She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull

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    Work is slow so I thought I’d post the latest. Michelle went over to Doug’s this AM and he’s ending his work day at noon. The plan is he’s going to give her good, hard fucking, then hit the road. She said he has about a four to five-hour drive, depending on traffic.

    A friend she met at CrossFit, Nicole, asked if she was interested in making a beach run, but Michelle declined since we planned to spend some time together and she’s also house-sitting for Doug. She and Michelle have slowly become friends over the last month or so, and have met for coffee and lunch a few times. Nicole, in her early thirties is recently divorced and is still working through the emotional aftermath of resentment, anger, etc., and getting re-established as a single. Husband cheated on her and Nicole is plain-spoken about the fact that she’s at the gym getting in shape to start playing the field and get some ‘revenge sex’. Michelle said she’s beautiful, but wants to lose a few pounds to be happy with her figure. She also asked Michelle about her implants, and is looking for a good surgeon herself.

    Michelle just called and said that Doug has left for his trip. After giving me some details of how he fucked her, Michelle asked me if I’d like to bang my freshly fucked wife. Of course I said yes, and so she’s on her way home right now.

    More later,
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    Well, Thursday I experienced a rare treat: I got to fuck Michelle within a half hour of her being fucked by Doug. She told me he brought home lunch, they ate, he loaded up his truck, then gave her a good pounding. Afterward, he hit the road, and then she called me at home.

    When she got here she came down to my office, still wearing the skanky hooker outfit he’d told her to wear; red thigh high boots; black suspender fishnet stockings; a red spandex miniskirt; and a black fishnet halter top. Her makeup was dark and heavy, and she had on thin, but large gold hoop earrings about the size of my palm. Her hair was a little tousled but she was far from being a wreck. She reapplied her hot pink lipstick as I got up to greet her. We began making out, and her kisses were intense and hungry. I could tell she was dying to get fucked, and allowed myself to man-handle her some, groping her tits and ass, and taking a handful of hair to better kiss her. After several moments of this, she whispered into my ear that I was ‘finally getting to fuck Doug’s sleazy little whore.’

    She disengaged and stepped over to the work table in my office. She looked back at me as she leaned over slightly placing her palms on the work table top in my office, and setting her feet apart. She’d ‘assumed the position’. I took the hint and pulled up her little miniskirt. It only came down far enough to cover her ass, so the tops of her stockings were visible. She looked like a street corner hooker out of a B-movie. I commented what a tempting little whore she was, dressed like a two-bit streetwalker. She was wearing a red G-string and, to my complete surprise, peeking out was a clear gemstone the size of a quarter, with a silver rim; a jewel butt plug. I pulled aside her G-string, and then tapped gently on the plug, eliciting a slight tremor from her. It wasn’t lost on me that Doug’s birthstone is diamond. I gently flicked it and said ‘Diamond. Because it’s his birthstone, right?’. She looked back at me and timidly answered ‘yes’.

    At that moment Michelle seemed so marvelously depraved. I couldn’t help myself, and gave her a good slap on the ass, which surprised her. In the heat of the moment, I felt that she was a toy for my pleasure, not the love of my life. She turned her head and gave me a look. It was deference mixed with anticipation. I grabbed a handful of her hair and began roughly fucking her wet, sloppy pussy, talking dirty, asking if this is how all the other guys fuck her dirty cunt. It aroused me even more that not only was she willingly taking it like this but she was definitely getting off on it, given the noises she was making while she kept in rhythm to me pounding into her. Then I heard her whispering something in-between the moans. Feeling very authoritative, I yelled ‘louder slut’ and she immediately yelped out ‘I am to serve’ several times before she seemed to stiffen in place and let out a long moan, coming hard. I kept pumping into her, but was trying to hold off for a bit by varying my tempo. When the end was imminent I pulled out, yanked her up by her hair and told her to get on her knees. She immediately obeyed and without any prompting, quickly took my cock in her mouth and I came. Afterward she used her tongue and mouth to clean me up, hardly ever breaking eye contact with me. Not a drop of cum hit the floor. It looked like a scene right out of a porn movie.

    I told her she was a talented little slut, and she smiled and asked ‘did I serve well?’ I told her she did, and I offered her a hand to help her up. I told her I really liked seeing the plug in her ass, and she gave me a telling smile. I told her what a great fuck she was, and that I loved her outfit. She enjoyed the compliments, but then said, ‘I guess you want your wife back, though?’ I answered ‘eventually’ good naturedly, and she said that she needed to get going, and that she’d send Michelle home. About an hour and a half later, Michelle home came in wearing her usual work uniform.

    I’ll write more later. I took Friday off and it’s been an interesting couple days.

    Hope everyone has a fun holiday weekend!

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    To pick up where I left off, after showering and dressing at Doug’s Michelle came home Thursday about 4:30. She was in a cheerful mood and suggested having some more fun that evening, since I’d taken Friday off and we could stay out late. She changed into a tight bandage skirt and crop top (no bra) and we went out to dinner. Afterward, we went lingerie shopping, then to a bookstore where she likes to scope guys, to hang out until a late movie started at a nearby theater. The movie let out a little after midnight. As we headed to our car Michelle suggested we get in the back seat. I was a little hesitant due to the lot being pretty deserted and security actively patrolling, but decided to go for it, since our SUV’s rear passenger doors and cargo area all have darkened windows.

    As soon as we got in I pulled her top down and we started making out. I’m so tall it’s difficult to actually try to get her on my lap to fuck, so backseat sex is just not very doable. The last time we did some backseat making out she gave me a great blowjob, so I decided to finger fuck her to her off. I want to reciprocate, and also wanted to be balls deep in her when I came, and that could wait until we got home. It didn’t take very long (although it seemed like it, since I was keeping an eye out for Security to come by and bust us) for me to get her off, pulling at her hair, kissing her and nibbling on her nipples while fingering her. I told it was time to take her home and give her a good banging, and she agreed. I got out of the truck after looking around for security again, and saw Michelle get out, top still down around her midriff, tits naked to the world. She tossed onto the front passenger seat the towel we’d put under her while I finger fucked her, then casually got in. She rode home with her top down, saying it’s something she’s always wanted to do. I was a little nervous of someone seeing, but it was exciting.

