She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull

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    JULY 2018 CON’T

    After an easygoing fuck session, we ordered a pizza. Candi answered the door in nothing but a G-string and bra. She’d taken off her boots and looked less like a hooker and more like just another piece of ass. The delivery guy, in his late 20’s, loved the view. I peeked out from the bathroom, with the shower going and a washcloth hanging over it, so the water sounded like someone was showering. The guy made a comment referencing a boyfriend, and Candi tellingly corrected him that I was ‘just a friend’. She then told him I’d be gone by 6PM, if he was available to stop by. His face lit up then fell. I figured 1) he had to work and was unavailable; 2) he thought this was too good to be true; or 3) it would cost too much. Candi perceived his hesitation and commented, ‘The only thing you have to spend is some time.’

    He smiled again, saying he wouldn’t be off work until 7PM. She smiled back and said check out was tomorrow morning, and asked his name. Then she asked if she should expect to see him at 7PM. He agreed, and she told him that if she was still busy, she’d put out the Do Not Disturb card. He said he’d see her then and said goodbye. As soon as the door closed, I was out of the bathroom and all over her. That she had just successfully propositioned a guy right in front of me was incredible, and all I wanted to do was fuck her brains out. In character, she insisted on a condom and then I went at her doggie style. I didn’t make it to fifteen minutes.

    We warmed up the pizza and ate it while lounging on the bed. We made small talk about her profession (I knew from past conversations with Michelle that she was rehashing old, but sexy tales re her fun with clients). After we cleaned up, she apologized and said she’d need to end the evening by 6:30PM. It was already 5:45. I asked about one for the road and she said, ‘Your time’s up, but I like you’. She impishly said she knew I liked my girls trashy and put on her boots and the crop-top, then dropped to her knees and began a blowjob. When I was good and hard, she put a condom on me, stood, then leaned on the desk, ass out. Looking at me in the mirror she told me to go for it. I kept thinking about the fact that in about an hour that young delivery guy would be balls deep in her. Her dirty talk only helped me along.

    A couple of minutes after 6PM I was dressed and walking to my car. About 6:30PM she texted that she was cleaned up and ready for her next client. Just after 7PM she texted that the guy had arrived. I heard from her again less than an hour later. She arrived home shortly after nine. I was ready for some ‘used wife’ sex, and she obliged. The guy, she told me, was quite friendly, asked to quickly shower before they started, since he’d worked all day, and they had a great time together. When they were done, he made sure she had a way home and walked her to her car even though it was still light outside.

    He’d offered her $100 for what he termed ‘sex with a supermodel’. Quite sincerely, he said he didn’t mean to insult her with such a small sum, but it was all he had on him. She said he was so sweet, she took one ten-dollar bill, telling him it was for gas money, and told him she enjoyed herself too much to take any more. That made him feel like a million bucks. Sunday, we relaxed at home, watched TV and enjoyed each other’s company.

    My birthday fell on Tuesday, and Michelle and Nicki had arranged to take me out to an expensive restaurant in the city. Doug had been mindful to cancel his date night with Michelle since it was my birthday. The girls arrived at our place after work and we all took a while to get dressed up. I was in a suit and tie and they were dressed to the nines in some sexy, very short, but classy looking dresses. For appearances, Michelle wore the cubic zirconia engagement/wedding rings Doug bought her (I’m supposed to think she bought them herself as an anniversary “upgrade”), and I wore my wedding band. Michelle joked that with our rings on I wouldn’t look like a playboy with a couple bimbos out on the town.

    After dinner, we had cake and ice cream at home and I opened a few gifts. For fun, the girls also gave me numerous ‘coupons’ for various sex fantasies. Once Nicki left, Michelle changed into a beautiful and sexy authentic harem outfit (purchased from the same belly dancing site Nicki and I bought a few outfits from) and showed me a great time with some fun, ‘regular’ sex. Although we never discussed it, on my mind was the fact that Michelle had seen a client that morning, and Doug in the afternoon. I loved that my wife had, earlier in the day, fucked two other guys on my birthday.
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    AUG 2018

    I took a vacation day on Friday the 3rd so Nicki and I could head out of town for the weekend. We’d decided on the B&B Michelle and I have visited. One of our favorite features is that they have small, private cottages. It’s a two-hour drive, but Nicki and I passed the time easily and we arrived before lunch.

