The definition of "Cuckold".

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    I love this Hotwife's take on this!


    It seems like there are many armchair lifestyle "experts" that hang a lot of extra fetishes to the act of cuckolding, and if you don't participate in their particular take on cuckolding, you aren't really a cuckold in their opinion. Truth is, cuckolding is nothing more than a wife who has sex with other men. Denial, bisexuality, chastity, cleaning, humiliation, etc, are all shades of grey (so to speak), and we all participate in this lifestyle in our own way.

    At least that's my take on this. If your wife has sex with other partners, you are a cuckold, and she is a hotwife.
  2. slinky1

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    I totally agree, I/we enjoy all those other parts, denial, bisexuality, chastity, cleaning, humiliation etc. and over time they are playing a bigger role, but yes, until your wifes pussy has been penetrated by another man while in a relationship with you, you aren't a cuckold. I also believe, she doesn't have to fuck half the suburb over a number of years, i think if she has had sex with another man with your knowledge or not, even if it only happened once, you were cuckolded and can say you are one.
    I don't know if others will disagree, but i don't think you need to be constantly cuckolded to keep being one, even if it was only once 15 years ago, you are a cuckold... and i say, welcome to this very distinguished club :)
  3. fkmywfxn

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    In my opinion a cuckold is a man who is powerless to stop another man from having sex with his wife. He can't stop another man from raping her.

    Once it is established that he is too weak to stop anyone from having sex with his wife EVERYONE, any man who wants to, will be coming by to fuck his wife. They will feel a sense of power over him.

    Now you are a cuckold. A weak, powerless man, unable to stop another man from fucking your wife anytime he wants to. Over time she will submit and begin to enjoy it and lose respect for you for allowing it.
  4. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    This was exactly my ex wife, she just fucked around as she pleased and i guess i was either helpless or didn't know how to stop her.

    We would even have guys ringing at 3am in the morning asking if they could speak to her, if i answered, i'd ask what they wanted and most times was told they wanted to know if she was "up for anything" or a friend gave him her number. Basically she'd made a name for herself as an easy fuck and i guess if the guys didn't pick up, they thought they might be able to drop a load in her before they go home.

    Obviously i'd go mental at them for ringing my home and mental at her for giving them having our details, but it was a losing battle, not only she'd fuck other guys, she just started lying about where she was all the time. I know i'd become spineless wimp with her, and yes she lost all respect for me because i'd just accept they were fucking her, but i just didn't know how to deal with it back then. Once i'd become this submissive sissy cuckold, unfortunately it turned me more than not, and i don't think i wanted to stop once it started getting me off.
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  5. canadianwittol

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    I wholeheartedly endorse the opinion of this obviously learned and wise woman who wrote the post in the link.

    Of course, she's 100% correct. Slinky1 - you are correct also that there is no "statute of limitations". I liken it to a murderer; once you have murdered someone, no matter whether you are found guilty or not guilty, whether you are pardoned, paroled, repentant and whether you never murder anyone else again, you will always be a murderer.

    Likewise, if you are married to a woman who has slept with another man since your nuptials, then you are a cuckold and will remain so until the day you or your wife dies...OR... I would argue, the day you are divorced. After all, a "cuckold" is the *husband* of an unfaithful wife. Ergo, if you are no longer her husband I think you could make a reasonable case that you are no longer a cuckold. This is a reasonable recourse for an "alpha" man who discovers he has been cuckolded and is not willing to tolerate that, and I would argue the only way to shed his unwanted status.

    This too is a relatively recent phenomenon. Entire tomes of literature have been written of men through the centuries who had to make a difficult choice. You could;

    a) Sue your wife for divorce, citing her infidelity as the grounds, which would be sufficient for granting a divorce (if the infidelity could be proven).

    However, this entailed having to publicly acknowledge yourself as a cuckold which frequently meant that you became an object of ridicule in your community. As an example, in the 16th Century, the Maquis de Montespan discovered that his young wife was carrying on an affair with the King Louis XIV. In an attempt to embarrass the King and raise the ire of the Queen, the Maquis affixed two large horns to his own horse carriage and drove around Paris publicly proclaiming that the King was sleeping with his wife. While this did cause the King some headaches at Versailles, the broader reaction amongst the public was the widespread mockery of the Maquis de Montespan. I have read one account of the time that stated for months that the Maquis could not show his face anywhere in public without there immediately following a chorus of laughter. Indeed another play from the period "Cuckold's Calamity" (1690) featured a character whose counsel to a newly acquainted cuckold was: "Wear your cuckold's horns wisely, which is to say keep them in your pocket."

    b) Reconcile yourself to turning a blind eye and grant tacit consent to your wife's infidelity. You could even spare yourself a degree of dignity by pretending as if you were completely unaware of it. Indeed another play from the period "Cuckold's Calamity" (1690) featured a character whose counsel to a newly acquainted cuckold was: "Wear your cuckold's horns wisely, which is to say keep them in your pocket." In this second category, your choices ranged from turning a blind eye to acknowledging your wife's infidelity and offering your approval; this is what created the term "wittol" a "witting" cuckold, one fully aware of his situation.

    This is why I prefer to call myself a wittol. However, my wife hates that word and prefers to call me a cuckold. As I've noted on these forums before, both are true: while not all cuckolds are wittols, all wittols are cuckolds. It goes right back to the accurate definition as cited in the beginning:

    CUCK OLD - (n) The husband of an unfaithful wife.

    I will have been one eight years in November and I couldn't be happier!
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  6. slinky1

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  7. Pathedick

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    Well see HENCE the Birth of This Very Topic.
    I (has in a power of One), Definitely Disagree with this, Your definition. That is NOT to say YOU can't have YOUR Definition. Just No One is Subject to it , IF THEY so chose.