    We pulled into the garage and after the door was down she got out, still topless, and retrieved the shopping bags before we went in the house. I find her indifference to her nudity very sexy. We kissed in the hallway and she offered to model the lingerie for me. I was all about that, and to my surprise she walked into our family room (instead of our bedroom) and started emptying the bags. I sat on the loveseat and waited while she sorted everything. Asking if I minded if she got a little drunk, she got a glass of whiskey. While she was pouring her drink I set up my phone to video her lingerie show. She began modeling her purchases, and knowing she was on video seem to inspire her to thoroughly show off each piece. After about 20 minutes the whiskey was definitely having an effect and she was cheerfully tipsy.

    Eventually Michelle ended up straddling my lap on the loveseat. It’s been a very long time since she’s actually gotten intoxicated to the point of being silly and uncoordinated. She just typically doesn’t indulge to that degree. She’s mostly a wine drinker, but does do liquor in moderation. In her drunken state she asked some direct questions, and made some blunt comments, about our current arrangement with Doug. It was nothing I’d not already heard, but it was interesting to get the raw, unedited version. The conversation jumped around a lot, since her mind wandered and her attention span was shorter, due to the alcohol and riding my cock. After the fact, I was glad I had recorded it all. Here’s the bullet version of what she disclosed, in no particular order:

    -- She admitted she’s ‘totally hot for Doug’ and ‘being his slave girl is awesome’. She thinks ‘he’s gorgeous’, loves his body, and loves doing nasty things with him.

    -- I asked if she likes it when men pay to fuck her and she replied ‘it’s so hot to get paid, but I’d fuck them anyway.’ She confirmed that part time prostitution is ‘a total rush’ and ‘so fucking hot I never wanna stop’.

    -- Talking about her being a ‘bad girl’, she said that being a good girl ‘is total fuckin’ bullshit’. She actually got a little zealous expressing her displeasure about having to worry about what other people think. Although she realizes the repercussions of people finding out about her ‘fun’.

    -- She acknowledged that she loves men looking at her, that even back in high school she liked being desirable, and ‘it’s a total turn on’. She added that she had a high school classmate (not close friend) who had big, natural tits, and said that, even back then, she always wished that she had big tits lie her classmate. She also revealed that us watching porn together also fueled her desire for bigger breasts. I told her I liked her tits, that she had a nice set (pre-augmentation). She agreed, saying she liked what she had, but wanted really BIG ones. And she laughed and said she’s okay with people thinking she’s ‘just a big-boobed bimbo’.

    -- I asked how she liked Atlantic City, she was so ecstatic about the experience that she was stumbling over words describing how great it was, comparing it the disappointing Las Vegas trip we took in 2009. She said she’d love to do something like Atlantic City.

    -- Talking about fucking other men, she mentioned she’s bummed about not getting more clients from William, because she’d enjoy more variety. But she trusts in Doug’s decision not to go down that road.

    --Talking about Doug, she said how easy things are with him, not having to worry about anything and letting him take care of everything. She laughed and said ‘I just gotta be beautiful, and obey’. When I chided her it must be easy being a bimbo, she giggled and enthusiastically agreed, and added that I should more often tell her what I like, that’s she happy to serve me like she does Doug. Then with a knowing smile, she said ‘I know you totally get off on him owning me.’ Her tone was impishly accusing, like she knew I had secretly raided the proverbial cookie jar. Since she was being so honest with me, I verified it was true.

    By that point the conversation pretty much ended and the fucking really began. Afterward, we talked a little more, although Michelle started to settle into that sated, drowsy state. We spoke again about the fact that I like her being owned by Doug, and that Doug loves owning her. She said that it’s actually a reciprocal (she used the word ‘perfect’) arrangement: ‘Mr. King loves domming me, controlling me. You love that he controls me. I love to please both of you. And I get a wild sex life, two fantastic men in my life, plenty of men to fuck, and can just enjoy the ride.’

    See next post…
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    I asked what she thinks Doug’s goal is, but she didn’t quite understand the question. Then she said that Doug gets off on three things in particular; 1) controlling her sexually (making her cum, edging her, telling her who/when to fuck); 2) exploring her darker fantasies (and she named sexual slavery, prostitution, rape, necrophilia and bestiality, as some of her kinks); and 3) maintaining the balancing act of controlling her everyday life (her schedule, clothing, appearance, etc.) without anyone (her family/friends) finding out.

    When I asked her point blank if she thinks (or knows) Doug would ever want to take her away from me, she actually laughed and explained that she and Doug have discussed the topic a few times during ‘Geneva conventions’ but they know it’s never going to happen, for several reasons:

    1) Doug loves owning Michelle but, having been through a divorce himself, would never intentionally destroy a marriage. He has always told her that if her family/friends became suspicious, they’d immediately cease all ‘extracurricular activity’ and only resume if things cooled off.

    2) With his work, Doug truly doesn’t want a 24/7 relationship commitment. He’s been quite clear on that point, telling Michelle that he very much enjoys playing with her, and then sending her home. He explained that while he enjoys going to great amusement parks, he doesn’t want to live in one. However, he would very much like the opportunity to occasionally spend a few days with her, like their business trip to Atlantic City. She also said he LOVED when she was stranded at his place during the snowstorm earlier this year.

    3) Doug relishes, and takes great pride in, having transformed Michelle into his personal sex toy right under the nose of her husband/family/friends. And he’d consider anyone becoming even slightly suspicious to be a failure on his part. That, along with the larger repercussions, is why he is so attentive to details regarding discretion. When I reiterated back to her that half his fun is fucking her behind my back, she said that was a large part of it. She also admitted that she enjoys the secrecy as well; that doing this without anyone else (i.e., our family/friends) knowing makes it particularly satisfying.

