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    After Michelle returned from the gym yesterday AM, she called me. Doug was working a half day, and would be home for lunch. You could hear her smiling, and her voice was insouciant. I could tell she was happy and relaxed. She told me she and Doug are having a blast and can’t get enough of each other.

    Thursday afternoon after Doug came home from work, he collared her and gave her the ‘ritual’ at her work desk. She told me he then took her down to the brothel for some training and explained that he decided her nickname should be ‘Mimi’. During our marriage I’ve always called her Michelle, but sometimes shortened it to ‘Shell’ more out of laziness than anything. I told her I actually liked ‘Mimi’; it was kind of cute. She giggled and remarked ‘that’s the point, I think’. Later that evening thy went out to dinner (far from where we live) and had a nice evening. Then it was back to his house, fucking, and then to bed.

    Michelle also quipped about her ‘big date’ with Martin, that she was really looking forward to it, and ‘it’s almost like prom night.’ She then sent me a couple pics of her evening gown, and I’ve attached it to this post. I asked what sick, depraved fun Doug has planned for the weekend. With a laughed and told me that, obviously, she’ll be fucking six guys Saturday, but Doug has something planned that he won’t tell her. I inquired if there was any chance she can get Doug over to our house, and she did say he’s plotting something but won’t say what. She reassured me that he was at least considering the idea, despite how cautious he is about discretion.

    Then she asked about how my room was, was I swimming, working out, going out and having fun, was I still liking the whole ‘going on travel’ arrangement, etc. I told her the place was nice, mentioned the cutie at the counter (her reaction was ‘Go for it babe! I’m having fun HERE!); but that it was a little weird being gone for a week. I asked that since she’s having so much fun, how often would she like me to go on travel? She quickly answered ‘As much as you want to’. I told her maybe next time I should go away for two weeks. She giggled and exclaimed ‘Holy shit! You sure you want him to have me that long? The things he would do to your wife! He’d turn me into a total airhead bimbo.’ I mentioned that I was really looking forward to putting the frames and photos of her up, and wished I’d brought them with me. We talked a little more, but soon ended the call since Doug would be coming home soon.

    I received a few texts from her last night, which must have been prescheduled, since she was out with Martin. Today, as well, I’ve only received a few. Not surprising, since Doug is not at work and this afternoon is the pool party. I expect that tomorrow texts from her will also be pretty sparse.

    The attachment is Michelle’s dress (worn by a catalog model) which is red; there was not front shot of the dress in red, hence, the blue.

    I’m now heading out to dinner and maybe a movie.


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    Michelle called me yesterday morning and brought me up to speed on what she and Doug have been doing...

    Friday’s date with Martin went especially well. He’d told her he wanted the ‘girlfriend experience’. He picked her up at Doug’s, they drove into the city, had dinner, then went to the show. He’d bought out a balcony box for four so they had it to themselves. There’s a private hallway that runs from the lobby area to each box, with a door at each end providing them with privacy. During fifteen-minute intermission, in the hall, he fucked her up against the wall, then they went and had a couple drinks, before the show resumed. After the show they went to his apartment for more sex. Martin had her back to Doug’ a little after 1AM. Michelle jested that she got wined, dined and taken to a show, and got paid 2k. She’s pretty happy.

    Saturday AM she went to the gym, (she typically skips weekend days) and after returning to Doug’s and showering he put her through her paces with some training. Around midafternoon Doug’s guests started arriving, and she sent me a selfie she took of her outfit. It was a white fishnet halter (basically see-through); a white G-string, white pumps, and she had white cat ears and a tail. She looked ridiculously cute and slutty at the same time with the glam makeup. I asked her how she got the tail to stay on the G-string and she laughed and replied ‘it wasn’t attached, it’s a butt plug!’

    When guys come over and Michelle is a ‘party treat’ (her words), Doug uses coin flips to determine the order all the guys get to fuck her, keeping everything orderly and friendly. She told me it rained on and off, so they BBQ’d outside and were indoors most of the time. The party broke up about 10PM. After the others had left and they’d finished cleaning up Doug fucked her. Then she showered and hit the sack. Michelle said she had a fantastic time, but the weird part is sleeping alone, and that’s when she really misses me, particularly Saturday night.

    Michelle slept in late on Sunday, and he fixed her a nice breakfast (Doug likes to cook). They went over some business together (she does actually do personal assistant stuff for him), including his Halloween party on the 29th. She commented that if I was ‘out of town’ that day it would be great. He said that since she’d been such an obedient little slut he’d take her over to our house and fuck her. Michelle warned me that it’s pretty raw, but wouldn’t say more since she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise.

    Michelle called me again this AM, the best time since Doug’s at work. She told me that Monday afternoon she met with William, and that evening met with Ryan for dinner and sex. This morning, after the gym she stopped by our place to check on things. While getting the mail, one of our neighbors, Vic, across the street chatted her up. He, his teenage son, and son’s two friends were shooting hoops in their driveway. We’ve talked with him a few times, but we don’t see very much of him. He’s a nurse and works shift work. A fairly built black guy, he has a hard face, but when he smiles he’s much more friendly looking and is actually a pleasant person. His son is a 16-year-old who’s yet to get his driver’s license.

    Michelle was in minimal makeup and a ponytail, wearing a crop top, yoga pants, and an unzipped hoodie. She said that, while Vic didn’t overtly scope her out, the teenagers definitely did. Michelle kidded that next time I’m ‘away on business’ she should go out to dinner with him, and make all the neighbors talk. It’s a sexy fantasy, but I doubt Vic would fuck her. I also doubt that Doug would allow her to, given the high probability that people on our street would gossip. Michelle said she took off the hoodie and was casually slow-walking back across the street to give them a good parting view. Then she drove back to Doug’s and called me.

    Since our phone conversation, I’ve gotten a few short texts. I look forward to seeing her tomorrow night.

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    Michelle called me this AM after going to the gym. She said that yesterday, after talking with me, Doug called her and told her to meet Kevin for lunch, and that she also had an appointment with Jared (also an accountant, but not for the same firm as Kevin) at 4PM. When she returned to Doug’s around 5:30, he was home. He told her to grab a snack, cleanup and get over to Tyler’s, but that she’d be charging half price. She was back at Doug’s by 8PM, and she said ‘last night he rewarded me well for being a good little whore.’

    Per the hotel reservation Michelle made for me a couple weeks ago, my checkout day is actually tomorrow, since she’s picking me up tonight around 5PM. We plan to go out to dinner, then drive home. When she gets here I’ll have my bags packed and ready to go. It’s been a thrilling week, but I’m also ready to go home and be in the same bed as my wife.

    Hope everyone is having a good week!
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    Greetings all.

    Michelle’s out running errands and my work is slow this AM. Wednesday night Michelle called me from the car saying she was running on time and to not to check out, that she’d come up to the room to get me.

    A few minutes before five there’s a knock at the door. I opened it to find a hot babe with a gorgeous smile standing there, chomping on a piece of gum. Petite, with very platinum blonde hair but darker eyebrows, wearing dark purple eye shadow and lipstick, a little black halter top (the top half of it is sheer, and showing lovely cleavage), a dark purple leather miniskirt, black suspender stockings and purple suede platform pumps. She looked a little goth. Michelle walked in and introduced herself as Mimi, saying Doug sent her. As I’m speechless, wondering for a moment if she’s told Doug I was actually at the hotel, she saunters over to the desk. Then she bends over at the waist, rests on her elbows, hikes up her skirt, pulling her G-string to the side and gives a little bimbo giggle. Fully in the hooker roleplay, she says ‘c’mon, you haven’t had any pussy for a week.’

