The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    Among the group of people my wife has sex with - three couples (both the men and the women), one single guy, one single woman - it is much the same, except no gay male play. There's no domination, no jealousy, no humiliation, just sex and friendship. At first I was uncertain how they would treat me, but Audrey insisted that I meet them and I found they are all respectful and jealous of me. That progressed to me watching them fuck, to MFMs with me, to me sometimes fucking two of the wives either in MFMFs, MFMs, FMFs, or even alone play. The third couple both of them have sex with my wife, let me watch and watch me fuck Audrey, and let me do some touching of her.

    My wife is neither dominant nor submissive with me, but with other men she lets a strong dominance come out. With other women, Audrey can take on either role, being submissive in a way I've never seen. It's all good, including for me .
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    I've spent most of the last week watching Sue's ex, Bill, fuck my Brenda. Every night it's the same he shows, up takes her to our bed and fucks her with his big cock, while I watch and wait to clean up afterward. I do like eating her cum filled pussy and never get enough of holding his big cock in my hand while, I lick and suck it clean. This is the first night, I've been alone. She is spending the night at his house or at least that's what she told me. I've jerked off twice, and thought about calling the fat cow I used to work with from my old office. I haven't seen her or her skinny friend for months, they used to be a lot of fun to fill in the nights when Sue never came home. I'm just not used to Brenda staying out all night.

    I had an uncomfortable day at work today, on top of Brenda staying with Bill. My old boss, was in our office today for a meeting with my upper management of our firm. He's the guy whom I trained as an intern and then watched him, not only fuck my wife behind my back when I would go out of town on business; but then had to endure him getting promoted over me. The humiliation was even worse when I actually sucked him off in his office while he talked to me about fucking my then wife, Sue. To him everything is power, when he saw me today, he said, we should get together for a drink sometime, that he'd not met my new girlfriend and I should bring her along. I know he just wants to fuck Brenda and make me watch. I was sure glad to get out of the office before he finished his meeting.

    Going to bed now, if I jerk off again, I'll probably end up with a sore cock, so I need to just sleep and not think about Brenda and Bill.
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    Oscar Wilde said "Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power."

    Although I would be considered to be professionally and financially successful, I have no interest in power for its own sake. Perhaps that's why I don't have any problem with a wife who wants sex with other couples. (Interestingly, my wife doms other men, but not me.) And since I occasionally fuck the wives of two of the three couples who she plays with, it feels balanced, no humiliation.
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    Stroke it, jerk it or SLAP it . . . whatever makes you cum AND feel good.

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