    By this time, it was very late, going on 2AM, and Michelle was beginning to fade. We agreed it was time to go upstairs and to bed, although the conversation had made me rock hard again. I remembered to turn off my phone as we gathered up the new lingerie. Following her up the stairs, I was ogling her shapely ass in the black thong back teddy she had on. I remarked how sexy she looked and that I wanted to fuck her again, making her giggle. When we got to the bedroom, she gave me a hug, then looked me in the eyes and said, in a very serious voice, ‘Eric, you’re my husband, and I’m a slut. You fuck me WHENEVER you want.’ Then she smiled a naughty little smile, and said ‘Don’t ask. Just do it. Like all the other guys.’ That all really stuck in my brain. And it also made me want her so much more. I stripped the teddy off, guided her over the bed and then fucked her doggie, just enjoying how good she felt.

    The next morning, we talked about the night before. She actually recalled our entire conversation. She also said she enjoyed the entire day, from being fucked in the ass by Doug, to me fucking her ‘head down, as up, in the bedroom’. I admitted I felt a little guilty about using her like that, but she laughed, saying ‘use me like that more often…please!’.

    Ok, this is already very long, so I’ll post more later.

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    Hot stuff. I like how you appreciate Doug whoring her out. I think it's a nice way for her to be even more obedient to him.

    Also, I'm wondering if you fucked her with Doug's permission or not? And if so, is there something she reserves only for her Owner, i.e. Doug, and not you? e.g. getting her asshole fucked or her pussy cum-filled?
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    Thursday (June 30) being such a late night, Friday was a late morning. Michelle slept well, thanks to the liquor. She had a slight headache, but was otherwise fine. We went out to breakfast, something we rarely do. As we ate we discussed some home projects we wanted to do, and whether or not to bother getting fireworks, based on the Independence Day weather forecast of rain. We went to the hardware store and then stopped by the card store for bday cards. While there, I recalled a previous visit when some high school boys had been scoping Michelle. I really enjoyed watching them leer at her. When we were done shopping and in the car, I just blurted out that I really wished I could see her get fucked. She said ‘me, too’ and looked thoughtful for a few moments. I told her I’d just been thinking out loud, and not to worry about it. I didn’t want to make her feel bad, since we’d never done it and probably wouldn’t, with our current arrangement.

    Then she flashed me that smile of hers and asked if I’d settle for a freshly fucked wife. Before I even answered ‘yes’, she’d pulled out her work phone and began texting. I asked what she had I mind and she said ‘just drive home’. By the time we’d gotten our bags in the house she’d received a reply. She then explained she’d texted Doug and asked if she could fuck Tyler and he’d given her the go-ahead. She then went on to say that she needed to check Doug’s house anyway, so we could go over together. While there, she’d text Tyler and, if he was available, she’d go straight to his apartment. She added that this way, I could watch her get ready for a ‘date’ and fuck her afterward. I asked her about it being that time of the month, and she said she’d tell Tyler when she texted him, that if he didn’t mind a little bit of blood she was fine with it. Sex during her period wasn’t something we regularly did, but, if she was experiencing little or no discomfort, and was horny, she was up for it. Since she’d been working out, her monthly discomfort (never much to begin with) was almost nothing. And being on the pill all these years, she’d never has a heavy flow.

    We drove over to Doug’s and, for the first time, I got to see the inside of his house. Michelle gave me a quick tour and, at my request, pointed out the numerous rooms and places she’d been fucked. When we reached the basement she showed me around, and took me into the ‘brothel’; the bedroom suite (including a nice bathroom and large walk-in closet/storage room) Doug had custom build to fuck her in. Admittedly, it was strange seeing the pieces of BDSM furniture that Michelle has been strapped into so many times. Doug has also built those, and they look professionally made. She noticed me looking at them pensively, and asked if I wanted to strap her into any of them. I said maybe later. After checking to make sure the house and pool were all in order, Michelle texted Tyler from her work phone. While we waited for a reply, we looked through Michelle’s sizeable wardrobe of slutty clothes. It’s at least four or five times larger than her home lingerie collection. I told her we need to start buying her more stuff, and she said if I liked, we could shop online together and buy whatever I wanted her to wear.

    Eventually, Tyler texted back that he was working and not available. We were both disappointed, but I told her to put together we really sleazy hooker outfit and I’d bend her over the large work desk upstairs. So I did get see her get ready, and then take her upstairs and fuck her as Doug has done so many times. Afterward, we went home, had some lunch and did some home projects. In reply to her text to Doug letting him know she’d not been able to get together with Tyler, he sent back that she should try to hook up with SOMEBODY that wasn’t her husband over the holiday weekend, giving her carte blanche to have some fun.

    Saturday mid-morning Tyler texted her and she arranged to be at his place by 11AM. We drove over to Doug’s and I followed her down to the basement to watch her get dressed. I asked what costume she was going to wear for him, and she smiled and replied ‘Desperate Housewife’. When I looked at the finished outfit--black go-go boots; black fishnet suspender stockings; red G-string; red lace balconette bra; with a semi sheer white button down blouse only halfway buttoned because her boobs are so big—I realized that, not only was she going to get fucked, she was whoring herself out. She’s been doing this for over a year, but standing there, looking at her getting ready to leave was odd. As she donned a loose tan maxi dress over her sleazy outfit she became almost prudish looking, except for her glamour makeup and the fact that even though the big baggy dress fully covered her big porno tits, it couldn’t fully hide them.

