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Sometimes I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Discussion in 'Chastity' started by surfrider, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    While At work today I texted my wife asking her to text me something sexy. She text me back and told me to stop and leave her alone, I'm trying to work.
    Not me I had to keep on texting and teasing her.
    She came back and said, I just sucked your little dick and let you fuck me last night now this.

    Which really is treat for me, I don't get to fuck her very often, she usually makes me jerk off in front of her.

    As soon as you get home put your cage on, get the red paddle out and lay it on the bed because I'm going to need it a soon as I get home. I hope you enjoyed last night because it's going to be awhile before your dicklet is unlocked.

    FUCK! When am I gonna learn to keep my mouth shut. FML.
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  2. ffred

    ffred Active Member

    Very nice answer! Keep us informed. We would like to know what`s going on.
  3. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    Well it had the desired effect didn't it? your lucky my wife doesn't check her phone when at work and she doesn't do ex texting either
  4. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    Update, went to bed that night the wife came in and had me take off cage, she stroked my cock for awhile and had me on the edge. Then everything changed, her whole attitude changed 180 degrees from this sexy sensual woman to a very strict scorned woman.
    She told me stand up and bend over the bed and to hold on to the foot board and You better not let go. Next came more whacks across my ass than I could count. I started to cry out at one point she told me I better not say a thing or it would be a lot worst, I just lay there afterward whimpering. She then had put my cage back on and sent me to bed. She just let me take my cage off, five days later, after she she made promise in her words to be a "good boy". Yes ma'am I'll be a good boy.
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  5. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update . . she sounds like she enjoys paddling your ass.
  6. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    Lol, yes she does. She enjoys the power exchange.
    The funny thing is she is very submissive , and really enjoys a confident and a bit arrogant man. She only dominates me.
    She told me a story once where she met a guy at a party she was attracted to they got to talking and he flat out told he was going to into the bathroom and she going to follow him and suck his cock, what arrogance, she told me she sucked his cock and swallowed his load. She said it was totally hot and she would have done anything he wanted.
    If I tried anything like that she would laugh in my face and tell me to put my cage on.
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