    I quickly get behind her and drop my pants. Before entering her I spotted the clear jewel butt plug, and a temp tattoo of a Celtic crescent moon on her right ass cheek. It just made her even hotter looking. I couldn’t help but fuck her hard and fast, and she was doing a lot of ‘oh, Daddy’ and ‘yes, Daddy’. She came first, and then we came together. I only lasted about fifteen minutes. She got on her knees and licked me clean, then we kissed and hugged for the first time in a week. She transformed from whore into loving wife. I’d really missed her presence, her touch, her scent, everything about her. She told me she had an amazing time with Doug, but that she truly missed me. We decided to get me checked out and go get some dinner. She said she’d meet me at the car, explaining that there was a REALLY cute brunette at the front counter and, if she was the one who’d flirted a little with me, I’d better not be seen with another woman, especially one who looked like she might be a hooker. For fun I asked Michelle what I should call her, and she answered sincerely she was going by ‘Mimi’ now.

    As she walked down the long hallway to take the stairs down to a side exit, I stood there and watched. I admired the mane of platinum hair that reached below her waist, the slender build, the swaying hips. She’d never been anything close to a wallflower, but she’d never been a diva, either. After two years of Doug’s influence she’d definitely embraced her inner libertine, and become a wonderful piece of eye candy. At the front desk my flirtatious friend was on duty. We chatted a moment about me being in town for business occasionally, then I departed. The reality is that she’s young enough to be my daughter, and I doubted she’d seriously consider sex with me.

    When I got to the car Mimi had the engine running, and we headed off to find a local restaurant. We had a nice dinner, and I was amused by the looks, both admiring and slightly disapproving, Mimi got from members of the public. When we left the restaurant and walked around to the back to our car, Mimi said she had a surprise, and not to freak out. She walked over beside one of the dumpsters and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a silver Zippo. She took a cigarette, handed me the pack, and lit up. The pack had a butterfly logo, and said tobacco-free herbal cigarettes. She explained the brand is used by Hollywood as a stage prop, and Doug had her start on Thursday. She smoked a few on Friday morning, but Saturday smoked several, especially since Tyler and Brandon (Doug’s younger brother) smoke, and she could go out on the patio with them. Both of them admitted that her smoking was sexy, but they also admonished her to NEVER use real cigs and get hooked. Apparently both have tried quitting numerous times.

    As we stood there she smiled at me watching her and said ‘kind of trashy, huh?’ I casually agreed, still having mixed feeling about it. ‘But it’s kind of a turn on, too, right? Because when I take a drag it’s like I’m sucking cock. Plus, boys like bad girls.’ I agreed that, in a way, I did find it kind of sexy. And the smell wasn’t nearly as bad as a real cigarette. But then, I like the smell of gasoline and kerosene. She finished and we began the drive home. During the ride she filled me in on what had happened while I was gone, and asked me how my week was, being away from home. I had little to tell. It was essentially work, eat and sleep. She sensed I’d been kind of bored, and asked if the arrangement had been a bad idea. I told her I didn’t think so, since she got some quality time with Doug, but that I would have enjoyed it more if we could have talked more often. I added that I know she was with Doug the whole time, so she wasn’t always free to just pick up the phone or skype.

    She said the best way to take care of that was for her to just mention to Doug that I was disappointed that we didn’t talk more while I was gone. Knowing Doug, who always wants to avoid arousing suspicions, or me being annoyed with Mimi’s work schedule, he would allow her to go home and phone me more and skype occasionally.

    Yesterday was a workday for Mimi, and she and Doug had some fun together since he was off. Today ad tonight she and I are sort of ‘reconnecting’ after being apart for a week. I just want to hang out with my wife. No special plans other than ordering a pizza tonight and watching some movies together. This weekend is supposed to be a scorcher.

    Mimi’s fixing lunch now, so going to run. Everyone have a fun weekend.


    PS - Yes, I'm still getting used to her new nickname.
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    Friday the 12th I sent the following to Mbgdallas in a conversation:

    Admittedly, it was weird being away from Mimi for a week. I was pretty comfortable, and excited, when she and Doug went to Atlantic City. But this week away was different somehow. I don’t believe Doug is trying to take her away, but I guess I’m a little unnerved at the influence he has on her, and the changes in her. Yeah, we definitely went down this road voluntarily. Absolutely no denying that. But I don’t think that any of the three of us—Doug, Mimi, or I—knew the journey would take us to this point.

    I see her every day, and slowly I’ve seen the changes. I don’t think she’s playing a role, like she was two or three years ago. I think she’s truly become genuinely promiscuous and uninhibited. Sex with multiple guys every week, including for prostitution, is truly her ‘normal.’ I also believe that one catalyst was her cosmetic surgery last year. I’ve read online that ‘Studies have shown that breast implants can help boost self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction.-WebMD’

    I guess, trying to sort this out in my own mind, maybe I’m weirded out by the fact I know she’s NOT the woman I married anymore, and may never be again. And part of that change is not being afraid of who she is. She seems less concerned about the reactions of family/friends, as well. I don’t think she’s going to start dressing like a sleazy hooker full time, but little things like intentionally giving the guy across the street and his son a nice view, which any neighbor could see, was a little…daring, in my judgement.

    I don’t think my marriage is in trouble; she seems very happy. I sure as hell love her. She hasn’t become a foul-mouthed bitch. She still turns the channel when Humane Society ads come on because she can’t stand to see animals that have been abused and neglected. She thoroughly enjoys spending a few hundred dollars every x-mas on toys for tots, making sure to buy stuff for all age groups. She still misses the pet fish we had years ago that died, and keeps a picture of him alongside our family photos. But she also makes sure to look sexy all the time, and doesn’t think twice about going around in nearly nothing in the house. She’s not scandalous in public, but she is daring. Funny thing is, a couple of her friends have become a little bolder with their wardrobe. One was inspired to hit the gym. Her kid went to college and her hubby is still a head turner. Who knows, maybe her hubby told her he wished she looked like Mimi.

    He was kind enough to respond and gave me some friendly observations to think about.
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    Since secrets can kill a relationship, that weekend I came clean with Mimi and told her what was one my mind. She wasn’t surprised, or upset, like I thought she might be. I underestimated her, and her understanding. It reminded me what a great wife I have, and that communication has always been one of our greatest strengths. We talked about how she has changed, and how we both see those changes. She explained she very well knows she’s changed, and now different from her (female) friends. She said that (aside from the fact that she is married and cheating) some of the things she does with Doug, they would find titillating. Other stuff they would find disgusting and revolting. She expounded that she knows and understand that society reviles behavior like hers, and would condemn her for it. But in her mind, this is perfectly acceptable behavior within her marriage, and within the circle of men she has sexual relationships with. She described it as similar to being homosexual or atheist, in that many people, if they knew about her sexual attitude and activities, would shun and hate her for it.

    She is, however, perfectly comfortable with her outlook and behaviors. She laughed and said ‘yes, compared to the average person, I’m a sexual deviant. I get off on what most people, most women, would be terrified of, or disgusted by.’ Her real concern is whether or not I’m ok with it. She also stressed that she is still deeply in love with me, and that our love, our friendship (we always say we are best friends), and our marriage mean everything to her. She also volunteered that she does love Doug. She clarified that, considering the trust and intimacy of their relationship, she’d probably have to be a sociopath to not love him on some level.