    The idea suddenly hit me to follow her to Tyler’s. I knew I’d never see anything, but the idea of just seeing her walk into his apartment turn me on immensely. She was pleased with the idea, and we went to the garage, she kissed me for the last time, and then got in Doug’s sports car to drive over. I followed her to the apartment complex and actually managed to get a good parking space, and watched as, after parking, she leisurely got out, walked up the flight of stairs and then knocked on his door. It didn’t take long for the door to open and she disappeared inside. It was a little over an hour before she left. I saw her walk down, hair up on her head, and she got in Doug’s car. I followed her back to his house and she waited for me to walk into the garage before she got out of the car. She was all smiles and stripped off the maxi dress right there in the garage. Stuck in her bra were a number of $20 bills. She pulled them out and waved them with a proud grin on her face and asked me ‘wanna fuck Doug’s little whore?” just like she had on Thursday.

    I couldn’t keep my hands off her, but I had enough restraint to get her all the way to the basement bedroom and on her back. I had a longing to look into her eyes while I fucked her. Tyler’s scent was on her, and her pussy was actually discernibly loose. I expected that, after being well fucked by an athletic 26-year old with a huge dick, she’d be worn out. But she was totally into fucking me and was wantonly meeting my thrusts and enjoying every second of it. We nearly came together, her first, then me, after only about ten minutes. After resting in bed for a while, we showered together, and actually had slow, relaxed sex. I asked her how many times she and Doug had shower sex and she said just a few times. We got dressed and went upstairs, and she a few of the $20 bills and placed them on her large executive desk, explaining that it was Doug’s cut.

    We went home and, both being in great mood and a little mellow after all the excitement, we spent a lazy day watching movies and cuddling on the couch.

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    Cuckold34, thanks for your reply.

    Before answering your questions, I first want to make clear (if you’ve not read the entire thread) that Doug does not know that I know what’s going on. Michelle and I have an arrangement where all the men she fucks know she’s married and ‘cheating’ and believe her husband is unaware. This has advantages and disadvantages, but we prefer it this way.

    Under these circumstances I don’t need permission to fuck Michelle. And Doug does not tell Michelle to withhold sex from me, mainly because such behavior might make me suspicious that she was getting it elsewhere. A declining sex lie can be a big indicator of an affair, and Doug is extremely careful (as I’ve mentioned in more recent posts) about keeping Michelle’s extramarital activities secret. Actually, Doug, in fact, tends to order her to have sex with me, because he enjoys making her fuck whenever he can. There’s also the fact that Michelle is completely averse to a denial situation. Being submissive, she does not want control of our sex life. That’s totally not her thing. She also believes it could be detrimental to our relationship. Lastly, she openly admits that’s she’s horny enough that she couldn’t deny me anyway.

    In the past we’ve discussed and considered limiting our sex so as to make Doug her primary sex partner. I find the concept of him fucking her more than me to be very hot. But we’ve never been able to abide by that rule, at least not for very long, because she’s no interest in putting limitations on her sex life.

    That brings me to your next question regarding ‘something she reserves only for her Owner, i.e. Doug’. Doug sodomizes her regularly. They are careful, safe and hygienic about it. Michelle often orgasms from it, and enjoys both the taboo nature of it, and the way it makes her feel submissive. Doug has banned any of the other men from having anal sex with her for two reasons: 1) He’s concerned someone will get too carried away and possibly hurt her, or not be hygienic about it and, 2) he enjoys reserving to himself that type of domination over her. Again, he puts no restrictions on Michelle regarding her marital sex life, so than ban does not include me. But for the kink factor of it, I don’t fuck Michelle in the ass; I like him being the only one that subjugates her in that manner. As for Michelle’s thought on the matter, she prefers that I did give it to her in the ass occasionally, but understands and accepts why I don’t. I admit I’m sometimes very tempted to, but for now I like that being Doug’s special treat.

    As for bareback, Doug always takes her bare. Kevin and Nick, who have been fucking her for a few years now, do also. All her clients use protection, except Tyler. He works for Doug, they are very good friends and, after requesting not to use condoms and providing a clean bill of health, Michelle and Doug agreed that Tyler could have her bareback. The men all know that Michelle and Doug are especially close, and that she indulges him liberally. But Doug doesn’t lord over the other men; typically, they ask Michelle what’s permissible and she tells them (based on Doug’s rules) what she will and will not do.

    No one knows of the BDSM relationship they have, let alone how established it is, save for Kevin. He was originally doing very light BDSM with Michelle before handing her off to Doug. Everyone, save Doug and Kevin, just accepts that Michelle is married, seems to have the libido of a 16-year-old boy, cheats on her husband, likes it kind of kinky and rough, and is available for the right price. Doug doesn’t want a bunch of people knowing he’s into BDSM; that between him and Michelle. And they agree that they both prefer, for safety, that the other men don’t know, as they might decide to try it themselves. Kinky as she is, Michelle is very reserved (again, for safety) about who she lets tie her up.

    I hope that answers your questions.

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    I apologize that some of my posts are long and drawn out. I guess writing about this is cathartic, and helps me go over things in my own mind. And sometimes it’s just fun to review all that’s happened.

    Late Sunday morning Doug texted Michelle and asked if she planned to go by his house that day. Not being a mail day, she had not planned to, but decided to tell him yes (and actually go over) since the weather was lousy and we had no plans. He texted her to give him a call when she was at his place. She asked if I wanted to go over with her and I liked the idea. I’d figured I’d at least get to listen in on their conversation. We decided to go over before noon, and then pick up lunch on our way home. I walked the place with her to make sure all was secure, and then she texted him and he called in short order. Beforehand, Michelle asked me to stay out of sight, so I wouldn’t make her laugh or otherwise give us up. I stood around the corner from the kitchen and it was fun to play eavesdropper.

    She put him on speaker and stood in the kitchen speaking with him. It was apparent was his lewd conversation that he was alone on the other end. He questioned her about seeing Tyler, and then spent several minutes asking her about her missing him while he is out of town and being dominant with her on the phone, speaking to her like she was a child. After the call ended I stepped around the corner and she had a timid but pleased expression on her face. He definitely has an effect on her. I nibbled on her neck from behind for a few moments, and then she leisurely leaned forward onto the kitchen island, as she has so many times before. She waited patiently while I hiked up her skirt, pulled aside her G-string, and then entered her warm, wet pussy from behind.

