The definition of "Cuckold".

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    That's why I believed that me letting my wife fuck around didn't make me a cuckold even in the beginning when she was doing it and I wasn't. It was never about humiliation, domination, sissy stuff or chastity. I want her to be happy and her having lovers didn't bother me. Audrey just likes plenty of sex and sexual variety. She always fucks me as much as I want.

    With those attitudes, moving into occasional swinging was natural, although Audrey still plays more than I do.
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    What about the distinction between "cuckold" - a man who doesn't know his wife is cheating, and "wittol" - a man who knows about and condones his wife's sexual adventures?

    I have always thought that this should be called Wittolsforum, because most here accept or even encourage their wife's play, while cuckolds don't know it's going on.
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    You're preaching to the choir on my account!

    However, my wife absolutely despises the word wittol and refuses to use it.
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    I think the word "wittol" would make more sense for our communications, but it seems like the word "cuckold' has won the race for the term being used. We all know that on a forum like this one we are talking about husbands who enjoy being cuckolds. I am not a native English speaker, so I don't quite get the connotations and feelings that a word like "wittol" evokes.
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    I agree, when I first read what the definition of a withal was, I did seem to relate to it probably more, but my wife and I go with me identifying as a cuckold and hotwife. We don't get hung up on technical terms, plus its easier to find other couples, cucks and bulls online when you are listed as a cuckold. I think being a wittol or a cuck is sort of splitting straws, once you've gone sloppy seconds on your wife and get to orgasm while taking in the scent of the other guys seed on her body, I think terms or names of what you are, are not really that important :)
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    My Sentiments EXACTLY. Nailed it for Me slinky
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  8. HerSubmissiveHubby

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    I have always found the definition of a Cuckold like definitions of many other lifestyle terms to be realistically fluid to the ideas of the holder of the term. We know literally hundreds of other husbands who would never identify with the term "cuck" or any derivative of the term but yet are active participants in the swinger lifestyle and their wives are engaging in sex with other men. In that same line we know many couples that will "hookup" a few times a year but will tell you they are not swingers and do not identify with the term. The same goes for gay, bi, lesbian etc.

    When we initially became active in the lifestyle we were very much into the terms and definitions assigned. We continually tried to put ourselves into the various categories that existed. We struggled with what our identity was and it added stress to what should be all about fun.

    One night we had gone back into a playroom with another couple we met at an on-premise swingers club. We both duiscussed the various options and terms that we identified with. At the time we considered ourselves as a "straight" "soft swap" couple. The other couple held the same definitions so it was a perfect match and off we went to a playroom. We were on one full size bed and each with our respective partner. As the action continued my wife became very aroused by the other woman and they began to touch each other intimately leading to some passionate kissing and then oral sex. Before the night was done we all four ended up on the bed with both us guys doing our own wives, each others wives and doing one woman together. It was an amazing night. For the next two weeks we all tried to go through the terms and determine if we were something or where we fit.

    We finally collectively decided that the terms or labels that floated around had no true bearing or meanings for us. We were each sexual beings and that what happened in any one moment or what felt good really didn't define us as it changed from encounter to encounter. We became great friends with the other couple over time and have remained close over the past ten plus years.

    I tend to agree with the forum post of the original poster and the link shared. I don't agree that being a cuckold requires any specific act or acts, behaviors or weakness. With some guys I take on a submissive role but in others I am Alpha and giving direction. All of our hookups are mutually agreed upon before they occur between my wife and I. Specific acts during an encounter can add to the playtime like clean up, humiliation, sissification, bi play etc but those acts are done in the moment and don't define us.
  9. aloneandneeding

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    I guess this whole term Cuckold is open to all kinds of opinions. I think a cuckold is not so much what we do, it is who we are, I see It this way If a man has the cuckold nature then he is a cuckold whether his wife or his girlfriend are having sex with other men of if he is single at this time. The definition in the Webster dictionary is this "a man whose wife is unfaithful". So according to this a man has no choice in the matter. The way cuckolding starts out today the man mostly is the one that leads his wife into this lifestyle. So that to me means the wife is faithful to do as her husband wants her to. We all go in every different direction as soon as we jump into the Lifestyle. Some consider Cuckolding to be a game, others take it very seriously as a permanent Lifestyle . Who is right? Everyone, because in todays world it is rightly lived as the Cuckold Fetish Lifestyle. Many activities are simply mixed into cuckolding today. Example I may believe that a true cuckold after he has his wife sleep with other men should not have intercourse with her anymore and he is to stay faithful to her anyway. Others do what they refer to as reclaiming her every time after she has sex with another man. Some relationships have one steady lover while another takes it so far that it is okay to sell herself to different men. All over the map with no set direction.
  10. tractorman

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    I agree the term cuckold has so many interpretations, taking the historical meaning I doubt many men here are cuckolds but in the modern term.....well it appears to be somewhat fluid.

    using my own experience I see two different scenarios and views,

    When we met she was just 16, within months she had offered her body to another male in his mid 30s, she did this because she wanted to with no thought for me, then told me, never was it in her mind that she would form a relationship with this married man, her parents wouldn't have allowed her to anyway, but she felt strong enough to tell me immediately calling it mistake,
    At 17 she made another mistake and got fucked by another man, she told me immediately again, she has said later she knew at 16 she wanted me as her husband so why do this then tell me? because she wanted to.
    At 22 she was fucking the driving instructor, we were married now she told me only when she admitted to a long term affair with my then best mate, even then in her late 20s she allowed me to watch them as he planted his seed into her fertile body,

