The Day My Inferior Became My Alpha, Before He Cuckolded Me

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    Weeks ago life was awesome. Married to Laryssa, the hottest girl on the block. Best buds with Rob, the most popular person in the neighbourhood, letting Andrew, who was the unspoken loser of our area, tag along with us. Rob and I would laugh at Andrew behind his back, making fun of everything from his WWE apparel to his obsession with Star Trek. Fast forward to present day, Rob’s inviting Andrew everywhere instead of me, and my wife goes where Andrew goes. People treat me now the way they used to treat Andrew. Laughing behind my back, making fun of me quietly, but loud enough for me to hear.

    My friends would tell me time and again to ditch Andrew, questioning why I even let him tag along with us in the first place. I’m not sure why I did, to be honest. Maybe it was to make me feel better about myself, compared to him. Maybe I liked looking down on someone, feeling privileged to have the friends and girl I never had in high school. Andrew would often try to fit in with us by attempting to make fun of me, but he never got the reaction he wanted. Until one day he did.

    The boys and I were playing some video game at my place and at one point, Rob, myself and Andrew were playing against one another. Rob and Andrew started “killing” me, to get rid of me, not realizing they were both doing the same thing. Upon realizing it, they shared a laugh, especially when I emphasized my frustration. They laughed at my temper tantrum, laughing together, going harder on me until they eliminated me from the game. They high-fived each other, laughing harder than ever, then played together while the rest of the boys shuffled out. Rob and Andrew stayed on he couch and made small talk as they left.

    This was surreal to me, because Rob went out of his way to never be around Andrew, let alone talk to him. In fact, any time Andrew tried to talk to Rob, Rob sort of walked away, embarrassed to be in the same room as him. They’re sudden bonding was making me uncomfortable, maybe even a little jealous, and I lashed out at Andrew when he began making fun of how easily he lost to me in the game, making Rob laugh again. I corrected him in saying he needed help to get rid of me, when suddenly Andrew’s foot knocked over his coke can, spilling the beverage on my hardwood floor.

    Andrew saw the can go down and looked at Rob, who looked back at him. Rob smiled as Andrew shrugged his shoulders and kept playing the game. I immediately scurried to my knees and wiped up the mess with a nearby rag, ranting about how the can should have been on the table, under a coaster, etc., but as I looked up, neither Rob or Andrew were listening to me. They were lost in their own conversation about some hot girl they both knew, continuing to play the game. At one point they both looked down at me, and I felt inferior to the both of them with the looks they gave me - Rob looking down at me with pity, Andrew looking down at me with superiority.

    Grabbing a wet towel, I went back to the floor, wiping around Andrew’s feet, smelling his dirty white socks as my head was just inches from them. With me down on all fours, Andrew put his legs up on my back and sighed, stretching out on my couch while playing the game, making Rob laugh again, quite loud this time. I pushed his legs off my back but one foot went around and started rubbing my face for a good 4 of 5 seconds, with Andrew asking how his feet smell, making Rob laugh even harder this time. “Dude, you’re killing him!”, Rob said to his new buddy, which warranted a man-shake between the two.

    I tried to get up but without even using that much strength, Andrew used his legs to push me back down, loving the attention he was getting from Rob. I started ranting again, getting upset, when Andrew said “ehhhh….this will shut him up-ahhhh”, peeling off his dirty white sweatsock and shoving it in my mouth in one swoop. I had never heard Rob laugh more hysterically. “Nice!”, Rob shouted.

    I had enough and, after pulling the sock out of my mouth, told Andrew to leave. “Why?”, asked Rob, suddenly in defense of his new friend. I looked at Rob incredulously, astonished that he was even giving the neighbourhood loser the time of day. “Leave! Leave right now!” I shouted at Andrew, not knowing what to say to Rob. Andrew laughed as he got up, facing me, and suddenly I felt intimidated. Rob got up with him. “Fine, we’ll both go then. C’mon, dude”, Rob said to Andrew. Andrew looked at me with a smirk, and lightly slapped my cheeks a few times before they both walked to the hallway, talking amongst themselves while putting on their shoes. I threw Andrew’s sock at him, but Andrew caught it with one hand and whipped it back at my face, telling me I can “use it to wack off tonight-ah”, once again, making Rob laugh. They both walked out with smiles on their faces, neither one looking back at me, or even saying bye.

    My wife, Laryssa, walked in just after that, telling me she saw Rob and Andrew leaving together from her car, something she said she’d never thought she’d see. “Why aren’t you with them?”, she asked me, picking up Andrew’s sock. I told them exactly what happened, and instead of giving me sympathy, my wife seemed like she was turned on. “Really? Andrew did all that to you?” she said, almost in awe. I walked away to the other room but from the corner of my eye, saw Laryssa lift the sock up to her nose, like she was smelling it with one hand, and touching herself with the other….

    I tweet random thoughts about being oblivious to my wife and my buddy's betrayal, being bullied by him, becoming his inferior, getting my mouth shoved with his dirty socks and more on @obliviouscuck
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