    I asked if she was thinking of him that moment, and she euphorically sighed ‘yes’. I couldn’t help but want to use her hard. I grabbed a handful of hair and a handful of large, pliant silicon tit and began driving into her deep and hard. From the sounds she was making, I knew she was uncomfortable, but still enjoying it. The occasional ‘yes’ she emitted removed any doubt. A couple times she got a little frantic, and I harshly asked her if she came. To my surprise she actually slipped and said “yes, Mr. King!” then corrected herself saying just ‘yes’ several times. I used her slow and hard until I came, and she sheepishly got on her knees, took me in her mouth and cleaned me up. When she was done she stood and looked at me said she was pleased to serve me and asked if we should go get lunch. I felt a little weird about it, after the rush of sex had diminished.

    We got in the car and went to pick up lunch. Michelle seemed a little ‘off’ but not angry or unhappy. When we got home and were getting ready to eat, I decided to say something to her, and asked if she was okay, was she upset, did I hurt her? She told me she felt bad for calling out Doug’s name, and asked if I was angry. I told her I was fine with it, that, like me, she was sort of lost in the moment. She said she craves what I did to her, and wants more. We again discussed that I’ve always been uneasy treating her like that, afraid I might get carried away and really hurt her. Discussing it more as we ate lunch, I began to better understand that she really likes it rough, most of the time; it turns her on immensely. I’d been under the impression that she got it hard from Doug and easy from me, and that struck a balance. It turns out she doesn’t want a balance. She loves serving Doug, and wants to serve me.

    The next few days we had a lot of sex, and did more talking. He arranged with her to check the house, but not work Tuesday, and asked if she could work long days Wednesday and Thursday to get caught up on stuff after his trip. Wednesday morning, I could see the gleam in her eyes that she’d be seeing Doug that day. She cheerfully admitted she couldn’t wait to get her brains fucked out before she kissed me goodbye and left. She came home happy that afternoon. Thursday she worked a long day. It was really a BDSM play session for them, and she came home tired but cheerful.

    It was a great week, and I’ve been splitting my time between all this typing I’ve been doing to post, and spending time with Michelle.

    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

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    What does she take more pride in, bring a whore, a cum dumpster for Doug, or an unfaithful wife?
  10. MidAtlanticFun

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    Cuckold34 –

    I read your question to Michelle and this was her reply. I typed it while she answered, although I paraphrased slightly with her consent…

    “I love my husband very much. Society considers cheating on a husband to be reprehensible, wicked and taboo. Therefore, it’s an incredible turn on for me. It’s like shoplifting something, or jumping a subway turnstile, or anything like that, and getting away with it. The thrill makes the sex even more incredible.

    Being a part-time whore fits together with cheating. Prostitution, especially for a married woman, is scandalous and unforgivable. So, it’s an extreme thrill for me. And yes, getting money for sex is also a big ego boost I really enjoy.

    As for being Doug’s ‘cum dumpster’, that’s the biggest piece of the puzzle, which has several layers…

    I enjoy being in a BDSM relationship with Doug. It’s something we knew little about and slowly explored together. There’s the bond of being coconspirators as we learned and played together, and also the connection of Top and Bottom. It’s a deep connection where you open up mentally and emotionally to another person. It requires immense trust, and being trustworthy. Doug and I don’t talk about our kinks with other people. Even Doug, for the sake of privacy and respect, doesn’t want to know the details of the sexual tastes of the other men that fuck me. He knows generalities, but unless it involves my safety, he doesn’t need to know. Doug’s told the guys there are certain rules. Within the rules, they can do what they want. The ONLY exception is Eric. As my husband, he has a right to know what happens to me in my BDSM relationship, and with other men fucking me.

    Then there’s what Eric calls the ‘misogyny dynamic’ of mine and Doug’s relationship. Doug and I just call it the ‘slut factor’. It’s part of the BDSM connection, but more. Again, we’re breaking taboos. And that’s extremely hot for both of us. The boss fucking his slut secretary. His MARRIED slut secretary. And also whoring her out. We talked about what would make me the perfect sex toy. Eric and I talked, too. Doug and I came to an understanding that included his ideas and mine (which included Eric’s).

    At the beginning, I knew I wanted to experience what it’s like to be a wild slut. And, deep down, I’ve always longed to be sexually submissive to men. I explained to Doug that, within rules regarding my health and safety, I wanted to become a sexual object. I asked Doug if he would turn me into his personal slut. Not to get into a long lecture, sexual objectification is about turning a person into a thing. People act, objects are acted upon. I made some stipulations on how I (and Eric) wanted Doug to take control of me. After many years of considering the idea (before I’d met Doug), I also really wanted to try some S&M. Eric and I had done some gentle play, but I wanted to get into heavier stuff. Doug and I talked a lot and began doing internet research, reading books, etc., on the topic.

    Planning things around what we both wanted, we agreed that one of the first things we should do was remove all those politically correct feminist beliefs. I consented to some ‘retraining’ and Doug’s been using BDSM play and simple Classical Conditioning. As time passed, I lost my uncertainty about being controlled and entering into servitude; I lost my inhibitions about acting on what I wanted; and I realized how foolish I’d been to deny myself things I’d been craving for so long. He rewards me for doing all the nasty stuff bad girls do, and disciplines me for ‘good girl’ tendencies. Doug has made it so enjoyable, that now I can’t help but crave it. Being a sex object and a slave is pretty taboo; thus it’s a big turn on for us both.

    Doug’s made rules put together from ‘bimbo rules’ he’s found online, and I obey them. Basically, men are superior; me being intelligent and educated is a waste (honestly, nothing I do at this time in my life—being a stay-at-home-wife, doing household chores, being a slut--requires intelligence); I show respect, obey and let men do the thinking; men are interested in looks, not brains, so I do my best to look sexy and stay in shape. Doug decides how I dress, my makeup, my hairstyle and color, when and with who I have sex. I agree to let Doug (and to an extent, other men) do my thinking for me, surrendering my right to make a lot of my own choices. However, being a sex object doesn’t mean being treated like shit, and Doug and I both understand this.

