She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull

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    Week of 04/29/18 CON’T

    Doug and Michelle also covered the subjects of her picking up some new clients, though not necessarily expanding her schedule; the idea of a becoming part time bartender to pick up men; learning pole dancing; and getting piercings. He supported her picking up some new clientele and loved the pole dancing idea. He questioned the feasibility of her holding down another part-time job, although the concept he liked. Much like her nose and boob job, tattoos, and the permanent makeup, he was guardedly neutral when it came to the piercings. She said that he told her that he’d happily whip or spank her to tears, fuck the hell out of her, and help her prostitute herself, but body modification was her choice.

    He had no problem with her taking a sabbatical from clients while piercings healed and, as she and I do, believed the holidays would be the best time. Though reluctant, he eventually agreed to review some pictures of piercing types she was considering and tell her what he really didn’t like. He liked nostril rings but disliked septum rings, unless they were very small. He laughed and said that they made him think of a bull with a ring in its nose. He did like the nipple rings (over bar bells) and admitted they looked slave-like and appropriate for her.

    For a clit hood piercing, Doug thought a vertical bar or horizontal ring looked attractive. He did divulge that he wasn’t crazy about navel, eyebrow or lip piercings, and she assured him she wasn’t considering them. In talking about other piercings, she learned he likes multiple ear piercings. He considered them classy and sexy and, though her hair would cover them most of the time, he had no problem with her doing that.

    Michelle’s big surprise though, was a stroke of ingenuity she was very proud of. Doug knows she and I are into daddy/daughter play, so she told him that for fun, she’d bought some stuff with a D on it for ‘Daddy’ that she could wear at home and (some of it) in public. She explained I liked it, and even made some temp tattoos for her to wear. She cleverly told Doug it had been her idea, and that she got off on the fact that secretly, she was wearing his initial when fucking me. Doug thought it was brilliant, asking if I’d ever associated it to him. She’d told him no, that it was mine and hers ‘little secret’ and she’d always made sure to remove the temp tats before seeing him and clients. She asked him permission to not remove them to see him. Of course, he said yes, but wanted her ‘clean’ when she saw clients.

    With an impish grin, Michelle delighted in telling me that now she could wear D stuff for me more often, like I wanted, and even around Nicki, since we could explain it meant ‘Daddy’. I was turned on at the idea and impressed with her inventiveness. However, I was a little startled she hadn’t talked with me about it. She apologized and explained the idea came to her Thursday right before Doug got home. She thought it would be a nice surprise for me. I wasn’t angry and considered it a win for everyone.

    We talked about whether we preferred to stay in or go out for dinner. Michelle wanted to have some fun together since she’d be gone next week. We decided on dinner out and maybe a movie afterward and picked a seafood restaurant in South City. We planned to leave as soon as I finished work, to beat the dinner rush.

    Michelle prepared to go run some errands and maybe stop and see Nicki. I good-humoredly asked if she was going to stop and see Logan, as well. Today was his last day of exams. She gave me a winning smile and coyly asked if I wanted her to. I flippantly told her to go fuck his brains out. She laid an incredible kiss on me, then whispered that she loved cheating on me.

    Over the next few hours I got some messages from Michelle, letting me know she finished the errands, stopped by Nicki’s, and was picking up some last-minute groceries before coming home. We had lunch and she told me she’d messaged Logan, but not heard back from him yet. She went out again for a bit and was home about midafternoon.

    That week we’d had a heat wave and Friday afternoon it was 90 with low humidity, and breezy; a gorgeous day. Michelle wore a short skirt, sexy little top and platform heels. Immediately noticeable was a silver dog tag hanging from her trust collar. It had a gothic D on it; close, but not quite the Detroit logo ‘D’. She enthusiastically described how she’d gotten it custom made at a jeweler (her second outing was to pick it up since they had to engrave it). It wasn’t gaudy but was overt.

