She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull

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    Sometimes you have fantasies and it’s hard to understand why you have them or exactly what they mean. More and more these past few months, some key impulses have been recurring for me.

    Back when Mimi first started hotwifing, it was a thrill for us both. I loved her becoming slutty, and she loved the excitement of ‘breaking Society’s rules’ and the variety of new and different sex partners. With Kevin, and now Doug, both men she had relationships beyond just occasional sex (Kevin the precursor to her having a BDSM top, and Doug has been her top for over a year and a half now) it grew from just some fun sex games to thoroughly exploring her sexual appetites.

    Doug has gone on an amazing journey with her, allowing her to indulge in some very dark fantasies, including rape (staged/fantasy); sexual slavery; prostitution (actual), and layers of misogyny (or at least sexual objectification) where she is a sexual toy for her part-time boss (also her BDSM top). For her it’s become an indulgent adventure, free of judgement or the boundaries of social puritanism. Both were BDSM beginners and, while he liked the idea of a woman at his sexual beck and call, he had little idea what path to trail blaze with her. He also respected that she was married, the discretion it required (he thinks I don’t know of her infidelity) and the trust she placed in him. She provided input and guidance to Doug regarding what direction she wanted to take. After consulting with me, she, over time, provided him the ‘laundry list’ of what she wanted to explore. Knowing the goals, Doug then had to provide the means, and she did help him with some of that, as well. The talked, agreed and moved forward, occasionally having ‘checkpoint’ discussions about how things were progressing.

    She has a deep desire to be subservient to men (she’s admitted that she’s had these feelings since her youth), and relishes prostituting herself (to a very select and safe group of men, not just anyone); being Doug’s ‘sexcretary’ (she works out of his home part-time as his Personal Assistant); and being a trophy wife/slut. Her fetishes include cheating (simply engaging in the taboo of adultery intensely turns her on); necrophilia (staged/fantasy); taphophilia (cemetery sex); bestiality/canophilia; and father/daughter incest (no attraction to her actual father, but loves the idea of her being the naughty daughter and me being her father). Very rarely, she must be in the right mood, she wants a golden shower. Doug has, over time, become more comfortable indulging her in this, but he admits this was one of the weirder fantasies of hers and he must also be in the right frame of mind to do it. Mimi and Doug don’t partake in the father/daughter incest fantasy, as she specific focuses on me as ‘daddy’. They’ve also never engaged in cemetery sex. Bestiality is their latest focus, although thus far it is simulated/fantasies.

    Mimi also enjoys being eye candy for men. She’s not fixated with her looks/beauty (she doesn’t primp more than she did in the past, which wasn’t much). It’s just that instead of looking good, she makes sure to look good/sexy, and it’s acknowledged by all parties (her, Doug, and me) that she’s to look hot for all males to enjoy the view.

    Having discussed Mimi’s ‘evolution’ since we entered hotwifing/cuckolding, let me discuss mine. Of the two of us, I was always the (relatively speaking) more conservative one. For example, she was the one who would offer a blowjob driving down the highway. I was the one who thought about getting in trouble with the law, or possibly crashing the car. We indulged in some wild stuff, but she was always more of ‘throw caution to the wind’ person. I always loved her wildness, and I loved when she was slutty. That was a big deal for me when we first started discussing her having sex with other men, and when she finally started. I LOVED having a slutty wife. And as things progressed, the more uninhibited she became, the more I liked it. As she and Doug began exploring, the two of them eroded her inhibitions and all three of us were keen on him ‘taking control’ of her as much as the bounds--of her supposedly being a cheating wife--would allow. He can’t control her all the time, but when they are together he rules her. And some of his preferences (also hers), like her makeup and clothing, became everyday standards, even around me, family and our friends, as prudence allowed. I loved seeing this as well; ways that his commandments to her permeated our ‘real life’.

    During all this Mimi and I recognized the fact that Doug was giving her a sex life I didn’t, of couldn’t (e.g., I can’t prostitute her to business associates, nor can I be a boss who fucks her whoever he likes). We are happy with this, because Doug cannot give her a meaningful, committed emotional relationship. He doesn’t want that and has clearly said so when they talked. Doug is one large part of her life and I’m the other part. Mimi affirms Doug is one-third and I’m the rest. Mimi has, recently, also bade me to begin topping her and exploring with her what she’s explored with Doug. She wants (feasibly) from me what she gets from him. We have been doing that gradually. She appreciates and embraces me treating her like a sex object more in our everyday lives.

    In the past few months I’ve been asking her more often to, while she and I have sex or fool around, exult her exploits with Doug and the other men. She knows I can’t get enough of her being slutty, so she happily fulfills my requests. Someone listening in on us might think she’s doing it to humiliate me, but she does not taunt or make comparisons. She does it in the style of confessions, blaming her ‘moral failings’ for her depraved and unbridled behavior. She sometimes refers to herself as a ‘fallen angel’ (why she picked the avatar I use) and considers me the always-lenient and absolving husband who accepts her flawed and incorrigible ways. When we sincerely discuss our ‘lifestyle’ she says it still sometimes amazes her that I accept her for all her ‘sexually deviant’ predilections. She said she considers herself to be extraordinarily lucky to be married to a husband who accepts her for her unconventionally sexuality. As I tell her, it takes two to tango.

    I also fantasize a lot about Doug so beguiling her, so enslaving her, that her obedience and loyalty to him overrule her love for me. It’s a terrifying and self-destructive fantasy, but extremely erotic, as well. Many husbands on this site have fantasized about a wife disregarding a birthday or wedding anniversary, preferring to spend that ‘special day’ with their bull. Part of me would love for Mimi to spend our anniversary, or my birthday, willingly being Doug’s sex slave. Strangely, I have a burning desire for her to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day being his fuck toy. Fantasies of her strolling around his house in nothing but a red bikini bottom (white fur trim, a la Santa), Santa hat, red thigh highs and black hooker boots are very erotic to me.

    One thing we would like to address in the future (and she is very motivated to do this, since she wants to please me) is arrange for me to be able to watch her have sex with other men. It would have to be via hidden camera, since I’m the ‘unknowing husband’. I very much long to see her completely surrender to other men. To see her focus on them, wholly and passionately, as if I don’t even exist, would be extremely erotic. The video we have of her fucking Doug in our bedroom (during my faux business trip a few weeks back) is very intense, and I love watching it. Seeing Doug coax from her earnest confessions of being a morally corrupt, mindless fuck toy for men and how she relishes it; her desperate affirmations of being his property; and her pledges of obedience, is incredible. And listening to him berate and degrade her for whoring herself and cheating on her husband…Again, it’s just mind-blowing. It’s a convincing show of how great is his dominance over her. Even with the sound off, just watching the way he roughly fucks her is powerful.

    It is still difficult to reconcile the fact that I savor knowing that another man has such power over the woman I love, and she has become instinctively subservient to him.

    Apologies if this was a rather profound, or boring, discourse. It just sort of spilled out of my brain after the events of the last few days.

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    Eric, you guys a a good couple. So enjoy reading how in sync you are. Deanna
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    Apologies; I realized after re-reading my post that I completely omitted any info re the Halloween parties and last weekend. It’s taken me a few days of writing all this…

    Thursday (Oct 27) Mimi arrived at Doug’s and he gave her the ’world tour’; a typical start for their Thursday meets. He then told her he set up lunch meeting for her with William and a friend of his. Back in June, William had proposed Mimi ‘meet’ a few select business associates of his. Doug, after thoughtful deliberation, decided against it. Even before that, Mimi had been gently but steadily petitioning Doug to increase her client list. Her entreaties, after these many months, made him reconsider. Doug explained that this was provisional. If the meeting went well, then, one at a time, they would add clients from William’s list. He’d spoken to William about how arrangements and business (payment) would be handled. Mimi told me she was overjoyed when Doug told her.

