Slutty Girlfriend Blows Boyfriend's Perverted Uncle for Cash

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  1. Sheldon and Sarah met attending college in California and had been dating for about a year when he brought her along to his family reunion back east in New England. They were hanging out in his grandmother’s basement den with Sheldon’s uncle Bob, who was his mother’s brother. Sheldon’s father didn’t like Bob and called him a pervert and a junkman. But Sheldon and his mother suspected that he was just jealous because Bob made more from his recycling business than Sheldon’s father made as a college professor. Sheldon was soon to learn that his father had been partially right about Uncle Bob though… to his immense chagrin.

    “I have good memories of this place,â€￾ said Sheldon, looking fondly around the basement den decorated in rustic new england style with an old plaid couch, wood paneling, and duck decoys on the shelves. “We used to play Magic: the Gathering down here.â€￾

    “You are such a nerd,â€￾ snorted Sarah, laughing and taking a sip of her sloe gin.

    “Yeah, I have good memories of this place too,â€￾ said Bob, reflectively scratching his fat belly though his faded t-shirt. “We used to bring girls down here and dare them to do naughty things.â€￾ He winks suggestively at Sarah and looks body her up and down. Sarah is wearing a short dress and boots with thigh high stockings, leaving the tops of her thighs exposed and Bob’s eyes flick hungrily from her pale thighs to her large breasts, barely contained by the halter top of her revealing dress.

    “What sort of naughty things?â€￾ asked Sarah with a giggle. She noticed Bob’s interest in her body and smiled inwardly, squaring her shoulders to make her boobs jut out a bit more. It amused her that a fat, old, sloppy man like Bob would take such an obvious interest in her.

    “Oh, you know,â€￾ chuckles Bob, “We would play spin the bottle or maybe dare them to take their clothes off and fool around in the closet.â€￾ He pauses to gaze at Sarah’s breasts again. “I would have liked to have a girl as good looking as you to play with back in those days,â€￾ he said, gripping his crotch suggestively.

    “Ok, wow,â€￾ laughs Sheldon. “Take it easy there, Uncle Bob.â€￾ He was starting to understand why his father called Bob a pervert. Sheldon hadn’t seen this side of him before.

    “Sorry boy,â€￾ says Bob, as he continues to fondle himself and ogle Sarah’s body. “But Sarah is just such a beautiful damn girl.â€￾

    “Oh stop it,â€￾ laughs Sarah, blushing. She didn’t take Bob seriously, but it was always flattering to be complimented, even by a dirty old man. Sheldon was a bit annoyed at her reaction. She was obviously pleased by the attention.

    “Why do you let her dress like that?â€￾ demanded Bob with an evil grin. “With those slutty boots, and her boobies hanging out, of course men are going to look.â€￾

    Sheldon rolled his eyes in exasperation, not knowing where to begin. “First of all, Uncle Bob, this is the 21st century and we aren’t from a trailer park. My girlfriend doesn’t ask my permission to wear an outfit.â€￾

    “Besides, he likes it when I dress a little slutty,â€￾ said Sarah looking at Sheldon fondly. “If I wasn’t a little sexually aggressive, we wouldn’t have ever gotten together. He’s shy around girls.â€￾

    “Really?â€￾ asked Bob with furrowed brow, taking a slurp of beer. ‘I never had that problem.â€￾

    “Yeah, I’ll bet,â€￾ responded Sheldon with a tight smile. Then he loosened up as he remembered how he and Sarah first met. “I am confident in my academics, but not with women. I have trouble reading the signals they send. I never know if they are attracted to me or not. Luckily, Sarah just came over and plopped right into my lap at a party.â€￾

    “No mixed signals there, huh?â€￾ said Sarah with a smile, touching Sheldon on the arm.

    “I wouldn’t mind it if you came over and sat in my lap,â€￾ said Bob, patting the faded thighs of his old jeans suggestively as he sat in a leather club chair, facing Sheldon and Sarah together on the couch.

    “Omigod, you uncle is such a dirty old man,â€￾ squealed Sarah with a laugh, addressing Sheldon but shooting Bob a sly look out of the corner of her eye and cocking a shoulder at him coquettishly.