    Her wearing it out into public was provocative, yet a little awkward. I knew people would assume it was her initial, or possibly mine. Still, I had unease about her strolling around displaying a symbol of her slavery to Doug. The bottom line was it made me hard, which she noted with enjoyment. Lifting her miniskirt, she showed me the ‘D’ on the front of her thong, then turned so I could see the huge ‘D’ temp tat on her ass cheek. I wanted to fuck her right there, but I could wait.

    Dinner was great. We did a little window shopping while waiting for the start of the movie. I always get a kick out of guys looking Michelle over. While waiting in the concessions line, the most blatant gawkers were a group of four high school boys, who couldn’t seem to get enough of her. They whispered amongst themselves with rascally smiles on their faces. I’m certain, with her being so fit, with the tight shirt, big tits, short skirt, high heels and long copper hair, they were talking lasciviously about what they’d like to do to her. I pretended not to notice.

    After we took our seats, Michelle revealed that for fun she shot the guys a few coquettish smiles, and that a lady on the line next to us then proceeded to shoot Michelle some disapproving looks. What immensely amused Michelle was that the lady’s elementary school age son was giving her a big smile. Though he might not yet know about the birds and the bees, he liked what he saw. The movie was ok, and we arrived home around 10:30. We were getting hands-on before we made it through the mudroom. Michelle asked me to meet her in the family room and ran upstairs.

    She came down in a purple fishnet teddy and hooker boots, carrying a blanket and headed for the sliding glass doors. As I suspected, we ended up in the graveyard. The temp was still about 80 and comfortable. She threw the blanket on the 4x6 horse mat we’d put down last year. I saw she had brought lube and the second wearable we hardly ever use. Unlike the ‘werewolf’ model, this one is open at the end and allows the head of my clock to stick out some. But your shaft gets no stimulation.

    Michelle was eager, but unhurried, and started with a nice blowjob. Then she put the wearable one me and climbed on cowgirl. As she carefully got used to the size of the wearable, she said she wished she could have gone to some back room with those teenagers and let them gangbang her. She asked what I thought of them holding her down and taking turns with her, much like Logan and his two friends had. I told her it was crazy sexy, which she liked.

    It was evident she was enjoying the large wearable, and I teased her a bit. She told me it was mind-blowing, then asked how I felt re her enjoying an incredible fuck (from the wearable) while I’m unable to feel much. I good-naturedly told her I like to watch, to see her be a wicked little slut. She grinned and whispered how interesting it is that I like her fucking more than I like fucking her.

    I commented this was a lot like the wife fucking her werewolf-cursed husband: She gets great sex and he doesn’t even remember it. Michelle gave me a knowing smile, mindful I found this arousing, then facetiously stated that if I didn’t care, she didn’t, either. Then she asked me if I liked this form of ‘denial’ (yes, I do) and how often. I replied that we were both getting off on it, so I didn’t mind how often we did it. She stopped, looking me lustfully in the eyes, and said she could do this all the time. When I smiled at that, she went on to say that while she wasn’t into the chastity thing, she could certainly be a naughty wife by denying me the ‘full pleasure’ if I enjoyed that. Then she got very serious and said she still wants me to come in her for the health benefits of semen exposure. That made me laugh, but I agreed with her point.
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    Week of 04/29/18 CON’T

    As I’ve said many times before, Michelle isn’t into the femdom thing. But she is into the ‘wicked wife’ kink. It’s about impropriety, not dominance. She likes being bad, and that I crave and support her ‘bad wife’ behavior greatly intensifies it for her. She’s told me that if I dislike something, like her wearing the D outfits, or fucking Doug, she doesn’t want to do it. She’s affirmed numerous times during this journey that this is about us enjoying ourselves, not hurting each other.

    We had an unorthodox conversation during sex, and Michelle conveyed her commitment to pleasing me, as well as Doug. She expressed how she wants me to be happy and enjoy this arrangement, and how eager she is to entertain some of my kinks just as I indulge many of hers. Michelle affirmed that she was, at first, hesitant about our activities regarding other men superseding me. But now certain that’s what I like, she’s completely comfortable with that.