    She drove over to William’s workplace where he introduced her to Steven. The three of them went to lunch, so Mimi and Steven could become acquainted. They hit it off well and she gladly provided him her contact info. They returned to William’s workplace where, after Steven left, William took her in the back office and fucked her. When Mimi returned to Doug’s he called a ‘Geneva Convention’ to discuss the meeting and how she was inclined to proceed. She reported that the meeting went well, and that Steven seemed very nice. Driving back, he had already messaged her about scheduling an appointment.

    [Thanks to Mimi for giving me a very detailed account of Friday night, which I can provide one to you…]

    Friday AM Mimi put together her vampire costume: a patterned, but basically sheer, black button down shirt; red lacy balconette bra; red waist cincher; black mini-length petticoat; high-cut black panties (since the sheer petticoat would be flashing some ass, and she didn’t want to get arrested); black fishnets stockings; and red hooker boots. She arrived at the townhouse around 4PM to help decorate, wearing cutoff jeans and a little camisole sans bra. Kwan and Logan were nearly done, so she helped them finish up and then joined them for a burger run. While Mimi had gotten the guys comfortable enough to use her first name and stop treating her like a matron, there was still that social glass wall between ‘kids’ and ‘adult’.

    To describe the three-level townhouse, it was built in 2002 and Doug bought it in the spring for a song. He completely remodeled it; all new bathrooms, kitchen and flooring throughout. The ground floor is the entry, a small study (Kwan’s) and a rec room that accesses the back yard. The second story has the living room w/ fireplace, powder room and large eat-in kitchen that accesses the huge desk. On the third floor is the master bedroom with bath, two bedrooms, and a hall bath. Kwan has the master bedroom/bath, while Logan has a bedroom with a door to the hall bath. The third bedroom is Logan’s study. It’s a great setup for two people.

    After dinner, they all went to get into costume. Logan had zombie makeup to apply, so Kwan let Mimi use his bath’s vanity to do her makeup. Halfway done, she heard Kwan call for her somewhat urgently. Thinking there was a problem, she immediately went to Logan’s bathroom. Expecting some sort of mess, she first looked at the floor, then the vanity. Both were clean. Everything seeming well, she asked ‘what’s the problem?’ Both the boys just stood there for a moment, speechless. Then Kwan began to haltingly explain that Logan thought his makeup looked bad, despite Kwan’s reassurances, so Kwan had called Mimi for a second opinion. While he was talking, Mimi caught her reflection in the vanity mirror and realized why the guys were acting odd. Being naked around men was second nature to her, so the boys seeing her in a (sheer) bra and panties was (to her) no big deal. She laughed about it, telling me My porn tits made quite an impression on them.’

    Ignoring the fact the guys were getting an eyeful (she was, after all, legally indecent), she examined Logan’s zombie makeup, pointed out a couple areas that needed more coverage and started applying it for him. She told me Kwan backed out of the crowded bathroom, into the hallway, but she could see him in the mirror checking her out from behind. Logan, with his head tilted down (Mimi is considerably shorter than Logan and Kwan) was basically staring down at her tits while she sponged his face. After some touch ups and mirror checks, Logan was happy with the results. Mimi playfully told him that he owed her a dance later and he happily agreed, then went to finish getting ready.

    Kwan followed Mimi back into his bedroom, thanking her for helping Logan. As she went to finish her makeup, he pulled out his costume out of his closet and prepared to change. He poked his head in the bathroom and asked if she minded if he changed in the bedroom and she replied ‘of course not’. He didn’t close the bathroom door, but she couldn’t see him anyway. After she finished her makeup and put in her FX contacts, she announced ‘coming in’, heard him respond ‘OK’, and then entered to get her costume. While he was finishing his Sonny Crockett outfit, complete with pastel clothes, badge, shoulder holster and fake pistol, she put on her stockings, petticoat, shirt, waist cincher and boots. She noticed him watching her in his mirror as he played with his holster and gun. She stuck in her fangs, put on her mask and asked him ‘what do you think?’ He gave her a good eyeing and said she was terrific, remarking that the red contacts and fangs were awesome.

    Guests started showing around 7PM and by 9PM the place townhouse was full (about 40 people) and the beer was flowing. Mimi had expected a party that looked like something out of the movie Animal House. But the only real problem that night was a guy that got too hands-on with a girl who was saying ‘no’. A couple other guys, to their credit, backed Mimi up and helped her expel the jerk. The kids had fun dancing, playing games and hanging out. Mimi told me that most of the girls were wearing ‘slutty’ costumes, so she didn’t look out of place. She joked she DID have the biggest tits in the house. And no one seemed to care (or notice?) that she was an adult. Mimi got asked to dance, got groped, and hit on plenty as much as the other girls.

    Per local law, the music got turned down (but not off) at midnight. Doug had warned Kwan and Logan that if the cops got called he’d allow no more parties. By 1AM all but a few stragglers had left. Logan was nowhere to be found and Kwan was last seen going into his bedroom with a girl. Mimi learned the next day Logan had left the party with a girl. Mimi started picking up some, and of the stragglers, two guys left decided to leave. A couple and one guy stayed and helped her. The guy, named Mitch, introduced himself as a friend (and baseball teammate) of Kwan’s, and paired up with Mimi to straighten up and collect trash. She described him as Asian, about 6’ 2“, wearing jeans, a Hawaiian shirt, Detroit baseball cap, and fake mustache. She correctly guessed he was supposed to be Magnum, P.I. With a couple bags of trash collected, and some deco taken down, she and Mitch went to the ground level rec room door, as the trash cans were out back. He was a little tipsy and, after they dumped the trash bags and locked up the back door, asked if she wanted to ‘hang out’ a while. She told me that she was horny as hell, wide awake, and attracted to him, so she figured she’d have some fun.

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    Mimi told Mitch she’d like to hang out, if he’d first help her check all the rooms to make sure everyone else was out of the house. They systematically went through the place (except Kwan’s bedroom) and found a guy passed out in Logan’s bedroom. They woke him up and got him got him downstairs. The couple, who’d finished reasonably tidying up the main floor, knew him and volunteered to get him home. By the time they left, it was almost 2AM. Mimi locked the door, turned to Mitch and said ‘now that we’re alone, let’s have some fun.’ They began making out in the foyer, and she guided him into the back rec room since it had a couch. Though he wasn’t talking ‘nasty, Mimi told me that Mitch’s comments about how sexy she was, her ‘fucking awesome tits’, ‘dream ass’, etc., only made her hotter. To her surprise, he pushed her back into the couch, knelt, yanked off her panties, and begin eating her pussy like a starving man.

    After several mini-orgasms, she pulled his pants down and returned the favor. She soon got a condom on him (hooker boots are great for stashing condoms and cell phones), sat him down on the couch, and straddled him. While making out Mitch got her shirt off, and found her fangs hanging from her bra strap (she had no pockets and didn’t want to lose them). He asked her to wear them and she obliged. While she rode his cock, he told her how much he liked the whole vampire fangs/eyes look. She quickly got into the role, asking if he’d fucked a vampire before, talking dirty. He had her bra off in short order. He took her hints and got a little rough-handed with her tits, pulling her hair, and twisting her nipples. At first he asked if he was hurting her, but she told him she likes it rough. After that he became quite eager about making her react by twisting her nipples. Mimi told me ‘he knew I loved it because I’d French him deep and moan into his mouth.’

    About a half hour later they were done. She asked Mitch if he was sober to drive home and he replied he was. She told him she loved the sex, but needed to get home; it was time to call it a night. She threw on her shirt and walked Mitch to the door, where they exchanged contact info and a drawn-out goodbye before he left. Mimi then texted me to say she’d should be leaving soon. She’d shot me a few texts over the evening, to let me know things were going okay. She doublechecked the ground floor front and back doors, then the second-floor door to the deck. To keep her wallet, keys, makeup, street clothes, etc., safe, she’d hidden her bag in Kwan’s bathroom linen closet. Leaving the stairway light on, she let herself into his room and, leaving the lights off despite him being passed out drunk, she made her way into the bathroom. With a little trouble, she fished out her bag.