    When we talked about specific changes, I confessed that Doug (and to some degree, Mimi herself) has tailored her appearance into an incredible image of sex appeal. Mimi’s posture; glamorous makeup; sexy clothing; waist-length hair which Doug’s had had her color red and now platinum blonde; full Angelina Jolie-like lips (from a suction lip plumper, not Botox); large breast implants (which are gorgeous, but look too good to be natural); girlish nose (plastic surgery); boldly colored contacts (she had Lasik a few year ago, so can wear non-prescription colored contacts) that Doug coordinates with her hair color (she’s been wearing different blue contacts since to going platinum blonde); brilliant white smile (whitening strips); as well as the sexy walk and the lips-slightly-open expression Doug’s trained her into. Both are now second nature to her. All this was gradual over nearly two years. And after four months of CrossFit five days a week, her physique is noticeably leaner, and showing a little bit of definition.

    She really appreciated the fact that I notice all the effort she puts into looking so good. She joked that she is, after all, selling a product: her beauty. ‘If a guy looks at me and doesn’t think about fucking me, I’m doing it wrong’. And she admits she loves the attention and gets a kick out of guys scoping her out. While on the subject, I related my concerns about her ‘showing off’ too much in public, for example, the neighbor across the street. She recognized that it could cause some talk in the neighborhood, but people might talk no matter what. As she pointed out, most all the women on our street are moms with figures like a sack of potatoes. So some are probably going to be jealous and catty about Mimi looking so good and dislike her no matter what. She assured me that yes, she very much keeps in mind that being too brazen (appearance or behavior) could raise eyebrows and cause talk. But her main concern is making sure everyone believes she’s a ‘faithful wife’ versus straight-laced and prudish, which she obviously isn’t.

    When she asked me if I wanted anything to change, I told her that I wished she could go out on more ‘dates’, and I wished I could occasionally see her with other men. She asked if I still liked her being Doug’s fuck toy and whore, and I told her I enjoyed that. She said she really did, too, and would continue that as long as I was good with it. I asked what Doug was teaching her to enjoy, besides the continual reinforcement to be slutty and obey him. Mimi told me that while I was away on business he’d concentrated on her smoking (advancing her another notch on the tramp factor); renaming her; and some rough sex. She interjected that, speaking of ‘rougher’, during sex she’d like me to slap her ass and talk dirty more. She went on to say that over the last several months, since her surgery healed, Doug really got into nipple play with her, and she now loves it. So much so, that during sex she’s encouraged a few of the guys to do it. I asked what she likes and she smiled and said clamps, pinching, twisting. I learned that for some time now Doug doesn’t kiss her without a little nipple pinching/twisting. She also said they were already trying some Halloween kinks including ‘witch and the inquisitor in the dungeon’; werewolf sex (pseudo bestiality with Doug as the wolfman); and Frankenstein’s bride wherein he straps her down and used some large dildos on her.

    Then I asked her if she wanted anything to change and she said she wanted me to start being BDSM with her, that she’s really into it, and wishes we would do it together. I talked with her about fucking versus lovemaking, and she says that at this point in our lives she wants lovemaking occasionally, but mostly fucking. She said she’s a sex slave for other men, and she wants to be for me, too. ‘Don’t be afraid to treat me like she slut I am’, she said. ‘I like it.’ We went on to discuss more of our thoughts and feelings over the weekend. I even came clean with her and told her that I sometimes fantasize about Doug getting too much control and shifting her loyalties from me to him. She became very sincere and said that that could never happen. She said that, first of all, she’s not going to ruin our marriage. Second of all, Doug doesn’t want a full-time girlfriend. ‘I’m his toy. He plays with me, then sends me home. Yes, we had a great week [when I was supposedly out of town], but he can’t maintain a 24/7 relationship. He doesn’t want to.’ Then she told me quite bluntly “I know you love me, but I need you to treat me like Doug does. That’s what I really want’. I knew that she wanted sex a little rougher, a little wilder, at home, but I’d thought our sex life was sort of the calmer counterbalance to the wildness of their sex life. We’re continuing to talk about that and what the ‘ideal trophy wife’ should be.

    Last week Doug was very busy with work and only fucked her twice, but he did arrange for her to see three of the guys. This week is her period, and it’s been pretty quiet. Next Monday she’ll be going over to a rental property he owns to see the new tenants. They’re two college kids who’re moving in this weekend before classes start. The property is a townhouse that he bought located close to a local college. He had his company renovate the place to become rental property for college kids.

    I hope everyone has a good week,

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    The last couple weeks Mimi and I have been intensely discussing our hotwife/cuckolding situation. Both of us have gone into great detail about where we are, what we want, and where to go from here. It’s really been a no-holds-barred period of communication. Gratefully, none of it has been heated or confrontational. But, though we consider ourselves to have outstanding communication in our marriage, there were still some surprises for both of us. Sometimes, you have to be reminded that knowing something, and accepting something, can be two different things. So can be thinking you know something, when actually you don’t know nearly as much as you thought you did.

    We realized that one thing we needed to do was examine exactly WHY we have a marital relationship in which she partakes in adultery and prostitution. We agreed that this started because we both considered it exciting to violate such a basic taboo (adultery) and get away with it. Her being sexually promiscuous was arousing to both of us. The danger was family, friends or coworkers finding out. It was easy enough for us to agree long ago that it would be so much easier (if Mimi’s adultery became known) for people to believe that she simply had a weak moment, had an affair and we were working to restore the marriage. It’d be much harder, if not impossible, for people to accept that we were ‘swingers’ (or that Mimi was fucking around, with my approval, but I was not).

    This arrangement—me being the supposedly oblivious husband and she being the clandestine slut—came with pros and cons. A key one for me was the unfeasibility of seeing her get fucked by another man. I might get to see her leave for a date, and come home, but that was about it. Trying to follow her and spy on her and her ‘date’ was risky. A concern for both of us was her meeting men without me being present, and the possible safety risks that entailed.

    A complication for her, since we agreed that she would not fuck anyone we knew, who might ‘out’ us, was simply HOW to meet men and be covert about it. Since for years we’d talked about, and played out fantasies of, her fucking other men, that aspect really wasn’t an issue for either of us. The breakthrough came one afternoon when Mimi spotted a handsome, friendly looking guy in his mid-twenties working at a mall she was shopping in. At the time, we’d fully agreed to her fucking someone without me knowing beforehand. I commuted most of the time and she was a housewife with plenty of free time. The likelihood was high that she might run into a possible hookup while I was at work, and often not directly reachable. Our plan was for her to leave a voicemail for me with details, for safety reasons, and then pursue the opportunity. And that’s exactly what happened in May 2012.

    She ended up fucking Dan about every five weeks over the summer. And Dan introduced her to Kevin, and by autumn she started fucking him, as well. The first part of 2013 she did see much of Kevin because he’s an accountant and from January to April he’s very busy. But they made up for lost time over the summer, seeing each other every two or three weeks. I was teleworking part time, so it was easier for her to meet Kevin at his house for a nooner one days I was at work. He invited her to his Halloween party and she went (supposedly she was going out with a friend). At the time, she’d been fucking Dan and Kevin for twelve and eighteen months, respectively. Mimi went to Kevin’s Halloween party and not only did a quickie with Kevin, but also ended up unexpectedly fucking Nick, one of Kevin’s friends, in a basement bathroom. When she got home she was so delighted telling me she’d been fucked twice in one evening, and then insisted I fuck her to bring the total to three guys in one night.