    We ate, then window shopped in town before checking in later in the afternoon. The owner recognized me. To eliminate the small elephant in the room, Nicki commented to the owner that Michelle loved the place and she recommended we go there for a little getaway. The gracious host accepted the compliment and walked us out to the cottage (we’d made reservations for) in which Michelle and I had previously stayed. I don’t know if the guy was puzzling out the relational dynamics or just not questioning the situation. If he had a good memory, he recalled that I’d spent my 50th birthday here with my wife.

    We cleaned up and prepared to go out to dinner. Nicki fished a card out of her bag and handed it to me. The birthday card was a blank she had written in. Her note sincerely thanked me for the acceptance, love, friendship, fun, help, support and generosity I’d given her. She wrote that up until this time in her life, no man had ever given all that to her unconditionally. It went on to say that she felt very fortunate to have met Michelle and me and that we were a special couple who had welcomed her into our lives and our marriage. She ended the note saying that she looks forward to sharing many more birthdays together.

    When I finished reading, she told me that she loved me, and I told her I loved her, too. We held each other for a few minutes. It was one of those moments when you thank the stars you have someone--in my case, two someones--that wonderful in your life. Nothing about sex or passion, just that amazing feeling of joy, thankfulness, and serenity. At dinner, she toasted my birthday. I toasted our amazing relationship triangle.

    Back at the B&B that night, Nicki surprised me with a white bridal lingerie set including a veil. She thoughtfully asked if it was crossing any lines. I loved it and told her she looked stunning. Tickled, she then gave me a pair of boxer briefs, black with a tuxedo white front to them. We laughed, but I was a sport and put them on, completing the bride and groom theme. We cracked some wine, had cheese and crackers and fruit, then a wonderful, sensual night together.

    Saturday morning, we had shower sex, then took a B&B-provided picnic lunch and found a private scenic place to eat. For July, it was a temperate day and we enjoyed ourselves. Afterward, we toured around a bit, then returned to clean up before going out to dinner. We found a small restaurant, ate, walked for a bit and talked, then headed back to the B&B.

    Once again, I found myself waiting on the bed while Nicki changed in the bathroom. Before entering, she called out that if I didn’t like this, she had a Plan B. Then she walked out wearing a grey schoolgirl jumper over a sheer sleeveless white top; sheer black thigh highs; and black hooker boots. The long purple pigtails, neon green contacts; green and grey striped tie, and dark green-themed makeup gave her a goth-girl-at-wizarding-school look. Nicki looked breathtakingly sexy. I explained that (in that moment) I could barely describe how beautiful and desirable she was. She was elated but reiterated that if this was too bizarre, we could do something else. I assured her that this wasn’t even close, and I loved it enough that she needed to wear it again in the future.

    Nicki told me that while pondering what sex games we particularly enjoyed--in preparation for our B&B stay--she realized that her tastes have changed over the last year. She said she’s never had a thing for older men, but now the two decades between us is quite a turn on. She related that she enjoys being a sex object, and Michelle has much to do with that. But so do I. Nicki said she loves feeling sexy, attractive, desirable. She remarked that many women are afraid of being too sexy, or liking sex too much because they get branded a slut and ostracized.

    Instead of judgment, Nicki explained, Michelle encourages her to be free to express herself sexually and accepts her for who she is. Nicki said that I treat her with respect and dignity, yet also accept her kinks and desires. She smiled and pointed out that tonight she’s dressed like an X-rated version of a character from one of my favorite book/film series, yet tomorrow we might be discussing world events or answering a computer question of hers, over lunch. She thinks it’s incredible that Michelle and I are so unconventional, both caring about each other’s happiness and having the trust to allow the freedom to have fun, without jealousy or possessiveness.

    I told her that I’d thought about this all, as well, and it was something Michelle and I both acknowledged and embraced. We didn’t judge each other but enjoyed supporting and encouraging each other to explore, experiment and know that we are always there for each other. I told Nicki that Michelle and I would always be there for her, as well. Nicki then said that to be perfectly honest, she still had hesitation about pursuing some of her fantasies with me. She said that trust wasn’t the issue. She wondered since Michelle was unquestionably the wild one of the two of them, could I ‘handle crazier’? We both laughed, but her question was heartfelt.

