The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College

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    Trust me, they knew. :)


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    Update on Sue and I

    It's been several months, since I last posted. Not a lot has happened and but there have been significant changes in our lives. The good news is Sue spends more time at home now than she has for several years. Bad news is she's here because our new neighbors are busy fucking her almost everyday. Big Mike stops by several times a week mostly on weekends, but Jr. is here almost everyday. Of course we all know an 18 year old never gets enough pussy, so he's screwing Sue going out on a date with his girlfriend and then coming home to fuck Sue again. Both guys are hung and cum huge thick loads. I don't know how the kid can cum 2 or 3 times a day and still produce the volume of spunk that he does.

    He's really taken to treating my like shit. Seems he gets off on my humiliation. Not often but several times when Sue's not been here, he's had me give him blowjobs. I guess he gets it from his dad, Big Mike likes to let his wife watch while I suck him. As for her, I've discovered she has a couple of girlfriends on the side. She shares at least one of them with Big Mike. I thought by now I might have gotten to fuck Brenda, but now I think the best I'll ever get is a sympathy hand job or if lucky a little head. Their daughter has turned 16 and I'm pretty sure she's fucking her boyfriend, no one seems to mind when the disappear up to her bedroom for a couple hours. The younger boy is 12 and a spying horny little bastard. I think he knows everything that goes on and jerks off all the time. I know he's watched his mother play with my little dick and he's seen me sucking his dad's big cock. It's probably only a matter of time before he wants me to suck him. I seen him stroke it and know that he's already bigger than me. Oh the little guy has taken over mowing the lawn so he's on a path to Sue, but when he's 18, Sue will be 45 or 46, she still looks great at 40 but who knows.

    I haven't seen Steve, Mel nor Mitch for months, Steve did call telling me he's moved in with the woman he was seeing in Arizona. Sue ran into Mitch and he's getting married in the fall. I've heard from a mutual acquaintance that Mel and her new husband were having troubles. Doesn't surprise me I knew she'd never be able to settle down. I'm thinking about looking Mel up, I'd love to fuck her or at least eat some pussy. I'll try to update a bit more often.
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    I've been waiting for an update on your story. This is a really hot story that you've managed to keep us all waiting on, I'd love to hear more detailed stories about whats gone on between you and mike, sue and mike, or whatever else. Really happy you've finally updated this, I was hoping you hadn't disappeared. Please, give us more!!!
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    I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to get in contact with Mel. After hearing from her ex that she was having problems with her new husband I thought I might be able to get some action with her. I know at one time she and I were close and I'm pretty sure she was considering whether or not have sex with me. Well, I talked with her by phone last Friday and met her Saturday for lunch. The first thing I noticed was she has resumed drinking. Lunch was good we went over old times, she told me about her son Mitch getting married late this summer and about her ex Steve, moving to Arizona. All things I already knew but she was excited to talk about especially her son's forth coming wedding. In about an hour and a half she had three glasses of wine. The old Mel I knew was back, she hardly mentioned her new husband except to say she things weren't going so well. She suspected he was seeing someone else but didn't know if it was a woman or a man as she'd found out he liked both. She added that when they first met he was all about being a moral Christian and she'd since found out if was all an act just to get her into bed.

    I'd had a couple of drinks too and by the time we left the restaurant, neither of us were feeling any pain. I walked her to her care acutely aware that my cock was hard as a rock. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek as I gently grasped her at her waist and pulled her up to me with a nice hug. She smiled and said she'd better go. My lust was a full threshold and I couldn't let her get away. I said, let just sit together for a moment and talk some more, I think I've had too much to drink and probably shouldn't be driving. She thought that was a good idea as she admitted feeling it a bit too. I jumped in with her and told her how much I'd missed the times we'd spent together when my wife, Sue and her ex-husband, Steve were cheating on us. She gave me a very soulful and said she was always a bit sorry for the way she'd treated me. I case you don't remember, I tried everything to get in her pants. I'd exposed myself to her showing my hard little cock and she'd laughed saying no dick that small would ever get inside her pussy. I reminded her of that she'd at least let me eat her pussy once and how much I'd enjoyed jerking off in front of her even though she'd only helped me out one time, I was always hopeful. She said, yes she'd remember making out with me before she discovered my little secret (my little dick) and she really been turned by our kissing. I asked if I could kiss her now, she smiled and said sure. It was everything, I remembered, she was a great kisser and I didn't stop me when I started to play with her big tits. Once I'd worked up the nerve to slip my hand between her legs, I was sure she'd stop me but she didn't. Just as I thought my cock was going to explode, she cupped my crotch and said, I don't suppose it's grown any has it. Then she added, I jerked you off once and let you eat my pussy, I guess it's time I sucked your little dickie. I was in heaven it had been a long time since anyone had sucked my cock and her mouth was so wet and hot. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried to hold back, it was barely over a minute or two and I was cumming in her mouth. Now I can't stop thinking about it. It's my new jerk off dream. Anyway, she swallowed ever bit of it and gave me a big kiss with a promise to see me again soon. Then she told me to get out it was time for her to go home and face her husband and get her life straightened out once again.