    In January 2014 Kevin persuaded her to attend his small super bowl pre-game party in Feb of 2014 as a ‘party favor’. She fucked four guys that afternoon; Kevin, Dan, Nick and Doug. They flipped coins to determine the order they would fuck her, and then did her one at a time over a couple hours. When she left, Kevin gave her a surprise gift of $200, saying it would have cost more for a stripper, and she provided a lot more fun. It was a turning point, we both agree. She’d become very comfortable (but still thoroughly cautious) seeing other men, and the friend-of-a-friend system of introductions was working well. That year both Kevin and Doug saw her often although the balance shifted to Doug. Kevin was, admittedly, a workaholic, while Doug was keenly interested in Mimi. Kevin’s house was a perfect place to meet, and both of them saw her often, enjoying the submissive sex toy they had discovered through playing with her.

    She went to Kevin’s All Saints’ Day costume party on Nov 1 2014 and, at their instruction, tried to score with as many guys as she could. Doug and Kevin would introduce her and she’d then try to get the guy to an upstairs room under the pretext of an impromptu tour of Kevin’s house. For all parties, I think it was a test of just how compliant and promiscuous she would be, at least with the anonymity of a costume (a slutty Cinderella costume with wig and Colombina mask). She gave seven ‘tours’ that evening: she fucked three guys (one was Nick); two declined her offer; one went to second base and another, to third. After the party broke up, with her full consent, Kevin and Doug took her to the basement, tied her up and blindfolded her. first they did a little vibe torture while she provided blowjobs. Then they tied her to an ottoman on her hands and knees, removed the blindfold, lightly whipper her ass and verbally humiliated her, and then sodomized her.

    Everything had been prearranged and consented, but Mimi said it was an overwhelming experience, nonetheless. It was also a handoff of sorts, as Kevin agreed he didn’t have the time to maintain a steady relationship with her, and Doug was all too eager to continue exploring her kinkiness. Although both of them had been playing very light BDSM games with her for a few months, this was a way of making it formal that this would be a main theme in their activities. Things slowly progressed from there.

    Mimi admits that this was a milestone in her changing attitude about adultery. Over that summer, there it has been a transition from simply fucking guys for the sport of it, to a tentative exploration of alternative sex: BSDM. With the November ‘ceremony’ she and Doug were agreeing to explore this together, and setting in place the first framework and rules of their relationship. November and December they discussed a lot, but saw each other only a couple more times before the end of the year (the holidays made schedules too busy). We had a lot of snow in Jan and Feb, although she did manage to attend Kevin’s super bowl 2015 pregame party. It went the same at the year before, her fucking Brandon (Doug’s cousin); Nick; Tyler (one of Doug’s good friends and employees); Doug and Kevin. Once again, they gave her a gift of money.

    During Jan and Feb, Mimi and Doug hashed out what BDSM they wanted to try, advancing beyond a little light bondage light spanking, ass whipping, and verbal humiliation. In March, with the weather getting better, they started playing more intensely, and in late April Doug sent her on her first outcall, and she fucked Tyler for money. By June, Doug had moved into his new house (he owned another and had been sharing the place with a couple renters) so he and Mimi no longer needed to meet at Kevin’s. That was the month he also hired her as a personal assistant.

    I’ve written all this so illustrate how things, over time, gradually changed. At first Mimi was occasionally fucking guys for fun, then she met a few more, and slowly the role-playing and games developed into a BDSM play with two of those guys. In March of 2012 she had her first extramarital sex. By June 2015, she had a dom/top for her primary boyfriend and was an occasional prostitute. Mimi and I, talking about all that has happened, accept that she’s gone through a lot of changes, and this is now about so much more than just occasionally adding kicks to our sex life.

    This is lengthy, so more later…
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    Dam friend, perfect mind set* most bull would hang around u guys ( long-term)
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    Hi Eric, You and Mimi sound awesome. I loved reading your last post. I have a fantasy of being paid for sex, but like fantasies go I want to desire the would only want to do the activities I like. Ideally, he would be a big dicked And I totally dig what you guys are doing and how naturally it progressed. Deanna
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    Thank you, Deanna –

    Mimi very much enjoys fulfilling the fantasy of getting paid for sex. She sees only a limited number of men repeatedly, instead of meeting strangers on an ongoing basis, so she definitely finds all of them enjoyable (some of them especially so), and it’s safe and discreet. She likes her men confident, intelligent and strong-willed. Different people have different kinks, and she definitely likes being submissive to strong men. But she doesn’t like testosterone-overcharged assholes who are vain, swaggering or conceited.

    She has said several times that she would slowly like to expand her number of clients, more to broaden her sexual horizons than to increase cash flow. She also told me that she thoroughly enjoyed the all-evening ‘girlfriend experience’ she did for Martin; going out to dinner, a show, and his place afterward. It was a nice change from the her normal ‘one-hour trick’. The problem is having the time to do that, since she’s married and supposedly doing all this behind my back. Her going out too often would make her ‘studs’ think that either I’m a complete idiot, or I suspect and condone what she’s doing.

    Take care and happy Labor Day!
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  11. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Just a quick update…

    Mimi and I have been doing a lot of talking (seems like I post that a lot, but we do try to communicate well in our marriage) and are trying to work out our strategy on how to move forward. I’ll post more on that later. Apologies for the commentary sort of being left hanging for the moment.

    Since schools are officially back now, Mimi and Nicole are finally going on a getaway to the beach this coming weekend (leaving Thursday night and coming back Sunday). They’ve been talking about it since early July. Now that the crowds have died down, they going while it’s still warm. They’ve become good friends, and hang out together, going window shopping or getting lunch once a week, and texting back and forth. Nicki definitely identifies with Mimi in that she’s ditched the ‘good girl’ image and is, after her divorce, embracing life with a ‘just do it’ attitude. Apparently, Nicki lost some friends during the divorce (you’d think people would rally to you, especially if you were the one who was wronged) and, having no kids and now being a bachelorette, she’s now sort of out of place among the ones that remain. It seems that not only do divorces rip apart the marriage, they also have serious ripple effects on your social circles as well.

    Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend,
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    cuckold34 New Member

    What kinds of implants?
  13. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Breast implants.

    For the curious, Mimi’s are:
    --Mentor brand;
    --Silicone (supposedly more ‘natural feeling’ than saline);
    --Under pectoral muscle (much better for breast cancer screening, and they don’t look quite as ‘bolt on’, although Mimi’s are pretty big--she’s a 32DDD--and are obviously not natural);
    --Crease incision, and her scars are fading nicely.

  14. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Continued from prior post of Aug 28…

    During the summer of 2015, Mimi talked to me, and then to Doug about further exploring and developing their BDSM relationship. She’d known Doug long enough they had developed a stable trust relationship, and his openness to sexual variety made her comfortable enough to divulge to him some of her deepest fantasies. Things that she’d told only to me. A natural submissive, and intelligent and well-spoken, Mimi had some lengthy conversations with Doug about where they both wanted things to progress. To both Doug and I, she posed the question ‘define the perfect slut’. As Mimi put it back then, she wanted to get a ‘master’s degree in being a slut’. She and Doug agreed (in writing) what the agenda would be and what was considered out of bounds. An amalgam of his, mine and her ideas became the agenda. Having a minor in Psychology, she helped Doug create some of the ‘conditioning’ and ‘training’ roleplaying/scenes they did together.