    For my obedience, loyalty and servitude I receive rewards: fulfillment of fantasies; mental and sexual/physical gratification; multiple sex partners; exploration of sexual variations; greater self-esteem (we all want to be desired, it’s a basic human trait); and the relief from a lot of decision making because I don’t have to worry about anything and can just enjoy the ride of a fantastic adventure.

    As Eric and I have discussed, I basically have dual identities, sort of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It’s escapism. I have a wonderful, stable marriage, with Eric, and would never give that up. I love him and love being married to him. But I otherwise have a boring home life of housework and errands with too much time on my hands while Eric is working. For excitement and thrills I’m a cheating wife; Doug’s loyal servant and whore. Not only do I love being a sex object (much more than being a ‘proper wife’), but it’s a major turn on for Eric, as well. So I’ve become an eager and willing slut for Doug and other men, knowing that Eric absolutely loves it. And Doug loves that I’m his plaything. It’s a game with a few layers, and a mutual arrangement.

    As far as what I take MORE pride in, being a whore, cum dumpster, or unfaithful wife? Being a whore just takes the courage to go to somewhere--maybe a strange place, maybe not--and fuck a guy you’ve never met. It takes a hell of a lot more courage and commitment to get married. I certainly take pride in pleasing my husband and being the best wife I can be. And a big part of that is that Eric’s crazy about me having a relationship with Doug, giving him my obedience, loyalty, and trust.

    But very few people have the courage to actually explore and live some of their darkest fantasies. How many women actually try out prostitution? Or have an intimate relationship with someone besides their husband and fuck several other guys on the side? Or hand over control to another to explore BDSM? I think that’s something to be proud of, because very few people actually do it.”

    Hope this answers your question, or at least provides insight.

    Eric and Michelle
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  11. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

    Eric and Michelle,

    That is one hot post. Not because it is sexual but because you took such an interest and the time to explain yourself and what you are thinking. Thank you for that. You sound like a really great couple and have a complete handle on your lives. That is rare in my opinion. It also is evident that you are totally committed to and in love with each other. More power to you. I hope for and wish you all the best in the future.

    Now on to some specific comments about your post.

    I don't think being a bimbo brings any value to you or your life... Acting like one is a different story. It takes intelligence to merely act like a bimbo. I also don't think men are superior and I hope you don't really think so. You playing a game to that is cool. But you have way more value than a bimbo whore. You are still a life partner to Eric and that is where your value lies. I call BS on you being educated a waste and that nothing you do requires you be educated. I would bet a lot of money if you weren't smart and educated that Eric would have never snatched you up nor would he have married you. That alone is worth being smart and educated isn't it?

    On a personal note it may be fun to fuck a bimbo and I bet you are one fine fuck with what all you say. But I would never ever choose to have a relationship with a bimbo and would never want one for a life partner. I need someone who can challenge me intellectually to spark interest. I also bet that Doug is the same and because he really knows you are not a bimbo and the fact that you both plan your life, even if you don't think so, creates his interest in you. He is challenged in trying to keep ahead of you in making you a bimbo. That is not easy with a smart educated woman.

    I will be disappointed if you really think you have no value and your education is a waste. It is hot that you want to play a bimbo and just get used like a whore. But I bet you also enjoy going home and being an intelligent loving partner to Eric or you wouldn't do so.

    One question for you. Who really has your obedience, loyalty, and trust? Eric or Doug? If Doug told you to do something that you knew would hurt Eric would you do it because of your loyalty and obedience to him or would you refuse?

    I love your story, your life, and the fact that you share it with us. Thank you and again best of luck and good wishes. You guys are so cool.
  12. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    I agree, a very hot and very well thought through description of the dynamics of the relationship. I, also, wonder about the 'bimbo' bit; apart from anything else, were Michelle really uneducated and unintelligent she would not have been able to think this all through the way she clearly has. Which makes it so much hotter. It seems that she is not a slut just because she loves cock, but because she has thought through all of the intelectual and emotional meanings of what she is doing and decided that she wants to be the married slut (and whore) that she is.
  13. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

    This. This says in one sentence what my entire post was trying to say.

    Michelle and Eric. You guys rock.
  14. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Greetings, all!

    That last post to Cuckold34 probability gave you all more insight into our marriage, and Michelle’s relationship with Doug. But I didn’t update any info about what’s been going on the last three weeks. Here’s a quick chronological update…

    Week of July 10
    After Doug returned July 6th from his family reunion, the company ownership transition officially stated. He’s now spending less time driving to different job sites and more time in office, only a twenty-minutes from his home. He’s also changed to a 7-4 work schedule and, per his father’s recommendation, is trying to convert to a four-day workweek taking Thursdays off. Over the weekend of the 10th Doug asked Michelle if she could change her work schedule to 8:30-1200 and 1:30-5:00 on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This gives her a 90-minute lunch, making it easy for her to have lunch with me or run personal errands; reduced the number of workdays from four to three; but increased her overall hours. Aside from her being free for lunch, Doug designed this scheduled with two other goals in mind: Michelle being available to him on his day off, permitting plenty of time for BDSM play; and two full work days that he can whore her out twice; morning and afternoon.

    She started on her new work schedule that Monday and it’s been going great. Her having Tuesdays and Fridays off to run personal errands, or for time for us, has worked out very well. Traditionally, Thursday evening has always been ‘date night’ for us (she used to work only half a day that day) so it’s ironic that our night out is now preceded by her Thursday session with Doug. They rarely play hard enough that she has serious subdrop (the come down off of the endorphins), but she occasionally comes home drained and somewhat unfocused. Her exercise regimen and good diet have really minimized this BDSM aftereffect. While some of you may consider Doug and Michelle’s relationship rather extreme, they do play safely and have done a lot to educate themselves on how intense play affects both of them, physically and emotionally.