    I'm dying to see her again, I get hard ever time I think of her. I called twice but she's not answered nor called me back. I'll let you know when I hear from her.
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    It's that just the way it goes sometimes? I know there are some very nice and moral people who are religious, but that whole area has so much potential for BS, etc.

    I really hope that she does follow through on that promise. Of course I'd love to hear what happens next, as I'm sure many other people on here would.

    I just hope that it wasn't one of those things that women sometimes say, when they're looking to make a graceful exit from the situation. That could happen, but you never know. Or it could be both -- it could be something she said at the time, and then if she finds out her husband really is fooling around on her, then maybe she'll get in touch with you.

    Either way, I'm already looking forward to the next update. :)


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    Well it didn't take long for my little tryst with Melanie to get a reaction, although not one I expected. Last night her husband came by to see me. He wasn't alone and my first inclination was to slam the door and lock it. I only met him once before. He'd been extremely polite and seemed to be a really nice person. Now he was totally different. Scary would be the way I'd describe him. He and his friend were both bigger than me and essential just walked in when I briefly hesitated. He didn't say hi or introduce his friend, instead he said Mel had told him what happened. Then he wanted to know what my story was and did I think it was okay to fool around with another man's wife. His friend standing there while he interrogated me, conveyed the underlying threat of physical harm. I apologized and told him I was sorry. He didn't let me finish. He said you put your cock in my wife's mouth and you think you can apologize for that. How do you expect me to kiss her. You think I want to taste you're dick. I said no. He said damn right. Then he said, so you're going to make it right with me. I asked how. He said you'll start by returning the favor.

    I knew immediately what he meant and he hardly had to tell me. He said, on your knees, bitch. Both he and his friend stepped forward. I quickly dropped to my knees as he unzipped his fly and said, tell me what you want. I said, to suck your cock. He stood there with his open fly just inches from my face so I reached in and found his cock. It isn't the biggest cock I've seen but it was big enough. I fished it our of his pants and looked up at him. He smiled and said, that what you want. It was almost totally limp so I began to stroke it as I told him yes. He said make it hard with your mouth. I took put it in my mouth and began to suck as he put his hands on the back of my head. I knew he wasn't going to be gentle. I'd been face fucked by more than one of Sue's lovers and knew what I was in for. By the time I had him hard, his friend had pulled his cock out and stood ready to share my mouth. For the next 15 minutes or so they traded back and forth, using my mouth as the fuck toy for their throbbing pricks.

    Finally the friend said, do you want it in your mouth or ass. I tried to say mouth, but was totally mumbled by his cock sliding in and out. Mel's husband said, I think he want's it in the ass. Knowing that Mel had told me, he was bi-sexual, I'd been afraid this might happen. I was not ready for this and certain didn't want it to happen. I'm orally bi but that's it. I could feel him unbuckling my beat and I tried to wiggle away. He friend slapped me in the side of the head. Hey, if we want to fuck your ass you'll like it. I knew that fighting back would only get me hurt worse and they'd probably still fuck me. He worked my pants down to my knees. Then told his friend to stand me up and they take me into the bedroom. Pulled to my feet with my pants falling around my ankles walked and dragged toward the hallway that lead to the bedrooms. The pulled me inside the first one, our master bedroom and threw me facedown on the bed.