    What I didn’t fully realize at the time was that differences between role-playing and lifestyle were becoming blurred. Making rules and following them (like what she could or could not wear) was one thing. But the Top/Bottom relationship developing between them was another. Mimi truly embraced giving over control to Doug. She explained that what made it easy to give up control was the bliss of being ‘liberated from responsibility’, and the positive reinforcement of sexual rewards. Mimi even talked with Doug a few times as the weeks went by to make sure he was satisfied with the relationship. She often felt like he was doing all the work, indulging her fantasies, while she was relaxing and having all the fun. Sharing these thoughts and feelings only increased their intimacy. But two constants were Doug being adamant not to get careless and get ‘caught’ and ruin her marriage; and maintaining that this was ONLY a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. He reiterated that he didn’t want a girlfriend and that romance was never going to happen.

    Only these past few months Mimi, Doug and I have all realized that their relationship and BDSM sex play has had a profound effect on her viewpoints and disposition. For Mimi, it’s often hard to tell when you’re undergoing change gradually. For Doug, he only gets to see a piece of the picture, since he sees Mimi only part time and almost all of that has to do with sex play. I’m the only one that has really been able to see the change in her ‘normal’ behavior and, though she doesn’t keep secrets, I’m not exposed to every detail of what she and Doug do; I get a summary from her after the fact. She and I agree that this is the reason none of us really had a complete picture of where we were all headed, and ended up. Now the big questions became ‘is this what we want’; ‘what more (or what else) do we want’; what must we do to bring about those changes’?

    It’s a forgone conclusion that Mimi and I are devoted to our marriage and NEVER getting divorced. We’ve always joked that our policy is ‘death before divorce’: we’ll always work out whatever challenges we face, not give up on each other or our marriage. We agreed to take a few days and examine what our life has become, and make notes about what we do and do not want to change. She suggested we each ‘make a wish list’ an exchange them, beforehand. She also said she would talk with Doug and discuss with him his wants and needs, explaining that taking over the family business has put him under a lot of stress and, although he’s making the effort to set aside downtime for himself (and playtime with her), he’s carrying a lot of responsibility right now. We decided that Friday, September second, we would spend the day talking about the answers to the Big Questions. The Tuesday before, we exchanged our wish lists so we could have some time to think about what our spouse wanted. I took Friday off and, after going out to a nice breakfast, we went home, sat down, pulled out the wish lists, and talked.

    Mimi’s document was, in fact, part wish list and part letter (mine had taken on a similar structure, as well). She was sincere, honest and direct, and it gave me some excellent insight, as well as some suggestions on how to move forward. Without going into all the minutiae of what we discussed, we agreed that she will continue seeing Doug (as his time permits), including her working for him part-time, their BDSM play and him whoring her out.

    Mimi said she really wants changes in our relationship dynamic and our sex life. She loves the BDSM relationship she has with Doug, but wants that at home, too. She explained to Doug that she’s getting into BDSM with me, and he’s actually happy about that, saying he's glad she's getting more of what she likes at home. He also commented that perhaps she and he will have a little more leeway in their play, since any accidental marks could be blamed on her and me playing.

    She also said she understands my disappointment at not being able to see her with other men, and wants to change that. She arranged with Doug that she can see other men without his permission, so long as she continues to fuck whomever he tells her to (which she happily agrees to). To start fucking around outside of activities with Doug and that group of men, she needs alibi material for being out at night. We tossed around ideas like a friend who will cover for her, taking some night classes, going to meetup groups, etc. Nicki was a natural possibility. Their trip to the beach this weekend will be an assessment to see if Nicki is open to Mimi being a cheating wife, and willing to cover for her. Mimi said that having a ‘partner in crime’ to have some wild nights out would be a lot of fun.

    Mimi also asked if I was interested in moving to a more private location. She really likes Doug’s house, and would love something like it, with a larger lot, seclusion and maybe a pool. More so, she’d like a house that has basement space in which we could build our own hidden ‘dungeon’. On the completely practical side, she said it would nice to have an in-law suite for when they, or other family members, visit. When she was sure I liked the idea, she told me that she’d talked some to Doug about him building a custom house for us. We're looking into this. Aside from the idea of having a basement dungeon and not being in a shoulder-to-shoulder housing subdivision, our house doesn't have some features I'd love to have. A custom built house sounds very appealing.

    This past week I’ve also been delving into the few BDSM books Mimi’s bought, and ordered a few Mimi said Doug has in his collection. While it’s not specifically my performance in bed that’s leaving Mimi wanting more, it’s our style of sex life. It’s too vanilla for her and I need to learn to, as she says ‘enjoy having a fuck slave.’ My wife is a hell of a lot kinkier than I am, and I need to get from the minors into the majors, so to speak.

    Spontaneously, while talking this Wednesday about what to do for our 17th anniversary at the end of the month, we booked six days in Las Vegas. I could use the getaway. Mimi and Nicki left yesterday afternoon and drove down to the Outer Banks. Nicki’s parents own a rental property condo there, so they only have to pay for food and gas. Today Mimi texted me and sent some selfies of her and Nicki at the condo, near the beach, out shopping and at restaurants. They make a good pair, both of them being damn hot. I'm sure lots of guys will be eyeing them this weekend.

    Well, it’s late and I’m going to head to bed. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  15. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Mimi and Nicki had a great weekend together. They went down Thursday afternoon and, after throwing their bags in the condo, headed out to a later dinner. They met a nice older guy at a bar and grill and ended up spending the evening with him. Ray’s a local, divorced, in his fifties, and good looking. After dinner they all went to a local hotspot Nicki also knew about since she’s familiar with the area. Mimi said Ray’s a genuinely fun and nice guy and both she and Nicki had a blast spending the evening with him. He gave them his card and they parted ways about 1AM.

    When they got back to the condo Mimi and Nicki had a good laugh about the fact that they both thought the other was going to score with Ray. Nicki told Mimi that he seemed to have an eye for her, while Mimi thought the opposite. It definitely broke the ice regarding Nicki’s view on Mimi getting some on the side. Mimi and I expected that Nicki might have a sore spot regarding infidelity, since her husband cheated on her and that’s why they divorced. But Nicki actually elaborated (maybe the booze loosened her tongue a little) that she didn’t have a big problem with her husband getting a little on the side, as long as it was meaningless. She explained it was the fact that he ‘fell in love’ with the other woman and wanted to marry her that was the reason they divorced. When Mimi asked directly if Nicki was cool with Mimi getting some on the side AND would Nicki cover for her, Nicki did the ‘cross my heart, hope to die’ promise and declared the weekend was for ‘booze, beach and boys!’

    Friday AM they texted Ray and he was available for lunch, but was seeing clients for dinner. They met him as a local sandwich place and he joked that his repute would go through the roof being seen with two beauties. Mimi and Nicki had already arranged that Nicki had dibs on him, so at the end of lunch she discreetly asked Ray if they could get together again, sans Mimi. Not wanting to be rude, he hesitated about leaving Mimi out of the mix, and proposed they meet after dinner for drinks and maybe go clubbing, and he could bring a coworker for a double date. Nicki agreed and filled Mimi in after they and Ray parted. When Mimi was filling me in on all this, she laughed that she’s the slut, but Nicki got the first date.

