The Hypocritical Cuckoldress/Hotwife

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by mousehungcuck, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Snap, I almost think you attempted to insult me! Oh honey, little boys like you need to be careful or their brains will go to their heads. But try again, if you keep talking you might someday say something intelligent.
  3. obedientcuck

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    It's not hypocritical at all. It's natural to have the desire to fuck other people. No social norm, contract, ceremony, or legal status can overrule our biology.

    Acting on these desires is another matter, but the desire to fuck other people is not infidelity unless we accept the dogma of thoughtcrime.
  4. mousehungcuck

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    Where did I say it was infidelity to think a thought? I said it was hypocritical to apply a double standard.

    I agree that wanting to fuck multiple people is perfectly natural even if you're married. You can't control what you want; only what you do about it. So I agree that it's not infidelity unless you act on it. We are sympatico on this issue, my friend. Although, you left out the second part of the question which was that they require their mate to be faithful. Furthermore, they are actually acting on it so we don't need to round people up for thought crimes.
  5. obedientcuck

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    You didn't; you asked if it was hypocritical. i quoted the question above my answer.

    As far as if one-sided extramarital sex is hypocritical, in my opinion it depends on the couple and the situation. For example, consider a marriage where the husband stops showing interest in sex. The wife tries her best to interest him, be he refuses even in seeking medical or therapeutic attention for what may be an underlying problem. They may have kids or some other reason why she doesn't want to divorce him. In this situation, i think it would not be hypocritical for the wife to give an ultimatum, and if the husband refused, for her to get sex outside the marriage. Since she would stop extramarital sex if he showed interest and also since she would give him the sex he needs, it would not be hypocritical to expect him not to go outside for sex.

    i realize this probably isn't the situation you envisioned with the question, but the point is that there can be some circumstances where a wife has extramarital sex that would not be hypocritical. Certainly there may be other situations that are hypocritical, it would be depend on the circumstances.
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    That is a valid point, OC. Of course, there are nuances and every situation is different. In that situation I would agree with you. I believe that is an exceptional circumstance though.
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    Sorry to come to this thread late - but its an interesting topic and one i wanted to have my say.

    My wife and i have been exploring cuckolding for about 8 years - but very slowly. Its only been the last month when i have become a full cuckold (she had sex with another guy whereas before it had been snogs, blow jobs and fingers). It was initially very much my fantasy and would almost certainly never have happened without my encouragement and consent (i have always been submissive and into being humiliated by a dominant woman.)

    Like Deanna (O- Deanna - have the nick cave song playing in my head now) though my wife suffers a bit from feeling guilty/hypocritical. Also like Deanna my wife could not stand me being with another woman and initially when i confessed my fantasies she was worried it was because i wanted to fuck around too. (i was unfaithful to her in the early stages of our relationship) Now though I am committed to being a faithful submissive cuck. I have no desire to be with any other woman, I only want her and for my wife to be sexually fulfilled. Even when i watch (usually cuckold) porn these days i replace the porn start in my head with the image of my wife. So in our case there is no hypocrisy. She is helping to fulfill my fantasy by fucking another guy and luckily she loves sex and is enjoying herself too.

    I think many of the guys on this forum are willing (enthusiastic) cuckolds and i don't think its is hypocritical in this situation but a consensual exchange of power. Yes its an inequitable exchange (in many peoples eyes) but that doesn't make it hypocritical.

    However in a situation where the husband is an unwilling or unknowing cuckold, where the wife cheats against his wishes, but demands his faithfulness - yes of course this would be hypocritical. In fact i would regard this as emotional abuse.
  8. mousehungcuck

    mousehungcuck Member

    Of course. All BDSM power exchange is inequitable. If it wasn't there would be no power exchange. It's not hypocritical for a dominant or a submissive to enjoy only one side of it. It would be if they thought they had a right to dominate others but that the same shouldn't be done to them.

    I couldn't say it better myself. This statement requires no further elaboration.
  9. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    Power exchange is at times all too amusing to me - like the sound of a tree falling in the woods or one hand clapping. Nothing turns me on more than being treated unfairly by wife and Bull, so how is it treating me unfairly to give me what i love so much?
  10. Cucking nuts

    Cucking nuts Active Member

    My wife never "struggled" per-say. In the beginning of all of this she would she would constantly ask if this was ok and if I'm good and ok with this all.

    My reassurance to her made this side of us stronger and now she died whatever the hell she wants. Within I our rules. And as always I get seconds and clean up the mess. It's a win win!!!
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    Oy vey the spelling mistakes in my reply!! Ugh, I'm sorry. In my defense I'm in NY freezing my ass off during this "blizzard of 2017" snow blowing my driveway.
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    I do the same thing as it gets late at night. We'll overlook them and just see intent.
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    Tell us more, please.
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  14. obedientcuck

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    Sexual submission affects my nervous system like a drug. The orgasm just releases the tension when it becomes unbearable; it's the act of submitting beforehand that stimulates me more. i suppose other subs react in a similar way when submitting. This may explain why some cucks report satisfaction from prolonged orgasm denial, though for me i could never go that long.

    my wife gets off on domination. We didn't seek a D/s relationship, but we found out very soon we were complementary in that regard. Even after exploring a lot of D/s play, it was difficult to admit to her that since my early teens i fantasized about being dominated by one of my male friends. i don't know why, but i'm "promiscuous" about women dominating me, but "monogamous" in what male i want to dominate me.

    i told her why i wanted to submit to my one friend and no other male: i idolized him - kind of the way LeFou hero worships Gaston in the animated Beauty and the Beast (and i heard in the new version he has a homoerotic moment). He was my age but a head taller than me. He simply ran me over in football and pinned me effortlessly 100% of the time in wrestling practice. He had a constant rotation of girlfriends each more gorgeous than the last.

