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  1. You and your wife had another couple over for dinner and you are enjoying drinks afterward.

    "How long have we know each other now, Susan?" your friend Jane asks your wife, as she sips a vodka martini.

    "Oh, God, let me think." laughs your wife. "It must be at least 10 years!"

    "Yes, definitely, we met right when moved into this house." you concur, as you push back your recliner with a relaxed sigh.

    "We’ve been friends so long, but we have so few pictures together. Let’s take some pictures!" says Jane, pulling out her phone.

    You rouse yourself and join the gang on the couch for a few shots as Jane balances her phone on the coffee table and uses a timer to take some photos but you tire of it quickly and beat a retreat to the comfort of your recliner.

    "Oh Bob, you are such a party-pooper!" laughs Jane as you make your escape.

    "Yep, I guess so." you respond merrily, holding up your glass and sinking back into your chair. Jane comes and take the chair next to you leaving her husband Rick on the couch with your wife.

    "Rick, be a dear, let me get a picture of you and Susan together." says Jane.

    Rick obliges by sliding over next to your wife and they both flash broad smiles as Jane snaps a photo.

    "So cute." gushes Jane. "Rick, put your arm around Susan, I want to get another shot."

    Rick isn’t a very touchy-feely guy and everyone laughs as he bashfully reaches his arm around your wife’s shoulder.

    "Don’t be afraid, dear, I don’t bite." laughs your wife, as she wraps an arm around his back and nestles up against his chest before smiling wryly for another photo.

    "Oh that’s adorable." laughs Jane. "Look how Rick is blushing in that one." she says as she leans over to show the picture to your wife.

    Susan chuckles, "Do I make you nervous, Rick?" she asks batting her lashes at him teasingly.

    "Heh, no, no. You know me, I just don’t really go for a lot of hugging and such." he says nervously.

    "Let’s do a riskee one, Sue." says Jane. "Put your leg over Rick’s leg."

    "Oh, I don’t know, Janey. It might make him nervous." says your wife turning to look Rick in the eyes.

    "I think that might make ME nervous." you say jokingly and this gets a laugh all around.

    "Pish, look at you with your drink in your favorite chair. You are a long way from nervous, mister." says your wife with a familiar smile. Then she turns to Rick. "Don’t mind him, Rick, he’ll get a kick out of this picture later on. Now look, I’ll just put my leg up here and everything will be just fine." Your wife hikes her skirt high up her thigh and drapes a gorgeous stockinged leg across Rick’s lap.

    Jane whistles appreciatively. "Get a load of those gams!" she says excitedly. "Rick, be a red-blooded man and grab a hold of that thigh." she directs as she holds up her phone preparing to take a shot.

    Rick looks at you nervously but you just shrug good naturedly and take another sip of drink so he goes ahead and grasps your wife’s leg above the knee.

    "Oh… Rick!" teases your wife lustily in response and Jane cackles with laughter as she snaps a few more photos of her husband feeling up your wife.

    It makes you a little nervous how your wife is flirting with Rick, but it’s also kind of kinky and you notice your cock starting to swell in response.

    "That’s just dirty." says Jane showing you a few pictures.

    You laugh half-heartedly and try to hide the tent you are starting to pitch as you look at the pictures. Jane glances at your crotch, but pretends not to notice.

    You look back at your wife and Rick snuggling together on the couch and you realize that he hasn’t released her leg and his hand seems to have slipped higher up her thigh. Your wife, Susan is looking up into his face expectantly.

    "Ahem." you say trying to get their attention, and your wife looks over at you guiltily.

    "Let me get a shot of you two kissing." says Jane thickly. You can tell that she is really getting turned on by the sight of her husband touching your wife.

    "Do you really think that’s a good idea?" you ask, trying to hide the anxiety in your voice.

    "Yes Jane, I think we are making the boys uncomfortable." says your wife hesitantly.

    "Oh, I don’t mind if Bob doesn’t." says Rick gruffly and you see that he still hasn’t removed his hand from your wife’s thigh.

    Everyone is looking at you with anticipation and you feel your own face growing hot. "Well, you know, I guess these pictures will be a real hoot to look at once we are all sobered up…" you say lamely trying to be a good sport.

    You are torn between jealousy and arousal as your wife takes Rick’s face in her hand and they start kissing. Meanwhile Jane is giggling hysterically as she snaps picture after picture with her phone. "Oh this is really naughty." she gasps wriggling with excitement. "How does it make you feel to see your wife kissing my husband, Bob?" she asks you. Her eyes bright with arousal.

    Your dick is rock hard at this point and you put your hand on your crotch to try to hide your boner. "Uh, it’s a little weird, but I guess I can deal with it." you say.

    Jane gazes down at your attempts to hide your hardon and just laughs in return. "Yeah, I guess you CAN deal with it."

    The way she notices your stiffy makes your heart race. This is crazy, you must have all had more to drink than you thought. You turn your attention back to your wife and Rick and realize that they are really going at it.

    "Hey, no tongue!" you say half-jokingly, but they just ignore you and are clearly french kissing. Rick has reached his hand up your wife’s skirt and is gripping her ass as they make out on the couch, seemingly oblivious to you and Jane.

    "Susan, are you working Rick’s cock!" gasps Jane in amazement, clearly delighted.

    Your wife and Rick break their lip lock and gaze at her guiltily, eyes bleary with alcohol and lust. "Oops, I guess we got a little carried away." apologizes your wife withdrawing her hand from Rick’s groin hastily.

    "Don’t be sorry, this is hot, keep going." says Jane as she comes and sits on the edge of your chair.

    "What are you doing?" you ask, looking up at her stupidly.