    Pulling my pants and shorts off. The friend said, look at that nice ass and slapped my butt cheeks. Meanwhile, Mel's husband had dropped his trousers and was ready to mount me. He said, relax and it will be a lot easier for both of us. I felt his friend squeeze some lubricant along my butt crack and then rub it around my anus and push his finger inside. I was in a near panic, this was the last think I wanted to happen. I'd have much prefer the beat the crap out of me, piss in my mouth or do anything but this. I knew all that might still happen, so I tried to relax and get through it. Then I felt his hard cock rubbing up and down my butt crack as Mel's hubby lubricated himself. It was immediately painful when he began to push it inside. He told me relax, let it happen you're going to enjoy it by the time we're finished with you. I felt him going deeper inside me I tried to let it happen and fought back the terror inside me. True to his word he was trying to be gentle but I felt like it was ripping me apart. He stroke it very slowly inside careful not to pull out much and I could feel my anus relaxing a bit. He keep gently moving until he was going deeper and deeper inside me. It didn't hurt as much although I had tears in both eyes. I wondered if this is how it felt when a woman had a cock inside her cunt. I wondered if I was feeling like a woman being fucked.

    It never totally stopped hurting while he fucked me, it did get better. I wanted him to finish, not just to get it over but I found myself wanting him to cum. I wanted him to know that his lust was satisfied by taking me. I wondered if women felt like that? I wondered what it would feel like to have him cum inside me? Would I feel it happen? Would it leak out my butt? Then he suddenly pulled himself out. He and his friend rolled me over while he straddled my face and thrust his cock back into my mouth. I began to suck as he started to cum. He pulled out and I was rolled back over. As I tried swallow his cum while lying facedown, his friend was busy readying himself to fuck my ass. When his put his cockhead up to my anus, I anticipated the feeling that was to come. He too, was gentle with me and slowly pushed inside letting my asshole become accustom to his cock as he took me. He talked to me. You like that bitch. You like my big cock in your ass. You're my cunt now, enjoy it. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to know that he wanted my ass more than I wanted his cock. He fucked me deeper and I felt like I was going to cum too. My dick was rock hard too and every time he thrust inside me my cock would slide too. I felt myself cumming before he finished. He knew when it happened. He said you're cumming aren't you bitch. A few minutes later he was cumming too, filling my butt with male spunk. After he'd finished I lay limp. He climbed off me and moved up beside my face. I turned my head and took his partially limp dick in my mouth and cleaned it for him.

    By this time Melanie's husband had already dressed. He told me I should remember this if I ever see Mel again. Then he added, but you seemed to like it so we may come back again anyway. Then added maybe we should let her watch next time. Let her see that you're nothing more than a bitch to be fucked too. They left with me lying naked on the bed with cum in my mouth and ass. I'm not sure how I feel now. I thought I never wanted to be fucked in the ass, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined. I haven't told Sue, I'm not sure what to say.
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    Wow! Now this is a story. I didn't see this one coming. Id love to hear more stories like this..
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    This is a very hard post to make. In the last 60 days, my life has completely changed. It began when Melanie's husband Jim and his friend Mark came to my house and essentially raped me. It was only a few days after that when Sue asked me what was going on. I told her and she asked okay. I told her yes and then she wanted to know how I felt about it. I asked her what she meant and she wanted to know if I liked it. I told her I wasn't sure. She told me to think about it and we'd talk again. Then she left to go out with a friend.

    Later that night as I lay in bed thinking about her. It was only about 10 PM and I wondered if she was already in bed and had she already made love or was she doing it right now. I remembered how she used to call me and tell me what she was doing or about to do. She seldom calls now except if she needs something. She doesn't bring her lovers by so much either. I'm almost always alone. Suddenly my cell phone rang. I picked it up but didn't know the number. I answered anyway and it was Mel's husband Jim. He explained that he'd gotten my number from Mel. Then he said, he wanted to come by and see me. I asked why and he said he was so horny he needed to unload. I told him that I didn't like what he and his friend had done. He apologized and said he was truly sorry, but he needed to be with someone. He said, he knew I liked to suck cock and if that's all I wanted, he'd be happy with that. He said he wanted us to be friends. He said he had talked Mel and he even suggested they both get together with me. He said, if I'd let him come by, the next time he'd bring her with him and I could fuck her again. By now my dick was hard as a rock and I told him okay.

    Time seemed to crawl by for the next 20 minutes or so before he came. I had a hard time keeping my hand off myself. It had been days since I'd had any form of sex other than jerking off. I had eaten Sue's pussy and she'd played with my dick a couple of times last week. I remember Jim's cock was just a bit bigger that average, probably about 7 inches and nicely thick. I even thought about him fucking my ass. I remembered it not being as unpleasant as I'd always thought. I knew if he wanted, I'd probably let him fuck me again but I didn't want to be gay. He was bi-sexual, I guess I could be too. I knew that he had probably figured all this out as soon as I agreed to let him come over.

