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should i look for bulls for my wife?

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by sandyly, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. sandyly

    sandyly New Member

    I have this hot indian wife. She is 5'4" 36c 135lbs, black hair and eyes, pretty face, nice round ass, natural pussy. We have been in the US for sometime now. Till now she used to dress in traditional indian clothing which used to kinda hide her figure (fleshy at some places like the butt). Of late she has taken to wearing western clothing like jeans shorts and low skirts. I observe that she is attracting increasing stares at the malls. She seems to like the new found attraction. A part of me feels a little jealous but most of me feels great about what the guys/gals might be thinking about her. I can almost visualize them trying to lift up her skirt and peering under the hood for the engine or her having a cock or more in her hands! Is it time for me to start looking for bulls for my wife? It is better than her finding bulls for herself without my knowledge.

    Any ideas from bulls here as to what to do? would prefer white/black/latino bulls for this hot wife
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  2. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    There are many techniques you can use to get her started. My manual details the exact steps you can take. Click on the link in my signature to find out more.

    But here's a freebie... get the waters warm by engaging in some roleplaying fantasies. Have her pretend that you are her "boyfriend" and not her husband, that she is actually having an affair with you. If you roleplay this correctly, you'd be surprised as to what can come up, and how hot it can make you both in the bedroom.

    Of course, you have to gauge and calibrate her responses and go from there with hotwifing and cuckolding. I detail this in my manual as well.
  3. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    On the hunt

    With the white/black/latino requirement, that'll make the task much easier. Natural pussy? I prefer those also. You left out several key items in order to give you any opinion on this matter of search. One would be a more candid description of what your relationship is like up to now? Has she ever cheated, a vigin when married, ever shown any signs of attraction to the opposite sex. (of course you mentioned guys/gals) but let's focus on bulls. Generalizations are often misleading, but being of Indian heritage, it seems those ladies are rather focused on their morals as a group. Perhaps a certain ex-communication from their relatives if infidelity even hinted at. Is family here?

    You can go out as a couple and scope the action if she's interested in confiding in you. I wouldn't reccommend forcing her out alone, you could lose her. How are your circles these days, hobbies, work, the casino, religious gatherings with your buddies. Ever notice a bud with a fondness for her? All these things enter the picture when assessing how to continue. good luck, and keep her in those jeans.

  4. sandyly

    sandyly New Member

    Well, the sex has actually gone down. Maybe I am no longer satisfying her? I dont know but she isnt complaining. I dont suspect anything yet. But who knows! She doesnt have family here and isnt that religious a person. I just notice that she seems to enjoy the attractions of members of both sexes. Maybe it is just that or it could be something more. But the size of the skirt is reducing and what is increasing is the lingerie wear!
    Well all this has me really excited that maybe, just maybe I have a wife ready to spread her legs.
  5. 40dom4cuckcpl

    40dom4cuckcpl New Member


    Talking about it with her is best way.
  6. steviem

    steviem New Member

    i suggest break it to her gently, let her know your innermost desires :)
  7. penischocolatx

    penischocolatx New Member

    I am looking for..cuckold.slut .slave .

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