Should I be a cuck or not?

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Should I be a cuck?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Explore with me

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  2. Dan C

    Dan C Member

    Look: for a normally configured woman, 4 or a skinny 5” is not going to provide optimal coitus. End of discussion. Such a guy may be wonderful in other much more important ways, but the fucking will simply not be great. Obviously, that is not to suggest that enormous is better than big for every or most ladies, and anyone who’s ever discussed this with a woman knows that girth is probably as or more important than length. But if a guy is small to average in endowment, he shouldn’t kid himself that a bigger/right-sized man (with stamina) won’t show his gal a much better time when it comes to the old in and out. In basketball they say you can’t teach height...
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  3. michael1987

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    After 4-plus years of seeing and hearing my best buddy bare-backing my wife nightly beside me in our bed, I totally agree with you Dan---on all points, especially the girth and stamina ones. That said, my buddy's enviable one-and-a half inch cock-length advantage over me has by itself always placed him way ahead of me in the satisfaction stakes with my beautifully besotted wife. As has his superb young Afro-American physique, his desperately sexy suppleness and natural athleticism----not to mention his being 6'4" inches in un-teachable height.

    His advantages over me abound, and I admit that I love them almost as much as my wife does.

    Of course, young Dan, I have to agree with my wife and say your solid-looking un-cut cock is pretty beautiful too :p
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  4. Explore with me

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    ohh god gasp!!!!!!!!!!!! gulp
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  5. Dan C

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    No, let’s be honest: it’s definitely both. If you’re packing 9” and the “bull” has 5, it’s not gonna work, no matter how macho Mr Shortie tries to act.

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