    Mimi told me she didn’t make a racket, but it was enough noise to wake him. When she walked back into his bedroom Kwan began appreciatively thanking her for helping with the party, Logan’s makeup, etc., and turned on his light. And there was Mimi, in nothing but an unbuttoned, sheer shirt, hooker boots and tousled hair. Still being under the influence of liquid courage, of course he made a play. He even mentioned the fangs and contacts. I understand the appeal. So, after making out for a little while, he grabbed a condom out of a box in his bedside table, put it on (with surprising skillfulness for being tipsy, she told me) and began leisurely fucking her. He was talkative, she told me, going on about how hot she was, how good she looked the day she came to talk about the party, how surprised he was when she came in the bathroom in panties and a bra, how good her body looked from working out, about how he wanted so bad to get her in bed, etc. She said he went on and on, and it started getting a little monotonous, but also kind of funny.

    She did surprise him when she told him she was married. But of course, that only excited him. He jokingly asked if her husband would kick his ass for fucking his wife. She replied that her husband could, indeed, kick his ass, but not to worry about it, and he observantly pointed out she’d obviously fucked someone else at the party, too. He asked if it was Logan, and she told him, ‘no, some tall guy’. Knowing her ‘dirty deeds’ roused him, because (as Mimi put it) ‘he got down to business’ and she urged him on. After they finished, while she was putting on her street clothes, he talked about getting together again. She reminded him he already had her phone number, and said maybe she could stop by one afternoon. He liked that idea.

    One interesting thing was that despite just fucking another man’s wife, without a word he pulled on sweat pants and a shirt, and followed her down to the kitchen. She figured it was to get in some final making out before she left, but he grabbed his keys and told her he’d walk her out. At the door, she said he didn’t half to, but he said he wanted to walk her to her car, since it was several houses away in visitor parking. She could tell he wasn’t trying to impress her, or pretend to be a gentleman. He just did it to be nice. He gave her a quick kiss at her car, and that was it. He waved as she drove off. Humans are complex creatures. At the first stoplight she caught, Mimi texted me and told me she’d be home in about a half hour. It was about 4AM when she finally got home. I was wide awake and, like her, horny as hell. We didn’t call it a night until almost 5AM.

    Saturday the 28th, we got up late and went to lunch before Mimi’s hair salon appointment to get her hair spray-in colored. She got home and showed me the beautiful emerald green, and then left to go to Doug’s. The party was much the same as last year: fantastic decorations and lighting; open bar with a hired bartender and two servers (all dressed as witches, again); music, dancing and games. Doug sent out about 75 invites. About two-third of the guests came, stayed a while, and then called it an evening. These were casual friends, business associates, and some of Doug’s employees. His ‘core group’ of good friends (Dan, Jared, Kevin, Nick, Ryan, and Tyler) and some family, including and his cousin Brandon, stayed all evening.

    Doug dressed as a catholic bishop (black robe, red sash, etc.) and Mimi was his captured evil witch. Unlike last year’s sexy ‘hooker witch’ outfit, he wanted something ‘over the top’. With her help, he put together a costume consisting of a semi-sheer plunging neckline one piece tanga swimsuit, sheer full length black skirt, green fishnet thigh highs; purple waist cincher; purple sheer lace fingerless elbow gloves; an authentic looking pointed witch hat; and high heeled black granny boots. She went dark purple and black with her eye shadow and liner, used black sclera contacts, and for shock effect, she swished black food color around in her mouth and then let it drool down her chin. With black lipstick, she downright looked sinister. Doug finished off the costume with some faux shackles that included a neck ring, had chains to her wrist shackles, and then down to her ankle shackles. Unknown the Doug, she sent me a few selfies before the party started. To prevent having a tit pop out, she used some flash tape.

    The party, like last year’s, was a huge success. Doug, Kevin and Nick all fucked her during the evening. The other guys—Dan, Jared, Ryan and Tyler—all dance, groped and made out with her at various points of the evening as well. A lot of guys were looking her over, and she admitted she loved the attention. Mimi finally got home around 4AM. It was a long but enjoyable night. Doug told her not to shower before going home, since being shower-fresh would be suspicious. Her scent was mixed with something unfamiliar (probably a mix of other men), smoke (her herbal cigarettes and real cigarettes), and liquor. Before coming to bed, she put on a little black lace teddy, her fangs, and her black sclera contacts. Her makeup was surprisingly intact after almost ten hours, but the inside of her mouth wasn’t jet black anymore from the food coloring. She offered a ‘vampire fuck’ and I just laid back while she rode me. I found the green haired, black-eyed, fanged slut to be very erotic, which pleased her immensely.

    Sunday, we again rose late, had lunch and finished preparing for Halloween. We spoke about the fact that this is our last big Halloween. The lot we bought is in a subdivision, but with large lots, dense woods, and few houses, we might get a dozen trick-or-treaters at most. Where we live now, we get three to four hundred. Mimi suggested that, in the new house, we decorate my office and maybe my ‘man cave’ in a Halloween/mad scientist/gothic theme. That way I could enjoy Halloween all year. She even asked if I’d be interested in having our own Halloween party, which sounds nice.

    I took Monday and Tuesday off for a long weekend, and Monday afternoon I did a little primping of the decorations. Mimi went to work to find that Doug took a half day off to do a little Halloween decorating outside and prepare for trick-or-treaters. He only gets a few, but enjoys it. They spent the late afternoon fucking, then she showered and came home.

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    Mimi and I had a spectacular Halloween evening, got lots of compliments on the house décor, and had just enough candy to make it to 8PM, when trick-or-treating officially ended. Mimi and I had gotten ghost bride/groom costumes, and had a blast. After we shut the door and turned off our lights, I told Mimi to put on a vampire slut costume I’d put together for her. This was her Halloween surprise I’d planned, per our conversation a while back. I’d asked her to give me some fantasy suggestions and she’s written up three ideas: sex in our cemetery; her being raped by a werewolf; and torture (sexually) the captured witch/demon/vampire girl. Mimi is a deviant nympho, and I love her. She returned in ten minutes, having intensified her makeup, now dressed in black hooker boots, red fishnet suspender hose; black pleated miniskirt; red sheer panties, a lacy black balconette bra and a black bolero top. The black contacts and long fangs finished the look. I saw she was surprised that I had on a large flannel shirt and jeans, but didn’t say anything.

    I drove us over to the lot and Mimi immediately knew cemetery sex was in the plans. She looked like a five-year-old on Christmas morning. I told her to go on ahead and I’d be there in a minute. She walked into the cemetery and found the large ledger marker stone on which I’d placed some LED candles and some faux animal furs. Some of the nearby gravestones also had LED candles on them. I’d decorated that afternoon, while running some errands, and left the LEDs on so they would be when we arrived. I’d also placed a couple outdoor speakers that look like rocks close by, with wire leading into the trees. I’d marked a tree a short way from the graveyard with an orange ribbon and left my costume in a bag there. As she stood there in the feeble candlelight, taking in the setting, I hooked my phone to the speakers and played creepy music mixed with sound effects. Then I donned my costume: gray werewolf feet, gloves and ani-motion wolf mask.

    I’d found an online store that sells dildos of various types, including horses, dragons, werewolves, demons, etc. You can even customize the color, and they come in different sizes. A few of them are also ‘wearable’ in that you can slip them over your own cock, and secure them with the attached ballstrap. One of the wearables is a werewolf cock. I bought a medium, which is over seven and a half inches long, but only six inches internal, so rather tight for me. The color was ‘red moon’, essentially burgundy. When I walked into view, wolfed out and large cock erect, Mimi looked like a bucket of water had just hit her. I lunged for her and she yelped (she told me later that I actually surprised/scared her). I grabbed her (she pretended to struggle), turned her back to me and forced her down to her hands and knees, on the faux furs. Then I ripped off her panties, got the cock into her (not easy with limited visibility and wearing gloves) and started letting her have it. Soon she was face down, ass up, with me holding her arm behind her back to control her.

