Tennis Opponent Takes Match and Snatch

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    In my younger days I played in a tennis league. One tall guy in particular was impossible for me to beat, and he was very smug and cocky about all his wins. One night my wife, her divorced friend Peg and I were at a crowded neighborhood pickup bar and there was Bill and a friend of his. We weren't close but when he saw the 2 women with me, he waved us over like we were best pals. The two guys were on stools in a u-shaped bar and my wife and Peg stood next to them and got introduced. I moved to down to a gap in the crowd to get us some beers and by the time I got back, there was obvious chemistry and heavy flirting going on. And as I kept feeding her and Peg beers, it got more and more brazen.

    Of all the guys who I might tolerate hitting on my wife, Bill was near the bottom of the list. I was sure he would be talking about flirting with my wife at the tennis league for weeks to come.

    At one time, he asked my wife very loudly for all around to hear "Are you SURE you're married to him??" She would laugh and say Sure but I was becoming less and less a part of the group. Bill had his back to the bar, had his knees apart, and my wife was standing between his legs as they were jostled by the crowd. I was a person or two away most of the time, but I could see she was resting her hands on top his thighs and he was frequently touching her shoulders , back, hips. (it was winter, she had on tight white sweater and equally tight jeans). Peg was getting along almost as well with Bill's friend.

    I told L I was ready to go home but the three of us had arrived in my car. She said "Peg is getting along with Bill's friend, and she doesnt have anyone to date. We should stay here a while". Like a fool I said I was tired. She told Bill I was ready to go but she and Peg weren't tired yet. He said he would bring them home. I vetoed that, so then my wife said "Peg, you stay here for a drink or two. I'll take him home and come right back to get you. " (We lived about 10 minutes away from the bar. )

    The wife and I left and when we got to the driveway she came around the car to go right back to the bar. I asked her if there was something going on. She said she had felt his dick through his jeans and it was huge, and that he had told her they should fuck. She said he had been stroking her breasts with the back of his hand while she had her back to me so I couldnt see.

    Well, even tho she was in QUITE the hurry to get back without me, I didnt think she would go through with it so I went inside to wait for her return. In the meantime, I was turned on just thinking about the groping that had gone on right under my nose, so I dropped by slacks and jacked off. About an hour later she called me to say they were at a mid-city motel...not the best, a little sleazy, but not a whorehouse. I said WHO is there? She said since both the guys were married, they got a room with two beds and were going to fuck. They had stopped at a grocery store and the guys went in to buy condoms. I found out later she was sitting on the side of the bed naked, in front of Bill, Peg, and Jerry while calling me. She said "I just didnt want you to worry about us, we'll be home in a while". Well true to her word, in an hour they both walked in and were ready to talk about it. Bill was SO big she said the length hurt her and she ended up licking him, watching and helping him jack off. He said his wife could not take his length and he was always trying to find a woman who could.

    more in a minute..wife wants to review what i have written.
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    damn dude

    don't keep us hanging...sounds like this story it's "gonna be a goodun". I like the self assured attitude of your wife. thats the kind of woman gets my motor going.
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    Match and Snatch conclusion

    Sorry for the delay. Wife wasnt wanting me to reveal so many details but it's okay with her now after she's had her Friday happy hour cocktails here. Back to her and Peg arriving home around midnight. I asked Peg about her "date". She didnt know he was married until they left the bar but she said he was okay with her in bed, but said he kept sneaking looks at L during their same-room sex. L said no way, she was imagining that.

    As far as I know, that was a one-night stand only. She doesnt like the real long dicks or dildos for that matter. Thick, 8-9" are her favorite.
    The tennis league was off for winter, next spring Bill was actually quite polite and didnt rub it in. I am pretty sure, from looks and remarks I got occasionally, that he did Fuck and Tell. I think he called her for more dates and didnt get her into bed again, so it didnt feed his ego to only have her once.
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    Been here for a while but this is the first post

    Not really sure what to post here but I figured I should at least attempt to contribute. I have never been a cuckold but for some reason have enjoyed the thought of it. I have collected over time many amature cuckold pictures / vids along with many other things. I believe I have 16.0 GB (17,216,436,840 bytes) 28,841 files on this drive alone. I also have a whole other hard drive full as well. Is this weird? I have thought about posting but did not know if I was supposed to, do to the fact that I collected them and did not take them in the first person. If I were to share I really would not know where to start. I wish there were a way to share them all. Maybe FTP would work. It has been so long since I have signed up here that I am not even sure Ultimate Cuckold still has my correct e-mail, so I am not even sure I will get the response. I guess I will just see if I can find the thread and read from there. Anyways... Happy Wanking!!!
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    That seemed like a very hot story. Did sho show you her pussy? Was it well used like most fo you hubby's like? any leftovers?

    Will she play again? Has she with other,that you are aware of?

    You should thank her every day AND kiss her ass! You are the lucky one!

    Thanks for the story,

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    Match and Snatch , more

    She has been cuckin me for years. We had some MFM play that I participated in occasionally, never involving intercourse...just her modeling nighties and usually ending up naked but both of the M clothed. Some of that later. I even knew of a couple of one night stands that she did with my knowledge and mixed approval. But 5 yrs ago she revealed to me at an anniversary dinner, after a lot of wine, that she had been full-bore cuckin me with men I knew but did not suspect for 25 years of our marriage. Things have been even hotter since then.
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