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Should our best friend be asked to fuck my wife

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by Burto, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Burto

    Burto New Member

    My wife and I are somewhat on the fence with this cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. She really doesn't want to begin with a total stranger or some guy picked up in a bar. Would it be a good move to ask a friend that we have both known for years (single with no current girlfriend) if he would fuck my wife?
    Any pros, cons, or advice?
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    That's the way I'd do it, but the choice should totally be your wife's. Your wife being comfortable, feeling secure, and having fun is the most important thing.

    My wife and I came at it from a different direction. She had her male and female lovers before we met. As our relationship progressed, we decided it would be best for me to meet them. They have become friends and now swap partners.
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  3. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I think it is an excellent idea. The most important thing is that your wife feels safe and happy with what she is doing.
    The easiest way to go about it is probably your wife seducing your friend telling him that you know about it and approve of it. This is what my wife is doing with success. If you watching them is what you are after, I suggest that you wait with that until they have done it a few times and feel comfortable with each other. Then you may raise this option. I imagine especially friends will feel awkward about fucking in front of you.
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Yep, it has to be about her (not you), what she wants and how she wants it, without criticism.

    Great advice. We practice honesty all around. Some like the "thrill" of playing "cheating," but that's not for us.

    Audrey had her lovers before we met and married, so they were already comfortable fucking. We insisted on her lovers, men and women (couples mostly) meeting me. It quickly became friendly and comfortable all around, with me occasionally joining in. Just let your wife move at her own pace, give it time and enjoy the journey.
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  5. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    I would also suggest going down this road, it is how we started but it was my friend that asked if he could seduce my wife, now quite how you broach this subject with him obviously I don't know as you know him better than us. Has he ever shown any interest in her before?
    What do you want from this? to know he has fucked her or to watch or listen as it happens?

    The pros and cons as I see it,
    He could be shocked and say NO you've misread him then loose this friend,
    He could say yes and not be that good putting her off for a long time,
    He could become over familiar, remember as a friend he will have access to your wife, her number etc and should they choose could easily carry this on behind your back, what you think is a one off might turn out not to be, as happened with me,
    He could do this and decide he likes it and then commence pestering you or your wife for more,
    It will alter your friendship more than you can imagine yes I written this twice, it can go both ways, another friend became a pain always wanted to bag my wife, in his mind she became an easy lay,

    In theory he is secure or is he?
    It could be arranged in the comfort of your own home so time isn't important,
    A biggie obviously you know him setting rules shouldn't be too difficult,
    You should be able to openly discuss this with him,
    It will alter your friendship more than you can imagine, bringing you all closer together, my best friend has fucked my wife twice and years later we are all still very close, his now wife has commented to mine how her husband thinks the world of her, little does she know why, occasionally even now my wife will tease him.

    And so the list goes on all I would say as a cuck over 30+ years is be careful.
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  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Broaching the subject with him is easy: when you all three are comfortable, your wife slowly comes on to him and you say it's OK, that you're flattered. It's a rare guy who would turn it down. As for you watching, listening, participating, it all goes back to what your wife wants and would enjoy.

    A couple of thoughts: With my wife, she's always in control and decides what happening when. No one would pester her for long. As with any new toy, they will probably want to play with each other often at first. You want this too, so enjoy whatever you get - to watch, MFM, or just sloppy seconds. Does your friend have a girlfriend, or at least a fuck buddy? That will determine how often he wants to fuck your wife.

    My wife determines when and where, and sets the rules. (There are no rules other than she gets what she wants.) You may have the thrill, as I have, of coming home to find your wife in bed with another man, or woman.

    Only fucked her twice? I'm surprised it was enough for any of you.
    Sounds like the situation may still have other possibilities...
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  7. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    She allowed him twice, she didn't think he was that good to be fair and just after he introduced us to his new girlfriend now his wife so my wife said we needed to stop with him. She agreed that we should look elsewhere and soon she had another chap. As I've said we remain very good friends. The naughtiness is still there occasionally, I took her out wearing her 100% authentic school uniform and then realised I need to pop into a local store, she wasn't happy obviously saying I am not walking around like this. He lived up the road and after a phone call to confirm he was in and his wife was at work I dropped her off at his for a brew.
    I took my time and soon he rang, don't hurry he said oh I do like S in this uniform her breasts feel so nice, I could hear her giggling and she said where are you he is being naughty. When I did return shortly afterwards she was doing up her shirt and freely admitted as we drove off he had been sucking her breasts, just a little titillation she said.
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  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    "Titillation" indeed. Thank you for the story.
  9. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    I can't give you any advice on this one. I met my wife through mutual friends that had been fucking her for years before one of them introduced us. We have been married for 31 years and some of them have fucked her more than I have.
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  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audrey and I met through a couple where we both worked with one of the spouses. Neither of them were a sex partner, however.

