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The humiliation of displaying yourself

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by Limp Sissy, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Am i the only sissy here that likes to display myself? I don't think so (and syndi posted a lovely picture). I took a series for the photo verification, so here are some of them.

    Why do i show them to you? One thing for sure is the humiliation of showing myself as a sissy (even though my face is hidden). Another reason is that i hope some of you other sissies here wants to do the same...

    Limp Sissy

    PS The coming weeks i hope my wife and her lover will see me like this (see my blog)

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  2. syndi

    syndi Sissy Cuckslut

    Thanks for the shoutout Limp. Another benefit of posting pictures of your sissy self is that there are a lot of guys out there who like to use sissies. And they let you know it. Some might find it humiliating to being considered as a sex object by a guy, but I think it is exciting. Today i was in a chat room and a guy was whacking off while looking at my ass. It's nice to know that my little sissy ass can get a guy to nut on his keyboard.
  3. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of guys getting off looking at my picture. It's a big turn-on for me! :)

    Getting photos of that, mmmm!! Photos of their cum on my pictures... Oh yeah!

    Do you have particular chat rooms that you like?

  4. algy_2000

    algy_2000 New Member

    I've gotta say, love looking at the sissy pics! Thanks for having the guts to post them and please keep putting up more!!!
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  5. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    It sure is exciting to be a sex object! I have had some similar experiences as you, syndi. Although i prefer to be used "in the flesh", it is also great when a man cums while looking at me.

    Hope these pictures from the verification shooting turn on at least a few men ;-)

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  6. sslv2006

    sslv2006 New Member

    Sissy here also. Thanks for posting. I'll do the same soon
  7. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Great to hear that more will post :)

    Here are some more of Gabby's and Rob's sissy...

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  8. playfullferret

    playfullferret New Member

    I would agree with you there syndi, I myself like to go through various sites, like here and multiply and other such sites to look at sissy and crossdressed photo's. Particularly if playing with a woman or indeed being made into a sissy cuck and performing related duties.Sometimes my lady likes me to wear panties/stocking myself while she watches me go through the profiles or message them. Often we will both be dressed and go through them together or look at this and other sites while reading the stories. I would think there are a lot more men looking than own up to it for fear of a "label". For us,its just one part of the big picture and more importantly FUN...

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  9. wimpforyou

    wimpforyou New Member

    very sexy pic's. l would love to be with you whilst your wife is being fucked by a real man. we could play with each others sissy cocks
    and be humiliated by your wife & her big cocked lover
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  10. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    More display...

    I got very good reactions after posting new pictures on my blog here on this forum, so i hope you don't mind seeing more of Rob's and Roger's "Pussy" (and Gabby's obedient maid)

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  11. Chaster

    Chaster New Member

    Wow, great pictures! A real sexy sissy!
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  12. tslave

    tslave Member

    wow. i'm so impressed. i have never considered myself bi but i guess you have turned me. thanks for opening my eyes.
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  13. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Thanks Chaster and tslave! i'm truly a sissy, and vain also, so here is more...

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  14. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Here is the sissy, locked up in the new CB6000...

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  15. househubby_ma

    househubby_ma New Member

    Sissy wannabe

    My story is a long one - cucked in the classsic sense - behind my back. But as I came to terms with it, I started exploring my sub/fem/bi side. Unfortunately my Wife wanted nothing to do this stuff - she had her alpha-male, and was finished with me.

    I would love to find a woman (or man!) to explore with, now that i am single. . .

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  16. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Loved your message and (especially) the photos. I for one would like to know more about your story. Feel free to make it a shorter version of it, if that suits you. (Anything beyond about 6 or 8 paragraphs is a bit much, in my opinion, but "your mileage may vary.")

    Love and hugs,


  17. househubby_ma

    househubby_ma New Member

    My therapist would probably approve of my writing it all out! But I'm not sure if I am quite ready for it - I stopped by her apartment last night, spoke with Him there - and couldn't get the images out of my head all night - how they were sleeping together, intertwined... I was in tears for a while.

    It is still difficult for me to orgasm, without closing my eyes and imagining them together... She is His now...

    I don't think she has told him about my "secrets" - and I am sorely tempted to tell him myself - to humiliate myself in front of Him, and throw myself on His mercy. I wonder if they would discuss me, giggling?

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  18. panty princess

    panty princess New Member


    You look very sexy in all your outfits. I also am a sissy with a very understanding wife, but have a lot of work to if I want to look as good as you. Thanks for posting.
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  19. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    househubby_ No doubt you would be setting yourself up for certain humiliation, and that's what you want. I worked for my wifes boyfriend,and I watched them have sex regularly for over 10 yrs and thinking of them fucking is the only thing that gets me off.. My boss sold his company and moved to California and I was laid off. Which was the end for my marriage as well. She moved to California too and I'm sure they are together. In my case he knew about my fetishes a long time ago and yes they both made of me as they were fucking...
  20. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Thanks princess!
    Working hard to please Wife and Bull keeps my body in shape ;-)

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