    So after i explained all this to my wife over several conversations, we sought out a Bull who could make me feel the way i felt the first time i discovered i like submitting to a male. As mentioned, i would love for any attractive woman to dominate me, but i feel curiously "monogamous" in my submission to a male. He also can't be just any male. He has to make me feel hero worship - bigger, taller, stronger, more confident, dominant, and much better endowed.

    That brings us to the paradox of being treated "unfairly". That's what i want, so how can it possibly be unfair? i love submitting and serving, so i want him to get far higher priority access to my wife. i want her to desire him physically more than me. i want her to crave his cock more than mine. i want him to have sex with her any time they like while they jointly control my access. i want to serve him sexually in ways he would never imagine reciprocating. i enjoy fluffing him and both of us expecting that i get nothing in return because fluffing him is its own reward. i thank him for the pleasure because it's probably more pleasurable for me to fluff him than it is for him to let me fluff him. After all my wife could do the fluffing too, so in a very real sense he's giving me a present allowing me to do it. Because he'll never fluff me or let me fuck his girlfriend it's "unfair" but of course not really.

    What i enjoy most of all is being dominated when my wife and Bull are together to fuck. It's really "unfair" for the cuck to have to serve the man who's fucking his wife and his "cheating" wife.

    Strangely enough, if my wife tells me what to do outside the bedroom she's in for an ear full, but in the context of the bedroom everything changes.
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  15. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    That is beautiful, I totally dig your sexuality.
  16. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    :) I totally dig yours too. Come to think of it, i dig anyone's sexuality that's adult consensual.
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  17. platov

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    This is an old 3d but I hope that it can be still interesting.
    My english is rudimentary, so I hope you can understand me.
    It seems me that the original question was not about cucks, but about hothwifes. Cucks love theyr hothwifes, loves theyr cuck condition as well. This is right. But this was not the original question.
    "Hypocritical" is a wrong term: double standard is better. We can use any word indeed, but the matter is: how a wife has the desire to fuck other people while requiring her husband to be faithful? how can she (she, not he!) accept and pretend this?
    we have in this 3d only a woman's perspective (Deanna), and we need of more.
  18. michael1987

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    I know that craving of yours, OC---" i want her to desire him physically more than me. i want her to crave his cock more than mine. i want him to have sex with her any time they like"---only too well.

    It's so erotically intoxicating for me, and has been fulfilled pretty much every night and early morning for 4 years right beside me in our bed when my wife reaches over for my young buddy, her live-in lover, instead of me--her loving husband---to fuck her. And fuck her he does. Long, hard, bareback, and very lovingly and beautifully. Always.
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  19. pixie9

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    I'm a Scorpio so I'm VERY jealous. The reason why I agreed to this is because it's ONLY open for me.
    My cucky loves my jealousy and he gets excited about me being with a bigger man than he is. He wants me to have great mates.

    I don't feel bad about this arrangement one bit. It's what he asked for.
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  20. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I would not accept such hypocrisy from my wife. When we first started discussing her affair with another man, I told her that this means that I am also at liberty to have sex partners beside from her. She agreed to that.

    One needs to understand that our relationship is still one-sided in this respect: Just because I am at liberty to find another partner does not mean that I am able to do so. So this is why our relationship is really cuckold and bigamist. It is, however, philosophically important to me that I do have the right to find another partner besides my beloved wife.

    Of course, what I really had in mind when I set this condition is that I want to be able to have my homosexual encounters openly. I haven't done so ever since my wife started the affair because I was too aroused by her fucking someone else that I had the desire to look for male fuck buddies.

    Even if I would, I'd still see an imbalance between the two of us. To point this out, I will give you an example of what my wife says when she leaves for her lover and what i would say:

    Wife: "I will not come home tonight, I am going to my lover's place after work. See you tomorrow!"

    or me (hypothetically, has not happened yet):

    " Oh, there is this guy in the neigbourhood who wants to get a blowjob. I will go give him one. I will be back in an hour at the latest!"

    The big difference for me is that my wife has feelings for her lover. It is an emotional thing for her. I don't care much for the guys I have sex with.

    Now, this disparity was not chosen by my wife. It is just the way things are. A husband's main concern should be the happiness and satisfaction of his wife. If he is not enough to guarantee her sexual satisfaction, the husband should agree on the wife having sex with other men. I believe that for equalitie's sake, the wife then has to agree on the husband having other partners. However, a married man whose wife desires lovers is unlikely to find other women to have sex with. Therefore, the relationship is practically one sided, but it is not hypocrisy.

    I personally would not accept the hypocrisy of a wife not agreeing to her husband having affairs if she has them. But if other men feel that this is no problem for them, so be it.

    To be honest, I accepted her having a relationship because I have had anonymous sex with men behind her back. It would have been hypocrisy on my part if I don't agree to her having fun with some guy. I just make this big distinction between having an emotional love affair and just meeting up a random person for quick sex.
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