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Step daughter got nailed

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by gatorrdw, May 15, 2018.

  1. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    My twice divorced 30 year old step daughter, had 2 kids to first husband and left kids with grandparents. Few years go by after 2nd divorce she is playing the field dating a few different men current boyfriend brings around his black friend. The 3 of them get high and the boyfriend crashes out and the black friend hits on her and starts nailing her. They live in first floor apartment and 2nd floor tenet texts me that her neighbors downstairs are making too much noise.

    I drove over and parked close to apartment building and it's a warm summer evening and I guess because they were high they didn't realize that the windows were open and I could clearly hear my step daughters voice and she is wailing and moaning about how big his black cock is and that she's never had anything that big. I took a look in the front window (curtains wide open) and they are on the floor and she is on her elbows and knees and he is crouched behind her on his feet and just pounding away on her. I didn't have any reason to interrupt them at this point so I went back over to my car and after quite some time I heard him say that he was cumming and my step daughter telling him to fill her up.

    I waited a little longer and then texted her and said that the neighbors were complaining that there was loud music playing and would she turn it down. She texted back OK-will do. I drove on down main street to the local tavern and had a beer and about 1/2 hour later went back up and he was doing her again missionary on the couch, she wasn't being as loud this time I guess that she was able to handle his size better the 2nd time. I listened to him fuck her for about 25-30 minutes until he pumped another load into her and then I went back home to her mother and said that she had the music up too loud but that she had turned it down. I figured that it was up to her daughter to tell her mother that she had been railed by a big cocked black guy.

    I went to the apartment building the next day around noon and her boyfriend had went to work and the she introduced his friend to me as he was still there. Anyone else get to see or hear their step daughter getting their ass nailed by a well hung black guy? GTR
  2. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    As a follow-up, my step daughter would tell me everything whenever I would ask. She often wouldn't tell her mother some of the things she had been doing. About a week had went by and the black friend had left, I told her that I had come over to the apartment due to a loud noise complaint and that's when she told me that they had got high and that her boyfriend had crashed out and his black friend had hit on her and she was "horney" and things just went crazy from there. I told her that I had heard her telling him his cock was too big and she said that he had a hard time getting it in and that he was long and really thick.

    She also told me that he stayed for about a week and he fucked her every day after her boyfriend went to work, always right after he left in the morning and again in the afternoon before her boyfriend got home. She also said that the boyfriend usually had her after they would got to bed at night and he never said anything about how "wet" she was. She wanted to know if I had told her mom and I told her that if she wanted her mother to know she would have to tell her herself.

    I asked her if she would have sex with her boyfriend's black friend and she said that she probably would. GTR

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