The most humiliating and wonderful day in my life.

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    I am a traveling salesman and manageing to keep my mostly beloved wife at home.
    In my job I are lots of time from her and I hate that.
    One day ( just a week after we got married ) I had to go on a trip and kissed my love of my life on her soft pink lips.
    I got out and into my car when I saw that Bull Karl on the other side. I really hate this man I disslike him so much.
    He was my nightmare then, he was abig person then with a cock that we where joking about because it was so big.
    But now this shit head was on my street.
    Ok he got the right to be everywhere so I dropped that thought about him.
    I had tolg my wife that I should be gone for four days because I need to get in little cash.

    Off I went and I got to my first customer on the list.
    And really soon after just five customers I got so much I needed and I descided to go home earlier and suprice my what I thought waiting wife.

    I drove my car home in a really high speed, I came home and parkinglots outside our house and I had to park in next area.
    I came in and tried to sneak in quiet for a big suprice, in I came and a big suprice I got.
    I heard mu wife from upstairs giggling and a dark voice from a man.
    I got me up really quiet and looked in through the half open door and saw my wife on her back and a big man on his way to get over her.
    It was Karl, and I geard him say when he took his big cock and pointed it against my wifes small and narrow slit, are you ready for a third filling?

    Yes I heard my little wife say in a wery exited voice, come in and do as you do so good just fuck my hard as only you can.

    Karl began to pump his rod in and out and my cock vent really hard.
    He pulled out his cock and teased her little.
    Please fill me up again, pleeease I must have it.
    Is it better then your husbands?
    Yeah its bigger hotter and longer and you sauce fills me soo good, come onn give it to me.
    Karl laughed and drove it to the hilt and farting sounds sounded.
    I stood there and heard how his balls sounded like gunshots when he drove in all the way and it slamed her butt.
    Her sreaming let me know that she was in heawen big times and all the time.
    I could see her lubricate couloring his cock white with her cum and how her cunt really was strechted around his cock.
    Lena began to get all her arms andlegs around him and he began to gasp really hard and with a sound of a bull when he empty his big balls right into my newly married wife that I worshiped so much,
    And that it was that hatefull asshole Karl did not do it better.
    Iwas so humilitated and I was so horny now but I knewed that he shouldbe there filling up my baby all those three days that was left before I should come home so I had to go to a motel and jerk off.
    And I did.
    I have spied on my wife after that and now I know what ladies night is and what they do on bridge nights and on work outs.

    That is very exiting but when Karl comes around and fucks my wife is that effects me most.

    Sorry formy english but Im a Swede
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