Stroking His Seminal Vesicles

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    Awaiting the near-completion of the first and second phases of ejaculation described in my thread "Feeling His Prostate", are the now tensely bulging torpedo-shaped seminal vesicles, the twin glands positioned one on either side up behind the prostate and aiming themselves menacingly straight at the ampulla of the sperm-carrying vas deferens of each side, with which they join to gain entry into the prostatic urethra for delivery of the most major of all contributions to the semen volume of the man; in fact, some 60% of it.

    The secretion of the seminal vesicles has been continuous and accumulating since the man’s last ejaculation. In fact it is said that the man’s urge to masturbation or intercourse is the result of the refilling--causing tensing---of his seminal vesicles.; that refilling accelerating dramatically upon the arising of perceived sexual opportunity and especially during any social (and especially erotic) interaction—even preceding actual foreplay-- which might lead to intercourse.

    It is almost certain that, given that the seminal vesicles contribute 60 %--and the most variable part of the volume of the man’s ejaculate--- the secretory responsivity of the seminal vesicles to erotic thoughts and physical sexual arousal is the reason that men who have not been abstaining sexually (and so cannot be considered initially “overloaded” with semen) ejaculate more copiously the longer direct sexual stimulation of them---by masturbation or intercourse---continues before orgasm.

    Whatever the truth of that, it is easy to determine with a finger thrust high above and behind the man’s prostate, that as masturbation and especially intercourse continue for longer periods without the man ejaculating, the seminal vesicles lengthen and bulge tensely—almost certainly as a result of long-continued and powerful sexual stimulation of him, both physical and psychological----and that gentle stroking of them with an exploring fingertip produces very deep and extremely urging erotic pleasure for the man.

    X-Ray studies of the seminal vesicles have shown that after long self-arousal by masturbation, male orgasm is accompanied by fast rhythmic up and down movements of the blind (non open) bulging ends of the seminal vesicles as they pump their secretion into the prostatic urethra during the third phase of ejaculation, being that phase in which the seminal vesicles most actively participate.

    In relation to the prostate, a further phenomenon able to be observed in real time during arousal and orgasm the male, is the activity of a platform of muscle which extends from wall to wall across the man’s pelvis. The platform actually is formed by twin muscles, one on each side, which in their “resting” state meet in the middle of the lower pelvis to form an inverted shallow conical support for the prostate gland and the urinary bladder whose outlet through the urethra the prostate somewhat embraces. Each muscle is attached to the pelvic wall, but towards the middle of the pelvis which each muscle almost half spans, each muscle forms a somewhat free edge as it butts against and partly blends with the undersurface of the prostate.

    As genital stimulation of the male intensifies during masturbation and intercourse, this muscle platform tenses greatly---not rhythmically, but continuously--- resulting in the prostate being lifted upwards, higher into his pelvis, and tilted somewhat forwards—that is, the upper surface of the prostate moving towards the man’s pubic bone, whilst the lowermost more conical part of the gland tilts slightly backwards. As male orgasm approaches, the free edge of each muscle rises higher in the pelvis and thickens and tenses greatly; and can be felt, with a finger inserted high in the rectum, after first locating the prostate in its final well-raised position preparatory to ejaculation, and sweeping the exploring fingertip to either side of the conical underside of the uplifted prostate.

    After having remained continuously tense throughout the buildup to male orgasm, during ejaculation the twin muscles which form the supporting pelvic muscle platform bearing the prostate do finally execute additional very powerful uplifting rhythmic contractions synchronous with those of the ring muscle of the man’s anus which invariably precede each of his ejaculatory spurtings. These contractions do not time exactly with the development of orgasmic rigidity and the joltings of the man’s body during his orgasm, but they are of course followed by the corresponding contractions of the muscular pump-bulge of the penis, and the jerking of the penis shaft itself as ejaculation manifests as seminal spurts from his terminal urethra opening at his glans.

    The elevation and tensing of the male’s inner pelvic muscular platform, and the consequential rise and tilting of the prostate which it supports, are easily felt by a finger thrust rectally well up into the man’s pelvis during high sexual arousal levels, particularly during his final buildup to orgasm, and most dramatically during orgasm itself.

    This raising and forward tilting of the prostate results in the forwards-directed ampulla of each vas deferens, and of course the axis of each of the elongated connecting seminal vesicles, aligning more directly with that part of the urethra which enters the muscular pump-bulge (bulb) of the penis immediately after the urethra exits the prostate. This straighter alignment, which occurs only during high arousal states of the man almost certain to proceed to ejaculation, greatly enhances the fluid-dynamic efficiency and force of his ejaculation as the pumping of the semen from the bulb of the penis through into the urethra coursing headwards in its shaft—and hopefully into the woman’s vagina---is more direct and unimpeded by the urethral curvatures which exist in the penis when it is flaccid.

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