    When he arrived, he told that he was not gay. The difference he explained was that he had no interest in kissing guys or any thing other than getting his dick sucked or fucking my ass. I said okay. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I knelt right there just inside the door and sucked him for about 5 minutes. He pulled me off his cock and said let me sit down. I led him to the family room and he asked where I liked to sit. I pointed out my favorite chair and he smiled letting his pants drop down and stepping out of them. He sat in my chair and I again knelt before him. He rubbed his dick on my face and asked if I wanted to swallow his cum or should he save it for my ass. I didn't answer but started to suck him again. As I sucked him, I thought of him fucking his wife Melanie. I thought about the dick in my mouth sliding in and out of her pussy, imagining her humping his cock and urging him on. I imagined her climaxing on his big prick and him shooting hot cum inside her slick cunt. I really wanted make him cum and he could tell I wanted it but he held back until finally, I pleaded him to shoot it in my mouth. As he unloaded down my throat, he told me he was still going to fuck my ass. I greedily swallowed as much as I could licking it until he pulled limp dick away from me.

    I was still on my knees between his legs, when I looked up and saw Sue standing there with the new neighbors son, Mike Jr. She wasn't smiling but he was grinning ear to ear. He had been away at college and just gotten home for the summer. I could tell Sue was not happy finding me like this. Who's your friend she asked. I told her he was Mel's new husband. She turned to him and said, so you're the one who raped my husband's ass. You and your friend. He said, he was just getting even for me fucking his wife. She looked at his spent cock, and replied so now you've got him sucking you off. Do you intend to fuck him again too. He smiled and told her that was the general idea and asked if she had a problem with that. She said, no, but you have to agree to take him with you after your done fucking him.

    I looked at her in shock and said what do you mean. She said, she thought I should spend a few months being somebody's fuck toy. Then she added, she wanted Mike Jr. to spend the summer with her and I might get to come back home in August, after he'd gone back to school. I pleaded with her saying she couldn't mean it, that it was my house, my home. She told me only as long as she wanted me. I knew it was probably a lost cause and felt like I'd been stabbed in the heart as she led her young stud down to our bedroom. Jim wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation.

    He looked at me and said as much as I want to fuck your ass right now, I can wait. Then he told me to go pack a bag, he was taking me over to his friend Mark's apartment. Then he explained that it was Mark who came with him last time. I said, so you want to make me his fuck toy too. He smiled and said, that's what you wife said to do. Are you gong to argue with her? So I packed a bag and went with him. He called his buddy on the way and he was more than happy to hear the news. When we arrived, I looked at him as he smiled and remembered he was the one with the big cock. He shook my hand and told me his old roommate had moved away 3 months earlier. Jim then suggested that maybe I should give Mark a nice blow job to thank him for letting me move in. Mark was already pulling his cock out as Jim pushed me too my knees. I sucked him for about 5 to 10 minutes, my knees were getting sore by this point and I was fidgeting. Jim said, take him to bed Mark you can have him first, I already shot my load in his mouth. Well they both fucked me and I fell asleep in Mark's bed.

    When I woke the next morning, Jim was gone and I was alone with Mark. He was already up and I found him in the kitchen having coffee. I'd pulled on my shorts and slacks when I'd gotten up. He looked at me and said I should take them off. He explained that it was summer and he wanted me to be naked in the apartment, in case he was horny and wanted some ass. I started to object but looking at him I realized he was so much bigger and physically fit than me, I didn't want to argue yet. I said, okay, then asked if I could have some coffee. He told me it was my place now too and I didn't need to ask for anything unless I couldn't find it. I said thanks. He pointed to a cabinet and said, cups are in there, but you need to lose that clothes first. Adding, I want to see that little cock of yours bobbing up and down, and that tight little butt twitching for my cock. Then as soon as I've had my coffee, we'll go back to bed and I'll fuck you again to show you how it's going to be.

    I slipped back out of my slacks and peeled off my shorts. I sat there naked as he occasionally glanced down at my limp dick. I tried not to get aroused, but his constant stares, soon had me growing hard. He was only wearing jockey shorts and I couldn't help but wonder if he was getting hard too. He must have guessed what I was thinking and said, why don't you reach in and pull him out. I apologized for staring and he laughed. It's okay he said, you my bitch. I want you to want my cock. You need to think about it all the time, wondering when I'm going to get home and will he fuck me or just have me suck him. Then he added, Jim will be by at times too and I've got a couple of other friends you'll get to know. There'll be no shortage of cock for you to suck and fuck as long as you're living with me.

