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The day after

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by fkmywfxn, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    What is it like for you?

    I am never confident that our marriage is secure. She is not my possession and is free to go if she wants to. I hope she stays with me. I love her.

    The day after for us as a married, committed couple seem to never be the same. They are as unique as the man, or men, she had sex with.

    I'll admit that there were times I talked her into having sex with someone that she was less than enthusiastic about. Over time, as she began to be comfortable with having sex with other men with my blessing, she began to pick up men to have sex with her on her own. I was not always happy with her choices and it was hard for me to watch or know that she was getting fucked by a man that had total disrespect for me. She was oblivious to the situation but him and I knew. We would have a sort of competition to see who could fuck her the best. It was not always good for her.

    Usually she spends the rest of the day sleeping. She is done having sex. I used to try having sex with her the next day but she didn't want me to even touch her. Her pussy is sore from all the friction. That pissed me off at first but over time knowing that she had been fucked that good made me happy.

    I'll check in to see if she is o.k. She looks so beautiful laying there knowing that she is so exhausted from getting fucked. Knowing that she is holding his cum inside her.

    She fell in love with the first man I talked her into having sex with. Her first time, our first time, couldn't have been more perfect. We worked through that first time. Our love for each other has grown stronger because of our experiences. We'll both resume our normal life. We don't party every weekend. We still enjoy our time together without involving other people.
  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    That was beautifully written, raw, painful, exciting, this kink is not for weak men. Men who embrace powerful, sexually active women are more powerful than the weak men who dominate and control their wives. No relationship is guaranteed, every relationship ends but cucks know that their wives want to be with them. Because they are with them when dick is so plentiful.
  3. NewCuck76

    NewCuck76 Active Member

    I can relate with her being tired and sore the next day. I usually have sex with her after he does that night and by then I can already feel her pussy is swollen. The next day she is exhausted from hours of sex with two men and extremely sore and tender. So I never try for sex the next day. For us, things go back to regular life. Back to work and the real world.
  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    It's like that for me too.

    Knowing that as she lies so beautifully dreamy and satisfied by her spunky young lover beside him on our bed my wife is holding his cum inside her makes her wildly more beautiful to me.

    Other major turn-ons for me are jealously surveying her naked lover's beautiful body sprawling in its post-orgasmic langour, and seeing his still half-hard just-withdrawn cock gleaming with my wife's vaginal lubrication and his freshly-ejaculated semen that only minutes before was being passionately pumped from his balls and the depths of his pelvis and into my wife who, as she lies beside him, is revelling in the mystery and magnificence of his maleness even more than I am.

    But nothing matches the erotic high that I get from knowing that my just-fucked wife as she lies beside us is being deeply and beautifully soothed and comforted by the knowledge that the huge cum-pool in the back of her vagina is teeming with his sperm, not mine, and that they are at that very moment swimming vigorously and unstoppably through her fucked-open cervix onwards and upwards into her womb and egg-tubes en route to their objective---hopefully a ripe or just-released egg in the mysterious depths of her pelvis in which the head of his perfect cock has, in the hour just gone, urgently and deeply and intensely pleasurably executed the thousands of thrusts that have brought her to orgasm more times than I was able to count.
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  5. The1hung1

    The1hung1 Member

    Yes my wife well is sore and swollen well have a 3sum or well have sex afrer she comes home after that her pussy is so red and sore smells strong too and she all sexed out for a day or 2...
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  6. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    I've been a cuckold for a couple of years now . She's recently met her second lover who I introduced to her . We met as a three and I watched them both fucking and also got involved by sucking his gorogeus black hung Dick and he let me put it inside her. The next day we left the hotel and she spoke to her lover and he said he didn't enjoy me being there and felt used like a performing monkey . I admit I got carried away with the cameras . She also said she finds it weird me being there and touching her when she's with her lover . She's meeting him alone tomorrow , I feel I want to let her go and be free to enjoy but also jealous not being involved . I wanted so much to eat fresh cum out her pussy, she's told me she won't shower and I can clean her when she returns from work but this will be at least 10hrs after him cumming inside her. Does a guys cum stay inside you for this long for me to still be able to taste and enjoy? I don't want to hassle her I love her to bits and want them to have a romantic evening .
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  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    How long cum stays in a woman depends on, firstly, how long and girthy her lover's cock is; secondly, how deeply he ejaculates in her; thirdly, whether and how strongly she orgasms with him; fourthly, what position she is fucked in; fifthly, how copiously the man cums in her; sixthly, whether he resumes thrusting deeply in her after he ejaculates; and finally, how long she spends lying on the bed after he has cum in her.