    “I had heard that, actually,â€￾ mumbled Bob nervously. He was really uncomfortable with how much Sarah was enjoying the attention from his disgusting uncle.

    “Ahh, don’t listen to what your father says about me,â€￾ said Bob, frowning and waving his hand dismissively. “There is good money in garbage. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid just because I’ve chosen a dirty business.â€￾ Then he shook his head and said, “But speaking of money, how much can I offer you to come sit on my lap, little lady?â€￾

    “Are you kidding?â€￾ blurted out Sarah, amazed at Bob’s audacity. “I’m not a prostitute!â€￾ she exclaimed with a grin, putting her arm around Sheldon to comfort him.

    “Now, now, don’t get offended and start throwing that word around,â€￾ said Bob, making calming gestures with his hand. “Look at it this way, who pays for dinner when you and Sheldon go out?â€￾

    “Well he does,â€￾ she said hesitantly. “But he’s my boyfriend…â€￾ She stopped and gazed over at Sheldon affectionately, “Also, he’s young and smart and good looking.â€￾

    “Sure,â€￾ said Bob, rubbing his hands together. “And you would go out with him even if he made you pay.â€￾

    “Of course,â€￾ said Sarah, less sure of herself. Sheldon didn’t like the direction this conversation was going, but he didn’t know what to say.

    “Yeah, you might be a 21st century couple, but you would think less of him if he didn’t have the cash to take you out,â€￾ said Bob, nodding his head knowingly. “And you might even be thinking of his future prospects. A smart guy like him is sure to make a good buck… If he doesn’t get sucked into academia like his father did.â€￾

    “Now hold on!â€￾ objected Sheldon hotly. “Dad’s considered the top researcher in his field.â€￾

    “I know, son, I know,â€￾ said Bob soothingly. “I am just saying that women do take money into consideration when they choose who to bestow their affection on.â€￾ He held up his hands to forestall Sheldon’s objection. “Of course, society forces them to. They get paid less than men for the same work after all.â€￾

    “Alright, so he is basically saying that we all have our price,â€￾ said Sarah turning to Sheldon with a devilish smile. “And he wants to know how much I will take to go sit on the lap of an overweight, grey balled, slob of an old man.â€￾

    “Not to put too fine a point on it,â€￾ agreed Bob with a friendly laugh, totally unfazed by her playful insults.

    “Don’t encourage him,â€￾ laughed Sheldon nervously.

    “I take money to wait on tables, don’t I?â€￾ teased Sarah. “That’s unpleasant too.â€￾

    “It won’t be unpleasant, darling,â€￾ said Bob, patting his lap again.

    “Oh God,â€￾ exclaimed Sheldon. “Don’t even joke about that.â€￾

    “Ok, how about $200?â€￾ asked Sarah with a twinkle in her eye, giving her shoulders a playful shimmy. “That’s what I make in a night at the restaurant.â€￾

    “That’s fair,â€￾ said Bob, licking his lips as he stared at Sarah’s jiggling cleavage. He grunted with effort as he leaned forward and extracted his wallet from his back pocket. He pulled out two crisp one hundred dollar bills and waived them at Sarah with an impish grin.

    Even Sheldon had to break out laughing at the expression on his uncle’s face. “Who carries that much money around?â€￾ he demanded, shaking his head in surprise.

    “I do,â€￾ said his uncle with a shrug. “You never know when an attractive business deal will come along. People are surprisingly swayed by the sight of cold hard cash and will often sell for less than they would otherwise.â€￾

    “Uh, huh,â€￾ said Sheldon nervously. “Like you want my girlfriend to…â€￾

    “Perhaps,â€￾ responded Bob with a toothy grin, waving the money at Sarah.

    “Oh, come on honey,â€￾ said Sarah standing up and facing Sheldon. “I will take $200 to sit on your uncle’s lap. He’s being a bit pervy about it, but it’s not really a big deal, after all.â€￾

    “Yeah…â€￾ said Sheldon, rubbing his head nervously.

    Sarah saw his hesitation, but just shrugged and headed over and sat down in Bob’s lap, snatching the money away playfully and tucking it into her bra. He responded by wrapping his arms around her eagerly.