    The girls toured and shopped Friday afternoon, then went out to dinner. They were eyeballed by some college-aged guys, but none of them approached. They met Ray at a bar/club and it turned out his coworker was a stocky, tan, blonde, blue-eyed 30-year-old guy with a boyish face. Mimi says she reminded him of Ralph, from the A Christmas Story movie. About midnight they headed back to the condo, had a few drinks, and per the girl’s prearranged plan, Mimi suggested they hit the pool (they had bought trunks for the guys that day). Nicki (as pre-planned) declined, then so did Ray. Mimi and Jim donned swimsuits and went out to the pool. The purpose was to give each couple some alone time. When Mimi and Jim, already on second base in the pool, returned to the condo the music was still playing but the living room was empty. Mimi and Jim hit the bedroom and he spent the night. The next morning, the girls offered Jim breakfast (Ray had not spent the night), but he begged off and departed.

    Saturday had an influx of people into town, and while shopping and touring the girls were befriend by a group of four students (three guys, one girl) of Elizabeth City State Univ. They began talking in one of the stores after Nicki, knowing the area, answered some questions and gave info on some local attractions. One of the guys suggested they all have lunch together at a place Nicki had recommended. Mimi said the two boys who were stag (the other was with the girl) were enthusiastic about it, but the couple were momentarily hesitant. The two boys were liking the cougars. They hung out the rest of the day. When the couple mentioned they were driving back that night, Nicki offered to let them all overnight at the condo (it has six bedrooms). It ended up that the guy had to work Sunday AM, but the two stag (in their own car) accepted.

    About midnight the couple departed, and the foursome clubbed for another hour, went back to the condo, hit the pool (where the making out began in earnest), and then to bed. Kyle, Mimi’s guy, was, she said, like a kid on Christmas morning: excited, playful and eager, like the energizer bunny. They fucked for about forty minutes and then laid in bed and talked, the he was ready to go at it again. While resting after the second time they decided to go downstairs and raid the kitchen. There, they could occasionally hear Nicki and John going at it, as their bedroom was on the same level. Kyle got randy again they started warming up for round three there in the kitchen. When he paused to say he needed to go upstairs for a condom, Mimi asked if he was STD free. He answered definitely, and she said she was, too. She told him she had birth control covered (she takes her pill before bed, and he’d actually seen her take it before they started fucking), to forget the condom and go for it. Mimi said she remembers it was a little before 4AM when they went upstairs and fell asleep.

    After waking up and some lazy morning sex (both couples) they all met in the kitchen and talked about what to do Sunday. The girls had planned to drive back Sunday afternoon, but were game for staying another night, as were the guys, who could leave early and drive thirty miles to get to Monday morning class. Nicki had taken Monday for a ‘recovery day’ and didn’t have to be to work. The guys offered to go out and bring back breakfast, while Mimi tried to contact her employer about taking Monday off. After the guys left, Nicki told Mimi she was fine if they left as planned, pointing out the college boys had no idea Mimi was married and expected at home. Mimi texted me (I had no problems) and then Doug (who told her to have fun).

    After the guys returned and they finished breakfast, they decided to go hang on the beach for a while, despite it being pretty damn hot. They greased up well (boys happily applying all the sunscreen), talked, played Frisbee, enjoyed the beach and finally went back to the condo the shower and then go out for lunch. During lunch they agreed try to get an airplane tour (they’d seen signs for them) after Mimi offered to cover the expense (nearly $500 for an hour). They enjoyed it, but it was a bummer that Kyle ended up sitting next to the pilot, John and Nicki in the middle seat, and Mimi ended up in the back. The pilot had arranged them according to weight, front to back.

    After the flight, they toured a little then went back to the condo to freshen up. When Nicki and John decided to grab a shower together, Kyle seized the opportunity to invite Mimi to some shower sex of their own. After getting cleaned up they all went out for dinner, drinking, dancing, and finally back to the condo. The boys left Monday about 6AM to go to class and the girls packed and left the condo later. On the drive back they reaffirmed their code of silence, and Nicki asked Mimi if things were okay in the marriage. She was genuinely concerned about ‘leading Mimi astray’ but Mimi reiterated that her marriage was rock solid, but she just liked the idea of a little harmless fun on the side. Nicki said she was cool with it as long as Mimi didn’t do something like Nicki’s husband did. Mimi assured her it was sex only, and she was never letting me go. That settled, they agreed they needed to have another getaway weekend before the weather turned col, and Nicki asked if Mimi was interested in having some girls’ nights out, that maybe they could go into the city and hit some clubs. Mimi said she was definitely interested.

    So, Mimi now has a partner in crime when it comes to cheating on me. Honestly, I was VERY surprised the weekend went so well, and that Nicki is okay with Mimi doing a little cheating. I fully expected that, after her divorce, Nicki would be dead set against it.

    Mimi is running some errands after getting off work, and should be home in a little bit. I am interested to hear Doug’s reaction to Mimi telling him that she (and Nicki) both scored to guys this weekend.

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    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Greetings, all. Just back from vacation. Here’s what’s happened lately…

    Saturday the 17th, Mimi and I met with Doug and one of his agents, Kurt, to discuss building a custom house. I wondered how this meeting would go; seeing Doug and Mimi interact with me (and someone else) in the room. Doug turned out to be very cordial, and focused on business, despite Mimi’s very short cutoff blue jeans; a skintight red tank top (no bra); three-inch sandal heels; and long platinum hair in two loose pigtails. It was Kurt who found Mimi a bit distracting.

    She and I had looked at house plans online and brought printouts to show them what we liked. Based on our lot requirements--city water/sewer; cable/broadband internet access; about an acre, preferably wooded, to assure privacy; and close proximity to our current location—they had two to show us. We visited the lots, Mimi donning sweatpants and hiking boots to walk the unkept properties. The second was lower priced, heavily wooded, larger than the first, and an equivalent location. The downside was that the back quarter of the lot is unusable: the left corner has an old family cemetery (leftover from when the area was farmland); the middle was a dumping ground, including three old, rusted vehicles from the ‘30’s or 40’s; and the right corner has a sharp drop-off to a stream which, buy law, must be left as-is (it’s ‘wetlands’).

    We returned to the office and mulled it over. Doug confirmed the house plan we liked could be built on either lot. They said the junk could be cleaned up, but reiterated the stream area cannot be disturbed/modified. Moving the cemetery is possible, but a huge PITA and Doug recommended leaving it, since it’s obscured and on the back corner. I liked the lot, but wasn’t sure about Mimi. We agreed that she and I would go to lunch, perhaps walk the lot again ourselves, then come back to the office around 2PM.

    Alone in our car, Mimi asked if I was ok with Doug being there. I said I was fine, but I joked that she was probably horny as hell. She smiled and said she can’t be in the same room with him without creaming her panties. We quickly decided to first go to the lot, then get lunch. Walking the property again, we thoroughly examined the cemetery and dump site. Honestly, the cemetery seems sad, being neglected and overgrown. Over a dozen graves, some with elaborate headstones, including a couple obelisks, three slabs, and a heavy stone bench. The dump had a lot of decaying junk, but no signs of any hazmat (like spilled fuel oil).