    I told her that I had a few limits, but that generally the ‘crazy’ kept things interesting. I also pointed out that this was about consenting adults safely having fun within an agreed-upon framework. I used the examples of real incest (illegal, reprehensible, victimizing) versus daddy/daughter fantasy play (creative recreation between consenting adults), and a real-life extramarital affair (with lies, deception, and betrayal of trust) versus Michelle playing the field with my full knowledge and consent. I reaffirmed that Michelle was free to fuck anyone she wants, even if I don’t know beforehand. Nicki smiled a bit at that, and I added that she was too, as a matter of fact. I emphasized it wasn't about control, but trust, happiness, good communication, and sharing and enjoying the experience as a couple.

    I told her something I’d realized as our alternative lifestyle/marriage evolved: loving Michelle doesn’t mean I can’t love Nicki. Or that Michelle loving me doesn’t mean she can’t love another man. Nicki judiciously asked if Michelle loves Doug, and I truthfully answered that she does. But Michelle made it clear to me that her feelings for Doug were not as intimate as Nicki and I are because Doug has a line he won’t cross. I smiled and told Nicki that what Doug wants from Michelle is very different from what Nicki wants from me: Doug’s not looking for a part-time wife.

    To circle back to the first part of Nicki’s conservation, I asked just what type of crazy she had in mind, that I was willing to hear out any fantasies she had. Months ago, she’d revealed many of her desires. But we’d never decided to implement any of them. She laughed and said that, just like Michelle, she has ‘a fucked-up sexual appetite’, adding that she and Michelle are ‘the same, but different’. I told her she was in good company, and that there are a lot of people in the world with dark, weird, eclectic fantasies, but few will admit it to anyone, even their spouse, and even fewer will ever try to act them out.

    Nicki shrugged in acknowledgment. She asked if it would weird me out if some of the things Michelle likes, she liked, too. I said not at all, that there are many common fantasies among women. She seemed a little more comfortable and said that mentioning something didn’t mean we had to do it. But we could make a list to pick and choose from.
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    AUG 2018 CON’T

    Nicki recapped that she and Michelle truly differ in the amount of S/M they like. Michelle likes pain and punishment as much as the mind games. Although Nicki verified that she has cravings for moderate spankings and being physically overpowered and subdued, she was clear that she isn’t comfortable with pain that brings her to tears, like whipping, heavy paddling, etc. She is much more into the B/D aspect; the mind games and surrendering. She was a little bashful when she said that she really likes verbal abuse and that if I called her, for example, ‘a dirty little cunt’ it was a huge turn on. She said her favorite fantasies have always been ‘against her will’ themes such as rape; gang-rape, abduction and being sexually experimented on. Examples she gave of ‘trapped and used’ themes was a warlock who summons and enslaves a female demon for sex, and a catgirl and male owner.

    Lightheartedly, she told me she once read some online erotica in which a sexy but naïve scientist takes a research job at a pharmaceutical company and one of the men starts dosing her with an experimental drug. Nicki laughed and said that, of course, the drug eventually transformed her into a brainless, big-boobed nymphomaniac, barely capable of holding a secretarial job. Nicki grinned and said, ‘I know it’s pretty fucked up, but I’d love to be her’.

    She asked if I wanted to hear another crazy one (I nodded) and she said a fantasy she’s had is going to a new dentist for her biannual checkup. She gets diagnosed with a cavity and the male doctor numbs her up before drilling, then she realizes she’s paralyzed, and he starts fondling her, and another doctor comes in and they talk about ‘the procedure’. They spend several hours doing dental implants which turn her into a kind of mind-controlled Stepford Wife. Afterward, she’s much less inhibited re sex but otherwise seems normal. With a grin, she added that every six months she comes in for her routine exam and the doctors spend the afternoon gangbanging her.

    Nicki disclosed that the daddy/daughter thing has really grown on her. She smiled slyly and told me that there are twenty years between us, so I’m truly old enough to be her father. Being raised to respect and defer to her elders adds a very different dimension for her. She asked how I liked it, knowing that it was Michelle who first started the D/D play. I told her I’d gotten to like it and was even more comfortable now that both girls were into it. I guess it makes it feel more normal.

    Nicki surprised me by asking if I like Doug as a person, aside from the fact that he’s fucking my wife. I answered that what little interaction I’d had left me with a positive impression. But I didn’t know him well enough to tell if he’s someone I’d be best buddies with. She admitted she found him likable, having dealt with him a little re her home rehab. Then she asked if I’d ever thought of the four of us double dating, as we’d done down at the beach when Michelle was with other men. As I was contemplating how I’d enjoyed Michelle being another man’s date, Nicki interpreted my momentary silence as reluctance and asked if she’d upset me.