    From the sounds Mimi was making, and her thrusts back into me, I knew she was getting off on it. I loved making her happy and satisfying her, but being inside the wearable, I wasn’t getting anywhere near the physical stimulation she was. The frustration made me fuck her that much more intensely, and part of me was worried about hurting her. I let her up and we assumed a vertical doggy position, with her arms back around my neck and shoulders, and me using her tits for handles to hold her upright. Her role-playing attitude went from struggle to forbearance, sometimes making comments about knowing other vampires would kill her for consorting with a werewolf. Eventually, I maneuvered her around so that I was on my back and she was riding cowgirl. Staying in character, I could only grunt. But Mimi, also in character, occasionally commented about werewolf sex, and cock size, being better than she could have imagined.

    After a particularly hard orgasm on her part (which made me wonder if the neighbors would hear), she quipped that ‘this vampire has gone to the dogs’. Cheesy, but fun. We ended up missionary with me going at her hard, being desperate to come. With my dick in the wearable, friction did nothing for me. Only pushing in as deep, and as hard, as possible gave me any sort of stimulation. She got so vocal I finally put my hand over her mouth. At long last, I finally came, and was a little vocal myself. Mimi said ‘please’ so I jackhammered her until she came again. Nice thing about a wearable; a man’s orgasm doesn’t mean the show’s over. I was pretty tired by this time, so I decided I’d roll her over, fuck her face down missionary, and then call it a night. She did a decent job of moaning into the faux fur during that, allaying my fears that neighbors might call the police, or come investigating. After she came one last time, I picked myself up and was about to disappear back into the woods, ditch the costume and turn off the sound FX.

    Mimi rolled over onto her back, raised up on her elbows and looked at me intently. In character, she asked ‘lord wolf, have I served you well?’ Standing over her, I growled back loudly in affirmation. Then, being the role-player that she is (she should have been an actress) she said ‘lord wolf, I ask a favor. My husband is in the forest. I beg you to find him, and inflict your curse on him, so every full moon I am mastered by a wolf’. I growled ominously and stalked off into the trees, doing my best not to run into something and fall, since I could barely see. I found the orange ribbon, faded off the music and sound effects and got the costume off. While returning to where I’d left Mimi, I took a branch to the face. I realized that the mask had protected me going and coming back, but now I had to be more careful. It amazed me that, in costume, I didn’t trip and fall in the dark. At least now I had full vison and my phone for a flashlight. Mimi was gone (it was getting quite cold and she was wearing almost nothing), so I added the candles, speakers and furs to my costume bag and went to the truck. Mimi had turned on the engine and I could see she was in the passenger seat.

    I threw my bag in the back, got in and apologized for ‘getting lost in the woods’. Taking my cue, she smiled and said she had had company, then suddenly cursed and grabbed my chin. Turns out I had a couple nasty scratches on my left cheek. The trees had drawn blood. Now, out of character and very serious, she asked what happened. On a whim I improvised and told her that some sort of large wild beast rushed past me and almost knocked me down, and must have scratched me. She smiled, but then said we needed to get me home. We drove back the 20 minutes to our house and she dragged me into the bathroom to clean me up. As she was patching me up (nothing too bad, just three good scratches and several small ones) I told her we had one more Halloween event to do.

    She looked at me curiously and I informed her that my online gaming group (she’s knows I don’t have one) has a scheduled raid tonight at 10PM and she’s decided to run a couple errands while the stores are empty. But really, I explained, you’re going to put on something sexy, call Kwan, and see if he’s available for a booty call. And that, I told her, is what you’ll tell Kwan and Doug. Her response was to go get her work phone and text Kwan.

    I stood in the bathroom and watched her get ready; tidying her hair and makeup, putting on jewelry and slipping into a scarlet lace teddy, black thigh highs and a pair of suede stiletto boots she recently bought. She put on a miniskirt and button down top. For coverage, and against the cold, wore her trench coat. I told her to give him a treat and put in the fangs and sclera contacts after she parked. I watched her drive away at 930PM.

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    When she returned, she had a smile on her face. We slowly fucked on the couch, her straddling me. She told me that Kwan greeted her at the door, remarking that she was ‘fuckin’ hot’. As they started making out in the foyer, he told her he loved the contacts and fangs, and thanked her for wearing them. When she asked if they were alone, Kwan said Logan was upstairs watching TV. Feeling particularly wayward, she started taking off her skirt and told Kwan to remove her shirt, which he eagerly did. Mimi proceeded upstairs and made a point of stopping to say high to Logan. Kwan stood behind her, she told me, and was unassumingly cupping her tits, running his hands up her sides and back, and nuzzling her neck, while she and Logan (smiling as he unashamedly looked her up and down) made small talk.

    Logan, too, complimented her contacts and fangs, flirtatiously saying they went perfectly with her outfit. Then, quite sincerely, he told her she had an ‘epic body’, and asked where she worked out. She told him about doing five mornings a week since April at a local CrossFit. Finally, Logan told her that when Kwan claimed he’d scored with her the night of the party, he’d only half believed it. She confirmed it, and alluded to fucking another guy that night. Then, figuring that Kwan was probably getting impatient, she excused them and led Kwan upstairs. While neither boy was impolite, Mimi told me that the deference they’d shown her as their elder—and the accompanying social glass wall—had definitely been shattered.

    Once in Kwan’s room, he began eagerly kissing and groping her, and eventually she sank to her knees, pulled down his pants and sucked him for a few minutes. Looking down at her, Kwan declared he’d never dreamed a girl with fangs would be giving him a blow job. She paused and, being serious, verified she wasn’t hurting him with the fangs. He replied that he could feel them, but it didn’t hurt, and he didn’t want her to take them out, because ‘they look waaaaay to fuckin’ sexy’. In short order Kwan pulled her to her feet, pulled of her teddy, playfully tossed her onto the bed, undressed, grabbed a condom and joined her on the bed.

    As Mimi told me the tale, casually riding my cock, she joked that what young guys lack in technique, they sometimes make up for in enthusiasm. After eating her to orgasm, she and Kwan went at it missionary for a while, with him saying several times that the black sclera contacts made her look like a demon or succubus. I was surprised he even knew what a succubus is. They switched out to doggy style, which they both enjoyed more, alternating between her being head down, ass up; on all fours; and her being upright leaning back into him. She told me she enjoyed that, after he came, he collapsed and lay on top of her, with his cock still in her. After catching his breath, he rolled off and jested that they had to do this again, soon. She laughed and agreed, getting up to pull on her teddy.

    Mimi went in his bathroom and ran her fingers through her hair so it didn’t look so unruly and asked if he had a problem with her fucking other guys. He answered back that he only had a problem with her NOT fucking him, which I thought was a damn good answer. She walked back I and told him that was good, because she was going to go have some fun with Logan. Kwan smiled and impudently responded ‘have fun’ as she walked out of his bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

    Mimi found Logan still watching TV, and surprised him by nonchalantly straddling his lap. As she and I fucked, her telling me this story, it made me crazy with lust, and I told her so. The fact that she could so easily, so shamelessly and self-confidently, offer herself up to this college kid is just incredible. I told Mimi that I absolutely loved being married to a cheating little slut like her and her face lit up in a radiant smile and she giggled. ‘Remember, I’m also a whore’ she said.

    After a few minutes of foreplay, Logan took Mimi up to his room. Her pleasant surprise was that Logan is hung; long and thick. Whereas Kwan was hurried, Logan wasn’t. He explained that an old girlfriend of his had taught him to go easy starting out, because of his size. Mimi and I agreed that was very considerate of him. He started off things slowly and then, with her encouragement, ramped it up. She told me his technique was outstanding for a guy his age, and he got her off a few times. She joked that she could have stayed longer, but urged him to finish up so she could get home to her husband before he got worried. He obliged her by sprinting to the finish line. Mimi and I continued at a leisurely pace and finished off with an intense come for both of us.

