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The BBC phone

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by indycucky, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. indycucky

    indycucky New Member

    Karen revealed to me that she had been getting on one of the local phone phone chat lines and talking to men for quite some time. She told me she had never met anyone off the chatline mainly because she didn't want to give her cell number out to strangers.
    She said "Now that I don't have to hide anything from you sweetie, I want you to go get me a cheapy, prepaid Walmart cell phone I can use and give the number out to men on the chatline." "You're gonna have to keep minutes on it for me, understand?" I replied "Alright Babe, what you need a cock phone?" Karen bursts out laughing "Yeah, my cock phone, My Big Black Cock phone, my BBC phone".
    At her whim she'd be sitting in her lounger and bark "Go fetch my "Cock" phone sweetie". I'd bring it to her as she flipped up her footrest and quipped "Rub my feet" or "Clean my feet" or "Give me a pedi". I'd tend to her feet as she got on the chatline to browse the men online. She'd order "You keep your fuckin mouth shut while I'm talking to men, understand bitch?" "Yes baby" I'd reply.
    Her greeting and what she told men about herself depended on her mood. Her greeting might've been "Single, mature white female seeking well endowed black man Indy area". Or "Married white female not getting what I need at home etc: She was very picky and selective but there were always suitable horny black men wanting her white pussy, married or single. She'd give her "Cock" phone number out to those that met her qualifications and she loved getting lots of dick pics from hung Black Bucks of all ages. She loved showing them to me , most were selfies guys took in their bathroom mirrors with big black cocks hanging to their knees or rock hard stroking it.
    Karen could turn her "Cock" phone on and off at her leisure. She loved getting it out to check all the dirty messages all those big dick niggers sent to her. She'd read me a guys message and show me his dick pic saying something like "Look at the size of what he's packin". The ones that really turned her on texting back and forth got an invitation for a blowjob over in the the parking lot.
    Karen was apprehensive about meeting strangers late at night by herself the first meet. When she was on the hunt to suck some nigger cock I'd hear her tell a guy "Meet me in the parking lot, call me, pull up next to our car,my hubby will be in the front seat and I'll be in the backseat." " Just get in the back with me and I'll give you the best blowjob you've ever had and I'll swallow every drop of that nut"
    There were plenty of "Full of shit no shows" that really pissed her off. Guys that lied about their appearance or cocks, Karen sucked them off anyway. But their were several that were well hung studs that she went apeshit for.
    In the pitch black parking lot I could never see much as I peered over the front seat. Karen was always so excited almost giddy as we sat there awaiting a new strange cock for her to blow. She always wore a skirt , no panties in case she wanted to fuck him. She'd sit in the backseat frigging her cunt waiting. She wasted no time putting her hand on a guy's crotch when he first slid in next to her. Usually after some brief small talk Karen would have her mouth on his cock within minutes. Most guys were a liitle apprehensive if not nervous and they'd just unzip their fly's and pull out their cocks or pull down their sweatpants. In the faint light I could see Karen's head start bobbing on their crotches. They'd lean their heads back on the headrest as she began swallowing their big, stiff cocks.
    The aggressive ones would tell her to "Deep throat my cock baby". I could hear her gagging on their big black cocks when they began fucking her mouth. She'd hand me her glasses saying "Hold these" as she went back to sucking her new nigger's cock. Most guys didn't last long in her cum hungry mouth, the gagging sound turned to a gulping sound when they shot their nut on the back of her throat . I could hear her gulping and slurping up their spunk as they filled her mouth. Karen would drain their black balls with her mouth licking their shafts clean and their balls if she let some drip out of her mouth. She'd polish their big mushroom cockheads with her tongue then say "Thank you for feeding me that nut Daddy".
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Karen has found her purpose in life.

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