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  1. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Hi Guys,

    It's been a while since I last posted here. I mentioned before of my cuckold urges and that I wanted to act out on it and now my urges are just getting stronger. We're still going through the role plays in bed but nothing is discussed outside. We keep discussing about purchasing the dildo but still to no avail. She has been going to the gym a lot and toning up and looking really sexy and all I can think of is how good it would be for a bull to fuck her.

    I will keep trying and to keep things motivated I'll update this forum and see how far I can take it before I bore everyone to death. But would appreciate some advice on how to move things forward. It can get pretty heated during sex and I think if we can have a discussion outside the bedroom than thats a big step.

    Let me know what you guys think and if anyone has or is experiencing what I'm going through I would be happy to hear it.
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I think life is short and regrets are the things not done. Ask your wife or girlfriend what her fantasy is, what she would like to do, then do it. Let us know how it goes...
  3. slinger137

    slinger137 New Member

    your first post is a bit of talk in bed that might be done by her to make you happy. she might bw even turned on by what you say yes - but the road to reality is long.
    mine tells me dirty lies that she dreamt of a black guy fucking her at a club...
    truth: she was thinking it's me but she tells me that to make me hot... get the point ?
    get a big black movies when having sex and make her talk/interact with you.

    by what you say it's still a long way to go in my opinion... so be careful and try planting a seed that might grow or not.
  4. Mercator

    Mercator Member

    I understand where you are right now as I was in your position quite some years ago. My urge for her to fuck another guy also grow stronger as each year passed, and I needed to turn fantasy in the bedroom into reality. I suppose I reached breaking point and I brought the subject up one day when we were sitting there drinking coffee and chatting - that was the first time we'd discussed it outside of the bedroom. I could tell she wasn't comfortable to chat about it, but I had to tell her that it was something I felt strongly about and needed to happen - it was something I really really needed to happen, and soon! She came up with objections, which over the course of some days I managed to overcome. It was later that week that I watched another man fuck her. The urge you feel will eat you up until it is sated - but be warned, once you have tasted that experience you'll want it repeated.. women that remain married to guys like us tend to get a lot of strange cock..
  5. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Thanks for the replies, great input from all of you. I understand my road maybe long. Although my wife has known of my fetish for a while. I know the reality is way off but I want to be able to spice up the time in the bedroom and actually get her to think of someone else to fuck. There have been a development I believe, a couple of days ago during sex I got her thinking about fucking someone else and had her bent over me with my fingers inside her acting like she's being fucked from behind. I brought up the dildo idea which we were planning to get but hadn't. So I booted up the computer and ordered it and now waiting (although not a black one - for beginners). This may change the dynamic a little in the bedroom. I'm going to try any get her off on the dildo and ignore my need to fuck her.

    Another problem, which I'm not sure about is when I do come a couple of times then I go off the idea for a few days and then the urge comes back stronger. Do you guys have that feeling?

    slinger137, your words have resonated with me as my wife imagines she's being fucked by someone else but in fact it's me she's thinking of. I felt a little disappointed.

    Mercator, how was that first experience? Was it what you'd thought it would be? Did you stop to think what you were doing by any chance?
  6. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    This is completely normal. In fact, it's unusual for it not to happen.

    Unfortunately, what happens sometimes then is that a guy may think he's always going to feel like whatever he's feeling at the moment. (Needless to say, this is not a mature approach.) So what happens then is that the guy feels guilty, he tells his partner to not ever do it again, and then within a week, he's begging for it.

    Then he logs onto here and asks us, "Is there anything I can do to get her to consider it again?" The answer, sadly, is usually no.

    And that's all if he didn't get abusive to her about the fact that she did it.

    The good news for you, as far as I can tell, is that you have managed to keep your emotions under control. So you have the opportunity to do it again when the urge comes back.


  7. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Thanks a lot Christine. That's put my mind at ease for sure. I read somewhere that if you can't think about your wife with another man after you cum then this lifestyle is probably not for you. I was close to telling my wife to not take me seriously about her cuckolding me. But I'm glad I didn't as I would have regretted it. I'm just taking this one step at a time.