    He didn’t notify her until that Monday morning that he’d arranged for her to see William that afternoon, and Martin Wednesday afternoon. With good time management, Michelle can return from lunch at 1:30 PM, get dressed to meet her client, drive there, entertain, drive back to Doug’s, shower and change, and be ready to drive home by 5PM.

    Week of July 17
    Last week Michelle told me to take leave on Monday, Aug 1st, that she had a ‘big weekend’ planned for my 50th birthday. She saw two guys that week but Doug was fairly busy. He and she didn’t have a Thursday session, but he did give her a quick fuck after getting home from work.

    Week of July 24
    It was a hot and busy week for all of us. A couple of Doug’s workmen ended up in the hospital that week from the heat; my work was especially busy; and Michelle saw one client Monday before her period started. Saturday afternoon she packed some overnight bags for us and we left in the late afternoon to kick off my birthday weekend. We stopped for dinner along the way, and arrived at a bed and breakfast about half past seven. She had rented a small cottage for us for two nights. We did some sight-seeing, and had fun. Saturday morning, she revealed a new PC/tablet hybrid for my birthday. I’d wanted one for quite some time, but hadn’t got around to actually buying one. I’m not one to spend a lot of money on myself.

    After she logged on to it, Michelle proudly showed me dozens of photos of her, explaining that in that in the last few weeks she’d found, contacted, interviewed and hired a professional photographer living the larger city (I’ll call it Metro) about an hour from us. He does boudoir, erotic and eclectic photography. The next part of the surprise was that she had had twelve of the photos processed and printed as 24x36 photo posters. She’d bought four magnetic frames that allow you to display photos or art that are printed on magnetized vinyl. You can switch the photos whenever you like. So I have twelve shots to choose from to rotate in the four frames. She also got some nice art to put in the frames for when we have visitors or the house cleaning people come.

    All of the shots were amazing, sexy and high quality. The ‘dirty dozen’ as Michelle called them, were costumes, poses and staging she had collaborated with the photographer on, and included Michelle wearing: Confederate Flag Bikini Swimsuit; Daily Work Uniform; French maid outfit; Harem Girl outfit Lingerie (purple teddy) with black dildo between her tits; Lingerie (white Basque set) with her sucking a black dildo; Schoolgirl uniform sitting on an old one-piece school desk; Sleazy Street Hooker leaning against an antique street light pole; Slut Secretary in an office backdrop; Slut Bride (wedding ‘dress’ made with white corset, tutu skirt, elbow gloves, fishnet hose, etc.); Slut Witch (essentially the outfit she wore to Doug’s Halloween party last year); Tuxedo Bunny (like the Playboy Bunny uniform).

    con't next post
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  15. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Week of July 31
    The last surprise was a big one, and again Michelle went LARGE. She revealed Sunday at the B&B that, after the discussions we’ve had about her and Doug getting more time together and throwing around different ideas, she decided to try me being away on a business trip for a few days. She’d explained that she’d planned this, as well as the photos, weeks in advance, after I started teleworking full time. She’s made reservations for me to stay at a very reasonably priced extended stay hotel over an hour away. She verified it has Wi-Fi so I can telework from there. Doug’s been told that Wednesday evening Michelle will drive me to the airport and drop me off (actually, at the hotel), and that she’ll pick me up Tuesday evening.

    Doug and Michelle have already planned her ‘bachelorette week’; she’ll be spending most all of my absence at his place. She told me that Friday is a special night because she will be going out with a client, Martin, for dinner, an evening at the theatre, and back to his place. Apparently, it’s HIS birthday this coming weekend. Saturday, Doug is having a small pool party, which may move indoors depending on the weather.

    Doug thinks I’m flying out of town, and Michelle and he have already arranged that she’ll be spending a few nights at his place. Not only that, she has a client Friday night taking her to out to dinner and see a theatre production, and another client ‘date night’ Saturday. The usual crew—Brandon, Dan, Kevin, Nick, and Tyler—are invited. Brandon and Tyler usually pay to fuck Michelle, but Saturday will literally be a ‘free for all’ and she’s looking forward to it.

    While I was a little off guard that she’d organized all this without my knowledge, she genuinely meant well, and was taking a page from the ‘stranded during the snow storm’ plan we did back in February. And my cock is rock hard thinking about it. She asked me if I was okay with it (she reads me well) and I assured her it was an incredibly hot birthday present. She then told me she needed help setting up some nanny cams in our bedroom and the kitchen, as she was hoping she could get Doug to fuck her in our house and record it for my enjoyment. She remembered this idea from Mbgdallas’s suggestion in his June 14 post. She bought five (yes, FIVE) hidden cams. For the kitchen she bought a fully functional cell phone charge dock, and a AC to USB adapter that plugs into a wall socket. Doug’s fucked her before in our kitchen.

    For the bedroom she bought a fully functional DVR for the bedroom entertainment center, which even has night vision; a fake plant in a basket (also Wi-Fi capable); and a second cell charger for her bedside table. Getting Doug to fuck her in our house will be the difficult part. He’s leery of doing it because of the risk involved. We’ll see what happens. I plan to get them setup tonight and tomorrow. Disappointingly, none of this stuff records sound, only HD video.

    We got home early this afternoon after checking out of the B&B and then driving home and stopping for lunch. After we arrived, Michelle unveiled the actual photo prints. It was awesome to see them in their 24x36 poster-size glory. I plan to hang the frames—two in our bedroom and two in my basement office--when I come back from my ‘business trip’.

    To be perfectly honest I do have some odd feelings about this. On one hand, I think about the fact that Doug is going to have her for an entire week and will take full advantage of it. Michelle will be completely his, 24/7, and I know he’s probably got some wild shit planned for her. And the whole time he’ll be enjoying the fact that she’s at his beck and call while her trusting, unwitting husband is out of town. The general consensus of the men fucking her, including Doug, is that her husband ‘isn’t enough’ for her. They know there’s a decade’s difference in age, and it’s assumed that I’m not satisfying her. I guess I find that mildly annoying. Maybe because I know it’s slightly true, that I’m fifteen or more years older than nearly every man she’s fucking.

