Tell Us How You Got Drawn into this Lifestyle

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  1. Miguel

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    What I enjoy reading about is how others began this journey. As I've previously written our cuckold train was set in motion well before marriage. We both had no idea it would progress to something with a name, a well defined practice with its own following, be it the curious, the one time, the occassional, or the truly addicted.

    What led you down this path and how did you know she and you would find it to your liking? If you're a cuck, are you more the observer type, leaning towards submissiveness, fixated on being sexually inadequate, and someone who hungers for some type of humiliation?

    If you're a wife, what do you enjoy about cuckolding? Is it the license you have to be as sexually and or emotionally free as you want? Do you derive satisfaction expressing your dominant nature? Do you see your cuck as someone you love and cherish, but also one you can't help but despise because you always remain torn between what feels good and what you think is right. Cuckolding him feels good, but deep down you believe it's not right. You subconsciously blame him for making you feel bad in spite of the fact it feels damn good. Perhaps you see it as being nothing but a big game carried to extremes by a loving happily married couple.

    These are the tales I'm dying to know about. Tell us your story or if it hasn't come real your fantasy.
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  2. kingbull

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    A bull's perspective.

    I can tell you what got me into it, from a bull's perspective, granted that you could never fully separate cuckold from bull - one player always has attributes of the other. Anyway, I "got into" the lifestyle in my junior year of college.

    I was seeing this petite, sexy young thing - beautiful, wide hazel eyes, bleach blonde hair in the summer, and her lips (the kissing ones, you scallywags!) were the most sensitive cherry blossoms on the planet. She would orgasm just by me kissing her.

    She also had a fetish for oral sex. She would usually BEG me to let her suck me off. And yes, she would orgasm (without touching herself) while giving me head.

    Now, the backstory...

    I met her in a computer lab. She was typing an email to her boyfriend. I just said hello or something inane, I don't remember. At first she was shy, taken aback really, that I would just open up and start talking to her.

    Long story short, she broke up with her boyfriend 2 days later. 24 hours after that, my cum was shooting into her virgin mouth.

    What got me off was knowing that just 24 hours earlier, she was a girlfriend to someone else. I actually thought "***I*** am the one cumming in her mouth, the FIRST one, NOT her ex-boyfriend." I filled her mouth with my seed with that thought.

    While technically he wasn't a cuckold, I noticed the situation brought up some very interesting, aggressive feelings within me. I would fuck her and think of her schmuck ex. I would grin at "him", pointing out how much she would moan, how large her orgasms were. "This used to be YOUR girl, man!" as she would writhe under me.

    Very hot to think about even now, amidst all my other experiences. That was a first when it became aware to me.
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  3. Bumper

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    Feels Good

    I never set out with any intended purpose in lifestyle. Everything evolves for me, but going wayy back, I've always had my own private 'feel good' thots and fantasies, often putting those fantasies into action by being a thespian or manipulative.

    I'd like to say my wife busted my balls, but my cuckoldry goes back to 'mommy dearest' days. My mom was a model on one of those old black and white game shows. She was a sweet bimbo, a sub bimbo whom I love forever, but similar to bookends, you gotta observe human behavior with a boner sometimes. I splice cuckoldry into three phrases, mommy dearest, my girlfriend who dear johned me, and my wife. With that, a treasure trove of thots on the subject and hard ons.

    I'm not into wearing panties with a leash around my neck, nor breeding stories or such, but how things evolved for me and the women in my life. I do it with love believe it or not but with that 'feel good' tummy tuck that we all know. I have a remarkable memory which has been lauded by friends and scorned by Olivia. lol I was actually interested in marrying a virgin and a faithful marriage but when she told me about her sex life prior to meeting me, I couldn't deny Waldo as he raised his little hat. It consumed me, thots of her and other guys.

    I had the destinct pleasure of marrying a submissive, beautiful young lady, who transferred love in the manner of good sex with guys. That's how she described it to me. Of course, there's long stretches without any kind of wife-sharing, but then there's getting back to it and the thrill all over again. There's gaps of loving moments by candle light, otherwise it'd be a pimp story.

    Olivia and I once stopped in a small town on a rainy night, had dinner, then went to a bar for a nightcap. While sitting in the corner, we began to recount the good times with lovers and excursions, then went back to the motel room and she put on some thigh high nylons and told me about one guy who made her do wild things with him and I shot my load without ever having intimacy! lol true story She is the most filthy vixen when she wants to be, but a most loving woman who has always loved me. It doesn't get any better than that.

  4. SmallFry

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    Wife confessed to a one off sex session.
    I was not happy to say the least but somewhat relieved that her dalliance was purely sexually driven.
    Mutually agreed that we did not want to separate because of it.
    Discussed in great detail why she had been sexually unsatisfied.
    The main reason for this was she was constantly fantasizing about being fucked by other guys with bigger cocks. My penis is very small and she told me she had never been with anyone before who was less than average and her previous lovers were mostly above avg.
    During the course of these frank talks I was constantly getting very aroused. It did not go unnoticed. Over a period of time at my behest I got her to relate details about lovemaking with some of her former boyfriends and the guy she cheated on me with.
    I also realised I had developed a SPH fetish (didn't know there was such a thing until I saw it referenced on the Internet)
    Shared this new knowledge with my wife and she eventually not only grew to understand the kick I got from the humiliation aspect of having a tiny penis she actively aided and abetted it.
    Not too far down the road we began engaging in foursomes with other couples, then added more and more threesomes with other guys. I started out always taking my turn with my wife to taking more of a passive role and sometimes just watched and masturbated as the other guy fucked her.
    Most of the time I was present in some capacity but there were some occasions where she would play away then tell me about it afterward. I always preferred the former scenario though.
  5. Worth It

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    Simple: My wife had her male and female lovers (couples and a single lesbian girlfriend) before we met. We started dating, she told me about them and that she wasn't monogamous, I was ok with it and eventually asked her to marry me.
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