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Struggling to go

Discussion in 'Chastity' started by CuckforToys, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. CuckforToys

    CuckforToys New Member

    I currently have a CB6000 and when I wear this I use the largest ring but even with that I struggle to go to the toilet is this normal at first? Also I have a Holy Trainer and with this one it seems even harder. Any advice welcome.


  2. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    It took me a few days off wearing it short periods of time to get used to it. Now I can wear it and have a butt plug in and be able to go lol
  3. Randybangerr

    Randybangerr New Member

    I also own a CB6000. I have enlarged testicles so I can no longer get the largest ring around my balls. Does anyone know of a device with a ring larger than 2"???
  4. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    Custom made probably. I don't think they come standard that big because wearing it constantly would be too cumbersome when you try to sit and such.. I have a hard enough time sitting comfortably or crossing my legs with the 2" ring which I still use for the most part.
  5. cucky1954

    cucky1954 New Member

    cs6000 has a ring thats 58mm,,,thats almost 21.4 inches,,,ive been in mine for yrs now,,find it easier to pee by sitting down,,yes i wipe my pussy like females do
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  6. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    That's actually 2.28 inches. If any man has balls big enough for a 21.4 inch ring, i'd be very impressed.
  7. cucky1954

    cucky1954 New Member

    i met 2.14 inches...lol
  8. Mouse

    Mouse New Member

    Hey a PA and eliminate the base ring all together

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