Take Your Medicine, Honey

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  1. avid fan

    avid fan New Member

    Wow, that's the War & Peace of cuckold stories

    Will take me a few months to get through, but what I read, I liked!!!
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  2. LuckyCucky

    LuckyCucky New Member

    This is a knockout of a story and I was very sad when I got to the end of Chapter 15.
    Let's hope there comes some more one day.
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  3. jayredman

    jayredman New Member

    thank you , great story
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  4. buzzski3

    buzzski3 New Member

    Best Story

    In my opinion, this is a masterpiece in this story genre. It would be great if someone wrote a screenplay for this work. I truly hope that Micky D someday decides to write again and finish this story and entertain us all with some more of his tantilizing creativity.
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  5. buzzski3

    buzzski3 New Member

    Finish Story

    Come on Micky, finish it!! You can tell by the number of replies to your story's reposting that people love it and want more. I hope all is well with you and your wife and you're still able to write. The direction of where Angela is taking this situation is mind blowing. We gotta know how it ends. It's your story man.
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  6. VirginCuck69

    VirginCuck69 New Member


    Wow!!! This is truly the best cuckold story I have ever read does anyone know if mickyd has written any other stories and were I could find them?
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  7. hotbicouple

    hotbicouple New Member

    was really hot

    that was a great post. It is so what we are doing. Glad to see others are in the same boat as we are. sooooooo hoooot
  8. rjelly66

    rjelly66 New Member

    nice story
  9. meco101

    meco101 Guest

    gets me hot everytime i read it....thank you...
  10. thedj100

    thedj100 New Member

    Love the story
  11. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 Member

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