    Over lunch Mimi and I decided to buy the second lot. The cemetery didn’t bother me, and Mimi actually liked the idea since she has an unfulfilled kink about having sex in a graveyard. But she also said it’s ‘historical’ and asked if we could clean it up and maintain it. I’d had the same notion. Back at the office, we informed them of our decision, then spent a couple hours going over options and custom features for the house. Having enjoyed Doug’s pool a number of times this summer, Mimi wanted one for our home, including pool house (to store pool and lawn equipment). We’d agreed on a basement in-law apartment; a soundproof basement man-cave (which will actually become a BDSM ‘playroom’, like Doug has); and extending the three-car to a four-four-car garage.

    Running the numbers our monthly mortgage will not be too much more than it is now. He provided a very generous ‘employee discount’ for Mimi, something he also does for his company employees. We bought our present house at foreclosure and having a ton of equity. The lot is underpriced and been on the market over a year. Apparently, the cemetery and junk have hindered interest in it. The following week was period week for Mimi, and she and Doug spent some time further discussing the house plans. Doug is very enthusiastic and genuinely excited about building the house for us.

    On the AM of Saturday, the 24th, we flew out to Vegas for our anniversary. We had a layover in NJ, and arrived at our Vegas hotel about 1PM local. Since making the reservations, Mimi and I had talked about what to do while in town. We visited Vegas back in 2009, and Mimi tried to pick up guys on two nights. Guys chatted with her and bought her drinks, but no one propositioned her. She’d been disappointed, but also relieved. She was nervous back then. She asked how I wanted it to go this time. Did I prefer having her to all myself; her being a cheating slut the entire trip, or in-between? Mimi said that now, being (according to her) outgoing, ‘built to bang’ and, after scoring guys in Atlantic City, she was confident Vegas would be a breeze. I chose ‘in-between, wanting the first couple nights to be ours.

    While packing, Mimi offered to model for a photo shoot in the hotel room, and put together some surprise outfits. When we got to the room she suggested doing the shoot before settling in, and presented a hot French maid costume; the blue and white hooker dress from the movie Pretty Woman; and a modified zip-front ‘housekeeping’ dress she’d ordered online and had altered. If not for the fact it was way too tight and short, she could have passed for real housekeeping staff. We also did some pics in lingerie she brought. After pics, we fucked, went to dinner, and walked the area. The weather was great.

    Saturday through Monday we visited some of the nearby casinos, saw some shows, window shopped and did a little gambling. And we fucked. A lot. Parading my hot little trophy wife around was a turn on for both of us. This trip to Vegas, Mimi definitely got a LOT more attention. Guys scoped her even when it was fairly apparent she and I were together (granted, neither of us had wedding rings on), and I enjoyed seeing guys eyeing her. Monday night we experimented putting her out there as unattached; her sitting working a slot machine, and then spectating at some tables (roulette, craps, etc.). It was fascinating to watch her interact with other men, and vice versa. The platinum blonde hair, silicon tits, and racy dresses definitely gave her a ‘party girl’ ambiance. It amazes me how easily beautiful women can meet men and get laid. She fucked one guy a couple times, once Tuesday and Wednesday. She wanted to spend Thursday together and we ran all over the place having fun, and caught our redeye flight out Thursday night. We had a layover in Chicago, and finally walked into our house around 11AM Friday. We spend the day vegging out and recovering from (although we did sleep some during) the overnight flight.

    After dinner Mimi called Doug to check in and tell him about the trip. I was supposedly downstairs on my computer thinking she was taking a nap. She was wearing a sexy teddy, lying on our bed, with him on speaker phone. I sat there quietly enjoying their conversation. She talked dirty, told him she was dying to be used by him, and said she hoped he’d lined up some tricks for this coming this week. He said he already had a ‘busy week’ arranged for her. Then she told him about fucking a guy a couple times while she was supposedly out shopping. He laughed and called her a ‘dirty little cunt’. But then mildly admonished her for taking such a risk.

    They talked dirty for a while, her telling him that she thought about him every day she was away (true, we hardly ever have sex without him being mentioned) and Doug also told her to arrange to work all day Saturday the 15, that they were taking a day trip. He also asked her how planning for the Halloween party (Saturday the 29th) was going. She reiterated that the invites went out before our anniversary trip, she was contacting the same firm they used last year, and she still was working on the food and decorations. She mentioned to him (surprise to me) that she and Nicki were talking about going down to the beach this weekend, but had not finalized plans. He was fine with that, and they ended the call.

    I was so horny I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Mimi, but she asked if she could call Nicki first. With Nicki on speaker she asked if she was game for going down to the beach again for some fun. They both had a good laugh and it was definitely understood that boys would be involved. Nicki said she would see if the condo was booked, and if not, see about taking off Friday, or at least taking a half day, so they could drive down. Mimi told her she had Kyle’s number, and was she interested in trying to meet with John and Kyle. Nicki liked the idea and they decided that once plans were firm they’d call the guys to see if they wanted to party.

    When Mimi got off the phone I was so hard it almost hurt. I actually used a condom to help me last longer. Mimi wasn’t trying to taunt me, but her thanking me for letting her fuck around so much only made me hotter. We had a ‘quick and dirty’ fuck. While we were laying there, recovering, she commented that Doug’s Halloween party is on Saturday, so she’ll be home to hand out candy with me. She suggested I give her costume ideas, and come up with something kinky/fun to do after the trick-or treaters are done for the night. I asked her to give me some fantasy suggestions and she said she'd write up some ideas.

    [see next post]
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  17. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Sunday we took it easy, went out to lunch and discussed options for the new house. Mimi has specific ideas about some practical aspects of the house (like kitchen appliances) but also drifted over to ideas about the ‘playroom’ and the fact that she likes the idea of being able to bring a guy home and fuck him while I’m home (and plausibly unaware). The basement apartment might be the perfect ‘love nest’ if it has direct outside access and I’m somewhere isolated in the house (maybe the second floor?) so she can realistically sneak a guy in and out. This morning we got word that we have a ratified contract on the lot. By late next week we should close the deal.

    Yesterday Mimi saw William over lunch, went back to Doug’s for some quick primping, then met Tyler at his apartment in the afternoon. She was back to Doug’s by 3PM. About 4PM she called and said that Doug asked if she could stay an extra hour to go over some stuff from last week. What I did not know--until she got home and told me--was that he came home a little early, eager to fuck her after not having his slut for eleven days. He told her to call me saying she’d be late so they could have a good couple hours to themselves. She came home a little after 6PM with a sly look in her eyes. I knew he’d fuck her before letting her go home, and was horny and waiting. I took her upstairs, pushed her down on the bed, head down, ass up, and selfishly banged her, deriding her for being so trashy she could fuck four guys in one day, and being a whore for two of them.

    Long story short, Mimi enjoyed it immensely (came twice) and afterward we lay there and talked for a while. She sincerely thanked me for giving her what she really likes, and jested she’s a ‘sexual deviant nymphomaniac’. Feeling very solemn, I asked her if she’s happy with her life the way it is now. She earnestly answered that, yes, she is, and listed all the things she truly relishes about our current arrangement, and how dreadfully monotonous life had become after my cousin’s daughter moved out and Mimi had stopped working. As she’s said before, she loved not having to work, but after a few years she was truly bored, and it wasn’t until she started hotwifing that she felt adventurous and energized again. She told me she’s very excited about building the new house, too. She said she’s looking forward to the privacy, and not having to be concerned what the neighbors might see.

