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    First story here. If anyone likes it,I may write moore.

    It was a Friday night. Actually it was me and my wife's aniversary. I bought her a dozen roses,rented a limo. And even dressed up in a suit. Picked her up at her moms realestate office. Where she was working at the time. She was so surprised and happy.

    On the ride to dinner,We kissed and had some wine. I had a romantic evening planned with dinner and a night at a 5 star hotell. All of a suden her beeper went off,For all the young people. This is what we had before cell phones.

    "Oh no!...It's Sgt. Darnell,My parole officer."

    My wife has a felony,She checks in with these people once a month. I get the driver to stop at a phone booth so she could make her call. She returns with a sad look on her face.

    "We have to go to the police station."

    "It can't wait untill Monday?"

    "No If I'm not there by 6:00,They will put a warrant out for me."

    "Oh this sucks!"

    I get the driver to take us to the police station. I follow her to Darnells office. He is a big,tall,bald black man. Verry intimidateing. We sat down. He began to question Misty about the previous Saturday night. Who,What,Where,What time.etc.etc.etc. He was usually laid back and calm. But this time it was different. He would look down at her file,And then at her. Stareing at her busty D sized breasts. She could all most feel his stare burn through her blue blouse and bra. She folds her arms across her chest. His eyes went to her crossed legs. Looking at her sexy high heeled boots. The chief comes in.

    "Darnell can I see you for a miniute?"

    "Yes sir chief."

    As he stands,We notice his cock is out and fully erect.

    "Darnell!...Put that thing up!...Your going to scare the young lady."

    "Sorry ma'am."

    Her eyes were wide and her face turned red as she stared at his bbc. He puts his cock up and leaves.

    "Damn baby!...Did you see the size of that thing?"

    She swallows hard and nods. I get up to look at her file. It was full of pics. Of her and her friend Shirley,They were arrested together. Some were of them dressed,Some were of them undressing. My dick was rock hard. I showed her a pic. Of her siting in a chair topless,With her legs spread.

    I dig through the pics. And find one of her on the floor. Nude with 3 black men,She had a cock in her pussy,One in her ass and one in her mouth. Other black men were standing over her jerking off.

    "Rember this?" She burst out crying.

    "I'm sorry!"

    "Damn Baby! You should have told me!"

    I noticed she was kind of loose,When she got out of jail. I thought it was just because I had a small cock. Darnell returns with a busty red head, She looked familur to me. It was my ex girlfriend from highschool. Connie Willson.

    "Ya'll come with us."

    We follow them down the hall. Connie pushes me in to one of those interview rooms. Desk,chairs not much room for anything else. Misty is takin to another room. Where she is grilled by detectives.

    "Up againest the wall stud!" Connie barked.

    "What the hell!"

    "Shut up!"

    She frisked me. all up and down my body. Returning to my crotch. She squeezes my balls and cock.

    "mmmmm...Your so hard,You must still want me."

    She unbuttons my shirt and takes my coat,shirt off. Her hands all over my muscular physique. She grabs my tie and turns me around. Looking down I watch her as she unbuckles my belt and unfastns my pants. With my cock out she strokes it a fer times,She then goes down on me and sucks my dick.

    "Oh Connie your good at that!" She looks up and smiles. She then stands,lifts her skirt. She pulls her panties down and bends over the desk.

    "Fuck me you stud!"

    With her skirt up I mount her from behind. My cock melts right in to her hot,wet pussy. In and out I pound away. Holding her big ass. She moans in pleasure. About 10 miniutes later she lets out a grunt as she cums. I pull my cock out and jerk off all over her ass.

    She turns around and pushes me back in to a chair.

    "What now?"

    From the desk drawer she brings out hand cuffes,chains,ankle restraints.

    "Oh Hell No!" She slaps me.

    "Shut up!"

    She hand cuffes me to the chair. My shoes,socks and pants are snatched off. My ankles are shackled to the chair.