    Tuesday (Nov 1) Mimi went to work and I took down all the Halloween decorations and put them back into storage. She brought lunch home and we talked about life in general, and briefly about her appointment with Ryan that afternoon. She went back to work and I finished the cleanup. When she got home that evening she said she and Doug had, after a quickie, talked about her scheduled appointment with William’s associate, Steven, the coming weeks and holiday and verified she could keep an eye on his house while he’s away over Thanksgiving. He gave her an update about the progress on the lot, and she told him of her wild Halloween sexcapades with me, Kwan and Logan. He congratulated her on fulfilling her cemetery sex fixation, since that’s something he can’t do with her, at least not at night.

    The rest of the week went quickly, and her afternoon hotel meet with Steven went well. She’ll be seeing him again. Over the weekend, Mimi told me she’d be visiting her GYN the week after thanksgiving, and had done research on oral contraception that eliminates having a monthly period. I’m 50, and hadn’t even heard there was contraception like that. I’m all for it, if it makes her happy. She said to not have deal with her period, nor abstain for a week every month, had motivated her to give it a try. She commented, with a smile, that her period falls almost directly on the full moon every month, and she doesn’t like that. The week of Nov 7, Doug had her busy with both PA stuff and appointments: Kevin on Monday; Jared and Martin on Tuesday; and Brandon and Nick, on Thursday. Doug fucked her a couple times that week, as well.

    This past weekend Mimi and I did a lot of talking about the previous few weeks, including Doug’s Halloween party; the party at the townhouse; the cemetery sex and her bestiality interest; and the upcoming holidays and our schedules. She expressed that she had a great time at Doug’s party, even though even she was a little concerned that her skimpy costume might put some people off. ‘Being on display made me so hot’ she said, ‘and the shackles only made it sexier’. She also admitted that she is thrilled Doug has reconsidered whoring her out to William’s friends. She is more than happy to take things slow, and all parties agreed that things would die down until after the holidays. Then Mimi very seriously told me how much she appreciated me arranging the cemetery sex werewolf rape fantasy, especially since it was one thing she and Doug could not do because of discretion and logistics. I was very glad to do it, and aside from the problems of fumbling around half blind with a mask on, worried I might fall and get hurt, I had a blast.

    When Mimi asked me how I felt about her fucking both Kwan and Logan, I told her I thought it was marvelous, and looked forward to her seeing them as much as she liked. She beamed and said she was glad she could come home freshly fucked, knowing I loved her doing that. When I commented that she needed to add some ivy leaves to her leg, she heartily agreed, and kindly pointed out I still had not decided on a tattoo like she asked. While we were evaluating things, and being honest, I admitted that I wasn’t enamored with her name ‘Mimi’, that I found it slightly unwieldly. To my surprise, she told me Doug was having second thoughts about it, especially since most of the guys still called her Michelle; it’s just what they are used to.

    This week, Mimi is on her period, and things are fairly quiet.

    I apologize for going on such a writing spree, but a lot has been happening lately. As I mentioned above, with the holidays coming and peoples’ schedules getting busy, Mimi won’t be seeing the guys as much. If this is becoming too much of a blog, and too little discussion, let me know and I'll use some restraint writing in the future.

    If I don’t post in the next few days, I wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving!


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  7. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Same to you! Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    The last few weeks have gone by quickly; it seems the holidays always do.

    The day Doug left to go out of town to his family Thanksgiving gathering, I went over to his house and fucked Michelle. Doug had fucked her right before leaving. So, when I arrived she was freshly fucked, slightly disheveled and waiting for me at the door. She and I immensely enjoyed it. Our thanksgiving holiday was quiet. No big family event, just parents in town for a few days. On Black Friday Michelle bought a LOT of clothes and lingerie on sale online. Over half was ‘for Doug’ and will stay at his house. The rest for ‘for me’.

    At the beginning of December, before their weekly BDSM play, Doug and Michelle had a ‘year-end conversation’ about this year’s achievements, and goals for next year. Doug admitted that, although he enjoys their current situation, he is concerned with maintaining this pace in view of him taking on the full responsibility of the company. His father will go into full retirement next spring. He is also concerned with them both getting bored and burned out. Surprisingly, he told her that if she wants to take a break, he’s okay with that. Michelle reassured him she understands the demands on his time, and will continue to work with him regarding scheduling. She has told him that she and I are venturing into the BDSM realm, and that I like her being overtly sexy. As far as he knows, she is (still) cheating on me without my knowledge.

    December included several happenings: Michelle had her GYN appointment and then went on new birth control so she no longer has a period, making her perpetually available for sex. I finally, per her request, made up my mind about what tattoos she should get. Since the summer, I’ve been partial to a Celtic crescent moon design I found online. I made it into a temporary tattoo and Michelle wore it for me when she picked me up from my ‘business trip’ back in August, and many times since. She’s received compliments regarding it from other men. For something sophisticated, I suggested a fleur de lis, in black, on her left shoulder blade.

    Since these are permanent, Doug, Michelle and I all agreed they should be tasteful. While at the tattoo studio she also got seven ivy leaves added, bringing the total to forty-two. I was the fifteenth guy she fucked. Since she started hotwifing, she’s fucked twenty-seven guys. Most of her left calf is now covered in ivy leaves. The moon is about four inches tall and three inches wide. The tattoo artist suggested Michelle going large for the moon due to aesthetics; to balance the ivy on her left leg and fleur de lis on her left shoulder. To her credit, she also told Michelle, before starting the fleur de lis, that in historic France criminals and slaves were branded with the fleur de lis, and referenced Milady de Winter in the Three Musketeers. Although Michelle didn’t say so to the artist, she thought it quite fitting. Regardless, she already liked the simplistic elegance and had it done in black.

    For Michelle’s birthday, we went to a bed and breakfast for a weekend and did some sightseeing. It was a great time and we talked little of Doug and her hotwifing. In a way, it was nice to have a break from that, although to be honest, I really can’t look at Michelle without thinking of her fucking other men. It’s just a preoccupation. On Dec 14th I treated her to a fun night of roleplaying me having a werewolf curse and she was delighted. We skipped November since it was period week for her, so December was a nice surprise. She asked if it will happen every month and we’re planning on it, since her cycle is now a moot point. We had a great Christmas and she did end up going with Doug to his company’s new year’s party. She had a great time and didn’t get home until late.

    This week things are getting back to normal after the holidays. Michelle didn’t work Monday, but did Tuesday and today. She’s still doing CrossFit Monday through Friday, is very pleased with the new tattoos, and is very happy to be on her new birth control.

    Sorry this isn’t very detailed. I hope everyone had safe and enjoyable holidays.

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  9. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Very hot, thank you Eric. Especially that you now can’t look at Michelle without thinking of her fucking other men.

    I would like to know how vivid is that thinking. Please describe.

    I am extremely visuo-erotic in my imaginings, as I gather you are too, and often when I look even casually at my wife I have uncontrollable and incredibly vivid visual mind-re-plays of her young lover energetically fucking her on our bed, always in the missionary position---her favorite.

    The re-plays come to me without any immediately prior sexual fantasising and often at inconvenient times, oddly more often when I catch my wife eyeing the build and butt and/or gential bulge of another similarly handsome and spunky young man passing us in the street.
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  10. chootdas

    chootdas Active Member

    As a fan of your post and your life with your slut wife and her bull, It is great experience reading your re-posts Bro. Thanks for doing this. What is the progress of your new home?
  11. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    I’ve probably touched on this in previous posts, but to me it’s amazing what can become ‘normal’ over time. I believe it’s rare to have an outright epiphany, when a person’s way of thinking suddenly and drastically changes. Yes, it happens, but it’s so much more common for people to acclimate to changing conditions. What was initially strange becomes ordinary. From a soldier stepping off a plane on the other side of the world to commence a combat tour of duty to a person simply starting a new job in some new location, with new people and surroundings, we eventually become accustomed to it. Even convicts become used to the routine of imprisonment. It may not make it enjoyable, but the initial shock wears off and adaptation occurs. That’s something humans do extraordinarily well: adapt.