    That was the start of my current life almost 2 months ago. Mark fucks me regularly, now, hardly missing a day and sometimes more than once. Jim stops by at least once or twice a week and Mark has whored me out to 2 other friends. I think my ass has finally gotten use to the constant pounding I've been getting. Not that I don't get sore occasionally, but it passes quicker. Early on, I missed several days of work and things still are settled down. For awhile I was afraid I might actually lose my job. I talked to Sue and she's adamant about me not coming home until at least August if not longer. I told her I missed eating her pussy and taking care of her. I begged her but she still said no. I asked her about Mike Jr., and I could almost hear the smile in her voice. She said not only was he a sweet sweet boy with a huge cock but his seemed to never tire. She said, he fucks her at least twice a day and often more than that especially on the weekends. I guess that's good that she's not taken up with anyone else, perhaps when he's going back to school, she let me come home. Meanwhile, I'm learning what it must be like to be kept woman. Fortunately after the first few days he relented on his demand that I be naked all the time in the apartment. I not get to wear my jockey shorts at a minimum.
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    Wow, I didn't see this one coming but I have to say its hot hot hot. Would love to hear more about how Mark had his other two friends come over and use you. Keep it going, this is my favorite thread!
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    My situation hasn't changed much over the past few weeks. I'm still living with Mark. He's still fucking me everytime he wants and shares me with Mel's husband Jim, whenever he comes by and with a couple of his other friends. I'm nothing more than a sex slave. I've missed way more work than I should have and my job is in jeopardy. Mark says he doesn't care, that I have to take care of him first. I have to admit I have come to love his big cock whether it's in my mouth or ass or just holding it in my hand. I've experienced orgasms while he was fucking my ass, something I never knew could happen. I don't feel like I'm gay, I'd still like to fuck a woman, even though it's been so long since I've had one. I guess the thing I hate most is when he takes me out to a gay bar. I'm treated like a piece of meat. Guys openly hit on me, I've been groped and worse, kissed. I'd never kissed a man, now I've been forced to kiss guys accepting their tongue in my mouth, again, I never dreamed, I could enjoy that, but eventually, it clicked and I can now get aroused and enjoy kissing another man. It's still not like kissing a woman. I want to go home and return to just being a submissive cuckold husband. I talked to Sue and she's thinking about letting me come home for one night, she admits, that she misses me eating her pussy and just being there. I need to go for now, Mark will be home soon and I have to be ready for him. Oh, I've had to completely shave all my pubic area, ass, chest, underarms and legs. I have to keep it that way too. I'm already hard, thinking of Mark, who'll be here any minute now. He really gets me going when he comes in, reaches out for me and fondles my cock, while I give him a kiss. After a moment or two of that, he likes me to unzip his fly and pull out his big cock. I love it too, and can't resist licking and kissing it until it grows in my hand and mouth, so hard and fat and long. I'm not sure I'll be able to give this up completely if I move back home.
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    Can't wait for you to add an update. Has Sue let you come home? Has Mike Jr. left for college? I'd love to hear more stories of your time with Mark and how he treats you. So what's new?
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    Yes Mike Jr. has gone back to college. Sue had me over for one night before he left. He'd never been sucked by another man and wasn't sure he wanted to be. After I watched him fuck Sue, he let lick his cock cleaning off the cum, but he wouldn't let me hold it. It was a nice cock, I see why she wanted to spend the summer with him.

    After he returned to school, Sue had Mark bring me back home at least for awhile she said. The last night at Mark's he had Melanie and her husband Jim over. They both fucked her and then let me clean her up, before Jim took a turn with me. He's not as good a lover as Mark, but Mel stayed with me while I was being fucked by her husband and promised to let me fuck her later. She played with my dick while he was pumping my ass, something which I'd never experienced before. I was really good. Afterward, Mark and Jim left me alone with Mel for the rest of the night. It was my first time with a woman in a really long time.

    The thing about a woman is their smell and softness. Mel really made love to me, she caressed me all over and I love sucking her breasts and just feeling her skin. Then kissing her sent me over the top, I love kissing women and it was delicious. We fucked twice before the guys returned in the morning. Reluctantly, I had to let her leave with her husband and then join Mark in bed where he reminded me that I was his man/woman. Later that afternoon, Mark dropped me off at home where Sue was waiting, with Big Mike and his wife from next door.