    Inevitably, after several orgasms, Michelle was weary but sated, and proposed the wearable come off and I ‘have my way’ with her. I went at her missionary and it was extremely enjoyable for both of us. During pillow talk she again brought up the topic of ordering a sex doll for her so I could watch her fuck another guy whenever I wanted. We decided to look at websites the next day.

    Saturday morning, Michelle did her packing since Doug would be picking her up Sunday morning. We had lunch, then went online and began looking at realistic sex dolls. Long story short, we ended up purchasing one after a few hours of comparing prices, and options. It’s made by an overseas company. Since it’s best to hang a doll for storage, I thought I might construct a table that pivots up 90 degrees into the vertical. Upright it would be storage; horizontal she could ride cowgirl. But Michelle said she wanted to be able to put the doll in our chaise yoga chair, as well as flat on a bed for cowgirl. So, I decided I’d just build a strong, wheeled hanging frame from pipe that would support the 70-pound doll and make it easy to move wherever we wanted in the dungeon.
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    Interestingly, my wife is dominant with other men, but not with me; we're neutral with one another. The only time I've seen her submissive is with other women, but she is also dominant with women, even the same girl at different times. It is something I find fascinating since we do nothing ourselves at all D/s or BDSM.
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    Week of 05/06/18

    Sunday morning, Doug sent Michelle the customary message that he was entering our neighborhood. I helped her wheel her luggage out to the driveway, and we said our goodbyes. As I was walking back into the garage, she told me she left a couple of videos for me. I thanked her and went inside. She’d told Doug I was trying to get a small home project done before Nicki arrived, so she’d be alone in the driveway.

    I watched on the security cam as he drove up in his truck, got out and gave her a long kiss (including groping her ass). Like a gentleman, he put her suitcase in the back and opened the passenger door for her to get in. They were gone in minutes. I was hard from watching them kiss.

    Michelle going away with him is disappointing yet arousing. I know I’ll miss her. But the thought of her being completely at his disposal for the next several days is intoxicating. I struggle sometimes with the fact that she’s the love of my life, but I savor the thought of Doug using her as he pleases.

    I went to the dungeon to watch the videos. The first was of her dancing around and stripping in our bedroom. She’d placed the camera in the chair I often sit in, so it was almost like being there. After stripping down, she rode a large dildo while talking about how much she wanted to go to Vegas with Doug and just have a wild week of fun. I loved it. At the end of the video, she told me to watch the second one the night she was with Logan at the grad ball.

    Feeling horny and looking for a distraction, I sketched plans for the doll rack and went to the hardware store for materials. Nicki came over around lunchtime. We ate, then went to a forest park to walk around and enjoy being outside since the temp was around 70F. We talked a lot about life, work and the arrangement we’ve started referring to as ‘the circle’ (Michelle and Doug, and me and Nicki). The novelty hasn’t worn off, and we’re all happy with this situation. Nicki and I joke that we’re using each other for sex and we’re both okay with that. Nicki maintains that she’s always ‘available for fun’ and welcomes booty calls.

    I guess I still want to treat Nicki as a friend and lover, whereas she keeps reminding me that she’s delighted to be my sex kitten. Once again, I told her about my comfort level and she sincerely appreciated my sentiments but repeated that this isn’t a one-way street. I give her friendship, companionship, help her whenever she asks--home stuff, computer stuff, car stuff, etc.--and treat her with generosity and kindness.

    She lightheartedly quipped that she’s not fucking me because she feels obligated, but because she loves my company and is attracted to me. Nicki confided that her husband never seemed to passionately want her sexually, and it made her feel unattractive. She added that my attention makes her feel good about herself; attractive, desirable, sexy and appreciated. She also brought up that the trust factor makes her ‘want to do crazy stuff’ with me. I laughed and commented that she’s about as kinky as Michelle. Nicki gave me a knowing smile, saying ‘we’re both freaks, just different flavors’. She added ‘I’d rather you fuck me in an alley than put me up on a pedestal.’

