Size does matter according to new study.

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    (Accidental duplicate post deleted.)
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  2. veryold

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    This is exactly what my wife said.
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    Audrey orgasms easily, both vaginally and clitorally, and has proudly told me that she has never fucked a man and hasn't been able to cum on his dick. (She says it's a woman's responsibility to make her own orgasms.) Oral she likes mostly on her clit. Whether she's fucking me or another guy, it's the same: Audrey enjoys slow and deep, also hard and deep, but what really puts her into outer space is a penis head playing at the entrance of her vagina - almost coming out then going back in about a quarter of the way. If a guy wants to Audrey happy, he learns to do this on command.

    BTW, the guys Audrey fucks now and I are all very average, although she says she's had much bigger and much smaller. The most important thing to Audrey is being in an FFM situation with another couple, or us and her girlfriend.
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    I can accept - my wife does not agree.
  5. smallestcock

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    As someone with a tiny cock, I admit that size is important to my wife.

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