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The humiliation of displaying yourself

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by Limp Sissy, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Thanks Christine!

    Both you and NECuck are right since Gabby still gets laid as often as she wants. I also get laid some times. Just like her i get laid by men, like this dominant gentleman that i washed up the dishes for. That is where i am nowadays and i know all too well that i am much better at pleasing men than women...

    Me and Gabby stay in touch and i call her now and then to hear how she is doing. She doesn't tell me everything of course, but every time she tells me what a great husband and lover Rob is. I should be jelaous but i'm not, i just love to know that a real MAN is pleasing her! Wish i could be a fly on the wall in their bedroom :)

    Can't resist to post one that i just posted on flickr...


    limp sissy
  2. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Serving sissy

    ...just felt like displaying my sissified serving self again... Maybe i miss serving Rob and Gabby a little too much ;-)

  3. tjr

    tjr Banned

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  4. sissysluttiffany

    sissysluttiffany New Member

    nothing turns me on more than the thought of my pictures being on the internet for people to see and get off on.. but i am to scared to post them. what do you think of my pic?would someone be willing to post them if i gave them to you?
  5. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member

    You have gone the entire route. You know who you are and do not try to hide it. I have to admire you for that. My wife is making more fun of me all the time and taking advantage of my submissive personality. However, I have not fully disclosed to her that she could dress me anyway she wanted. I think there is something to be said about your ability to out yourselves and live up to who you really are. I admire you. I am CuckWannabe Jimmy.
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  6. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member

    Wow. My thread got quite a few responses. I suppose I should have outed myself a little bit since it was my idea. Feel free to comment. Penis Size MATTERS
  7. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    JimmyWTBCuck, Please make sure the redirect site has a linkback to this Great site!
  8. sissybrenda

    sissybrenda New Member

    IMG_0941.jpg New sissy here
  9. msslave

    msslave Member

    Adding minee

    So many great looking sissys here. Like most of you I wasn't able to sexually please my wife. She found a bull and made me her "Little Bitch". I sucked her dildos and took them in my boy pussy. Even had a few gangbangs where she'd use up to 7 dildos, including the largest that left me gapping. This post shows there are other ways to make the wife happy when you can't please her with your cock.


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  10. lopemiboun

    lopemiboun Banned

    sissy faggot cuck

    [COLOR=rgba(68, 68, 68, 0.7)]crossdresser sissy faggot and cuckold lope fiotte et cuckold Sissy faggot cuckold anal, whore, submissiv, slave, small penis to humiliate and expose, I love s..t, Lopeococu 48 years old

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    lopettek@gmail.com P2179951.jpg [/COLOR]
  11. summ1962

    summ1962 New Member

    sissy maid

    291220141351.jpg 291220141352.jpg 291220141351.jpg im sissy maid
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  12. slick

    slick New Member

    Hello all Sissies and want to bees, Happy New Year. I also long for the days when I'm free to dress up as I please. Right now I'm mostly closeted but have been seen by quite a few hotel maids and many online Doms and Dommes. I look forward to photo verification here and would love to take requests what to buy this Sunday when I will either head to a mall or another store as directed to purchase thigh highs, panties, skirt? Whatever is requested. To me I love to feel the humiliation while making the single purchases. In the past I've been ordered to buy panties at one store then thigh highs in another then something else along the way carrying each tiny bag all the time. It gets really interesting when a sales girl asks if I can find anything for you. I've gone as far as saying yes, I'm looking for a very small pink thong as instructed by my Mistress. The startled looks I get are priceless. If anyone as any instructions please inbox me. I will be able to cam this Sunday. Thank you in advance
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  13. Silverback

    Silverback Active Member

    I've done a lot of that kind of shopping myself, and althhough it can be a real turn on, remember that a salesgirl is someone's daughter just working hard for a paycheck. She might not be getting the same thrill you are, so please be considerate. I don't know about you, but for me, panties were just the start, and I wasn't satisfied until I had a complete outfit including wig, shoes, dress, jacket, bag and makeup. Eventually I had many different outfits to choose from and I spent a lot of fun time going out to clubs, bars and restaurants, etc. I was amazed at how many times I was approached by appreciative, good looking guys.
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  14. slick

    slick New Member


    You are correct that the sales girl/guy may not be into this. I usually wait till approached then feel out the situation If the person is annoyed or not showing any abnormal signs I may show her my list of needed items from whomever assigned me the task. Some will say " like a scavenger hunt" others know that it's probably a 50 year old sissy, some say good luck. It's a little tougher standing at the register line holding 1 thong bikini or a pair of stay up stockings !!
  15. slick

    slick New Member

    1 more day till I go shopping, any suggestions or instructions? There are a few stores in town, Walmart,Kohls,Target or a mall. Ive had some good responses at kohls but I woul go anywhere instructed
  16. Mrincubus661

    Mrincubus661 New Member

    Very fuckable ass
  17. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Haven't been here for some time, but it is great to see that the thread i started so many years ago hasn't died yet!
    I haven't changed much really :)
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  18. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Dear Limp sissy you are not the only one here is mine 20150415_092424.jpg 20150415_092424.jpg 20150415_092424.jpg 20150415_092424.jpg
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  19. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Dear Limp sissy you are not the only one , here is mine
  20. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Thanks for displaying yourself in "my" thread ;) LimpSissy015.jpg
    As a limp sissy cuckold i just feel the need to show everyone what i am... Hope you like that feeling too!
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