Teamviewer Users Are Getting Hacked

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    This may not apply to everybody here, but I've seen plenty of threads where people use TeamViewer as a means of connecting with each other.

    Please be aware that TeamViewer users are being hacked en masse right now! Serious results including financially. Please take appropriate steps to secure your account ASAP if you choose to continue to use TeamViewer.

    This is also a good time to remind you to change your password(s) and use unique passwords on every site you visit. Also, do not use the "save your password" feature in browsers. This is something I would suggest for every site, but it is especially critical for any financial or shopping site that has access to your credit cards.

    More info on TeamViewer hacks and steps to check if you were hacked and prevent it can be found here:

    Feel free to discuss here.
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    Never give out your password to someone who claims to be working for Teamviewer. It is a scam and a hack. No Teamviewer staff will ever ask for your password.
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