    For awhile it was almost like two normal couples just having dinner and an evening together. Then almost shockingly, without a word, Sue and Big Mike slipped off to the bedroom leaving me alone with his wife, Brenda. Up to this point, I'd only dreamed of fucking her. We had one afternoon where she made out with me a bit, then let me suck her tits and was giving me a blowjob when Big Mike walked in on us. I had hoped to fuck her then, but ended up only getting to suck him. This time, she turned to me smiled and asked what I wanted to do. I couldn't believe it, after fucking Melanie in the morning, I was about to fuck my second woman in one day. Including Sue and Mel, I only fucked three women in my life and now I was about to have two in one day.

    Brenda pulled me to her and we kissed. My head was spinning with excitement, it was almost like the first time. I was giddy and instantly hard as a rock. We collapsed onto the sofa and made out like two teenagers. She was so hot, she seemed to be lusting for me as much as I was for her. Then it occurred to me that Big Mike must have been spending way too much time with Sue and ignoring his sexy little wife Brenda. This was going to be my lucky night, she wanted me. Her hands were all over me and before I could get to her big tits which I really wanted to play with she was groping my cock. Suddenly she stopped and told me to get naked. As I peeled out of my clothes she did too. Soon we were all over each other, I was kissing and feeling her everywhere while she did the same. I thought I might cum any minute, but fortunately, I was able to hold back. She stroked me while I sucked her tits and fingered her cunt. It wasn't long before all I wanted was to put it in her. She insisted on sucking me for a bit first. I had a really hard time hold back, I thought of shooting my load into her mouth but wanted to cum in her pussy more. Finally, she pushed me onto my back and straddled me, slowly sliding down over my cock. It was hot and velvety I never remember fucking being this good. I couldn't believe how hot it was, my mind and body were exploding with pleasure and when I looked up at her, her eyes were closed and her face was filled with contentment. She kept going for sometime after I'd cum she rode me until finally she collapsed onto my chest and filled my face with kisses of joy.

    We lay that way for a long time, she straddled across my body with my cock still inside her pussy her big tits pressed into my chest as her face snuggled into my neck. It was heavenly. She smelled so good and felt even better. Fortunately, my little cock stayed somewhat hard or it would have slipped out of her for sure. She stirred and asked me if I'd enjoyed that. I told her, Oh yes it was so good, the best ever for me. She said she'd liked it too and wanted to do it over and over with me. I could feel my dick slipping out of her and was angry and embarrassed once again at having such a little penis. I felt a wave of humiliation sweep over me as she asked what was wrong. Did I have to explain, that my cock was so small I just couldn't keep it inside her. We both wanted that but I just wasn't man enough. I remembered this was why I'd spent the summer, being another man's fuck toy. I don't think I'd ever felt as much shame as I did at that moment.

    Then she rolled off me and said, don't worry lover, I fix that and she took my little dick in her soft delicate hand and gently stroked it a few times before bending her face down and taking me into her mouth once again. I didn't think I could get hard again so fast, but she had me up again in no time. She seemed to be enjoying sucking me as much as I was liking it, when suddenly I looked up and saw her husband Mike standing there with his big cock pointed at me face. He said, here boy, suck a real man's cock. I took him in my mouth tasting the mixed juices from his big prick and Sue's pussy. A taste I learned to enjoy a long time ago. I was sucking him and Brenda was sucking me when Sue joined us. She asked Brenda if I was hard enough for her to fuck me. Brenda pulled her mouth off my cock and Sue straddled me lowering her pussy down over my stiff cock. It felt really good, but not as tight or velvety smooth as Brenda. I'd not had many women and up until now, no one had ever compared to Sue. I realized at that moment that Brenda not only compared favorable, but was even better. As my estranged cuckold wife rode my cock, I was thinking of my neighbor's wife, Brenda, wishing it was her pussy that my dick was inside. I knew it would be awhile if at all before I'd be able to cum and wondered if Sue would be able to cum. I doubted she would as I'm not sure she ever had done on my cock. She had at least faked it on occasion I was never really sure if it was really or not but after fucking Brenda I doubted even more that Sue had ever climaxed on my cock. Brenda on the other hand, I was nearly certain, she had done so.

