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    A few months after we married, my first wife suggestively showed me this pdf of captioned shots of a handsome young Latino stripping:


    It had been emailed to her by one of her married girlfriends who had cucked her husband with a succession of spunky young Latinos whose looks and beautifully strong bodies and cocks she adored.

    I was taken aback when my wife showed it to me, mainly because I had no inkling that she was having fantasies of taking a young Latino (or any other man) as a lover , and because since our marrying she and I had been completely faithful to one another.

    However, before I married her she confessed to me that for 2 years she had had a 19 year-old Latino boyfriend (who I never met) that she found excitingly exotic and sexually very satisfying.

    All too obviously to me, the shots comprising the above pdf re-kindled her sexual penchant for Latinos, as I caught her masturbating over them, misty-eyed, on more than a few occasions, which because I found the young Latino outrageously sexy myself, I strongly encouraged her in.

    Thus were the seeds of her cucking me sown in my extremely sexual mind. It soon became evident to me that the idea of sex with such a beautiful young Latino had been taking root in hers for quite some time.

    In the event, she did seek out such a lover (to my considerable humiliation, aged only 17) who was precociously very well developed both physically and erotically and a very uninhibited sexual performer.

    She eventually introduced him to me, inviting him to our home where, under my fascinated gaze, he gave a very sexy command-performance strip in our lounge; after which he barebacked her three times in front of me, very confidently and satisfyingly indeed I might say, eventually overnighting and threesoming with us on more than 20 occasions and for more than 18 months fucking her on countless more occasions during my absences at work.

    Apparently it all began with my wife's plainly very visuo-erotic girlfriend showing my wife these shots, and my wife having her pre-marital teenage Latino lover irresistibly brought back to mind by that.

    I developed suspicions that my wife eventually threesomed with her 17 year-old lover and her girlfriend, but I never questioned her on the matter, nor had I any desire to prove it.
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    Wow that is hot! Thanks for sharing
  3. michael1987

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    My pleasure, Dan.

    You UK bi men can sometimes get quite excited about such Beauty, can't you. Especially when you're thinking of your wives appreciating it too :p
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    Cool post, before my wife and i began dating she slept with a very hung Latino guy and told me about it every now and again through the years. Should of known then that eventually she would fuck other hung guys once we got married and I would worship the ground she walks on for it
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  5. michael1987

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    Hi Ed. I see that you are like me only 33 and that you suffix your forum-member name with "69".

    Might that mean that you, like I do, get off on sixty-nining your wife from underneath her while a lover doggies her? And, to the best of your knowledge, do her current lovers include any hot-bodied huge-cocked young Latinos? I would be very surprised if they don't---going by your wife's repeatedly telling you about the "very hung" and presumably young Latino guy she fucked before you started dating her.

    I still find it extremely arousing when my wife, at my occasional prompting, wankworthily describes in detail what she loved about the beautiful body and cock of her first young but reportedly superbly skillful Latino lover both when he provocatively stripped off for her and then while was fucking her.

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