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  1. Black bully

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    One thing I love is stretching a woman. Her feeling what a real cock is. The instant and sudden rush of pain and pleasure. The hesitation (for newbies) after they see my size in person. I always start off with a new wife or lover on top. So she can guide my gerth and size into her. Letting HER and her pussy get used to my cock.

    In this pic I met a couple who was new to the lifestyle. I think the picture speaks for itself.

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  2. slave2131

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    very nice my wife loves bbc
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  3. slave2131

    slave2131 Member

    where you from black bully?
  4. johngordon

    johngordon Member

    Good lord, did she ever get that thing all the way in?
  5. Black bully

    Black bully Member

    Yes. After about 5-10 minutes.
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  6. slinky1

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    love the pic. yes, seeing a pussy stretched and that amount of her skin following your cock in and out must be an amazing sight for you, and her hubby. When i see a pic like this, to me, its what intercourse is meant to look like, where both the male and female genitals compliment each other with an equal amount of sensation and pleasure. Something a male with a small or thin cock will live his entire life never knowing that feeling, trust me, as much as i've come to terms with, its still a frustration that never leaves you.
  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Great shot, BB. Compliment the husband for it. He must have been as awed as I am watching my wife being barebacked by her similarly hugely-hung young lover.

    Going by the several very hot full-length shots of your cock erect and semi-erect that you have already posted, this new shot is showing a good 4 inches of it thrust into in the wife---with about another 4 or 5 inches to go!---and that its swollen head was very likely already pressed against her thirsty cervix. Hot indeed. In fact wank-worthy in the extreme.

    The lower limit of the clearly visible inch or two of shiny lubrication of your shaft suggests you were hugely restrained in your initial penetration of the wife. Your hands cupping and supporting her beautiful bum as she no doubt very carefully impaled herself on your magnificent member is touchingly gentle-manly too.

    The cuff of vaginal lining shown clasping your amazing shaft makes it pretty clear that the husband has captured your cock on an out-stroke rather than an in-thrust. He must have been excited beyond measure watching you so slowly and lovingly yet brutally penetrating his plainly beautifully cock-loving wife. His view of you ejaculating in her (in the misssionary position one assumes) must have been sensationally sexy too. Did he get some shots of that and the back-surge of your cum around your shaft?
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  8. Black bully

    Black bully Member

    I believe he did but I never received any. I never post pics of my affairs without consent from the couple. Discretion and privacy is very important to me.
  9. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Understood. Was it a breeding session, or purely for pleasure? Just curious, BB.
  10. Black bully

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    Pleasure. Breeding is a very rare occurrence. And even then I don't necessarily agree to it.
  11. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    That's a bit restrictive BB. You should be more agreeable to impregnating other men's wives. With your magificent physique and cock you must have legions of baby-wanting women worshipping you first-hand and from afar and lusting after your superior genes.

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