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    [​IMG] Hi guys I’m looking for EXTREMELY WELL HUNG THICK COCKS to come FUCK my Slutwifelina. Iam her hubby Enzo I LOVE to watch, takes pics, jerks off and lick my wife Lina’s VERY WELL USED pussy and ass ALL CLEAN! BAREBACK ONLY! Guys contact us ASAP. or GUYS PLZ DONT BE SHY!!

    Love Lina & Enzo Fedele

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  2. Worth It

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    She is beautiful and has wonderfully pretty inner labia. How long has she been fucking around? Please give us some background on what she does and what she likes. Also please, can you post a picture or two of her breasts. I believe that they are nice too. Thanks.
  3. Slutwifelina

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    EF34CAC1-CA0A-490B-ADD3-FE356C311E00.jpeg Hi thank you! she’s been fucking other guys since 2003. She dates on average two guys a month and she has two regulars! I like to watch her she has me in a cuckold cage, love to jerk off to her, I love to lick her Pussy, Ass, inner thighs, legs, toes, stockings all CUMMED ON all CLEAN, & take pics. If I lick her clean good enough she will let me out of my cock cage and she will only let me jerk off to her! She tells me her pussy her ass & her mouth are ONLY for her well hung dates and her regulars. I love her for that!
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    Wearing her wedding ring while showing her cunt says so much. You're a lucky guy.
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    E1EDF6F3-FE48-4CF5-A81C-D13C2208287F.jpeg 88798D4D-62D1-4C48-8988-BE6317E5CE5B.gif Hi Thk you, I know!
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    I'd love more pics of her to stroke to.

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