    You're right though about my wife's lovers from the past - some of them have fucked Audrey way more than I have. But she now has most of her sex with me, so I'm catching up.
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  11. mikedebs77

    mikedebs77 New Member

    I arranged my friend to service you wife. He was always round out house. Good looking guy but no commitment so seldom had a steady girlfriend. I knew he found my wife really attractive and would jump at the chance to do her.
    What I wasn’t expecting was that he was incredibly well hung and got my wife hooked on his dick. They still fuck from time to time.
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  12. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    past experience tells me the further you keep this the better things will be.
    more likely to develop issues with someone close or you know then with someone that is simply far away.. Strictly a bull.
  13. skyisblue

    skyisblue New Member

    Yes. That's exactly how we started. We had a longtime friend who got divorced, no current girlfriend. We started out by inviting him over for a home cooked meal once a month or so. Made jokes about sharing her, etc. Wife started going braless, then topless & after a few times invited him to kiss her boobs when leaving.
    All this evolved over a few months time, we wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable & no issues were likely to occur. After a few times, he & I sat on the sofa, undressed, & the wife gave each of us a handjob at same time. Next time he was invited over, we asked him if he would like to join us in the bedroom & he could do the wife if he wanted to. It's now become a regular MMF event every few weeks.
    It's a real turn on seeing him do her, we have lots of laughs & the wife gets to have 2 cocks on a regular basis. Yes, the sloppy seconds is everything I expected it to be, silky smooth, hot & totally erotic.
  14. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    my wife is only looking for men from our circle of friends and acquaintances. So yesterday evening I thought about all possible men wondering who the next one could be and exploring how I would feel about that. I have to admit that I realised that the further away the guys are from being my close friends, the more comfortable I feel about them having sex with my wife.

    However, I would accept anyone my wife chooses and have full confidence in her making it comfortable for me.
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  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Your friend must have had one hell of a boner for those few months.
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  16. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    My wife and I discussed this specific topic before she started with any men. We both agreed that we did not want to include any of our close friends. The closest to enjoy her were a few men that either she or I worked with. Her very first was a construction co-worker of mine that thought she was my sister. Over the years several men she worked with that also thought she was my divorced sister. My boss, but that was a set-up by he and I and he railed the hell out of her young pussy and continued to fuck her brains out once or twice a month for 11 years. One of her bosses became a 2nd husband for 3 years, but he and I weren't friends until he lived with us for a while.
    The only person that could fit as a friend was the black man that the three of us worked part-time together. He and I became friends and she was friendly toward him. I didn't tell him that she was my wife for several months. During those months he would ask me what I knew about her and that he would like to get to know her better if I knew what he meant. I told him I knew what he was saying and that I had heard that she could be had if he played his cards right.
    Finally on a Friday evening as we were working he invited the 2 of us over to his apartment after our shift on Saturday evening. I said I would be glad to come over and my wife's answer was that she would get back to him (she was being coy) because she was really ready for some of his black cock. Later she told him she would only come if I was going to be there. When our shift was over Friday evening he asked me if I was OK with it if he tried to fuck her. Would I leave or hang around, at that point I told him that I would do whatever my wife wants me to do. When the realization hit him he sort of stuttered a little and I told him that she has wanted him almost from the first night she met him and that everything was OK.
    He did get to know her a lot better on Saturday night. She got all 11 inches of his fat, black cock several times that night into the next morning and a week later he moved in as a 2nd husband for her for the next 3 years.
    I filled in some details to truly make my point for why we excluded "close friends", it just seemed like there could be too much drama by involving people that we knew.
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  17. skyisblue

    skyisblue New Member

    Hi Burto, Wondering if you ever managed to make the hotwife fantasy come true? Here's a little more of our experiences with our long time best friend whom we asked to join us. We couldn't be happier on how it's turned out. And, there can be a lot of fun in it for your wife.
    Some of the things my wife likes is having the attention of 2 guys & their full attention to giving her pleasure. We both suck on & play with her tits at the same time (makes her smile). Play a game where she is doggie style on edge of bed, turn out the lights so it's totally dark, take turns doing her doggie where she has to guess who is doing her, taking showers all together & all soaping up & rubbing together, spit-roasting, us both laying on our backs, her doing "cowgirl" taking turns switching on us every few minutes, same with her in missionary style, us taking turns doing her, multiple orgasms, etc. It's all laid back, moving slowly & taking our time, no rush. Most importantly, lots & lots of laughs & jokes while we're playing. Her pleasure is our pleasure.
    On the cuckold side, my turns on are seeing her fucked, her sucking his cock knowing how it feels, sitting up in bed holding her while sitting in front of me, legs spread, my fingers holding her pussy lips apart watching him licking or fucking her, holding his cock upright while she sits down on him, him cumming on her nipples & I usually lick it off, etc.
    All this takes place as a 3sum, never individually. Wife never meets him alone, no interest. We're very happily married!!!. Good luck to you.
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  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Every person, every couple has its preferences, but Audrey plays without me, usually with another married couple but sometimes just the wife or husband, and WE are very happily married. The dynamics are different as I can attest having played alone when Audrey is away on business.
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  19. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Very much agreed !!
  20. dickiea584

    dickiea584 Member

    I recently did try to bring up this to my wife with one of my close friend from out of town.She acted a little shy at first & try to ignore the topic but then I found her pussy discharge plenty of juices plus she called me when I was out with him with my speaker on and ask if he was there in front of him as well as sent me a semi nude pic in my phone.So I took it as a yes from her to ask her go out dinner with the 3 of us then as I can see she was super nervous to face him during the dinner unfortunate we only finished it with the dinner but as I observed she did gave him a more than just friendly hug with her both breasts pressed hard toward his chest before we went home.
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