    “That a girl,â€￾ he said encouragingly. “Oh, you are just a little slip of a thing. Light as a feather.â€￾ Bob put his hands on her thighs and started rubbing them. “Ooh, you have nice soft skin, too.â€￾

    “Omigod, Bob, you are really going for it, huh?â€￾ laughed Sarah, grabbing his hands and pulling them from her thighs. Her face flushed red with excitement. She was embarrassed to feel a tingle of arousal as the dirty old man put his hands on her.

    “Now darling, I paid for this sit, nice and proper. Don’t be stingy about it,â€￾ coaxed Bob, running his hand over her round rump enthusiastically.

    “You are like an octopus,â€￾ said Sarah, slapping his hand away playfully, but then she gave a little start as she felt something stiffen under her bottom. “Holy cow, are you popping a boner?â€￾ she asked incredulously.

    “Feel that, did you?â€￾ he asked, wagging his eyebrows at her lewdly.

    “Christ, Bob, cut it out, will you?â€￾ demanded Sheldon with exasperation. He was truly annoyed that Sarah seemed more intrigued than upset to be perched on top of his uncle’s stiffy.

    “Ah, don’t be such a spoil sport,â€￾ chided Bob. Then he turned to Sarah and reached out to pull her top open and peek down the front of her dress. “How much to show my your boobs, sweety?â€￾ he asked.

    Sarah slapped his hand away again and looked over at Sheldon with chagrin. “What a pervert!â€￾ she exclaimed in amazement. “Why didn’t you warn me about this guy?â€￾ But she couldn’t hide the little smile on her lips and Sheldon could tell she was actually enjoying the kinkiness of the situation.

    “$500?â€￾ he asked suggestively.

    “Are you serious?â€￾ asked Sarah, impressed by the number. She wriggled her rear back and forth and felt Bob’s prick pressing into her butt insistently.

    “You can feel how hard I am, lass,â€￾ gasped Bob, turning red as Sarah shifted her rear on his lap. “You know I’m serious.â€￾

    “Ok, come back and sit over here,â€￾ said Sheldon to Sarah in disgust. “This is ridiculous.â€￾

    “Come on Sheldy, $500 isn’t chump change. We could split it,â€￾ said Sarah, pulling the straps of her dress down over her shoulders but holding it up to keep her breasts covered. “I’ll just flash them for a second.â€￾

    “Not for $500!â€￾ squawked Bob indignantly. “I want a good long look.â€￾ He tugged gently at her hands and her top came down, and her generous breasts came spilling out, the two hundreds fluttered from her bra onto the floor.

    “Look at those knockers!â€￾ exclaimed Bob in admiration as Sarah shook them for him provocatively.

    “Are you getting off on this, Sheldy?â€￾ she asked innocently, pinching her hard pink nipples distractedly.

    “What?â€￾ he gasped. “No, of course not. I am just worried that someone will come down here and see you like that.â€￾ But he had to admit that his own penis was stiffening at the sight of his girlfriend baring her breasts for his uncle.

    Bob reached out boldly and grabbed one of Sarah’s bare boobs but she slapped his hand playfully away again. “No!â€￾ she said coyly. “You can look but not touch.â€￾ Her cheeks were flushed bright red with excitement and her eyes were flashing with pleasure. She was excited by how naughty she was being.

    “Oh you minx,â€￾ he chuckled. “You’ve got my boner as hard as a rock. You feel that?â€￾ he asked pulling her against him forcefully.

    “Oh my god, I feel it alright,â€￾ she laughed. “But where is my $500?â€￾

    “Get down and I will get it out,â€￾ he said, sliding her off his lap deftly so that she ended up on her knees before him.

    “Hey,â€￾ she exclaimed in surprise and tried awkwardly to rise.

    “No, no, you are fine there, lass,â€￾ he said putting his hand on her shoulder and standing before her. She stayed on her knees and looked up at him expectantly as he pulled out more bills. Sheldon just stared in fascination, unable to believe this was happening and surprised at how aroused he was. “Here’s $1,500,â€￾ said Bob, handing her a thick wad of bills as he unzipped his fly and pulled his pants down. His small, crooked penis came popping out and slapped Sarah in the cheek.

