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    I've been a cuck for a few years but not until now have my Madam and i come this close to a 24-7 relationship. Once a month with her Bulls, all hung very well, able to give her multiple vaginal orgasms, used to satisfy her. Then it was twice each month. Now it's progressed to "as many days as I deem necessary for my sexual well-being and satisfaction." That's now about ten days monthly.

    She has a body to die for...34-C breasts that pass the 'pencil test', slim hips, long perfect legs...5 ft 10 inches, 130 pounds of sexual dynamite. Men of all ages stare when she walks by.

    I used to be made to watch her fuck, either sitting in the same room or occasionally made to hold her hand and ask the Bull to 'please fuck my wife'. As close as I got to eating cum was licking her engagement ring after she dipped it in the load he would shoot all over her chest (she has safe sex only, directing them to rip their condom off and come on her when she feels the urge).

    Now she has progressed to locking me in a chastity cock-cage whenever she is not with me. In hotels i sleep on the sofa bed side of her suite, listening to them fuck all night long...always "invited" to participate after her Bull's first and largest load, licking up every drop of his cum from her body, then washing her with warm cloths. Then she makes me clean and fluff her Bull, taking pictures of the new guys and me for my 'scrapbook'. If the guy is really hung, it's off with my cage for a moment to take the comparison pictures with my "dicklet". If she's really feeling good she'll take me with her strapon while I'm sucking his cock...they both take pictures of this action.

    When hosting her Bulls at home I'm locked in an upstairs closet now...we just finished the upstairs...sleeping naked and in total darkness on a large dog bed. (I used to sleep in another bedroom.) I have a hospital urine bottle if I need to relieve myself. She still uses a baby monitor so that I can hear everything going on in the Master bedroom. I'm unlocked and brought down when they want to humiliate me. Humiliation now includes beating my ass...both of them at the same time, one with a leather paddle, one with a riding crop. Nipple clamps are used by her often to ensure that my 'mind is right'....it really hurts when she snaps them off roughly.

    When we're alone i am now her servant, tending to her every wish and command. Before going to bed i am still beaten with one of her crops/paddles, but now I also must stand before her naked body every other night, looking but never touching her, while she sandpapers my nipples, ensuring that i never forget what and who i am, and who i belong to.

    She has just begun to milk my prostate instead of letting me occasionally jack off in her presence...saying I get too much pleasure from that. She has only been able to get a small amount from her milkings so far, but she intends to 'practice' long and hard until i start producing larger amounts for her.

    I think i love her more now than ever before, knowing that this is what i used to wish for in my fantasies. I now know, as she reminds me during punishment sessions, that i need this as much as she does and look forward to it as much as she needs her 'real men'.

    The marriage is rock-solid. Only real cuckolds and the women who love them can ever hope to understand this. But it's true. May you all be fortunate enough to have your wife/girlfriend keep taking it to the next level.
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    OH my HOT
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    How did you two find one another? Tell us her back story, please.

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