Some night vision shots of the wife and her bull

Discussion in '"Show Off Your Girl" - Pictures' started by Cuck7786, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I find the erotically black-and-white first night-shot---of your wife hand-guiding her lover's cock into herself---very beautiful indeed. In fact, to use one of my favorite expressions, totally wankworthy.

    Her guiding hand looks so feminine and langorous and, most of all, loving. Just beautiful.


    My young best buddy is my wife's lover and lives with us full-time and almost every night fucks her in our marital bed with me lying beside them. When she doesn't hand- guide his enviably over-sized erection into herself on his opening penetration of her, she delegates the thrilling task to me. And I fucking love it!

    Great shot Cucky :p
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  3. Worth It

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    Smooth! Thanks for the pictures.
  4. gwil1414

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    So erotic. Thanks for posting. Don’t stop.
  5. Cuck7786

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    She hasn't had her bull in almost 2 years. Please someone come fuck the shit out of my wife!!
  6. Worth It

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    Time for her to start dating to find another, preferably long term. You should date prospective lovers/bulls for her together. It would be fun and safer. But remember, no sex on the first date.

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