    I quickly told her no, she hadn’t; I was just thinking about it. I explained that while I liked the idea of double dating with them, and watching him fuck Michelle, I still had some reservations about focusing the situation on my entertainment. Nicki remarked that, in her opinion, since Doug was enjoying the privilege of fucking my wife it was quite reasonable that he occasionally indulges my voyeurism. It was a good point. Then Nicki playfully said she thought it would be cool to double date with Doug and Michelle and even watch them fuck. We agreed we’d sometime talk to Michelle about it.

    Going back to Nicki’s interests, I suggested we each come up with fifteen different fantasies. We’d then sort them evenly into three categories--Good, Better and Best--and write them on notecards to keep in a jar to randomly pick from. Those considered Best would be triple entered; Better would be double entered, and Good single entered. That would make 60 cards total. This system made it so that there was a 50% chance of picking a fantasy that was ‘Best’, but only a 17% chance of picking a ‘Good’. Nicki loved the idea.

    After talking ideas, Nicki and I were ready to get down to business. Resuming the wizarding world fantasy, she handed me an emerald green glass dildo and said she’d been bad and misused her ‘wand’ to cast hexes on other students and should be punished. It was thick and about ten inches long, with a studded surface. I bent her over and hand spanked her for a while, then used the ‘wand’ on her to multiple orgasms. I was glad we were in a private cottage because Nicki couldn’t help but get a bit vocal. Thankfully, she’s not a full-blown screamer.

    After a good half hour, Nicki was head down, ass up and had entered that dopey state Michelle calls being a fuck-zombie. I rolled her onto her back, discarded the ‘wand’, and began fucking her. Nicki, languid and accommodating, broke into a wicked smile and began talking dirty about how much she loved being my ‘little girl’, that she was always available, anytime I want, anywhere I want. She went on about how happy she is that Michelle is such a slut because that means she (Nicki) gets more time with me. We both enjoyed it, and if Michelle had been there, I know she would have, too.

    After breakfast, we had a nice drive home. Nicki had lunch with us and then departed. Michelle was eager to know how my weekend had gone. She was happy to hear Nicki and I had a blast, and most agreeable to Nicki’s behavior re keeping me company while Michelle spends time with Doug. Doug had given up his prior Tuesday date night with Michelle so we could go out to my birthday dinner. The consolation was Doug getting her Thursday (regular date night), Friday and Saturday nights while Nicki and I were gone. Michelle had spent Friday and Saturday as a plaything for Doug and Kevin: Friday night as their French maid at Doug’s house and Saturday as their B/D sex slave, although the play was comparatively mild with Kevin there.

    The hot talk made reunion sex inevitable. During the subsequent pillow talk, Michelle spoke of she and Doug going to conventions/shows in late August; September; and October. She also asked if I’d answer some questions for her, a survey of sorts she was working on, to begin planning for our anniversary.

    That week she saw a few clients and prepared for going to the conference, making sure our pantry was well-stocked, Doug’s affairs were in order and tied up last-minute details. Though the conference started Wednesday and ended Friday, the best plane fare was Sunday. As usual, Michelle and Doug would be gone a solid week. With them openly dating, it wasn’t a secret they’d be spending some leisure time together, but it was still a bona fide business trip. Michelle did still have her own room.

    Doug picked Michelle up Sunday AM and they headed to the airport. Nicki was at our place by lunchtime, excited to play wife for a week. We established a routine that allowed us both to exercise, dress and eat breakfast, then start our business days. We did take that Thursday and Friday off and took an overnight trip. That week we had a great mix of sex, from sensual to downright kinky, including a few sessions in the dungeon at Nicki’s request. Nicki strutting around every day in only a sports bra and thong was awesome to behold.
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    AUG 2018 CON’T

    As had become the custom during prior business trips, Michelle would send me videos in the wee hours of the morning. I’d watch every morning as soon as Nicki left for CrossFit. This trip, Michelle had been approached Sunday night by a guy while hanging out at the hotel bar. They hit it off and he soon picked up on the fact that she was from out of town with her boss, and open to possibilities. Michelle was amused that he took his time, but finally invited her up to his room. Unfortunately, he flew out the next day. Monday and Tuesday Michelle and Doug went touring, including to Universal. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were the conference days. She hooked up with a guy the first night, and they went to dinner Thursday and then back to his room. He was flying out Friday night, so she never saw him again.