    Michelle and I, as we put away the few Christmas decorations we’d put up, were talking about the new year, plans, resolutions (not just our own, but the concept in general) and reminiscing about our past. We even dragged out our wedding album and looked through it. We talked about how we’d changed over the last seventeen years of marriage and life. And yes, we particularly discussed what has changed in the last few years. When we got married she was 23 and I was 33. We’re currently 41 and 50. We talked about how different we are now compared to the day we got married. Back then I was (and am still) almost 6’ 4” and had a lean athlete’s build, weighing around 170 or so. These past few years working out semi-regularly (especially last year, with Michelle’s encouragement and a personal trainer) I’ve put on a little muscle and taken off a little fat, weighing in around 207 to 210. My dad has told me that his side of the family has always been strong, but never bulky, and to accept being lean and cut (i.e., genetics precludes me from EVER looking anything remotely similar to Dwayne Johnson, The Rock).

    What is noticeably different from the wedding pictures is my hair, now half gray and half dark brown, and the thirty pounds (I didn’t work out back then) I’ve added. Neither Michelle nor I are sun worshippers, so I think we’ve aged pretty well. Michelle, however, has changed dramatically since our wedding. She was (I think) hot back then. Now she is Doug’s and her idea of a bimbo fuck doll. Big fake tits, pouty lips, long hair, and a lean, tight body after ten months of Monday-through-Friday CrossFit. She absolutely loves looking good for men. All the squats and glutes work has made her ass solid, gravity-defying and noticeably larger.

    Although we don’t really make new year’s resolution anymore, we did add some things to our ‘wanna do’ list for this year. On her list is to continue explorer her kinks and BDSM with me, which she’s greatly looking forward to. While she knows I get off on Doug owning her, she thinks that things might be slowing down for the two of them. Taking over the company (his father plans to retire this spring or summer, depending on how the business is going) is taking a lot of his time and attention. That’s real life for you. Doug has told her he’d like to keep things going, but he’s not sure if time will allow, and he doesn’t want to make promises to her he can’t keep. He admitted that time management was a problem in his marriage, and he’s determined not to do that with Michelle. She’s perfectly okay with that, and appreciates his honesty. Michelle has said she’d enjoy having me as her ‘owner’.

    This year Michelle also wants to: slowly expand her whoring (her words for it) and grow her client list; arrange it so that she can record her fucking other guys for me to watch; regularly indulge some of our fantasies (in particular, werewolf rape and daughter/daddy play); schedule for me some occasional ‘business trips’, and set up a couple regular gaming nights every week so she can have some free nights out; maybe go to a different city so I can watch her get picked up (similar to our Vegas vacation); and a few other kinky ideas. She impishly confessed that, if it were possible, she’d like to fuck Vic, our neighbor across the street, or his son, as well as Leon, my cousin’s ex-husband (she read my posting regarding that a while back). Admittedly, none of it is very probable, but it’s fun to think about.

    For the time being, Michelle will continue to work her normal schedule for Doug. She and Nicki continue to spend time together, and they are already talking about some girls’ getaway weekends when the weather gets warm. Dan has talked to Doug and Michelle about hiring her part time. He’s opening his own gaming shop in February and wants to have some eye candy on staff for some of the evening gaming events he’ll be having at the store. He hopes having some cute girls there will help increase attendance, much like hot girls at car shows, etc. They’re working out details.

    Hope everyone’s having a great new year so far.

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  12. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Chootdas –

    Thanks for the kind words.
    As for the house, things are going well, considering some delays for the holidays, weather, and such. Framing is done and now the electrical, plumbing, HVAC etc., is all being done. Michelle and I go by and look a couple times a week for fun. Sometimes we just park and look, other times we get out and walk around. Once that’s all done (mid Feb, we hope), I’m going to pull low voltage cable for data, phone, A/V and smart home stuff. Thanks for asking.

  13. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Michael1987 –

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    For me, it’s not about having ‘flashes’ of seeing her fuck other men. I’ve never seen her fuck another guy, except Doug, and that was on video, after the fact, not ‘live’. It’s the state of mind where I look at her (when I’m aroused) and know she’s been with over forty other men; and almost thirty of them are since we were married. I look at her ass and think about all the other men’s hands that have squeezed, rubbed and slapped her ass, as well as how Doug fucks her in the ass almost every week. I look at her porn tits (as she jokingly calls them) and know that all those other men have also caressed, squeezed and sucked on them. And those plump, beautiful lips of hers have sucked all those other cocks, kissed their lips, etc. And those sexy legs have been wrapped around other men… I think you get the picture.

    To be realistic, I guess I should clarify that I don’t think this stuff EVERY time I look at her. But I do when I’m horny and look at her. And the ivy tattoo running up her leg is there as a discreet tally sheet of how many guys she’s fucked. So catching a glimpse of that will remind me that so many other men have enjoyed fucking her.

    One topic I see in these forums is whether cuckolding/hotwifing increases or decreases the frequency of sex between husband and wife. For us, absolutely it has increased the frequency of our sex. The lowest point in our sex life was when we were both working and became guardians for my cousin’s daughter in 2002. Going from being a couple to having a teenager living with us was a huge adjustment. Michelle, at age 25, became mother to a fourteen-year-old. I was thirty-five. Both Michelle and I were working, so we were already busy and time was at a premium. By 2008 my cousin’s daughter (my first cousin, once removed) had completed junior college and transferred to an out-of-state school, so we became ‘empty-nesters’ again. Four years later Michelle had her first extramarital sex, and she’s still gaining momentum.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Regards, Eric
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  14. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Lately I’ve been trying to participate in other discussions, instead of only posting to my own thread. I try to keep in mind that contributing to this site isn’t only about posting things happening to me, but giving support and feedback to others.

    To update, Michelle and I are settling into our new routine of Tuesday being my ‘gaming night’. This leaves the evening open for Michelle to see one of her bulls, have a girls’ night out with Nicki, or whatever. The main reason is the first, to see men outside normal work hours. Depending on how things go over the next several weeks, we may up it to two nights a week.

    After several good meetings with Steven, she has started seeing another of William’s clients, a guy named Andrew. He’s a couple years older than me, fit, very intelligent and is an engineer. He job requires him to travel often. Michelle said he has this suave, agent 007 vibe about him. Not arrogant, but very self-confident. Considering he meets new people almost every time he goes to a client site and troubleshoots manufacturing problems, he must get along well with others and direct people to a solution. Michelle prefers youngers guys, but after meeting him she had a slight crush. She’s always a pushover for in-charge men. With his schedule, she won’t see him often, maybe once or twice a month. He lives in South City (pseudonym) not far from the airport, due to his job.

    Michelle is continuing to work for Doug Mon, Tue and Thurs. They agreed on BDSM play every other Thursday. Both are comfortable with the fact that their activities may begin to slow a bit. Michelle and I are gradually increasing our BDSM play. Michelle wants to include me in this part of her sex life and although it will take some getting used to, as I’ve said before, I’m willing to start domming her. It’s a work in progress.

    Over winter break, both Logan and Kwan messaged Michelle about ‘getting together’ once they returned. After checking with Doug, she arranged to go over last Saturday. Logan was waiting for her. It turns out Kwan broke his cell and was at the store getting it replaced. Hard to believe a college boy would rather be at a cell phone store getting a new phone instead of getting guaranteed sex. Michelle returned home and told me Logan gave her a ‘royal fucking’. She was a very happy camper.

    After being platinum blonde for a few months, Doug decided Michelle should go ginger. She is still going to ‘the box’ and doing CrossFit five times a week and is looking spectacular. After the new year, she and Nicki started going to Belly Dance Classes once a week. It’s a private studio not too far from us. She took some dance when she was younger and gymnastics in high school. She and Nicki both got bumped into advanced beginning belly dance since they both have good coordination and strength. Michelle also found a studio in South City (about an hour away) that teaches pole dancing, lap dancing, stripping, etc. Michelle has told me that now that she has the appearance men want, she wants to add to her skill set to better entertain men.