    Thanks again
  8. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Just want to add. The other day my wife wasn't in the mood for sex although I was very horny but didn't persist. So I had my arm around her and sat to watch TV. We started kissing a little passionately and then I was down slowing kissing her breasts with her bra still on. So she took off her bra and I started sucking her breasts for a while. This makes her very excited as it's what she likes best. So whilst sucking on her breasts, I also slid my hand in her underwear playing with her pussy. I started kissing down towards her naval and planned to lick her pussy, but she closed her legs (normally not comfortable with me licking down there). I slowly opened her legs expecting her to resist, and to my surprise, she didn't. I licked her pussy until she came and looked like she was loving it. My aim was to pleasure her and her only without any thought of me. I wanted her to have the idea that it's ok for her to have pleasure without mine. It felt like I accomplished something and we are moving forward.
  9. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    My updates continued

    Our dildo arrived on Wednesday. I was hoping something would happen that night. My wife again didn't seem to be in the mood again and didn't think she was ready to try it yet. I didn't think it would be appropriate to push it too early. A little later she was lying face down on our sofa and I started massaging her legs.

    Slowly I started removing her clothes mentioning that It would be better if she was naked. So now she's naked and I'm moving my hands all over her body and kissing her legs moving up to her back. I start grinding over her and she turns over lying on her back. I carry on grinding and sucking her breasts, then she says lets use the dildo. She assured me that's what she wanted so I prepared the dildo (only 6 inches, but didn't want to get anything big at the start) with the lubricant and I stripped completely with a very stiff hard on. I got beside her on my knees whilst she's lying on her back and I slowly inserted the dildo in her pussy. She started moaning when I moved it in and out, she was enjoying it. I was getting this weird feeling of excitement of her enjoying herself from another cock sliding in and out of her. I started kissing and sucking her breasts whilst fucking her with the dildo.

    We changed positions after a little while, and had her lean her body over me whilst I was sitting not the sofa and continued fucking her with the dildo making her rock back and forth with her breasts brushing my cock (what a feeling). Then after that we moved into a 69 position (me under) and continued sliding the cock in and out of her pussy. She was finding it difficult to cum with the dildo, so I started licking her pussy whilst sliding the cock in and out of her. She also started sucking me which is rare.

    It was definitely and new and exciting experience for us (mainly me). My wife said it didn't feel any bigger than mine and it felt cold (probably due to the lubricant) and took a while for her to cum as she cums quick when I fuck her. Normally after she cums, she gets off the idea of fucking another guy but this time was different. She straddled me and we fucked slowly as I didn't want to cum and ruin it. She was thinking that the idea is exciting but didn't think it would be a reality. She didn't want to fuck some stranger and that she would want to be attracted to the guy.

    I think her perception was different than mine and I had to set it straight by saying I wouldn't want her to do anything she doesn't want to do. Of course I expected if someone fucks her, it would be someone who she would be attracted to. This wasn't a time to push it further and we left it at that.

    But what a night. Hopefully we'll be doing this again soon. Like I said I'm not trying to push it too far right now but something must be moving.

    Would love to hear any thoughts. Thanks.
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  10. Mercator

    Mercator Member

    The first experience was exactly as I had imagined it would be; my wife was nervous and giggly, and the other guy (stereotypical, black and well-endowed) was gentlemanly and very relaxed. There was 20 mins of small talk, which looking back was quite normal. They eventually lay on the bed fully clothed and I headed to the bathroom for 2 mins, and when I returned he was mostly naked and my wife's hand was wrapped around his erect cock. At no moment did I ever feel like stopping what was happening, quite the reverse because as things moved forwards my excitement levels rose. When his cock finally pushed into her the overwhelming feeling was one of intense relief that something I had been fantasising about for so many years had finally happened. (
  11. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I agree, something is moving.

    Let her be the one to tell you when she wants it next. It may not be as long of a time in between as you are expecting.

    At some point, she may act like she's reluctant to talk about something. You will want to jump in with the suggestion. But personally, I think you're better off holding back a little bit right now on that.


  12. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Sorry I haven't replied in some time. Reason being is there wasn't much to write about. We've had a couple of more little cuckold role play sessions, but not as exciting as the first time since we got the dildo. I've tried to keep myself in a state of excitement as much as I can as I know how lazy/neglectful and aggressive I can be towards her. On a nice sunny day I got her to dress a little revealing going out to Hyde Park in London so as to show her off. She was a little uncomfortable but relaxed when a lot of women were dressed as revealing. Although I'm trying to get her to understand her sexual awareness, I feel things are turning back to the way they used to be. The last few times we've had sex, the cuckold scenario never came up (I wanted her to bring it up instead) and she was just content having regular sex.

