Taking my wife to service her new Bull

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by HerSubmissiveHubby, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. HerSubmissiveHubby

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    This has been a relatively new and very different experience for us. About a month ago my wife was introduced to a younger guy who is 33 years old and as my wife describes him he is an Alpha Male with a very dominant personality. She says he is moderately athletic and in decent shape. He spent eight years in the Marine corp and has been out for a few years. She says he has a very "nice" cock which she says is slightly larger than average at around 7".

    I have not met this guy or spoke with him. He knows I am here but will not allow me to accompany my wife when she meets him. He sends me a text a few times a week telling me he needs to be serviced and to bring my wife to him. She thinks this arrangement is hot and he gives her butterflies in her stomach.

    She says it is purely sexual and there is not any feelings or love between them. She tells me they mutually use each other for pure physical pleasure. I drive her to his place and then drive around waiting on her to text me to pick her up once they are done. I have not seen him.

    He tells her what he wants her to wear and apparently is very dominant sexually which my wife says drives her wild. She says he has amazing stamina and can fuck her hard for over an hour before he will climax. She says she climaxes multiple times during sex with him. He refuses to wear a condom but says he will not cum inside a woman but loves to cum on her stomach, tits or ass depending on their position at the time. When I pick her up his cum is dried on her skin and she is usually sore. Their meetings typically last in the range of 2 - 2.5 hours and she says there is really nothing other than sex the whole time. He usually cums 2 or 3 times when they meet.

    It drives me wild wondering what they are doing and just thinking about him using my wife. I have tried to engage him in text but never get a reply. He and my wife don't text or talk on the phone, it is just taking her to meet him when he is horny.
  2. tractorman

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    I presume your wife is happy with this arrangement that excludes you completely, I would love my wife to do this a few times but not on a regular basis, does she still allow you to fuck her too?
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  3. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    Yes,, the frequency of our sexual encounters has not diminished. In honesty she is more horny and less inhibited during our time together.

    They have been together since the last week of January and average meeting twice a week. She says he moves on quickly so not sure how long it will continue.
  4. legshowcuck

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    i believe She loves the arrangement and you should too...

    just know your place like a good cuck...;)
  5. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    I have to agree, she does seem to love the arrangement and it seems to make her very happy
  6. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    "have to agree" go on
  7. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    He sent a text today around 2 this afternoon and I took her to his place about 6:30 this evening. I just picked her back up and brought her back home at 2 am. She says he was on fire tonight and wore her completely out. Apparently, he had taken "half" a viagra and had a raging hard on the entire night that did not get limp even after cumming. She said he finally went soft after several times around 1 and was ready for her to go. In the car she told me if I wanted I could lick her when we got home since she had multiple loads of his cum inside her but once we got home she left her panties on and went straight to bed.
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  8. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    that's women, offer you something then she changes her mind without any thought for you
  9. christinebitg

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    You and she need to know that withdrawal is not a reliable birth control method. The fluid that precedes ejaculation (also known as pre-cum) often contains a significant amount of sperm.


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  10. michael1987

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    We husbands all know THAT, Christine, and (NB) that long before they finally orgasm and ejaculate, spunky young lovers of our wives are very prone to slyly and perfectly consciously delivering a spurt or two of actual semen---not just pre-cum---deeply into the vagina.

    Their continued thrusting can then work those sperm-laden spurts fertilizingly into the mouth of any thirsty fucked-open cervix, often enough while the unsuspecting husband lies fruitlessly masturbating beside his fertile wife, urgently kissing and encouraging her, blissfully unaware that he is as good as condoning---if not actually being a willing party to---the creation of a love-child.

    Be warned: Far too many of those young studs (including my wife's lover) take great pride in their sexual cunning and recklessness in fucking our wives---not to mention in their superior fertility.
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  11. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    would you like him to impregnate your wife with his baby?
  12. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    That's one loaded but very good question, TM.

    Going by Submissive Hubby's apparently not protesting against his wife having " multiple loads of his cum inside her" on her coming home from her hard-fucking multi-orgasmic young lover, I suspect the answer to it is going to be a beautifully wank-worthy "Yes !".
  13. Katyguy2018

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    I suppose that playing with a snipped bull would be a decent proposition.... unless of course walking on that tight rope is part of the appeal.... which is incredibly hot.
  14. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    For us the condom use is for protection from disease and most guys are required to wear them. Pregnancy is no longer a possibility for her so we are safe on this front.
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  15. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Same here.

  16. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    In a 25th March 2018 posting of mine on the thread http://www.cuckoldsforum.com/index.php?threads/introduction-hello-everyone.19598/#post-145258 I drew attention to the fact that condoms are far from failure-proof, especially during intercourse with vigorous young men and very well-hung others.

    When she is planning to meet up with and be fucked by a new lover for the first time, a woman (and her consenting husband for that matter) needs to keep the risk of condom failure top-most in her mind and to ensure that
    the condoms that are going to be used are suitably-sized for the new lover; that's to say, in the case of a big-cocked lover they must, before they are rolled down on his erect cock, be checked for being long enough and wide enough not to remain at "half-mast" when they are donned for action, but instead be of the right measurements to enable them to cover the whole shaft of the erection all the way down to its root where it emerges from the man's pubic hair.

    In the case of a less well-hung lover, especially if in full erection the shaft of his cock is slender, it is vital to check that the condom is not too big for him such that it slips off during thrusting, especially during the continued thrusting that many men indulge in when they have finished ejaculating and the condom is awash with semen.

    Further, with any new lover, especially a big-cocked one, the condom used must not be of the blunt-ended sort but have a teat of sufficient size to accommodate the biggest volume ejaculates (up to 11-13 cc), such that with thrusting that is continued after ejaculation semen is less likely to be driven back along the shaft sheathed by the condom and thence spilled from the open end of the condom where it clasps the root of the erection.

    To ensure a perfectly conforming and secure fit, the condom must be applied to the head of the cock only when it is fully erect, and any and all air present in the teat of the as-yet not rolled back condom must be squeezed out of it between the finger and thumb, preferably by the woman herself, less reliably by her husband (if he is present) or the male lover himself.

    Finally, it is crucially important to double-check that the teat of the condom has in fact been emptied of all air before the condom is rolled back down the shaft of the erection. This ensures that the greatest possible volume-capacity of the teat is maintained during ejaculation when, because of the usual increase in force and depth of orgasmic thrusting by the man, the blind end of the condom undergoes maximal stretching such that its capacity to contain the ejaculate---and largely prevent its welling back up the shaft of his erection---is at its minimum.

    Even more important is checking the condom for possible leaks (by blowing it up by mouth to a reasonable size with exhaled air) is; as is minimally pre-lubricating the head of the erection---not any part of its shaft---with gel-lubricant or saliva before the condom is rolled back onto it. This ensures an overall even and proper fit such that sudden and excessively impulsive and powerful thrusting by the man upon or soon after his initial penetration of the woman is less likely to rupture the condom at its head-end. Such early rupture of the condom in the heat of the moment is usually unnoticed by the man, and the woman too, especially if before penetration she is highly aroused and her vagina consequently very well naturally-lubricated.

    NB: Natural pre-lubrication of the head of the erection by pre-cum oozing from its cum-slit pre-coitally---unless it is very copious as is often the case with highly-aroused young men---is not always sufficient to ensure that on its being rolled back onto the head of the erection the closed-end of the condom conforms well enough to it to withstand especially vigorous initial thrusting and so prevent early rupture of the condom.

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