The Indian Cuck's Wife: A Tale of Cuckold Breeding

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    Brand-spanking-new account, first time posting. This was a story I posted over on the /r/Cuckold subreddit, and wanted to share with you guys as well. I was finally tempted to write down and share a cuckold fantasy that I dreamt up the other day. I've been a writer for a few years now, but this is the first time I've ever written fiction, and especially pornography for that matter.

    The story is written from the perspective of a bull who is having an affair with a married coworker. There's a bit of character development/exposition before the action kicks in about a quarter of the way in. To me, the appeal of cuckolding is the wife's lust for the bull and her mutual contempt for her husband. Therefore, I felt that I needed a bit more context than a wife simply cheating on her husband with a bigger dude.

    I wrote this in the hopes that others would enjoy it, so if it really gets your engine revving, I would love to hear it. I realize this story is longer than most erotica and that some people will not have the patience to finish it. If it truly does need to be shortened then just say so. I'd be glad to improve this in the future.

    If people like this enough I may continue with a part 2. Literally any feedback, good or bad, would be wonderful. I've got several more ideas already developing if you guys like what I write.

    Author's note: I am always open to story suggestions as well. I write to serve the community.

    The Indian Cuck's Wife

    Nicholas Krusczek stared out the hotel window across the waters of Lake Michigan. Twilight was settling in, and the street lights of Lake Shore Drive beneath him were just flickering to life. He had already draped his work shirt over the back of a nearby chair, and in the glare of the window he could see the reflection of his own body, lean and muscular.

    The hotel suite did not belong to him - it belonged to his coworker Anjala, who was getting ready just outside of the bedroom. For months now Anjala and Nick had been using this hotel room to have an affair behind her husband's back. Anjala worked for a San Francisco-based consulting firm that had been brought on by Nick's tech company, and she regularly flew out to Chicago for hands on field-work.

    Nick had been introduced to Anjala just over a year and half ago by their supervisor, and they made an almost immediate connection. Nick couldn't tell what it was - perhaps it was the warm, acknowledging smile she gave him when they first met - but he knew that something had been there from the start.

    From that point on, they were inseparable as coworkers. They worked on as many of the same projects as they could, with Anjala frequently requesting him specifically for her team. Nick had just started work as a fresh graduate, and Anjala quickly taught him everything she knew from her decade of experience in the industry. Because she had mentored him, Anjala knew the types of work Nick could be trusted to get done quickly and competently.

    The fruits of their labor had been vast. Nick was quickly becoming the department's top performer, and whenever Anjala was flown out, she was comped for any sort of lavish expense (including the luxurious hotel suite they now both took advantage of).

    The relationship between Nick and Anjala continued to build to the point where Nick considered confronting her about the nearly-romantic tension caught between them. There turned out to be no need, however. One night his team was invited out for drinks at a nearby bar while Anjala happened to be in town. Nick got drunk, and didn't notice Anjala watching him from across the bar the entire night. When he went to grab a taxi home, she followed him outside and grabbed him as they rounded a corner. The feeling of Anjala's tongue sliding into his mouth shocked him at first, but his instincts (and the alcohol) took over, and they were both in a cab back to her hotel within minutes.

    Since then, every business trip for Anjala meant more time with Nick. Her work schedule was unpredictable - sometimes she would only be out for a day, others times, a whole week. Some months she showed up every week. Other months she never showed up at all. But each visit meant at least one night with her, and tonight it was no different.

    "Turn around, Nick." Her Indian accent always made her pronounce it as 'Neek'. "I've got something nice for you tonight."

    Nick swung around. Anjala had walked in wearing a hot pink bra with a tiny bow in the middle, and matching panties that gently hugged the curves of her brown hips. Middle age was just starting to take its toll on her body, but her figure still looked phenomenal.

    "Victoria's Secret," she stated. "I convinced my husband to buy it when I told him I would wear it for him in bed."
    "Isn't he going to notice you took it on a business trip?"
    "My husband never notices anything I do."