    Here's the thing, I try not to cum after our sessions, but says she wants and likes to see me cum. Every time she cums at least 3 times (she cums easily) enabling her to be satisfied and not wanting anything else. She's only been with me so doesn't know what sex with others feel like. This puts me in a dilemma and makes me think, 'why would she want to fuck someone else when she gets her satisfaction from me'.

    I've read some guides on how to prep the wife to cuckold her husband, and a lot of them contradicts each other. One says cum before she does which makes her frustrated and another says just lick her to orgasm with no sex.

    I have now these cuckold thoughts on a day to day basis, even after I've cum it only takes an hour or so and already I'm thinking about it. Before I would have gone through a whole week without a thought but it's not the case anymore. Have I become obsessive?

    I don't know where things stand right now. If things turn back to our usual routine, then I get frustrated and aggressive. She becomes a nagging wife and I have acquired a short fuse as soon as I hear something negative.

    I love my wife, and I think to myself 'would I want her to cuckold me if I didn't love her'. But if I stay sexually frustrated, then this can't be healthy for the marriage.

    Apologies as my mind wonders here and there. I hope I've made some sense.

    Any thoughts would be great.
  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Hi Buzzuk. It would help in advising you if you would post a few details for us here: such as the age of you and your wife, and how long you have been married. Do you have children? Also, it is unclear to me what you have in mind for yourself as a future cuckold. Will you be wanting, sooner or later, to watch your wife being fucked by another man---of her choice of course. Considering one aspect of the dildo play you say you are having with your wife, do you want to 69 her from underneath and lick her clit and the cock of her lover while fucks her from behind? Do you think she would be more attracted to a man younger than you? In mutual fantasies does your wife openly express the sort of romantic and physical attributes she would want her lover to possess? Would you or she want her lover to bareback her? Do you consider yourself to be in any way bisexually inclined? Approximately how old would you want her lover to be, and what body-type and physique and personality would you yourself prefer him to have? Finally, how do you think you would handle your wife's falling in love with or becoming dependent on a particular lover who satisfies her erotic and emotional and physical sexual needs better and more often than you do? Have you raised any or all of the above important points with your wife?
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  14. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for replying with great questions. My wife is 37 and I'm 39, we've been married for 11 years and have a 4 year old son. Yes I would be wanting to watch her being fucked by someone of her choice. We have done 69 fucking her with the dildo as I was licking her pussy at the same time. Whilst I was licking her pussy, my tongue also brushed up against the dildo also without intending but it didn't seem to bother me. She would be attracted to a man who has charm and charisma, I don't think it matters how old they are whether they're younger or older. She hasn't mentioned what type of person she'd be attracted to yet maybe because she hasn't pictured it properly. I would prefer her lover to be bareback but for first times condoms would be advisable. I don't consider myself bisexual as it doesn't appeal to me, although I want to be submissive to my wife only and do whatever she says. For me body types and physique is not overly important. My wife had mentioned about what if she fell in love with her lover, this was one things she believes that is putting her off the idea. For me what is important is that we have an agreement, she is free to do what she wants but in the end of the day still be my wife.

    I know discussing these topics in the heat of passion is easy, but we have discussed this after she came with open mind. That's where I thought this may go further than I think.