    She also admitted as a married women to several other encounters with men in night clubs but has always said limited to kissing and heavy petting,

    around this time I was driving up our road towards our house with a colleague, he started mentioning that there was a young fittie who lived up the road he said she was tall and a goer, he said she was married to a man in our profession, then he shut up and refused to go on, I figured he realised it was my wife he was referring to so I assume he knew and maybe so did other people I knew at the time I had no idea only later did I realise fully what he had started to say

    Now a change,

    Upon the confession of her affairs she agreed to stop this behind my back, frightened she would loose me, from this time I HAVE known and consent to other men fucking my wife and selected most I would suggest that really from this point I ceased to be a cuckold what are your thoughts? if I was ever one!
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    Yes I think you Were and Are a Cuckold. But it Really doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks, Only what You and Her think.
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  12. aloneandneeding

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    One thing I see more than many do my way of looking at the big picture, I am divorced and am all alone at this stage in my life. I have a Cuckold nature. Cuckolds come from within because no woman is screwing around on me .Your wife was A cheater at that time without your knowledge, you were being cuckolded.
  13. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    thanks yes I consider myself a cuckold and so does my wife we now have another opportunity for me to be so too
  14. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    That is great in my option, Because it is who you are. Do I agree that most of us men
    on all the cuckold forums are cuckolds? Yes, but what many doing is so much more then being a cuckold. It is so clear that it is not the acts we do as a cuckold that makes us a cuckold. Most of the acts that we involve ourselves into isn't just cuckolding. I am going on facts. People can argue but a cuckold is a simple fetish, kink or whatever. Being a sissy (NO offence) is not being a cuckold, it is a cuckold being a sissy. Eating cream pies , sucking a men's cocks, desiring denial, the many kinds of humiliation that gives us joy are not because we are cuckolds, We are cuckolds that choose to participate these different acts that are fetishes of different kinds. A cuckold in the old definition is a man who's wife is unfaithful to him. That is the one ( act ) that makes him a cuckold. What we are doing by choice comes from our Nature and we can't point at anyone else and say you make me a cuckold. Not in the ways all these other fetishes are being acted on. What definitions of today have done is have avoided all of this by defining what most cuckolds are doing is not cuckolding, we are doing many extra acts that belong to in the definition of The Cuckold Fetish not a Cuckold.
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    Let's distinguish between DEFINITION and INTERPRETATION. Language and terminology apply us with means for common understanding.

    A CUCKOLD is a man with an adulterous spouse - whether he knows about it, wants it or not. Once his spouse fucks other men, he is by definition a CUCKOLD.

    A WITTOL is a socalled "willing cuckold" who knows about and presumably even accepts/encourages the adultery of his spouse.

    The CUCKOLD LIFESTYLE is another matter and often includes numerous other socalled fetishes, such as submission, humiliation, chastity etc. And this is when it gets PERSONAL and differs from cuckold-couple to cuckold-couple. But these are fetishistic FLAVOURS that have little to do with the basic definition of the term CUCKOLD.

    We may each have different takes on how we need our cuckolding-relationship to go on, and that's awesome. We FLAVOUR it dynamically - you may have your INTERPRETATION of cuckolding, and I may have mine - but that still remains a personal FLAVOUR. No matter how we flavour it subjectively, it doesn't change the basic definition of the generic term CUCKOLD.

    Quite simple, actually. No need to get confused about this :)
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    Originally, a cuckold was defined as a husband whose wife was having sex with another man (or men) without his knowledge - even though it may have been COMMON knowledge, But it has now evolved into at man whose wife has sex with other men as a part of their lifestyle, enjoyed in various ways by many couples.
  17. UCUM666

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    I totally agree! But to me what is more pertinent than just defining "cuckold", is to figure out how to entice your wife or g/f to do it! And, to take it one more step, how to get her to engage in sex with other men without your relationship going ka-blamo!! It's a rare thing indeed to find that perfect woman who will willingly indulge in sex with other men while maintaining her relationship with you. What is at the core of this unique woman that will follow her desires, and chance the possible failure of the bond with the one she purportedly loves?! Soooo many women out there just cannot understand this lifestyle and the men that willingly want to be part of it, subjugated as the case may be. I know several of our beautiful Queens on this site have revealed how it happened with them, but I'd sure like to know the deeper, psychological reasons that those and other women have found to step beyond the bounds and experiment with that which "normal" society would deem as abnormal (and I can't tell you how much I despise "normal", vanilla society!). :) JS
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    As revealed by my postings here detailing the evolution of the so-far 4 year-long menage-a-trois of my wife and I and my gracious, humble and beautiful 24 year-old buddy---notwithstanding that I introduced my buddy (who had already been my lover-in-secret for 2 years from the age of 17) to my wife with the express purpose of getting her to fall for him---I did not feel in any way a cuckold by my understanding of the term until about 2 years of threesoming together in our marriage bed.

    My awareness and profoundly erotic appreciation of myself as a true and utterly psycho-compliant bisexual cuckold has been gradually brought home to me over the last 2 years by my heterosexually fast-maturing buddy's natural and superbly manly and gradual, unintentional but total usurpation of me as husband to my wife.

    As described in my posting at, as initiated by my wife recently while he was royally fucking her beside me in our marriage bed on St Valentine Day's eve, he now permanently and publicly (ouch!) wears the wedding band given to me by my wife some 7 years ago and has fathered 2 beautiful mixed-race boys for her.

    My wife is adamant that it was never her intention that I be so thoroughly cucked by my buddy, but the sometimes painful fact is that I have been, albeit perfectly willingly and now joyfully, as far as I feel about it.

    I have never know a young man and a woman to be so totally in love as my wife and my buddy are now I have willingly abdicated from my husbanding role and accepted and confessed to them both that I see him as owning her emotionally and sexually 100%.

    That, I think, is the hottest that cuckoldry can ever get, and I love it.
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