    Anjala walked toward him and put her hand over the tattoos on his arm. Nick grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the wall as he put his mouth on her neck. Nick liked to play rough, and wasn't long before the rest of their clothes were on the floor.

    "Mmmmm, wait," she said, placing her finger over his lips. "I forgot, we need condoms this time."
    "Why, what's wrong?" They had stopped using condoms after their first few nights.
    Anjala sighed and rolled her eyes. "It's Manish. He wants children. I had to stop taking birth control to convince him I do as well."

    Nick had heard many things about Anjala's husband Manish, most of them not very nice. Anjala would only occasionally mention him at work, though once Nick grew close to her, she became much more comfortable voicing her complaints. Her business trips weren't just a way to see Nick - they were a way to escape her husband as well.

    Once Nick and Anjala started sleeping together, open resentment grew into outright mockery. She frequently ridiculed his job, his salary, and his small dick. Worst of all, Nick had heard so much about him that he eventually joined in as well, deriding a man he had never once met. Anjala loved hearing another man humiliate her husband - the crueler, the better.

    "I just don't think I'm ready for kids yet," Anjala said, playing with his chest hair. But at 35, Nick thought, she didn't have much more time to wait.

    It was then that a diabolical thought ran through Nick's head. It came to him in an instant. His heart pounded against his chest and his dick became hard as a rock. I must be insane, he thought. But the head-rush had made him arrogant and brash, and the words fell from his mouth like lead bricks.

    "Let me get you pregnant instead."

    Anjala's eyes bulged. "Nooo! Are you crazy?" But her impish grin spoke a different story, and Nick prodded her.

    "You're ready for kids. Just not his kids. I would love to do it for you. He'll never even know."
    "Of course he'll know. Why wouldn't he?"
    "Why would he, you mean. You said it yourself, he never notices anything. You fly home tomorrow, right? Tell him you felt morning sickness while you were here, and he'll think you're already pregnant from before. Tell him you want to wait to confirm it though. By the time you actually get around to being tested", he said smiling, "mine will have already done the job."

    She stared at him with astonishment and amusement. "And what if the baby is white?"
    "He'll probably be half, which is passable," Nick replied. "Lot's of Indian people have light skin."

    He continued to push her. "Besides, imagine if Manish does wise up to it? He'll be so embarrassed. It'll destroy him."

    She bit her lower lip and smiled. Nick's heart skipped a beat. He knew she was almost convinced, but she needed one last push. Thankfully, he had the perfect answer. He walked over to his laptop bag, pulled out a cardboard box, and passed it to her.

    "It's Plan B," he said. "I keep it on me every time I'm here in case of emergency. Leave it on the desk. If you regret your decision tomorrow morning, take it and I'll never even know."

    "Besides," he added coyly, "I don't have any condoms on me. It's either this, or I spend the next 15 minutes going down to the corner store to grab some."

    She held the box in her hands, her mouth still agape from the shock of his proposal. Then she glanced back and him, put down the contraceptives, and playfully made her way to the bed. She got down on her hands and knees, and lifted her ass towards Nick. He could see her pussy spread wide open between her legs, pink and dripping wet.

    "Come on," she said seductively, "Fill me up."

    At the age of 24, Nick had never once considered the reality of having children. Yet now, with a married women's legs spread open in front of him begging for his seed, he was filled with an energy the likes of which he had never felt before. His desire had surged when he had first thought of this plan. Now his hormones were firing on all cylinders, and his heart pumped testosterone to every muscle in his body. Nick had given Anjala every right to change her decision afterwards, but he knew he had an entire night of passionate sex to convince her otherwise.

    Nick placed his knees on the bed behind Anjala. Nick's cock was so hard it could have drilled a hole in the wall, and he slid it deeply into her warm body. Anjala let out a quick gasp. Nick grabbed her waist tightly, like he would never let it escape his grasp, even if it could try. He pulled it toward him, burying his dick inside of her. Anjala let out another gasp.

    Nick started to thrust, pumping his dick in and out of her. Anjala started to gasp with each push. Nick relished his view, staring down at Anjala's beautiful backside as he passionately fucked her.