    We talked about that and her blasé attitude about sex with me. And even after all my years of marriage and living, Nicki pointed out some interesting points of a female’s perspective. I’ll be the first to say she can’t speak for ALL females, but what she said rang true so far as Michelle. Nicki emphasized that she wants wild, fun sex. Gentle and romantic all the time is boring, she said, emphasizing that she and Michelle, particularly, like variety. Nicki also underscored the fact that I’m her friend, someone she trusts and therefore she knows our play can FEEL dangerous without BEING dangerous.

    Nicki used the examples of fantasy rape, tying her up and rough sex all being exciting and ‘dangerous’ but still safe because she knows she can trust me. I explained that I’ve always worried about going too far and hurting Michelle, so we’d never gotten into serious BDSM, despite her trust in me and continuing to invite me to play with her that way. Nicki said if I can stop when I hear ‘no’ or ‘stop’ then I have nothing to worry about. Teasingly she said maybe I didn’t want to do it because I was afraid I’d like it too much, which conflicted with how I feel about Michelle and her.

    Nicki also spoke about enjoying the fact that none of us are judgmental; everyone accepts each other for who we are, that we have certain preferences, and different doesn’t mean incompatible. She joked about her and Michelle having sexual tastes seemingly very contrary to feminism yet still being strong, independent women. She pointed out the contradictory mindsets that she is proud that she can support herself financially and doesn’t NEED a husband, yet she LOVES the idea of being something akin to a ‘kept woman’ in our relationship.

    Then Nicki thanked me sincerely for a relationship in which she can be so candid and accepted. That lead to us reminiscing about the little steps that had eventually gotten us to this point. In talking about relationships, Nicki also brought up the fact that she still has some pressure from her family about ‘getting on with her life’ and meeting someone. She half-joked that her mom seems to be embarrassed that her daughter is divorced and hasn’t started dating again. Nicki confided that part of her would love to tell her mom about me, just to shock her and get her to stop talking to her. She quipped it would probably result in her mom being more reproving about her seeing a married man.

    We continued talking, finished our walk and headed home. We decided to go out to dinner and, for fun, got a little dressed up. Nicki searched Michelle’s wardrobe for a sexy little dress and boots. We drove to a far-flung restaurant, about 45 minutes away, that Michelle and Doug sometimes visit. Driving home, I decided to stop at Doug’s to enjoy fucking Nicki in a different locale. She was hot for the idea and chose the front office executive desk--where Michelle works--as the place to fuck. Afterward, we went home had iced cream and watched TV before going to bed.
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    Week of 05/06/18 CON’T

    Michelle’s Week

    Except for some text messages, I didn’t talk to Michelle that week. She did send me a few videos to update me on events. The weather there was hitting about 100F, dropping to the 70’s at night. Accordingly, Doug had her running around in next to nothing.

    She kidded that Sunday night, when she and Doug visited a few casinos, she couldn’t get picked up to save her life. Doug ended up taking her back to her room and fucking her silly. Monday, they spent the day sight-seeing and fucking.

    Tuesday was the first day of the three-day convention. Doug had her dress ‘business slutty’ and she got lots of looks, was chatted up by several men, and ended up going out with two out-of-towners who worked together. After dinner and a little gambling, they understood she was a ‘sure thing’. One guy was acting like he won the lottery, the other guy figured he wasn’t getting lucky that night.

    Michelle said both were nice guys and good looking, and it took some persuading on her and the one guy’s part to get the second guy to believe she was willing to do a threesome. When she produced condoms, one of them did tactfully ask if she was a working girl. She said the look on their faces was amusing when she told them she wasn’t a Vegas prostitute but was married, there with her boss, who she regularly fucked and was happy to take tips if they were so inclined.

    The two of them fucked her for nearly an hour. Then they ordered room service, had snacks and talked some, then fucked her again. Almost three hours later she finally left. They’d won about $3k at the tables that night, and in appreciation, surprised her by giving her an even thousand, asking if she considered that satisfactory. When she asked if they wanted company tomorrow night, they jumped at the idea.