    "Now lick my ass,Clean up the mess you made."

    I lick up all the cum that I shot all over her ass. When she was satisfied,She picked up her panties crammed them in to my mouth,And used my tie to secure them there. She walked out laughing a wicked laugh.

    Down to the room where my poor wife was being harrassed. She was takin and put in the middle of a lineup There was 4 black girls 4 latino girls 3 Asian girls. My wife was the only blonde white girl. They walked in to a room and stood a few miniutes. They then walked out.

    "Okay ladies ya'll are free to go."

    Misty was making her way to the door. Then Connie stopped her.

    "Not you big tits!"

    She was led to the room where I was nude gaged and bound. Misty looked at me a shocked look on her face. Darnell and the chief behind them. Connie grabs the purse from my wife's shoulder.

    "Up againest the wall! Your under arrest!"

    "I aint done anything!"

    "You car jacked an old lady!" Connie kicked my wife's feet apart and frisks her.

    "Thats bull shit!...I want my lawyer!"

    Connie takes hold of the thin blue blouse Misty wore. She rips it open,buttons flying every where.

    "Hey you bitch! Thats my shirt!"

    Connie takes the blouse and tosses it in the trash.

    "Lets get those tits out." The clasp of the sexy black bra is unhooked. Misty watches her big tits fall free. Connies hands fondle them and her nipples are pinched.

    Unable to help her,I could only sit and watch. My cock was standing up,Turned on by the firey red head stripping my wife. As the zipper of her black skirt pulled down, The skirt parts exposeing her black thong,garterbelt and hold ups. After the skirt falls,Her thong is rippd off and trashed. She slaps her fat,pale ass.

    "I can't get over how fat you have got since high school"

    She kneels down and unzips and pulls Misty's boots off.

    "You wear the same size as me."

    Connie Kicks off her navy blue pumps and puts the sexy boots on.

    "Hey those are mine!"

    "Shut up! You wont be wearing these where your going."

    She turns her around and bends her over the desk. She opens a tube of lube and fingers Misty's pussy and ass.

    "Okay boys she is all yours."

    Darnell takes out his huge black cock again. He picks Misty up and sits her on to the desk. He inserts his cock. She squeals and moans as his huge cock stretches her pussy. He slowly pumped her pussy at first,Then got in to a steady rythem.

    She looked good laid back on the desk,Her big tits jiggleing. With her sheer black nylon clad feet and legs up over the black mans shoulders. Pounding my wifes pussy,Just like a fucking machine. I didn't think he would ever finish. He finally let out a moan and filled her pussy with his seed. His hot cum run out and down the crack of her ass. He pulls out and wipes the excess cum. Smearing it on to her thighs.

    "Damn!...Look at the mess I made!" A big smile on his face. The Chief was waiting with his average sized cock out. He took Darnells place. His cock just fell in to her spent cunt.

    "Darnell next time I'm going firsrt. Shes all gappt out!"

    "Hit that ass chief!" He gets her off the desk and bends her over faceing me and fucks her in her poop shoot.

    "Ahh...Yea...Much better." He fucks her and slaps her ass for more punishment. Connie comes to me and straddles my cock and rides it infront of my wife. A few more miniutes we all climax together.

    "Okay ya'll can get dressed. We got all we need. for today."

    Connie takes me loose from the chair. I get dressed. Misty colects her bra and skirt,Thats all thats left.

    "Chief I got a limo driver outside waiting. Do you mind chipping in a few bucks to pay him?"

    "No Maybe if you paid your taxes and bought a business license I might...Get your ass out of here and take your slut with you."

    Everyone stared at my wife as she walked out,Just in her bra,skirt and nylons,With the just got fucked look. It was to late for dinner or the hotell. She paid the limo driver with a blow job on the way home. We then just got drunk when we got there. An aniversary we would never forget.

    If any interest I can write the ones that brings my ife to this point.:):)

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