    The very back of the vagina expands (balloons/tents) widely and deeply when a woman orgasms strongly, especially on being being deep-fucked, way more widely and deeply than needed to accommodate the man's orgasmically-swollen cock-head. This helps to ensure that the greater part of this ejaculate remains in her close to her cervix, sometimes for many hours after he has cum in her. The continued contractions and post-orgasmic tone of the sling (pubo-vaginalis) muscle which is located one-third the way back from the opening of the vagina, also act to retain the ejaculate, especially when the woman gets back onto her feet.

    However, if a long-cocked man continues to thrust maximally deeply for some time after he ejaculates, depending partly on the total volume of his erection much of his load can be displaced by it and pumped back out of the vagina. I often experience that when going seconds with my wife even straight after her exceptionally big-cocked lover has cum in her, and especially some hours after he has left for his morning college classes. She retains his semen best when he fucks her in the missionary position and, to vacate her for me to quickly go seconds, withdraws within a minute or two after cumming in her.

    From your account of your wife's present black lover being very well-hung, when you aren't in on their sex he is very likely going to pump most of his semen from her vagina during his post-orgasmic thrusting, and anyhow fuck her to orgasm more than once after he first cums in her. So I would say the chances of your wife retaining an appreciable part of his cum-load for you to enjoy some 10 hours after sex with him are rather remote.
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  8. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    Thankyou for the detailed message appreciate it a lot .
    She has said she will wipe up his come with her knickers and place them in a plastic bag for when she gets home . I guess this will be the only real way of enjoying his seaman. He's very hung and girthy he wants to take her from the arse as well and they have approx 12 hours in bed together . Unfortunelty she has to work in the morning but promised not to shower ! I guess I have to be grateful for what I get .
  9. Kathgaz

    Kathgaz New Member

    I remember our first "the day after".me and Gary both had work. but we were both feeling a bit strange about the whole thing.we said we would talk about it that evening.anyway,got a text from Gary saying he had been massively turned on by it.and had already masturbated twice at work!..i sent a message back telling him I had beat him by one!..we were both so turned on by it.best nights sex me and Gary ever had when we got home.we have moved on from that now Gary gets to fuck me once a month-ish if I let him.as I have a regular black bull now.and only the bull gets to do me bareback.Gary wears a condom for penetration and oral.

    Kath x
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  10. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    He has a seaman? Does he also have a ship, or at least a boat? I can't think of another reason to have one.
  11. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

  12. My wife has stayed a night with guys and went to work from there house the next morning without showering and once she came home early because she said she could smell the sex on her. Man she was right her pussy was creamy and wet and smelled amazing! My wife once fucked 2 guys then me the next day she was hurting and tender pussy was red! She said she cant handle 3 dicks in a day lol
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  13. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    When we were active, my wife never spent the night with another man. I should change that to almost never. There have been times that she didn't really have a choice but to stay the night. To much alcohol and the inability to drive home made the choice for her.
  14. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    After having watched my wife get fucked twice at the new years eve party by a black guy I worked with and we talked about it when we got home and went to bed as she sucked my cock and told me how much she enjoyed Willie's big cock and at that I had to get my cock in her and fuck her myself, in the morning we talked about the where do we go from here and I told her again that I was fine with "sharing" her if she was enjoying being shared. Her reply was "I'm good."
    New years day was a Friday and on the following Friday my co-worker Willie left work at noon and when I got home at about 4:00 he was balls deep and pounding the hell out of her in our bed and he spent the weekend there fucking my "sister". Monday morning about 5:00 I heard him fucking my "sister" again and when he finished he got up and took a shower and left for work as I was showering. When I got dressed and went into the kitchen she had made breakfast. I said to her "My little wife what do you have to say for yourself?" Her reply? "Your little wife is well fucked again, and I hope that you are enjoying this as much as I am".

    At first my wife was at our place with my co-worker, several months later they went "fishing" and she was gone from Friday evening until late Sunday night. Monday morning she got up as I showered and made us some breakfast and she told me she was a little wore out and was going back to bed after I left. I asked her the same question as I had last night when she returned "Did you enjoy yourself with them?" Her response was the same as before, "Your wife has been well fucked and quite often over the weekend." She always seemed to know just what to say. My "the day after" were always interesting to say the least. GTR
  15. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I love when my wife says stuff like that, although she doesn't very often. She comes from Eastern Europe and in her native language the word for cuckold translates literally to "a man who wears horns".

    Sometimes when I come home after she's entertained a lover (she usually hosts at our place) she will come over to me with an expression of mock concern, as though she has noticed something wrong with me. She'll walk up to me slowly and say "Wait a minute...I think I see....let me take a look at you. I do! Oh my goodness, I see another horn coming in. This one looks like a big one. Oh my, you certainly have a full head of horns on you, don't you? Can you feel them?

    She doesn't do it all that often, but I kind of enjoy it when she does.

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