    Probably some people reading this are thinking that some of the stuff I write is too good to be true. But truth can be stranger than fiction. I was surprised myself when I watched the video she sent me telling me all this. I was also surprised that she lucked out meeting two nice guys and did a threesome with them. Historically, she and Doug have had an unofficial policy of ‘one guy at a time’ for safety reasons. The exception has been Logan.

    After she got back to her room, she and Doug talked. He loved how things turned out and consented to her seeing the guys again Tuesday night. After giving her a quickie, he left. She then made and sent me the video.

    Wednesday morning Doug came to her room and fucked her, then they proceeded to the convention. They went back to their hotel for lunch and had another quickie. One of the guys messaged her asking if they were still on for that night, and she replied yes, sending them a selfie (no face) to whet their appetite.

    After messaging back and forth a few times, they agreed to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner, then go casino hopping. She told me they had a nice dinner (the men paid) then went to a casino for blackjack. The quieter one was on a hot streak and walked away with nearly $8k. The other guy barely made a grand. They cashed out and went back to their hotel for some fun. They basically did a repeat of the prior night; sex, a rest period and some room service, then more sex.

    The winning guy eagerly slid a wad of bills into the front of Michelle’s dress as they said their goodbyes. She didn’t say anything about meeting again and neither did they. Nor did she count the money, which looked to be more than they gave her the night before. She took a taxi back to her hotel and called Doug on the way back. He was waiting for her in her room, and she said he gave her a good fucking, all the while calling her a whore, slut, etc., which she loved. At the end of the video, she proudly told me she got paid $2k for the night and mischievously remarked that she should start working for an escort service.

    Wednesday was the last day of the convention. Doug encouraged her to get a hookup since she’d be flying out the next day. She told me that guys weren’t all that receptive during the day at the convention and guessed that some may have mistaken her for a local prostitute and kept their proverbial distance. By evening she and Doug decided to go to dinner and made a night of it themselves.

    She’d re-arranged her itinerary to go home on a flight late morning Thursday and Logan was picking her up at the airport. She stayed with him Thursday night and they had a blast. As a game, Michelle, Logan, and Chris agreed to trade Michelle back and forth until one of them was fucked out. Chris went first. When she came back to Chris for his fourth turn he declared defeat. Oddly, they all went to the kitchen for a late-night snack (cereal) and, initiated by Chris, got into a rather meaningful discussion about how to find young women with a similar sexual attitude and appetite as Michelle. She told me she ended up giving them a peek into female psychology.

    Friday was grad ball day. Everyone slept in, and Michelle was adjusting to the time difference. She and Logan went to a very nice restaurant just out of town. They had fun entering separately but then sitting together in a secluded booth. Michelle had dressed more conservatively so as not to draw too much attention. After a nice dinner, they went back to the townhouse and got ready for the ball.

    Michelle’s dress, while seductive, was not the only one showing a good deal of skin. She told me they did draw a few looks from those close enough to notice that Michelle wasn’t college-age. If anyone asked, their story was that she had gone back to school and was also a graduate, and they’d been classmates and decided to go the ball together. No one made anything of it, and they had a great time.

    They returned home around midnight and Michelle got into some very elegant lingerie for the occasion. She had shown it to me before going on the trip. It was a white strapless corset with ruffles and floral embroidery and a matching thong. She added matching satin opera gloves, stockings, and platform pumps. Though not marketed as such, it was perfect for bridal lingerie, which I found quite erotic.

    Entering his bedroom, Michelle presented Logan with a set of leather wrist cuffs to use on her, telling him solemnly to not break her trust in him. She also reaffirmed that she was married and would never leave her husband. While she was happy to continue seeing him while he went to grad school, they could never be more than ‘good friends with full benefits’. She also reminded him she’d continue seeing other men and told him not to ‘get attached’ to her.

