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sissification and cuckolding

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by sissyslavejamie, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. sissyslavejamie

    sissyslavejamie New Member

    To me, for a sissy sissification and cuckolding go hand in hand. Being a sissy helps deepen my submission to my Mistress Wife. It helps me feel girlier - less than a man. Her submissive boyfriend in turn seems more masculine and adopts more the role of Her lover. Having enforced chastity (verbal for now) helps me feel more feminine. The frustration turns itself into eroticism for me. i concentrate on the needs of my Mistress Wife more and more.

    Am i on track with these ideas? Are there other aspects of being a sissy cuckold you can add?
  2. short_meat

    short_meat New Member

    Were you once the man of the house?

    If you were; you sound like you are going so far in the other direction, you may be endangering your marriage. Do not let your wife lose all respect for what you have become versus where you once were. Of course, if she is happy that she needs not to consider you as an equal partner in life anymore; then you are on the right track. By all means, go for it. If that is not the case; I would be very careful, know her feelings well, and slow things down a little. That's what I would do, if it were me. :eek:

  3. sissyslavejamie

    sissyslavejamie New Member

    Hi, Thank you for your comments

    No, i've never been the man of the house. W/we live in a Femdom oriented or Female led relationship. Her boyfriend is the one i found when She told me to find another bi male to play with. As time went on W/we all found that T/they had more in common. He is the more masculine and i am more feminine. i've been drawn to feminization and enjoy being Her sissy slave. i serve Her D/s needs. He serves Her S/m needs as well as other abilities such as mechanics, yard work, etc.

    sissy girl
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  4. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    No one here can tell you if you are on the right track. Only you and, above all, your Wife can tell that.

    Personally i know i would be a sissy, even if i wasn't cuckolded. One side effect from my dressing up is that my Wife's lover and Bull has taken an interest in me. Not all cucks would be happy about that, but i am...
  5. pleasebk

    pleasebk New Member

  6. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    lol respect? is not such a thing as respect sissy girl is just a sissy as Im, I respect my wife and her lover but my wife never respect me as a man, she tell all her friends in front of me that the reason she married me was because I was a sweet virgin and and easy to control.
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