    Friday night she and Doug went out partying and then spent Saturday lounging around since they had a redeye to catch that night. By the time they got back to Doug’s house, it was about 2:30AM and she crashed there. She knew Nicki would be sharing my bed. After a morning quickie with Doug, she came home about 10AM. She was a little tired but in good spirits and eager for reunion sex.

    The next week was busy for both Michelle and Doug as they played catch up after being gone a week. They skipped Tuesday date night. That Sunday night was the full moon and Michelle was impatient for it to come. With the heat and humidity both over 80 that night, I was in my abbreviated ‘husband werewolf’ costume consisting of monster teeth, a half mask, and clawed werewolf gloves. We both played it to the hilt; Michelle as the peevish wife and me as the non-sentient werewolf. It was a rather rough and primal fuck in the cemetery. At some points, I was worried the neighbors might hear.

    Next Tuesday was the usual date night (Michelle/Doug and me/Nicki). Wednesday morning Michelle ran some errands, and then disappeared until the end of the workday. During dinner she said she asked what type of anniversary celebration I’d like to have; traditional or something wild which incorporated our hotwife lifestyle? Before I answered, she said she was happy with either one. Astutely, she remarked that she was pretty sure what I’d like, but it was up to me. When I hesitated, she said I could think about it and let her know. I asked what each plan entailed, and she said it was a surprise. However, we’d be the only participants. She added that it also depended on how I answered the questionnaire she’d made for me. I commented that we’d had vanilla anniversaries thus far, so maybe something different would be fun.

    When she confirmed my choice, she said she’d finished putting together the survey and asked that I finish it as soon as possible, since she’d need the answers to plan for our anniversary. She explained she’d spent several days making a video and accompanying questions, and she’d set it up in the dungeon. Intrigued, I went there after we finished cleaning up.

    Michelle had put together a great video and a hardcopy questionnaire several pages long. I followed the instructions and started the video. It was made so I could watch the video, pause it, then consider things she’d said that accompanied the questions in the survey. While it was extremely erotic, Michelle was, for the most part, rather sincere in her demeanor. A few times she flirted a little or cracked a joke. But it was much more of a conversation than a tease. All the questions covered things we’d talked about over the last few years, including Doug owning her and the different aspects of that (her working for him, her appearance and clothing; their BDSM relationship and how she changed); her prostitution and hotwife activities with other men besides Doug; my thoughts on her kinks; her thoughts on my kinks; the dynamics of her, Doug, me and Nicki; and a good deal of once again verifying some of our wilder fantasies and desires.

    She even asked about what things I’d do differently if I had it to do over. Some of the questions were multiple-choice, some asked me to rate something on a scale of one to five. Others were ‘do you like/want’ and ‘how much’ on a scale. In the video, Michelle reminded me several times to be honest, and not to answers questions based on her opinion, but on my desires.

    After a couple of hours, I took a break and we watched some TV. Part of me wanted to fuck her brains out, but my brain had a lot to think about. I hate leaving things unfinished and it became apparent as we got ready for bed that I’d not be able to sleep without completing it. Two hours later I was done, happy, and headed to bed. Michelle was, to my surprise, in bed but awake and watching TV. Being an early riser for CrossFit, she usually turns in at a decent hour. She apologetically told me she’d expected me to take two or three days to do it but thanked me for finishing. It still took me a while to get to sleep. I had a lot of things running through my mind but eventually drifted off.

    The next day was date night and during dinner, Nicki and I got on the topic of online games, which she was curious about. We ended up logging on to one I play, and me giving her an introduction. She’s a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and some anime, and was intrigued. At her request I kicked off the software download/install on the laptop she keeps at our place and we went and watched a movie. When the movie was done, we got her set up and she started a character. She loved the game and we had great fun running her through the tutorial and some quests.
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    "Michelle candidly asked me if I had any interest in helping her pick out her date clothes, since some other husbands seem to enjoy this. Doug usually tells her approximately what he wants her to wear, allowing her a little latitude based on his criteria. I told her that honestly, I liked to be surprised, and enjoyed it more that she and Doug left me out of the process. She agreed that she, too, likes to model her outfits for me when she’d done getting ready".

    I would love to go with her to choose the sexy (kinky) undies for her to wear for him. A mind blast!
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