    "Your husband doesn't even know what he's missing right now."
    "And he never will," she replied.

    After a while Nick staid still, preferring to move Anjala's waist back and forth as her body massaged his dick. Anjala let out a loud moan.

    "Oh my god. Holy shit, this feels amazing." Nick rarely heard Anjala curse. He felt powerful.

    Nick went faster. Anjala moaned as each thrust sapped the strength from her body. Her arms sagged under her own weight. She surrendered to the pleasure and laid down on the bed, ass thrust in the air for Nick to continue.

    "Don't stop! Please, just don't stop!"

    Nick cracked a devilish grin and did just that. "Tell me you want me and I'll keep going."
    "Keep going," she gasped. "I want you so badly right now. I need this."
    He started up again, slowly. "How badly then?"
    "Oh God, please cum inside me. I want it all. Keep going, faster."

    Nick's ego consumed his brain. He was in a frenzy. He pulled out, and flipped her over. She opened her legs immediately. Nick slid in and put his weight down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist.

    "I'll keep going so long as you keep looking straight into my eyes." She nodded frantically, and Nick pushed deeper inside of her. And yet, it wasn't long before she gave in. She tilted her had back and let out another moan. Nick stopped, and her eyes shot back open.

    This time, she stayed focused. They gazed into each other's eyes hypnotically. Nick went faster. She tried as hard as possible to hold his gaze, but she eventually went cross-eyed. Her last ounce of willpower finally gave out - she was under his spell. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it towards her.

    "Deeper," she commanded. "Breed me now."

    She gasped heavily into Nick's ear with each thrust. There was no time to spare - she finished in seconds, her gasp crescendoing into an earth-shattering orgasm. Nick felt her vagina clench around the hilt of his dick as it craved his seed inside of her fertile womb.

    Nick remembered every detail of that instant - the soft bed beneath his legs, Anjala's warm thighs wrapped around his hips, her hard nipples pressed into his chest. Time and space compressed to a pinpoint as Nick exploded inside of her. He shoved his cock into her as far as it would go, and his mind went blank as his balls pumped load after load of his hot semen into her pussy. The muscles inside of Anjala's vagina were pulled as tight as they could go, milking every last drop of virile sperm from his dick. He lost track of how much time had passed, and he did not care.

    After he was finished he pulled out of Anjala, a huge puddle of his cum pouring out after him. He collapsed on the bed next to her. He was breathing heavily. He could hardly remember where he was anymore. Anjala laid panting beside him. Her brain was completely fried, but after a while she spoke up.

    "That was the greatest sex I have ever had."
    "Me too."
    "Maybe we should do this more often if it gets you that horny."

    They both laughed unexpectedly as an endorphin high began to kick in. Nick smiled and felt lighter-than-air. He cracked another joke.

    "Put your underwear back on. Keep as much of it inside you as possible. And don't wash it until your husband gets to enjoy it as well."

    Anjala laughed and got up. When she returned, she laid on his chest and wrapped her arm around him.

    "Stay the night tonight instead. I want you to stay with me." This was the first time she had ever asked Nick to stay. He closed his eyes, and soon they were both fast asleep.

    The next morning, Nick awoke to find Anjala already gone. Her flight was early, and she left without waking him. Nick gathered his things from the hotel room. Lastly, he checked for the Plan B box. It was still there, right where she had left it. He replaced it in his bag and grabbed an Uber home.

    For the next few weeks, Nick heard absolutely no word from Anjala. He worried she might have panicked and told her husband. Then he got a text message from her at work one day:

    Nick's hands trembled. Holy fucking Christ, it actually happened. His heart ran like a motor engine.

    Nick's mind raced like he had just done rails of coke off his desk.

    Nick couldn't concentrate. He got no work done for the rest of the day. Nobody noticed.

    Eight months later, another text arrived. It was Anjala.

    A photo was attached to the message. It was his child. There was no doubt about it.

    Nick's chest swelled with pride.

    Nick's jaw hit the floor. Another? The first one was risky. A second would be suicidal.

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