    I like being the Sexually Submissive beta "male" (also debatable I have discovered in MY case), to the Alpha Man. I Adore being the smaller, weaker "male" Sexually. And one of my Favorite Cuckold Fantasies involved being tied naked and helpless ( so she and the Real Man/Men could See my little Hard dicklet and see me Shoot my "slops" all over myself without touching it. Therefore Promoting Laugher).
    BUT I was Only Sexually Submissive and unless it was a Staged rape scenario, I can tell you that I was Protective of Physical harm to my Woman and would have put up a Vicious if not successful fight.
  8. slinky1

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    Yeah, it was the mid 90's, no internet, cuckold chatrooms like this back then, plus i was in my late 20's and i just used to deal with it. I was totally terrified of anybody finding out why she was fucking other men, i couldn't deal with the embarrassment and humiliation of it. Whether it was my cock size, my lack of sexual ability, my submissiveness and i was desperate to make sure no one found out why she wanted to be with other guys. So i did everything i could do to ignore it, excuse it and after a few years i even started to cover for her.

    Once i realised what a cuckold was and realised i'd become one, i sort of embraced it. After this, it became a slippery slope, i was getting so turned on by her being with other guys it sort of became an obsession with me and all i wanted was her fucking others all the time, i'd become addicted to it, was usually jerking off 3-4, sometimes up to 6 times a day over it and couldn't stop any of it and in reality didn't want to. I knew it was going to be a train wreck but it consumed me in the end.

    I had this idea that we'd be a happy cuckold couple and she could fuck as much as she wanted and i'b be there by her side. She didn't really want that, she just wanted to do her thing without me there watching her with other guys, and only the odd guy got off on having me there watching, cleaning her etc. None of us really understood what cuckolding was back then and she was only in her mid 20's.

    BTW I agree, you are either a cuckold or were a cuckold, but still in the end can identify as being one. I think if you've sucked a cock only once in your life, that doesn't make you gay, but for the rest of your life you'll know what that a cock in your mouth felt like. Same with cuckolding i think.
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  9. slinky1

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    I agree, i'm a lot, lot, lot more submissive to an Alpha if i'm in anything like stockings, panties, heels, etc. it helps me get in the "sissy beta zone" even just being shaved helps me take on that beta role better with them. Plus it helps the Alpha a little, i think they can see themselves as "less gay" if the sissy is more fem for them. I know when i have dressed up for a few even in front of my wife/ex's, they are much more comfortable playing with a "ladyboy" than "my wifes husband".
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    Don't even know where to begin here.
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  11. Cleaning_her_up

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    That's not a cuckold. That's a couple that has fallen victim to all the rapists you have in your head. "Over time she will submit and begin to enjoy it. . ." Seriously? That's pretty fucked up to say about any woman. There a varying degrees of cuckoldry, but all of them rely on one thing, a willing woman. Rape doesn't equate to unfaithful (which is in the base definition) and won't lead to enjoyment. That disgusted me.
  12. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    I agree, every man my wife or ex's have fucked with me there or not, with me agreeing with it or not... it has ALWAYS been their decision. None of them have ever fucked another guy against their wishes in any sense or form. I have accepted them screwing around as they've pleased and later in life encouraged it and even found these men to fuck my woman. BUT had any of my ex's or wife told me they'd been raped or forced to do something they didn't want... i'd be typing this comment from the 4 walls of my prison cell. No ifs or buts about it. Big cock or not, he'd be 6 feet under.
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  13. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Holey cow dude! We all need to chip in and get you a dictionary.
  14. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    There is no "new" definition of "cuckold" This lady nailed it. I have said the same thing many times with little support. I do believe that she needs to add that the cuckold is faithful to his wife but that is it.
    All else is fetish driven. Example: Deanna your husband is not a cuckold and I see him as a Hotwife Husband. My father was a cuckold because he had my mother have sex with other men. No submission, bull control, little humiliation, no cream pies and none of the other fetishes. I am a cuckold because I let my best friend have sex with my first wife and a few men late in our marriage. I believe that I have a submissive nature to women ( It's Hot ) but my dad was dominant. If I didn't like what was happening that relationship would be stopped or I would move on.
  15. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I am not a cuckold because I am weak. That is BS. If I wanted to, my wife would probably have stopped seeing her lover. On the contrary, I believe it shows strength in character to agree to your wife having other partner(s).

    If someone tried to rape my wife, I would fight that person to the death. If I fail, I am not a cuckold, I am a husband of a rape survivor.

    True, I agree with the dictionary. However, in forums like this one, isn't the distinction that this is about willing cuckolds? Someone who is unhappy because of his cheating wife would not consult this forum. The cuckolds here are different to all the other husbands in the respect that they are happy with their wives cheating on them.
  16. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Do you then include swingers in this definition, even if guys are mutually screwing each other's wives?
  17. Pathedick

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    HEAR HEAR !!!!!
  18. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I would not, because swinging is usually an activity where both partners get to experience sex with other people. A cuckold situation is rather one-sided, I think. Only the wife gets to fuck someone else. Otherwise the emotional connection to being cuckolded would probably not be there. I am certain that other people feel differently about this, this is just my interpretation.
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  19. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    I agree but I would say "A cuckold situation definitely is one sided and it is all about her having better sex". Swinging is not cuckolding, it is swinging.
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  20. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily better sex, just more and different sex. Even though I guess my wife is getting better sex from her lover and that is a good thing. She still wants to have sex with me.
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