    Finally, after a few minutes, Sue had slowed to a gently rocking up and down on my cock. She bent over and kissed me on the mouth and said, I'm going to let Brenda have you now and she slipped off me and got up. She was heading back into our bedroom with Big Mike when Brenda knelt beside me and kissed me passionately. Once again, my head was swimming as her tongue seemed to be everywhere in my mouth. Her soft lips and sweet hot breath were driving me wild with desire. I could never remember wanting a woman so much as I did now. Her hand was on my dick and I wanted it inside her pussy. She rolled on to her side with her backside to me, pressing her ass cheeks up against me. Her hand groped between her legs and grasped my stiff cock, guiding it into her pussy as we lay on our sides. I was amazed at how well this worked, she took all my cock and began to undulate her hips slowly sending wave after wave of pleasure rippling through my body. As we fucked this way, my hands found her big tits and I kissed along her soft tasty backbone. I'd underestimated myself, I was soon cuming inside her once again and I could feel her responding. She seemed to be cuming at the same moment. I couldn't help but feel that I loved her. I never wanted it to stop. We lay that way with my dick still in her pussy when we fell asleep.

    I was awaken by Big Mike, pulling me up to my feet. He was dressed as was Sue, Brenda stirred and lay there looking up at us, asking what's going on. That's when Mike said, we've decided to send him back to his butt fucking friends. Then he added, he's really no use to us and I'm not sure I want him hanging around fucking you. I said wait a minute, I don't want to go back there and looked across the room to my wife, who was standing there sipping a cup of coffee. Mike said, sorry guy, if you wanted to be a man you should have grown a cock, not that little worm you have there. Surprisingly, Brenda said, no, I want him to stay with me. Then she added your big dick has always hurt me. At last I have someone who doesn't feel like he's tearing my pussy apart. Besides you and little Mike have spent the summer fucking Sue and I want him. Mike looked at Sue and she nodded. I never said another word as Brenda took my hand, gathered up our clothes and led me back to her house. It was early morning and we were totally nude as we slipped out the back way and darted inside their back door. Once inside, she turned to me and kissed me on the lips like I could hardly remember ever being kissed. It's only been 3 days. I'll write again soon, for now I'm eating and fucking pussy, not missing the cocks.
  13. voyeur83

    voyeur83 New Member

    So how's everything going? Been almost 2 months since your last post. Have things changed at all? Any more wild adventures? Update please.
  14. subhubjon

    subhubjon Active Member

    Brenda and I spent almost three weeks living and loving likeany normal couple. I’d go to workthinking of her. I’d hurry home to findher eagerly waiting for me. We fuckedlike rabbits. Weekends we spent hours inbed, making love, falling asleep, waking up to make love again. On the Saturday of our third week together,Big Mike came over late in the morning. We’d already been up, eaten and gone back to bed for more sex. I was sleeping lightly when he walked in thebedroom. He told me to get my ass out ofhis bed and get lost. Still respectinghis superior physical attributes, I got up and started to get dressed. He yelled at me to get the hell out and toldme he didn’t say I should bother to dress. Then he told me I could play with myself while I watched TV.

    By now Brenda had awoken and asked what was going on. Mike turned to his naked wife and said, he’dcome over to get some pussy. Sheprotested, no, we have a deal you’re fucking Sue now. Then added I don’t want to fuck youanymore. He laughed and said, baby youneed some real dick, to keep that cunt from getting too tight. He was already nearly undressed as Brendastarted to get up. She tried to pushpast him but he hooked her with his arm as his boxers dropped to the floor andhe stepped out of them. Pulling her backto him, she said no, let me go. His bighand was thrust between her legs, as he lifted her lewdly by the crotch andtold her to shut up. He looked up at meand said threateningly, why the fuck, are you still here. Adding I told you to go watch TV.

    I left and was sitting nude in front of the TV watching afootball pregame show, while he fucked his wife; his wife who was now my lover,who wanted me, not him. We talkedseveral time about divorce and leaving or moving away. Now all I could think of was his big cockpunishing my Brenda. She’d told me howhe liked to hammer her with it until her cervix was sore. How he forced her to deep throat him, untilshe choked. How she had never felt lovedby him only used. She said he liked tofuck her until he’d cum in her pussy and then he’d finger her until she’deither have an orgasm or beg him to stop. He’d try to put as many fingers as he could inside her until nearly hiswhole hand was raping her cunt.

    It was more than an hour and a half before he bellowed out,calling for me to come join them. Mycock had been hard for a long time, but I’d ignored it, wanting to save it forher. I timidly walked in with my stifflittle prick sticking out, swaying before me. He laughed and asked what I thought I was going to do. He was sitting on the edge of bed, withBrenda lying spread eagled. I asked whathe wanted as I looked at her cunt. I waspuffy and red, clearly chafed and abused. Her small patch of pubic hair was wetted and appeared to be matted withcum. He saw me looking at her and said,me first faggot I need my cock cleaned. Itwas dangling between his legs, soft it was still twice the size of mine. I knelt before him and did what I have donemany times. I sucked another man’s cockclean, licking up and swallowing the remnants of their sexual activity.

