friend, Jean, whom I saw briefly this afternoon. She gave me her number and told me I should call her, I guess, either Sally or Martha must have mentioned my situation to her. I'll call her tomorrow, but I might come over here and blow young Mitch's big cock one more time first. I've decided to leave on Saturday morning.
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    Well, it's been a quite a week. I moved here last Saturday, things don't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. I'd rented some furniture and it wasn't delivered until Monday. Thankfully the caretaker at my new apartment was able to let them in and saw to it that everything was set up properly. I gave the old guy $20 bucks for helping me out and he said that I didn't need too. Then he added, I'm sure you'll have other opportunities to pay me back. I'm not sure what he meant by that, but he had a lewd grin on his face when he said it. How do people know that you're a flawed individual. How does he know, maybe I'm so used to being used that I'm reading something into what he said. Oh well, I here.

    My new job is great, at least so far. Everyone at work is nice they all seem to really respect me and one another. I think I'll fit in really well. No one has made any sexual advances or anything to me, but one young guy, told me about one of the women. She's about my age and divorced about 2 years. He said, she could be probably be had, that he didn't think she'd been with anyone since her husband left her. I've thought of her frequently as I've jerked off this week. I've had no sex other than playing with my own dick, I've not fucked or eaten any pussy or sucked anyone's cock.

    It's okay I'm used to jerking off a lot. Most of my relationships frequently left me alone to take care of my dick by myself. I'm going to go slow with people I don't want to screw this up and return to being someone else bitch again. I am worried a bit about old Sam, the caretaker here. He's very friendly, but the way he says it; when he offers to help me out with anything I need. The lewd grin on his face is almost scary.
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    Tell Sam "thanks but THANKS." You can find your own pleasure.
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