    Logan amiably accepted her terms and thanked her for their friendship, then carefully put the cuffs on her. She told me she then began undressing him and got down to some passionate lovemaking. She would tease me by telling me that with him in a black tux, and her in white lingerie, it was very much like a wedding night. Logan, she said, had pointed out the similarity.

    Like honeymooners, Logan and Michelle spent Saturday relaxing, having sex, and enjoying each other’s company. Sunday morning Michelle caught a cab home. Logan was observant enough to warn her that I might notice it was a local cab, not one from the airport. She told him that if I asked, her boss was very tired, so she called a local cab to bring her home since she knew I had plans for Sunday morning and wasn’t expected to be home.
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    Week of 05/06/18 CON’T

    My Week with Nicki

    That week the daily temps climbed steadily from the low 70’s Sunday to the low 90’s on Saturday. We shared the master bedroom, and both stuck to our morning exercise and daily work routines, having lunch together and a lot of sex that week. She worked from the basement apartment. Nicki enjoyed ‘playing house’ and (as is her habit at home during warm weather) walked around in nothing but a thong and bra, or hot pants and a crop top, during the day and lingerie at night. She also proposed we make it a practice to date on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since it was customary for Doug and Michelle to be together those nights.

    Although we agreed to concentrate on our jobs during work hours, Tuesday afternoon Nicki started chatting me online and declared it was date night, suggesting we get wild (that’s Nicki’s catchphrase for getting kinky). I asked what she had in mind and she replied, ‘Daddy needs to spank his little girl’. She provided a safe word and told me to enjoy making her ass red. I replied that very slutty looking schoolgirls get spanked. She sent back a smiley face, then asked if I minded if she called me ‘Daddy’ more. Not only for D/D play, but also because I’m her sugar daddy.

    Lightheartedly, I answered I was fine with that if 1) I picked a cutesy name for her and 2) we did cat girl play more often. I knew she’d love condition two, and her reply was an enthusiastic ‘awesome!!!’ I told her I liked ‘Baby’ (appropriate for ‘sugar-baby’), but since she was into the cat and Nà’vi roles, “Kitty’ also seemed fitting. She replied she liked both and to use them. We made it official that Tuesday and Thursday nights would be date nights, with Nicki emphasizing that she didn’t want those to be the only two days we saw each other, which was fine with me. We chatted a little more, then work called for my attention and we agreed to have fun once my workday was over. I generally keep the same hours, but Nicki is self-employed, and her schedule is flexible.

    Just as I was finishing up my day, Nicki entered my office dressed in a French Toast V-neck pleated jumper schoolgirl uniform. It’s a Girls size 12 or 14, cut for a girl with little or no chest and about five feet tall. The length is about 34 inches. When you put it on a grown woman like Michelle (32DDD and 5’5”) or Nicki (34DD and 5’7”) the 28” waist rides up because of their large breasts. The front hem doesn’t quite reach to their inseam. The back shows off their lower ass cheeks nicely. Leaning over is fully revealing. I liked schoolgirl outfits long before Michelle and I got into D/D play. Now I really love them!

    Nicki was also sporting a white long sleeve top that was sheer, showing the black balconette bra underneath, black thigh highs and platform pumps. Her hair was back in a long horsetail. Her hair used to come down below her shoulders but she’s growing it out, knowing I love long hair on a woman. In July of last year, I had Michelle cut off about six inches of her ass-length hair, but in September, per Doug, she started growing it longer. He likes everything about her exceptional; huge tits; heavy makeup; plumped lips; athletic physique; very long hair. It’s all about making her conspicuously sexy or, as Michelle simply puts it, ‘eye-candy’.

    Now Nicki was eye candy; wonderfully beguiling in the schoolgirl outfit. Her overt sexuality reminded me of Michelle. We kissed and groped standing in my office and she giggled, pleased with my lustful reaction. Eventually, we moved into the family room where I had her bend over and get spanked for a while, then I’d eat her, and finger fuck her, then spank her again. I enjoyed using her long horsetail as a handle while I spanked her. I alternated this for the better part of an hour, resulting in several orgasms, some weak, some powerful.

