Struggling to tow the line between fantasy and reality – NEED ADVICE.

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by Taurus666, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Taurus666

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    I've played the bull several times throughout my teenage years and my early 20s but recently for the first time I became a married woman’s regular “boyfriendâ€￾. It's been great and exciting and a fresh change from the one night stands (which can get repetitive). But I've run into serious issue.

    Last month the wife opened up to me and admitted that she has been seriously considering leaving her husband. She resents him for keeping his cuckold desires a secret from her all this time and she really feels betrayed. As much as she is game to play around now when they're young and child free she doesn't want spend her life and raise kids in a cuckold relationship. She likes to play and get kinky in the bedroom from time to time but the husband is desperately forcing a 24/7 all or nothing cuckold lifestyle. I've tried to talk to the husband and warn him of where things are going but because he's always in “cuckold modeâ€￾ I cant get a genuine, sober answer from him.

    But the last few days things have gotten a little fucked up. Now when she humiliates her husband there's genuine hate in her voice. There's a spite in her eyes that wasn't there when we first started fooling around. It's not the “don't worry, I actually love him, were just fooling around, it's all consensualâ€￾ type of humiliation I'm used to. I confronted her about this and she admitted that she wants to leave her husband but rather than simply divorcing him she wants to take things to the extreme and push him past his limits to the point where “he breaks down and divorces herâ€￾. I don't have a problem with extremes but I do have a problem with whether or not something is consensual. And this feels like non-consensual revenge to me. The husband seems to enjoy it but I can't be sure because pretending to be shocked and hurt and beg his wife to stop was always part of the play. If I pull him aside when his wife isn't around I cant get a straight answer from him because he's always playing the cuckold. He cant just stop for a moment and talk about what he wants from all of this.

    I've thought about just leaving but I can't help be feel responsible in some ways. I mistakenly assumed that she wanted a 24/7 cuckold relationship like her husband and encouraged and facilitated a lot of it. I enjoy the extreme and the crazy but I don't want to move forward with it unless I know everyone actually wants it.

    I don't know if anyone's been in this situation before, I couldn't find much about it on the internet. If anyone has advice (especially from cuckolds whose wives left them) that would be helpful.
  2. waynerobertson

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    You are there to enhance the marriage by pleasing yourself and THEM and not breaking up the marriage. Get out of the relationship but be honest with her and yourself.
  3. don_jetman

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    Hurting people is not what the lifestyle is supposed to be about. Run away.
  4. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Here's my personal take on it. It comes out where the other people's comments did too, but please try to follow my reasoning.

    I see her as not just dishonest, but also manipulative. She wants a divorce from him, but doesn't want to own up to it. Rather, she wants to push him to the point where he can't take it any more and asks her for a divorce.

    I have been down that road, living with a person who wanted out but wanted me to be the one to ask for it. It's a recipe for an emotional disaster, and she is the one intent on making it happen.

    I suggest that you diplomatically disengage from your involvement with her. I don't think she can be trusted. Worse yet, she might try to get you to be her next husband. And if you refuse? Then re-read how she has been treating her now-husband, to see what you think she would try on you.

    Whatever you do, good luck, and I hope it works out for the best.


  5. Mercator

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    In my experience cuckolding couples are often in a strong and secure marriage - in fact so secure that they both feel comfortable enough to let another man join them. If humiliation is present it is usually agreed in advance by the couple, and is intended to give both a heightened sexual experience. It strikes me that the couple you are playing with are completely dysfunctional - she is looking to hurt him and clearly cares little about her marriage, and he can not open his eyes sufficiently wide enough to see what's happening. My advice would be to get away from them and find another more well-balanced couple to play with. If you stay with them you'll end up regretting it, potentially being cited in a divorce case, or involved in something worse.
  6. Otdrsmn

    Otdrsmn New Member

    Get out and break all communication.... do it last week!
  7. Chicagofun77

    Chicagofun77 New Member

    Break it off and give the husband a heads up on the way out.
  8. mrsmr

    mrsmr Member

    You need to break it off now. Do not allow her to use you as her scapegoat. .If she is doing this to her husband, she will be doing it to you sooner or later.

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