    As for the new house, I’ve already done some preliminary work for pulling all the low-voltage wiring for intercoms, alarms, and A/V. I’ll need to get it done in the next couple weeks. By mid-February we anticipate all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC inspections will be completed and drywall will begin. We’re both very much looking forward to the new house. Not only will it be a smart home and offer features we don’t have, but it will also afford us a great deal of privacy. Michelle has mentioned several times it will be great to not worry about nosy neighbors. The wooded lots in that development offer a great deal of seclusion. She’s hinted at finally being able to fuck a pizza delivery boy.

    Hope everyone is having a great week.

  15. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Greetings all –

    The week of the 5th was interesting. On super bowl Sunday Michelle went over to Doug’s for a pregame party with Dan, Kevin, Nick and Tyler. Supposedly, she was out ‘wander shopping’ (as she calls it); just getting out of the house and hitting some of her favorite places to see if anything catches her eye. One by one, all five of them fucked her. She came home tired but horny and made me her sixth fuck of the day. She had three clients that week; one each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

    Michelle and Nicki planned for the three of us to go out to dinner Wednesday. We’ve been getting together about every three weeks or so. The girls see each other every morning at the box, and usually once a week for lunch or coffee. Wednesday we went to a local restaurant, then to our place to have coffee and dessert. It was a little quirky because a major topic of conversation was Nicki’s upcoming boob job. Nicki, always flirty and vivacious, asked me to give her a man’s opinion of what size she should go. To their amusement, the girls turned this into a plan for Michelle and I to go over to Nicki’s apartment Friday night and, after pizza and wine, Nicki modelling for me doing a rice test. We were all talking cheerfully about it, but I got serious and said I had trepidations about providing my opinion because she should choose based on what SHE wants. Both reassured me it was just to get my opinion, not actually choose a size for her.

    Then the conversation turned to stuff to do this spring, like us moving, and fun plans like the two of them going down to the beach this spring (of course, nothing was said about them picking up men) and the three of us taking some day trips together in the future. It was an enjoyable made even better by the fact that I got to spend the evening with two hot women who are flirty and fun. After Nicki left I told Michelle that, after the two of them talked about planning some weekend getaways, I was horny thinking about her getting fucked by some guys while away.

    Thursday Michelle came home in a happy state. After a usual BDSM session with Doug she’s tired but in a great mood, like after a good workout. And she’s always horny. She got slutty (embellished her makeup and dressed far too risqué for public) and before long we were on our bed, me on my back with her riding my cock. She started telling me that Doug installed a nice little addition to the bondage furniture they use. Since last year he’s had a laptop connected to it as a timer control for the vibrator and motorized dildo, and to control the audio, which plays music or other recordings, like him trash talking to her.

    Michelle said that now it can now respond to her saying a recorded phrase or sentence. He can use that phrase as a trigger to control the vibrator, dildo, and shock collar. He can make it so she gets a shock if she says a certain phrase or word (like his first name). It can also be programmed so that she must repeat a phrase to keep from being shocked, or to make the vibrator, dildo, or both continue to run. As a demonstration, he set it so that she had to say ‘Doug owns me’ every couple seconds. When she said it, the vibrator stayed on. If she stopped, the vibrator stopped, and after five seconds she’d get a shock. She said the tricky part was continuing to say the phrase when she was orgasming, to avoid the shock. She found it to be quite kinky, and an excellent education tool.

    Friday, as soon as I was off work, we headed over to Nicki’s apartment. I uncorked wine and the girls started making homemade pizza while I watched. After we finished, Nicki then did the rice test, modeling several sizes. The rice test is where you fill up pantyhose or a zip lock bags with a measurement of rice to simulate different sized implants, and wear them in a bra under clothes to get an idea of how different implants sizes look. Michelle did this for a couple weeks before her surgery to ‘test drive’ different sizes. Long story short, Nicki did her modelling in skin tight yoga pants and a tank top and got very flirtatious (as did Michelle) and even sat on my lap for a while. I really wanted to fuck her.

    Once Michelle and I were in the car going home she enjoyed telling me that Nicki really likes me and they’ve already discussed Nicki having sex with me. I was surprised they had crossed that line, but Michelle rhetorically asked if I really thought she minded, considering all the cock she’s getting on the side. I thought it might be a little weird fucking Nicki, since they are best of friends now. I also expressed concerns about how much Nicki might learn about our alternative lifestyle. Michelle said that Nicki thinks I’m ‘smart, nice and sexy’. She also reiterated that Nicki knows Michelle and I get creative during sex, including roleplaying and some light bondage. She assured me that Nicki doesn’t know Michelle is fucking around or enjoys serious BDSM.

    Honestly, I was feeling a little frustrated by it all. Michelle didn’t cross a major line, but I wished that she had cleared with me first her level of disclosure to Nicki. I have trepidations of Nicki knowing too much, but I also like the idea of fucking her. And though it probably sounds quite contradictory (given Michelle fucking numerous guys every week, I’m not sure about having a Michelle-Eric-Nicki triangle going because of the problems it might cause.

    Per our agreement, Michelle and I do the ‘werewolf sex’ scene every full moon, no matter what. And that Friday was a full moon. Because I was horny as hell from being with two hot, flirtatious women, and a bit frustrated by Michelle’s unagreed-upon collaboration with Nicki, I was pretty rough with her. Not surprisingly, Michelle loved it, complimenting and thanking me for (her words) ‘such a fantastic hate-fuck’. I regretted it some the next morning, but she was perfectly happy and asked me to do that more often. We had an uneventful weekend and did further discuss the whole feasibility of a ‘triangle’ situation with Nicki. It has pros and cons, and we made no concrete decision.

    The following week went fairly usual; Doug fucking her when he came home from work Monday and Thursday. Monday night belly dance class. Tuesday (my ‘gaming night’) Doug worked late and Michelle was scheduled to see Martin. With Doug out of the house, I got the rare treat of watching Michelle get ready for a ‘date’. She set her phone on the vanity at Doug’s house and skyped me as she did her makeup and got dressed. Martin is one of her favorite clients. She describes him as a ruggedly handsome, powerfully built, tough ex-military guy who’s assertive but personable. His schedule is variable, but he makes good money in the security business.

    Thursday Michelle and I went out on date night and had a great time. And over the weekend we started weeding through stuff to see what we could get rid of before we move. We did some talking about the future while we were at it. Some of it was just personal stuff about vacations we’d like to take and things we’d like to do; some was about my job and career; and we ideas and plans for the new house. Some of it was, of course, about our current state of affairs: Michelle and Doug; Michelle’s being a prostitute; the two of us exploring BDSM together; our relationship with Nicki; etc. No big revelations or decisions, we were just sharing our thoughts and ideas.

    Monday I was busy with work. Michelle saw Tyler, fucked Doug when he got home, had dinner with me and then went to dance class with Nicki. Her surgery is scheduled for this coming week, and she and Michelle are preparing for it this weekend, going shopping, getting her apartment cleaned up, etc. Michelle will be taking Nicki to surgery and bringing her home, taking her to post-op appointments and checking on her. The Friday we were at her house for pizza and wine—and my input on what size boobs looked good on her—she told me her measurements. Pre-CrossFit, Nicki was 36B-26-37. She’s now 34B-23-35. Like most women, she’s not happy about losing breast size due to getting lean. So she said she plans to go big to look good and avoid ‘size remorse’ (wishing to be bigger). Yeah, she’ll be a super knockout with a big wrack, but she’s a knockout now. I just hope she’s happy and the surgery goes well. She’s become a good friend of mine, and a best friend of Michelle’s.

    Last Tuesday and Thursday Michelle had a couple appointments, and Thursday she and Doug had some BDSM fun. Friday night she and I got take out and watched some movies. With the weather unseasonably warm Michelle’s been dressing skimpy (in public), and wearing next to nothing around the house. I’m really looking forward to warmer weather. As for the new house, the low-voltage wiring was finished last weekend. This week they started dry-walling. Doug told us we’re on track for mid-April completion. I’ve packed up some books, but not much else.

    This is getting long-winded, so I'll close here.