    On the other hand, her submitting to Doug has a powerful appeal to me. And I sometimes feel a little guilty that I take such pleasure in another man taking control of the woman I love, making her a devoted servant. I’ve read in the forums that some cuckolds have fantasies of the other men besting them and taking their wife. As dangerous as it is, I admit that there are occasions that I fantasize about Doug getting the upper hand. Maybe that’s the thrill, the danger of him getting too much control. And I admire how he’s stripped her of her inhibitions. Michelle was never a prude, but now she’s practically a sex fiend.

    Ok, enough rambling, got to get going. Hope everyone has a good week.

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  16. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

    Wow Eric. That sounds wild. I can understand your reservations a little but then it wouldn't have been much of a present any other way. But it sounds as if Michelle saved the day with her sensitivity and seeing your reservation and the two of you worked through it. That IS what makes this work so well for the two of you IMHO.

    I look forward to hearing about your week away. I hope you have fun and I hope Michelle has fun as well. I just hope you don't explode from lack of relief for a week.

    Good luck. It sounds wild and fun.
  17. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Greetings, all.

    Michelle got off work early to drive me into the city, get dinner and then (supposedly) take me to the airport. Since I’m basically going to be living in a hotel room for a week, I packed light. So she parks in the lot, helps me get my stuff out of the trunk, and we hug, kiss and say our goodbyes. I really wanted to take her into the hotel and fuck her, and told her so. She laughed and said we couldn’t since 1) we were supposed to be at an airport and couldn’t have sex there anyway and 2) she didn’t want to be late getting to Doug’s for their date. It only made me want to fuck her more.

    He’d made plans to take her to a really nice cinema to see Jason Bourne. Apparently you can order food and liquor at the place. She needed to be at his house by 7:30, so she could freshen up, and they could drive the hour to the movie theatre and catch the 9PM show. We said our goodbyes and she drove off. It was odd standing there in the parking lot seeing her car disappear up the road. I knew Michelle was looking forward to a week with Doug. Back during the snowstorm, she’d been stuck at his place from Friday night to Monday afternoon--not even 70 hours—and it was evident once we got home that she’d had an absolute blast. Now she’d be with him for an entire week. She told me he’s hinted that he’s planning to really turn her into a ‘nympho fuck zombie’ while I’m out of town. She coined the term a while back, saying that when he fucks her really good, or when they get into BDSM play, that she transitions into that euphoric state of mind called ‘subspace’ and becomes a ‘fuck zombie’. She and I had no idea what he had planned, other than whoring her out Friday night, and the Saturday pool party.

    I checked in and was treated to a not quite flirtatious encounter with a front desk girl only half my age. She was very friendly. And very cute. If she’d seen Michelle and me kissing a few minutes earlier, or if I’d been wearing a wedding ring, I wonder if she would have been so friendly. Now that I’m situated in my room, I wanted to post something, if only to burn some time. By the way, Michelle and I live near a small city/large town. We have a large city about an hour north, a small one west, and a medium size one to our south. All three are 50 to 70 miles distant. That’s why I’m always saying ‘it’s about an hour away.’ The movie theatre Michelle and Doug are going to is in the westerly city. The place Michelle had the photography done is north of us. I’m currently staying in the southern location.

    I knew if I spent all my time sitting in this hotel room thinking about Doug using Michelle for his personal toy foe the next seven days I’d probably get crazy, so I’ve planned a daily regimen for myself to stay busy. This place has a decent workout room and a pool, and some nearby restaurants. I also have a small kitchen, so I’ll probably buy some food so I don’t eat out constantly.

    I wonder what’s gone through other men’s minds when they’re wife went away on vacation with a bull?

    I’m going to go work out, then take a swim.

    Good night,
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  18. cuckold34

    cuckold34 New Member

    You mentioned you just turned 50. Happy birthday. How old is Michelle?
  19. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Cuckold34! Michelle will be 41 this coming December. There’s roughly nine years and eight months between us.

    Ok, quick update. Last night Doug and Michelle went to the movies, then back to his place. Around 9:45 I received a ‘goodnight’ text from Michelle, but I knew it was a pre-made text sent automatically, since they were in the middle of the movie at that time.

    This AM she texted that they got back to Doug’s after midnight, and Doug collared her and fucked her. Afterward, he spanked her, and then put her on the Sybian with a cock gag and headphones for about an hour. Then he put her to bed. As a rule, he goes to his bedroom, and she sleeps in the basement ‘brothel’ suite. As I’ve probably said in a previous post, she is absolutely forbidden to go into his bedroom. To quote Doug, ‘no whores allowed’.

    They were both up before 6AM and Michelle provided a quick blowjob for Doug before he prepared to work a half day. She headed to the gym. On the way back, Doug texted her a photo and told her to be at a nearby hair salon by 9AM as she already had an appointment. She showered/dressed and went to the salon, showed them the picture and got her hair done the way he wanted. She texted me again around noon and told me she’s now a platinum blonde and sent me a selfie, as well as the pic Doug to her to show the salon people. Doug was coming home at lunch and she texted she knew they’d be doing some BDSM play that afternoon.

    Since midday I’ve only gotten a few quick texts from. I’m sure he’s having fun playing with his little fuck toy, and she can’t relay any details to me. Tomorrow he’ll be at work, so I hope to hear from her then.

    I miss her, but it’s so hot that Michelle is totally his bitch right now.

    Attached is the pic Doug sent to Michelle, so she'd know what look he wanted her to get. This is NOT a photo of Michelle.



    Attached Files:

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  20. cuckold34

    cuckold34 New Member

    He should try gang banging her and have guys load all over her face and in all her holes. Don't know about Doug, but I bet as a whore she'd love that.

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