    After a couple minutes, he pushed me away, stood up andstarted dressing. I moved up on the bedand snuggling Brenda as she wept softly in my arms. We lay that way while I listened to hear thedoor closing as he left. Instead I couldhear him rooting around in the kitchen after a few minutes, he came back. That bitch wife of yours didn’t come homelast night and she’s still not there. Hesnarled at me; get the fuck out, again reminding me not to botherdressing. This time go back to your ownhouse. Brenda, he barked, get your assinto the kitchen and fix me something to eat. Again not wanting to challenge his bad mood, I ducked out the side doorto the pool and darted along the fence, through the gate and into the opengarage door of my own house. Only ourneighbors directly behind us or the ones directly across the street would havebeen able to see me and they’d have to have been looking at just the rightsecond. I felt sure no one had probablyseen anything. I went on back to ourbedroom. That’s when I discovered myclothes had been moved. I found them inthe guest room and got dressed. I wasjust coming back into the kitchen when Sue walked in from the garage.

    She wanted to know what I was doing there. I explained how Big Mike was pissed when shedidn’t come home last night; how he’d come over this morning and fucked theshit out of Brenda then made me clean his dick off. Sue smiled and said it sounded like oldtimes. Then as if to put the knife alittle deeper, she nonchalantly told me she’d run into an old co-worker of minelast night. Then added smiling, younever told me he had such a big cock. Idiscovered I didn’t care. For the firsttime in years, I didn’t care who she’d been fucking I only wanted to get backover to Brenda. Sue apparently sensed myindifference and remarked, so you don’t care who’s fucking you wife! Maybe, you’d like to taste him, it’s onlybeen about 40 minutes since he was shooting his load into my cunt. She took my hand and led me back to thebedroom. So told me to lie down on thebed; don’t bother taking your clothes off. She stripped, I couldn’t help but admire how great she looked no wonderguys wanted to fuck her. She climbed onthe bed and straddled my face, lowering her hairy pussy down over mouth. I licked and sucked her obediently cleaningher up. She complimented me telling me Ihadn’t lost the touch as she ground out an orgasm.

    She got up and showered while I went back to the kitchenlooking for food. She joined me abouthalf an hour late in her robe with a towel around her wet hair. She asked if I’d seen Mark or Jim or any ofthe boys as she called them. No, Ireplied and I don’t miss them. She saidMark had called her a few days ago, he said, he missed you. He wants you to come back. Well I don’t want too. I want to be with Brenda or here withyou. I added her so that she’d not getmad at me. Well, I think Brenda shouldbe willing to share you with him. No, Idon’t mind eating other men’s cum out of your pussy or even sucking some guyyou’ve fucked, but I don’t want to be some fuck toy for a bunch of homos. Well, she chided me, that’s what youare. Your dick is too small to be a manand you’re so good looking, it’s no wonder the gays like to fuck you. If you were a man, I’d never let you go. I heard the front door bell. More later…
  15. subhubjon

    subhubjon Active Member

    It's been nearly 5 years since I last saw Sue, Brenda, Mike or anyone else I'd known. I been living with gays for all this time, until about a month ago. Now I'm on my own again, in a small apartment. I've been a gay whore for 5 years, I have seen a pussy or set of tits let along eat, suck or fuck one. I've been fucked so many times, I couldn't begin to guess how many there have been. I've sucked cock, swallow gallons of cum, been pissed on, whipped, beaten and fucked again and again. I nearly lost my mind, I drank my self into oblivion nearly every day, until I was finally introduced to drugs. They gave me all kinds of shit and I took, it along with there cocks. I was even fucked by guys who had smaller dicks than me. I was sold over and over. It was a totally living hell, which only ended when one of the guys I was living with was shot and the police showed up. At first I was a suspect then somewhere along the way they figured out that I'd been their fuck toy. I'm seeing a doctor nearly everyday, getting help. I've had a job for two weeks, bagging and stocking at a grocery store. I no longer jerk off, my cock never gets hard; it only has one purpose now. My doctor suggested I do this, so this is why I'm telling the end of my story. I want to have a new life, without people. I no longer even think about anyone in my past. Probably none of the people who read about me in the past are still around, so this is probably a wasted effort. Anyway, it's goodbye for me.

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