The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    That's one wise doctor you have, Jon.

    Unlike you I have not run the gamut of Humiliation, but I would see nothing in it the least bit contradictory of my basically-Alpha nature if I experimented in that area and ended up really enjoying it, which to date I never have.

    As for cock-sucking, mine is confined to mutual cock-sucking with my beautiful young black buddy (who my ex-wife married a few months ago), and as far as I can fathom there is no Humiliation element to it.

    Both he and I just love Cock pretty much equally---erect and not erect---in every one of its incredibly beautiful perspectives and strengths and contours and its exquisite sensitivity and myriad responses to truly loving touch; and of course its fantastically exciting coming ultra-alive when we fellate each other; but most of all when one of us is watching the other fucking my wife (now my buddy's wife) and our fully-erected cocks become---both appearance-wise and erotically---the ultimate instruments of the expression of our true and abiding manliness towards her and between each other.

    Visually and manually exploring the marvellous and beautiful functionality of Cock during our frequent caressing and licking of each others cocks when they are thrusting and ultimately ejaculating in his beautifully responding wife's vagina, transports us to realms of amazement and erotic ecstasy whose power and beauty defy description. It's the pinnacle of brotherly love for both of us, as well as being a powerfully erotic treat and expression of our love for each other that engenders utter fascination and extreme mental and physical pleasure in his wife as well.

    To that can be added my always very openly-expressed huge pleasure in feeling my buddy's cum spurting hard and fast into my mouth and throat. It's the same for him when he fellates me. Cumming in each others mouths has become the ultimate physical experience in brotherly Intimacy between us. My buddy is in full agreement with that, and unblushingly tells me that the feeling of my cock orgasmically throbbing in his mouth and my cumspurts thumping in the back of his throat has always been not only his homosexual Nirvana, but a fountain of psycho-erotic pleasure so man-centred and extreme for him it is unrivalled by any "like" experience he has ever had with a woman.

    Now to you in your predicament, Jon:

    I suggest you admit to yourself that you are truly fascinated by Cock, but realise that does not mean you are, or are at risk of, becoming irreversibly and exclusively homosexual.

    Determine by yourself, and for yourself, to love Beauty in whosoever---man or woman---and whatsoever you see it in. Our ability to erotically, and especially ecstatically and lustily, appreciate the bodies and sexual minds and beautiful physical responses of others to us is one of our birthrights, not to be denied without us more or less slowly dying within ourselves and in the eyes of others, including God.

    So, Jon, bestir yourself and go for it! But be very sure to do it very lovingly.
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