    “Holy Fuck, Bob, are fucking serious?â€￾ yelped Sheldon in shock, jumping to his feet but unsure of how to proceed.

    Bob ignored Sheldon and put his cock up against Sarah’s mouth. “There you go, dear. You know what to do,â€￾ he coaxed.

    Sarah pulled away slightly but gazed at his dong in fascination. “Ugh, your pubes are all grey,â€￾ she said with distaste.

    “Ah well, if I was young and good looking, you wouldn’t need to be getting $1000 more to suck it,â€￾ sighed Bob wistfully.

    “True,â€￾ Sarah said thoughtfully, reaching up to grab Bob’s crooked penis.

    “Sarah!â€￾ exclaimed Sheldon in shock and embarrassment. “How could you?â€￾

    She looked over at him as she jerked Bob’s cock and noticed the lump in Sheldon’s trousers. “Oh Sheldy, you can’t be jealous of this gross old thing,â€￾ she laughed with a devilish smile. “Besides, look at the tent you are pitching. I think you are getting off on this too. I have to admit, it’s pretty kinky to give your uncle a quick hummer for a thousand bucks.â€￾

    “But…â€￾ objected Sheldon, then he trailed off as he watched Sarah wrap her mouth around Bob’s member while looking Sheldon in the eye with an arched brow.

    “Ahh yeah!â€￾ shouted Bob as he started thrusting his cock in and out of Sarah’s mouth.

    “Easy, old man!â€￾ laughed Sarah, gagging slightly. “You are going to choke me with this crooked little thing.â€￾ Then she started sucking fitfully on Bob’s penis while Sheldon looked on with a mix of horror and titillation. His stomach churned with jealousy, and his pits were soaked with anxiety, but his cock was standing stiffly at attention. For her part, Sarah was enjoying Bob’s stiff little prick. She doubted it would do much for her if he fucked her with it, but it was easy to manage for a blowjob, fitting easily into her mouth.

    Just then Sheldon’s father came down the stairs. “What’s all the shouting down here?â€￾ he called as he entered the den. “Holy mother of God! What the bloody hell?â€￾

    “Hello, Jim,â€￾ said Bob sheepishly with his cock stuck into Sarah’s mouth. She leaned forward to catch her balance and her boobs brushed against his thigh which pushed him over the edge. Bob gasped with pleasure and started coming in Sarah’s mouth. She gagged again, and he pulled out, spurting a few anemic dribbles of semen onto her face and down onto her breasts.

    Sheldon’s dad rushed up to Bob and punched him smartly in the mouth. “You goddamn molester. I always knew you were a pervert!â€￾ he shouted as Bob clapped his hand over his fat lip in shock. Sheldon’s dad punched Bob on the side of the head and Bob fell right over, hobbled by having his pants down around his knees. Jim started kicking Bob angrily while he was down and Sarah kneeled there, bare chested, covered in cum, stunned at this turn of events. Sheldon rushed forward to pull his father away when his mother and a bunch of other family members came down the stairs.

    Everyone started shouting at once and a couple of men came forward to help Sheldon pull Jim away from Bob. However, they paused to stare at Sarah’s gorgeous pale orbs, her pink nipples glistening with cum.

    “Pull your top up, dear,â€￾ encouraged Sheldon’s mother, helping Sarah to her feet.

    Sarah came to her senses and pulled her top up then ran off up the stairs, weeping with shame.

    Sheldon’s mother was loudly demanding an explanation. His father was swearing at Bob and struggling to get at him. His other uncles were either holding Jim back or helping Bob get his trousers back up. His cousins were tittering and smirking at each other. Thinking quickly, Sheldon discretely scooped up the $1,700 from the floor and slipped away, passing his grandmother on the stairs as she went down to announce that there was pie and ice cream for everyone to come eat.

    He found his girlfriend in the driveway, hair disheveled, gazing at him miserably with tear stained cheeks.

    “I’m so sorry, Sheldy,â€￾ she said, her eyes pleading for forgiveness.

    His heart melted at the sight of her and he threw a protective arm around her. “Come along, slutty,â€￾ he told her affectionately. “Let’s go spend some of your ill-gained earnings.â€￾ Then he hastened her down the street, away from his grandmother’s house and all the roiling confusion that they had left in their wake.

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