    I asked if she heard from Nicki, and Mimi said she received a text from her while at Doug’s; the road trip is on. They’ll leave Friday morning and come back Monday afternoon. I told her to call Kyle and arrange to meet with him at the condo this weekend. She laughed and said ‘kids don’t call, they text’ and then pulled out her phone. I watched as they messaged back and forth. He was definitely game for seeing her this weekend. She sent him a couple selfies of her in a teddy, although her face wasn’t in the pics. That made him VERY happy.

    Doug had arranged for her to see Kevin today (met him as his place over lunch, dressed in a sleazy schoolgirl uniform) and Ryan later this afternoon. Doug came home, bent her over the kitchen counter for a quickie, and then she cleaned up and came home. Work was a pain in the ass today, so she told me to go write and get my mind off things.

    I realize this is a long (multi) post. Apologies for being so long-winded. Just seems like a lot of stuff is going on right now.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

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    Greetings, all –

    I hope anyone in the southeast is going okay after the hurricane. It cut Mimi and Nicki’s trip short, and they prudently decided to return on Saturday (Oct 1). After they got back, the three of us went out to dinner. Nicki is a lot of fun, and quite a flirt. I told Nicki I was happy Mimi had such a great friend. After dinner we went back to our place, chatted, had some wine, and then Nicki headed home.

    Tuesday (Oct 3) the pool guy came to close down Doug’s pool for the season. It was a different guy than usually services the pool. The usual guy flirts a little with Mimi, but despite her strutting around in skimpy swimsuits or sexy clothes when he’s there, he’s never fucked her. In talking with the guy who came to close the pool, she found out why. Apparently, there is a strict ‘no fraternization’ policy regarding clients. It’s a firing offense. The guy that came to close the pool actually told Mimi that he ‘appreciated her interest’ but he had to decline. So she never got nailed by a pool guy this summer.

    Wednesday was Mimi’s day off. She ran a bunch errands and also met Nicki for lunch.

    Last Friday afternoon we settled on the lot. It was touch and go with the paperwork finally coming together. Today Doug plans to clean up the ‘junk yard’ on the lot and begin excavating. If there aren’t any major delays during construction, we could be moving in by late April or early May.

    Saturday morning Mimi left around 8AM for Doug’s to supposedly work with him all day on Personal Assistant stuff, his upcoming Halloween party, and some company stuff. This has been scheduled for a couple weeks. He’d told her they’re going on a daytrip, but not where to. Turns out they went to an out-of-state Renn Fest. They blew some money on three wench outfits (skirts, tops, bodices) for Mimi, and a couple outfits (shirt, pants, over tunic) for Doug. Mimi said she spent a couple hours as a risqué wench, but then they found a leather clothing shop and spent over an hour looking through the stuff and her trying on. They came away with three halter tops; a couple zig-zag camisoles; two bustiers; two vests; two miniskirts and a short/long skirt; three bras and four chokers. The tally was almost $2500, but the owner knocked it down to an even $2K ‘as a favor to the beautiful maiden’.

    She left the shop wearing one of the bras and a short skirt, which looked good with her black thigh-high suede boots (low heels, for walking around in the grass/dirt). Since it was a little chilly, and she was essentially wearing a miniskirt and a bikini top, they went to another vendor to buy her a cloak and ended up with two. She told me that Doug enjoyed showing her off, and she enjoyed it, as well. They enjoyed a few shows, looked at vendor wares, and then headed back to Doug’s. After Mimi showered and changed, she was back at our place by 6PM. We had some fun of our own, that night. Sunday Mimi ad Nicki spent a few hours at a local craft festival, came back to our place, and suggested we all go to dinner. We had a lot of fun, went back to her apartment afterward to hang out, then headed home.

    Since we didn’t see much of each other last weekend, Mimi proposed that she and I do a weekend getaway. We’re thinking of going to Busch Gardens since it’s still open on the weekends.

    I’m preparing for Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays. While Mimi knows (more or less) what she’ll be wearing for Doug’s Halloween party, she still hasn’t decided what she’d going to be for the 31st when we hand out candy. She’s seriously considering a vampire, and contacted a cosmetic dentist about making some temporary fangs. He makes a partial, basically the same thing as Invisalign, except with fangs, as requested by the patient. You just pop it in and out. Unlike other fake fangs (she also looked into those sold by Scarecrow) you can eat and drink with the partial. At the appointment, they took impressions, matched her tooth color, and talked about what length she liked. The dentist offered to do two sets. One with shorter fangs which make it easier to talk, eat and drink, and one with longer, more noticeable fangs for serious costume effect. The second pair was half price, so she took the deal. Friday she picks them up, and said she plans to talk to the dentist about whitening her teeth, since she’s a coffee addict.

    I’ll take any costume suggestions and pass them along to Mimi.

    It’s otherwise been a quiet week. Hope everyone is well.

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    Hello, all!

    Last week was quiet for Mimi; period week. She and Doug discussed some options for the house, PA business (his Halloween party and him going out of town for Thanksgiving), general talk about life and the upcoming holidays. He asked if she’d be interested in going to his company New Year’s party, on Dec 30, as his ‘plus one’. It wouldn’t be an official date, since it is a legitimate company function and he’d introduce her as his employee, not a girlfriend. She’s interested, but still thinking about it. It’s not a command performance, so it’s up to her.

    Friday AM Doug called, asking if she would be available to drop by a party his college-aged rental property tenants are having Friday the 28th. The lease requires they provide one week’s notice for any party, and gives him the option to spot-check the event, since his tenants are college-age and kids tend to get crazy. Mimi agreed, called the tenants and arranged to meet with them that afternoon to get details on the party.

    I lecherously suggested that a slut like her should finagle an invite from them, and then hook up with a few guys at the party. She immediately brightened up and asked me if I genuinely wanted her to, and I told her I expected her to. She was thrilled. She took me upstairs to help her pick out what to wear to meet with them. She settled on four-inch sandal heels; a tight little distressed denim mini skirt; and a plain white boys’ size tank t-shirt. I love when she wears them around the house because they are skin tight, and so taut over her big tits that the ribbed cotton is semi sheer. Not for public consumption. After touching up her makeup, she put on a hoodie and drove away. It was exciting to watch my wife leave, knowing she’d be sex on a stick to those college guys.

    She returned about two hours later; happy and horny. She told me they had a wonderful conversation, and talked decorating suggestions, serving alcohol at the party, attendance, and activity/game ideas. As the convo progressed, the subject came up (they asked) if she would be stopping in for a few minutes and then leaving, or staying for a while. When she pulled the ‘I don’t want to cramp your style’ card, they (very predictably) gave her an invite. When she asked if their friends would mind an adult at the party, they said probably no one would notice if she was wearing a costume. She even offered to come over early Friday and help them finish prepping, if she could change into her costume there. ‘Heck yeah, not a problem,’ they said.

    She had called Doug on the drive home, told him what was up, and asked permission to have some fun at the party. He instructed her to fuck at least one guy, and told her that, if she needed to, she could stop by his place to clean up before going home to her husband. Mimi started into her daughter persona and asked me if I’d let her ‘go to a party and play with the boys, please, Daddy?’ We fucked in the living room, while she talked dirty about having fun with college boys. She’s still piecing together a costume, going for a goth vampire (might as well put the new fangs to use).

    Mimi met with Tyler and Martin this Monday; and yesterday met with Kevin. Tomorrow she’s got a couple clients, but Doug’s not told her who/where. Hope everyone’s having a good week.


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    Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!
    Eric and Mimi

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