    "I’m not sure." she admits reaching down to touch the tent you are pitching in your trousers.

    "Oh boy, we better call it a night or we are all going to be very sorry and embarrassed in the morning." you say shakily.

    "What do you think, Rick?" your wife asks him, looking deeply into his eyes. He responds by slowly unbuttoning the front of her blouse.

    "Oh boy." says your wife as she watches him. She looks over at you with concern. "Honey, do you see what he’s doing."

    "Yep." you croak as Jane unzips your fly. "When did we become swingers?" you ask no one in particular.

    "There is always a first time." says Jane lustily as she goes down on you.

    You are distracted by this for a few minutes but the next thing you know Jim has you wife’s bare tits in his hands and she is jerking him off as they make out on the couch. Jane’s head is bobbing up and down on your cock and it feels amazing. You reach down to unbutton her top as well so that you can get a hold of her big soft tits.

    "Whoa, Rick." cautions your wife as he pulls her panties down. "I uh, isn’t that going a bit too far?" she asks, but her eyes are blazing with lust.

    "I’m going to fuck you now." he says drunkenly and plunges his cock right into her waiting pussy. She wraps her legs around his back as he starts pounding her on the couch and the sight of it make you blow your wad right into Jane’s mouth. She swallows it like a good slut and then looks up at your with a twinkle in her eyes, wiping your cum from her chin.

    "I was hoping to hop on that before you did that, but I already came by touching myself once, so I forgive you." she says archly.

    You push her back on the floor and pull her soaking panties off and return the favor by going down on her, immediately locating the clit in her unfamiliar vagina and flicking your tongue across it greedily.

    "Wow, Bob, holy shit." she gasps as you push a few fingers into her. You spend a few minutes with your face buried in Jane’s cunt, listening to your wife grunt with passion as Rick fucks her and your own cock is growing hard again. Jane cums again with a stiffled moan and you withdraw you bush-burned face from her crotch.

    You look over to see Rick politely pull out in time to shoot his load all over your wife’s smooth white belly. She tugs gently on his nutsack as he cums and the sight of her performing this familiar act on another man makes your stomach flip.

    She notices you watching her do this and says. "Oh, sorry, dear."

    "It’s ok, I just got done eating out your girlfriend." you mumble.

    "Quite well, I might add." interject Jane as she lays sprawled luxuriously on her back, legs spread wide and pussy exposed.

    "Well Rick finished before I did." says your wife, glancing your stiff rod. "Rick, be a dear and step aside now, will you?" asks your wife. " I need my husband to fuck me a little more so that I can come."

    "Oh, sure, sorry about that." he says contritely and flops down on the floor next to his wife. They both look on in fascination as you mount your wife, trying to ignore the cum already on her and work your cock in and out of her until she gasps in a shuddering climax.

    You pull out and Jane says “Say cheese." and snaps a picture of you with your stiff wet cock hovering over your cum drenched wife.

    "I’ll get you for that." you say and rush over push her on her back and forcefully enter her while her husband sits right next you on the floor, looking on uncomfortably.

    "Rick, oh rick, he’s ravishing me." she laughs as you jam your cock into her.

    "Well, I guess you had it coming." he says, scratching his head, unable to look away as you penetrate his wife over and over.

    "Oh god, I might cum again, Bob, go easy." she gasps. "Oh, too late." and you pull out to shoot another load all over her face as she cums for the third time this evening.

    Rick just looks on placidly as you spurt hot come all over his wife’s face.

    "Yeah, well, I guess this is how swinging works. You sully my wife, I sully yours." You tell him with a crooked smile.

    "Yes, but you sullied me twice." laughs Jane licking cum from her lips.

    "I don’t know if I have another one in me." says Rick sadly in response to your wife’s hopeful expression. It makes you jealous the way her face falls slightly when he admits he can’t fuck any more. Which seems odd since you didn’t really mind watching him fuck her.


    You all get cleaned up and it’s agreed that they should spend the night since everyone is too drunk to drive. You set up Rick and Jane in the guest room while you and your wife retire to your bedroom.

    You pass right out from exhaustion but are awoken a few hours later by your wife grunting in the hallway. You get up to find her underneath Rick as he balls her right on the floor in the hallway.

    "Jesus, you guys!" you complain. "I mean, is this going to be a like a regular thing?" But your cock belies your anger and slowly rises at the sight of Rick rhythmically plunging himself into your woman.

    "I just wanted to give him a chance to even the score…" gasps your wife.

    "You’re a good woman, and fair." he says pulling out and blowing his wad into her face as she eagerly leans forward to lap the cum from his swollen head.

    "What?" he says defensively as you look on in disgust mixed with arousal. "You came on my wife twice…"

    "Oh, are we keeping score?" you ask sarcastically.

    "We probably should." he laughs. "Otherwise, someone might get jealous."

    You all laugh as you help your wife to her feet. But it does burn you the way she kisses him again as he returns to the guest room and you pull her back to your bedroom.

    "Easy there Jezebel." you mutter as you push her into the bathroom to clean up.

    "He fucks me so earnestly, dear. I had to give him a thank you kiss." teases your wife and it maddens you to hear it but turns you on as well. "I mean we’ve known Rick for years, and he fucks just as you might imagine. Methodically, without pretension, with great humility."

    "Do I have to listen to this?" you ask with mock annoyance.

    "Well how was Jane?" she asks you with interest.

    "Just as you might think. She uses her mouth a lot." you respond with a smile, and you and your wife have a quiet laugh at that, but things are weird between you now and you suspect that they can never be the same. As you lay staring up at your bedroom ceiling you consider the rut you two had fallen into and how you had taken her so much for granted all these years, and you decide that things not being the same might be a good thing.

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