That is a shy hot wife that always get intense when I bull..y her! loll

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    Hi everyone!

    From my bull's point of vue, I LOVE that moment, when in missionary she physicaly gave herself to you in front of her husband, because she's burning of desire for you and your huge hard cock. To a point that it can be sometime very hard to last as long as you would love. For me, I love to bring that hot wife in such a state of volcanic excitment that she feel that she's 110% your lover for a moment! It's even more exciting when the woman is very shy or careful not to hurt her husband's feeling by having more pleasure than with her own husband. When she let any control leave her and get wild, that moment when she think: "Fuck his feeling! This bull is sooo good!".

    That is all what I want to feel and/or see! I"m not looking for any drama, or stealing any wife. I just want to give her want she was expecting or hoping from a cuckolding experience. When I get invited, I ask what they expect from me and I also say what I expect from both. From her, to be herself and relax as much as she can. I also explain that when she will get close to orgasm, I won't stop, even if she beg me, because it's too intense emotions! I will make her burst of pleasure few times. By telling that in advance, before anything happen, they both can accept or decline it and it's ok with me. But if they accept, they get the real full cuckold experiense.

    Of course, if at any moment she say that any move hurt, I will correct the situation by changing position, offering her some lub, or just get back to more foreplay. Size does matter and I respect that. I also warn that at some point, I will grab her hair in both missionary or doggy, that I may also spank her butt when she will get close to orgasm, that I will for sure start gentle and finish very roughly. I also ask where SHE want me to cum and than I ask if the husband don't mind it. I always meet them in person before, to see if we agree and if it click between the 3 of us. We meet up later on, for the real deal.

    I will share with you a video from one of my bull moment in missionary. It's from the husband of my favorite couple I've met. The husband send me the link and he told me that I was by far their favorite bull. We meet about once every month or two since 2 years now. This video is recent and please, don't make fun of my birth mark! But check for the moment around 5:25 of the video. Beware, it's very intense!!

    Note that one thing I love from the husband, is that he really stay in the corner of the room, use a stable cam and never talk, but just stroke his cock when he can't handle it anymore! It can get anoyoing when the husband keep talking or interferring in the action. This is not cuckolding anymore but wife sharing.

    Here is the first part of that meet-up:

    Let me know your opinions!
  2. canadianwittol

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    Loved 2:30 in the second video (the first part). Something about watching another man remove my wife's panties really hits home what's about to happen. It's a symbolic, penultimate act in cuckolding just before the literal penetration immediately follows.

    My wife takes great care in selecting the underwear she is going to wear for a date and will often use the occasion of a date as a reason for buying new underwear. Sometimes the first I get to see it is when another man is about to remove it from her. When I subsequently make love to my wife some time later and she is wearing the same underwear for me, it never fails to make an impression on me that I am not the first to "unwrap" this sexy clothing from my wife, nor was it purchased with the intent of seducing me into sex.

    In fact, when she wears underwear that I know she purchased for another man, I quite literally think of it that said underwear was purchased for the expressed purpose of making a cuckold of me or at the very least heightening the delight they take in my cuckolding.
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    I can understand what you mean as it is what I saw in her husband as he was smiling when I undress her! He was the first to invite me again after asking her in front of me, before I leave. They where both new in cuckolding! I think they both love it! As well as I did!

    It's always a challenge for me to last long as since they have no limit, like no kiss, lick or else, she can do what ever she want and me as well. Like when I put my cock in her mouth and she suck it like if she didn't suck since decades and was thursty, she make me cum while she was deepthroating me and she keep sucking like her life was depending on it. Husband was stroking like hell and I thought he would jerk off same time as me! loll
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    This quote here, sums us up exactly. This exactly what we seek when we're looking for a bull. I would even suggest any new bulls read this and learn from it. Yes, she likes alpha males, being fucked hard and rough etc. but this is what we are always seeking, not some bull "telling" us what my wife needs, how she needs a real cock, how i can't satisfy her etc. What is written here is exactly what opens my wifes wet pussy everytime, well done. Love the passion and quiet intensity in the vid with a beautiful missionary fuck, like a trusted lover, not fake porn star bullshit.
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    When it comes to fucking in my favorite position (man on top,) I am a tad selfish and a whole lot of lazy. After I've sucked the guy and have made him hard, I like to just lay back and let him do his thing, and if he has a good size cock and can get the angle right, it is squirt city for me. Missionary position also allows my husband to lay next to me and hold my hand while I gaze into his eyes--very erotic. -Emm
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    I LOVE to get fucked on my back while my hubby holds my hand too !!!
  7. johngordon

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    That is so hot!! Your hubby is so incredibly lucky. I can't imagine the rush he gets watching your satisfaction from a much bigger cock. Do you tell hubby how much more satisfying the bull's big cock is than hubby's?
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    Bravo to you and to your husband! When I am giving one of my lovers a blowjob, my hubby massages my head and runs his fingers through my hair. Sometimes he licks my pussyor suck on my breast while my lover sucks the other. Mostly I like it whe he listens and sometimes he watches or participates. I like being the center of attention and that is what my amazing hubby caters to. And on few occasions if I am comfortable, he just lets me be alone with my lover. It is really about what I want.
  9. verkitwme

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    I'll look at hubby and say his cock is so much bigger than yours I love it in my cunt
  10. open2it

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    And from what you've written I'm sure your hubby loves knowing you enjoy bigger cocks filling your pussy with pleasure and cum.
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  12. verkitwme

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    yes he does !
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