    I hope everyone has a great week.
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    NEMI_CUCK Member

    My wife and I like playing the "cheating wife, unknowing husband" verses cuckolding scenario too. She finds it easier to find a lover that thinks i don't know what she is doing. Telling guys that I know tends to scare off a lot of them..especially younger guys which she prefers. But guys are comfortable fucking her "behind my back" so thats what she tells most of them. I dont get to watch or join in but occasionally i hide in the guest bedroom and get to listen which is very erotic.
  17. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Nemi, I very much appreciate the reply, especially since you share a similar situation and know where I’m coming from when I express a little frustration at not being able to watch! Sitting at home alone while she’s getting her brains fucked out can be wearying sometimes. Because I’m (supposedly) not in the know, she and her bull, Doug, go to great lengths to make sure there’s no evidence of her ‘cheating’. She doesn’t drive her own car to prevent people from seeing it where it ought not to be; he’s given her a burn phone for business as his employee, and that’s what she uses to communicate with other men. That way there’s no evidence on her personal cell. When she comes home after being with other men she is always freshly showered and ‘cleaned up’.

    The rare exceptions are when she can bypass the cleanup process because there’s a plausible reason for her to cleanup at our own home. While I’m not into licking other guys’ come out of her pussy (just not my thing and, with a few exceptions, she always uses condoms) I do like having her freshly fucked. That slightly tousled, ‘used’ look is extremely sexy to me.

    As I’ve posted in the past, if we were found out, it would be easier (relatively speaking) to go with ‘she’s cheated but were working through it’ then our friends/family finding out ‘she’s a cheating slut AND he likes it’. And as you’ve stated, I think it would be MUCH easier to find a guy to bang a wife who’s cheating, then to explain that the husband will be an audience for the event. Several of the guys my wife fucks find it quite a turn on that she’s married and cheating. I also believe (and a couple have said) they lie not having to worry about her becoming ‘attached’ to them. The ‘cheating wife, unknowing husband’ situation has drawbacks, but is safer for us.

    While planning our new house, Michelle, who is very considerate regarding me wanting to see her being fucked, offered numerous suggestions about how we could make that happen. We knew it would require me to be in hiding within the house, and that cameras--some hidden, some not--were the best way to capture the action. We’ve installed a good security system (we will be in a neighborhood with large, private lots, so an extensive security system is normal since neighbors can’t watch your house for suspicious activity) justifying the presence of some cameras. We also have visible and hidden cameras in several parts of the house.

    Our plan is that I can be tucked away in my basement office (I telework) and she could simply tell her bulls I’m at work, or on travel. Both of us envisioned my office serving as my telework home office, my man-cave, and as a hideout if she had a man over. While we put money and effort into making the house a voyeur’s paradise, I’m still undecided about her inviting a lot of men to our home, and she understands, and agrees with my privacy concerns. So, initially, I think she’ll limit visitors to just a select handful (to be determined). The guys she sees are used to her meeting them on an ‘outcall’ basis.

    The house will have a small apartment/in-law suite and Michelle considers it a great place to use for fuck sessions. It’s directly accessible from outside (as well as inside) so she wouldn’t even have to bring a guy into the main house. She’s also hinted at renting it out to some young college stud to give her a live-in lover. Neither of us is sure how realistic that would be, since it ups the chance of getting ‘caught’ but it’s a fun idea to think about. Odds are he’d want to start fooling around and I’d come around a corner and accidentally catch them. Then what? No real option but to throw him out (or reveal I’m okay with it, which we don’t want to do). The thought of a renter banging Michelle right under my nose is a great fantasy, though. Very, very tempting.

    Take care,
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  18. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Since it’s been three weeks I thought I’d post an update.

    Michelle and Doug have been doing well. His business is beginning to spool up as spring is almost here and people are starting to start home improvements. The company has three divisions; home improvements (how the business started, years ago), flips (they got into that when the economy tanked a decade ago), and new construction custom builds. It’s taking up a lot of Doug’s time as he continues to steer the business out of home improvement to focus on flips and new construction. Like Michelle and I, she and Doug are very open in their communication and have been making a check list of ‘goals for the year’.

    Nicki started out March with her BA. Michelle and I have been checking on her regularly during her recovery. Michelle took her to the surgery, I was there to help her get into the house afterward. Michelle has taken Nicki to her post op appointments. She’s just started driving this week (there were no complications; Michelle was available and happy to chauffeur Nicki around). It's going to be another couple months before the swelling is completely gone and the implants 'drop'. Like me, Nicki works from home almost full time. She came over last night for dinner and movie, mainly to get out of her house for something besides grocery shopping and personal errands. We all had a great time.

    Thursday before last was a BDSM meet for Doug and Michelle, and that week she saw four other guys, as well. She and Doug have been trying to increase her appointments to at least three a week. She is now seeing four associates of William’s: Steven, Andrew, Patrick and Rafael (Rafi), and would like to add several more to her client list. She’s still very much into the prostitution kink, and says the sexual variety is fantastic. The belly dance class was only seven weeks and ended the last Monday of Feb. The burlesque (stripper) class Michelle now wants to take begins in April, on Tuesday nights. It, too, is only seven weeks. To give Michelle a ‘husband free’ night to see bulls we decided that Wednesday is now also a gaming night for me.

    This week Logan and Kwan were back from spring break and contacted Michelle about getting together. They are very much enjoying having a ‘cougar’ to play with, especially Logan. Doug has been telling Michelle to see as much of them as she can. She was over there Friday afternoon and said Logan was ‘mind-blowing’. For some reason, I really like the idea of a college kid with a big dick banging Michelle’s brains out. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s young enough to be her son. Or that despite the age difference she’s enthusiastically accommodating to his requests. She mentioned that he is beginning to realize that she’s not just a wife who’s hot for casual sex, but that she’s a slut that will gladly do what he wants. Once he realizes she’s sexually submissive, and that he has the power in the proverbial bedroom, I wonder how he’ll handle that.

    With about a month to go on the house, Michelle and I have been slowly weeding and packing our stuff. She is REALLY excited to be moving. For fun I scheduled a short ‘business trip’ the week after next. Michelle will supposedly drive me to the airport Tuesday night, and pick me up Friday afternoon. That will give Doug and her some alone time for two and a half days. I’ve been trying to think of way for her to be available to him on/for his birthday, but it’s a Wednesday and not a work day for her. As smart as Doug is, we don’t want it to seem too coincidental that I’m out of the way that day.

    Michelle has asked me a few times for ideas for another photo shoot. I’m still thinking about it. I’m actually having a difficult time coming up with costume ideas. I’m open to suggestions.

    Well, hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  19. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    I was just responding to UCUM666’s thread “Public Display of Your Cuckolding Nature” and had some thoughts to express but did not want to hijack his thread. Hence, I’m posting here.

    Michelle doesn’t have any clothing that clearly has any hotwife/cuckolding symbols or phrases on it. If we did, it’d have to be well hidden to make sure that her bull/top Doug never came across it, as it would reveal to him that I know she’s fucking round.

    I’d like to have made some provocative shirts for her to wear (only) around the house. Being submissive, Michelle is not at all into the husband humiliation thing, but she does get off on the whole ‘Doug owning her’ dynamic. Some top and panty ideas for Michelle that she and I are kicking around include:

    --Very Personal Assistant (my idea; she works part time as Doug’s PA)

    --Lying, Cheating, Slut Wife (her idea)
    --Ready, Willing and Obedient (my idea)
    --Built to Bang (her idea; a phrase Doug and a few others often use to compliment her)
    --WHORE (her idea, she has a fetish for prostitution)
    --Pay Me and Lay Me (her idea; see above)
    --For Hire (her idea; see above)
    --Now Serving #7 (my idea; a reference to how many men she’s done in a single day)
    --Doug’s Little Fuck Slave (my idea)

    --‘Sexcretary’ or ‘Fuckretary’ (my idea; both terms Doug and Michelle use since she’s his PA)
    --Servant to BBC (her idea; she likes interracial, although she only sees one black guy)

    We were just talking, and she asked me to post if anyone else have some ideas that are more ‘slutty’ than ‘cucky’?
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  20. cuckold34

    cuckold34 New Member

    WHORE is hot af
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