The lights went out and something happened I never knew, until now.....

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Do you think it was right for her to have his cock inside her?

  1. Yes, you left the room, thats a green light for them to do it

  2. No, you should have stayed if you didn't want it to happen

  1. My wife and I have been together overall around 3 and a half years, married for about 2 and half. We live in the UK but she grew up in a country where sex before marriage is regarded very badly and she had never so much as kissed a man when we met and was still a virgin at 27 when we first got together.

    About a year ago my wife and I decided that we wanted to act out some fantasies in our marriage, mainly as she had a fantasy of watching me suck cock, and partly to give her some soft swing experience with single men as she was having some difficulty dealing with my past history. We used a popular swinging site to find people and at that point in time our meets consisted of oral and touching only. The most common way of doing this was to 69 with her on top so she would suck the guy (with my help quite often) and she could be licked. At the end when the guy wanted to come we would ask him to wank over her pussy so I could then lick it off.

    We had a no sex rule because as she had only ever had sex with me me we felt that sleeping with another guy would change our relationship too much, she also didn't kiss guys as that was a personal thing for us a couple, but we had recently found for a bit more variety that if the guys laid on their backs she could “ride” them, rubbing her clit and outside pussy back and forth on their laid down cock, but without it going in her actual hole. This was working very well as this guys cock (who we will name ‘white shirt’ on account of his attire) was without doubt the biggest either of us had ever seen, thick, and very long, around 10 inches.

    That particular winter evening we just had the laptop on playing music for light and mid-session the battery went dead and the room was plunged into total darkness, at first I did nothing but then thought I should find the charger and switch it back on, I left the bedroom to look for the charger, eventually when I came back I plugged the laptop back in, waited for the screen to flicker and saw her quickly sliding off him, I did wonder if anything more had happened when I was gone, but I quickly put it to the back of my mind as I trusted her.

    White Shirt then proceeded to wank over my wives pussy as promised and he said his goodbyes and left. She was very happy with her meeting and she said she had enjoyed sucking him and rubbing as he was so big and couldn't believe the size. I was happy as he left a lot of cum on her for me to lick off her, a rare treat for me.

    Our adventures have progressed a little since the early days and now she has slept with a small number of men while I have watched. Last week she met a new lover, a 22 year old Italian guy with 8 inches of very thick cock. We invited him to our home as usual and he sat on our bed, we all talked briefly and then I asked my wife if she wanted me to leave the room. This was a new fantasy we had never tried but had been planning for the right guy, we were so exited about it, even if a little nervous, so she said that was OK to go so I left them completely alone.

    The thrill was insane, my imagination was throwing up so many scenarios and I was so turned on I loved every minute of it. I could hear kissing and creaking, noises, it was incredible. Eventually when they had finished her lover called me back into our bedroom where my wife was in the bed naked. He said to me ”your wife has been naughty” and she showed me a huge deposit of cum inside her pussy, the original plan of a condom had been abandoned on proof of a recent negative STD test result. Its not often I get a cream pie to eat so I got to work cleaning my wife with my tongue and her lover let himself out.

    Over the course of the next few hours we spent the whole time in bed and we kept making love whilst talking about how exciting today was, her first sex alone without me, ever. She said they had ‘made love’ she had sucked him, they had kissed deeply, held each-other and cum face to face lips attached kissing. He'd certainly lived up to the Italian serotype and with me at 38 and her at 30, his eight years younger was great to hear about.

    Then my wife said she had a confession to make and that there had been a time way back when she had broken the no sex and no kissing rule.

    “When?” I said confused but genuinely excited.

    “Do you remember that guy with the biggest cock ever, the white shirt guy? Well, when the laptop light went out and I was rubbing along his cock and you left the room, I was so wet it just kind slipped in, with a little help from him, and it felt so big and so good I didn't take it out, he told me he loved my pussy as it looked so tight and he knew that I had only ever had my husband, and he couldn't resist my almost virgin pussy, so he was the second person ever to have me”

    I was shocked, even jealous, but the excitement far outweighed any negative feelings and considering I had just let her have her Italian lover on her own it didn't seem such a big deal as it would have done at the time she originally did it.

    She told me she wishes I had stayed out of the room longer as he would have let him cum in her leaving a cum soaked stretched pussy for me to clean, I don't know how she would have explained that but she said you came back too soon and spoiled it.

    Going forwards, it looks like now, after I have been present at the first introductions and we both feel 100% comfortable all of her meetings will now be without me watching, only coming in to clean her up. She also is selecting larger cocks only, she’s gonna stretch that tiny hole as her lovers are bigger than me. She potentially has a couple lined up too and when I go away on my Works Xmas do in December we are thinking about an overnight for her with someone. From Virgin to hot wife in 3 years.

    Our sex life between us is absolutely amazing, she no longer has jealousy issues about the past and we have total trust as we never have to even consider cheating as literally any fantasies on either side we can discuss and make them happen if we want.

    I really do love that naughty little Minx xxx
  2. Since posting this she has now admitted slightly more, she did let him cream-pie her, he cum inside her very quickly while I was out of the room, this actually makes sense as when he wanked over her at the end in front of me it was really hard for him to cum, the reason for this is that he had already cum inside her, his huge length meant that the cum was so deep inside her pussy I didn't even realise, I just thought she was wet from being turned on and the cum on the outside hid the fact that he had been the second person to cum in her apart from me at that time. Love her even more knowing this. x
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    I feel like they shouldn't have done it without your consent, but it's fine because you liked it.

    Recently I shared my girlfriend while I was away, she was supposed to video the sex for me, or not do it. She disappeared for the night and called me at 3am to admit everything they did- they had sex but didn't video. It was not what we planned, but in hindsight I'm so happy they did it, it's one of my top turn-ons to think of what they did together.

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