    Let me know what you think.
  15. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    The detail you have supplied is interesting and helpful, thank you Bukkuk. To move safely forward from this point you need, I suggest, to carefully identify your motives. Please correct me if I am in any way wrong on this, but I gather that your motivation in your suggesting and endeavouring to arrange a lover for your wife is twofold: firstly, to experience voyeuristically the erotically intoxicating thrill of seeing close-up another man taking your wife from you (albeit temporarily) and fucking her and deliberately inseminating her; and secondly, to provide her with the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure of a depth and intensity you feel you are unable ensure for her through matrimonial sex. I know only too well the intense, almost disorienting excitement and angst that grip a husband when he begins putting his originally secret erotic agenda into action and is faced with the prospect of his wife falling in love with a man who can easily and regularly satisfy her sexually when her husband believes, as it seems you believe, he has been failing to. I just warn you, there is no further mental preparation or other precaution that can protect one against the initially shocking if not terrifying realisation that in the throes of being fucked to orgasm by a man not you, your wife has more than likely lost consciousness of even your existence, let alone the love you vainly hope still binds her to you. Depending on how well her lover fucks her, your wife will almost certainly secretly crave repeat experiences of such erotic and mindless abandonment with him, and perhaps in the arms of other men, causing your marriage to morph from a cosy sexual arrangement into something of a nightmare in which you feel utterly and permanently on the outer. In urging your wife into the arms of another man you will have freed her from any true commitment to you, and you will never ever regain her total erotic attention. Such is Woman.
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  16. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    I understand where your coming from. But at this time I know I can satisfy my wife. She cums at least 3 times with me. My size seems to be big enough for her although I'm the only man she's been with. She wouldn't want one night stands and would want to be attracted to the guy first. I understand why she would want that as the sex wouldn't mean anything if its just with some random guy. Of course if it's a regular lover than what can you do to stop their emotions. It seems to me that it comes with the lifestyle sometimes and if you want to go down that path as consenting adults we have to take full responsibilities of our actions. Those throes of being fucked and not thinking about anything else even her husband is an incredible thought that excites me to no end. No wannabe cuckold will ever be prepared for the real thing, but they would need to be responsible and make sure the decision they chose was their own. If I want to go down this road I will need to make sure that it can come with consequences.

    For me at the end of the day, I want to be submissive and pleasure her otherwise it's not going to work.

    Michael, you sound like someone with experience. Can you give me some insight to what you've been through. Much appreciated.
  17. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    1. Deep down, Bukkuk, every true cuck wants his wife to fall in love with another, physically superior and preferably very handsome younger supple-bodied better-hung man with brimming balls and plenty of stamina, and to watch the beautiful sex that comes from that and get off on her being deeply and totally satisfied by him. Only if she is in deeply love with him (and not you) can she be sexually properly fulfilled by him. Your wife will love you for your allowing it, but will never love you the way she loves him. And you don't actually want her to, ever again. Ask yourself, Bukkuk, will watching her fall in love with him turn you on? Gradually, then massively and numbingly? Think again about that terrible aloneness you are going to feel when you imagine or see or overhear your wife totally giving herself over to him heart and mind and body and endlessly craving his beautiful body and kisses and cock and you know that his cum is spurting thickly and warmly and copiously into her as the full length and girth of his vigorously jerking orgasmically inthrust huge erection deliciously stretches her clasping love-lips and vagina and she convulses helplessly beneath his jolting body and milks him of the very last drop of his long-held load of cum and her hands are clasping his clenching bum and she is loving him to his very hilt for the incredible pleasure he is giving her. That's the ultimate aphrodisiac for you, isn't it. So just admit it and enjoy it. Life is too short to be small, or stunted by false modesty and timidity and denial of what you actually love and frantically turns you on. Believe me, you will never rejoice and agonize and masturbate as satisfyingly to anything more erotic than watching your wife being pleasured to the hilt by a younger and sexier and more skilfull lover with whom she is breathlessly in love. If he lets you watch while he is fucking her, try kissing her, murmuring into her mouth how much you still love her, and approvingly stroke his strong back and waist and bum, and perhaps his balls and deep-thrusting cock if he wants you to. And if he does, don't be afraid to press two fingers up against that muscular bulge up behind his balls when he is coming to orgasm then ejaculating into her. Feeling his fuck-thickened root throbbing and pulsing potently as he spurts his load long, hard and deeply into the back of your ecstatic wife's deeply-stretched vagina will thrill you to the very core of your male being. From my reading of your posts here, Bukkuk, I sense you are very horny indeed to see your wife being sent to Sex Heaven by another man. You come across to me as psycho-sexually remarkably like several husbands whose wives I have bulled. I loved it a lot when one of them profusely thanked me while his well-fucked wife lay still panting in my arms. So, Bukkuk, when your loving wife has had her fill of her hotly-desired lover and is lying totally sated beneath him, her passionately fuck-deepened vagina and gaping cervix both brim-filled with his semen, do remember to give him a heartfelt "Thank You", even if your own lusting mind and body too--along with your wife's--has been completely blown by the love-making you have so eagerly just witnessed. We lovers of other men's wives like to feel suitably appreciated by an occasional watching husband too from time to time you know. Nothing draws me back to a wife quite as strongly as the openly-expressed heartfelt gratitude of her husband for the way I have loved her in his sight. Manners maketh the Man Bukkuk.
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