    A couple of times she called out my name, and I immediately scolded and spanked her, leading to zealous apologies. For fun I kept asking ‘what are you’ and she came back with numerous labels for her herself--daughter, slut, sugar baby, concubine, kitten, pet, pussy--none of which I confirmed or dismissed. I don’t know why, but toward the end, I kept demanding she tell me who I was, and I used her full name (e.g., ‘Who am I, Nicole?’). She came up with a few creative answers, which I liked, but told her that wasn’t what I was looking for. She quickly discovered that ‘Daddy’ was the desired response. I finally fucked her doggie on the couch and when I finished we were both spent. We curled up together and she whispered thank you, and we just held each other for a while. Eventually, we cleaned up, fixed some dinner and ate while watching TV. When we turned out the lights and curled up together in bed, Nicki thanked me again ‘for a fantastic night’.

    For fun Wednesday morning, while Nicki was at CrossFit, I went into Michelle’s hidden stash and got out the custom booty shorts I’d had made with ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ across the ass in pink cursive, and a t-back shirt with the local high school’s colors/logo. The latter is size XS and looks great on Michelle. I gave them to Nicki when she got home, and she smiled like I’d given her a diamond ring. After she showered and dressed, she came into my office to model her attire then went to the basement apartment to work since I had a meeting.

    Later that morning I got an email from Nicki. In it, she wrote how she loved what we did Tuesday night and wanted to do it more often. She also said that, much like Michelle, she enjoys having rough sex. She explicitly gave me permission to use her sexually as I liked, including play rape, but said she still wanted to draw the line at spanking, giving consent for me to manhandle her, tie her or handcuff her, but no heavy BDSM. She also expressed how tickled she was for me to give her the outfit to wear and urged me to do it more often. It made me think of how alike--in some ways--Nicki and Michelle are.

    Just before lunchtime, Nicki offered to go pick up some sandwiches for us from a local café I like. I was amenable to that, and she was back in twenty minutes. I found it amusing she was strutting around in public in the boy shorts and racerback t-shirt. I asked if she got looked over and she smiled and said ‘of course’. I did notice she was using ‘Daddy’ more. Obviously, she was still acclimating to replacing using ‘Eric’, but she was making the effort. I truly didn’t mind either way. I’d done the previous night’s ‘training session’ for fun, but it’d had a more lasting effect on her than expected.

    We finished lunch and returned to work, although I really wanted to fuck her. We ended up having a quickie after work. Then she changed and we went out for dinner, a scenic drive, stopped for ice cream, and then went to a late movie. Being the middle of the week, the theater was deserted, and I had fun feeling her up, putting my hand down her shirt and pulling up her skirt and rubbing her pussy. Nicki was very cooperative, and I enjoyed the little sighs she made as I played with her body. When we got home we went straight to bed but had some incredible vanilla sex before falling asleep.

    Thursday morning, while Nicki was at CrossFit I taped a note on the bathroom mirror for her saying today was cat girl day. Later, she came down to my office to show me her cat outfit (headband with ears, lacy black bodysuit with an attached tail; leather cuffs and collar; yellow contacts; fangs; thigh highs and pumps). She was in the mood to fuck, but I really had work to get done. She joked that she couldn’t wait until lunch and I chided her for being ‘a little nympho’. She looked at me very seriously and stated that she’s always enjoyed sex, but since her divorce, she’s developed a libido like a teenager. I kidded back that regular exercise is scientifically verified to increase sex drive. She remarked that was true, but smiled and said, ‘so does the right man’.

    We had a quickie during lunch, and that evening spent a couple of hours in the dungeon. Nicki was eager to get strapped into the bench to enjoy a powerful vibe while I spanked and finger fucked her to several orgasms. Eventually, I fucked her myself. We were both hot messes and showered together before going to bed. Nicki was quiet but very cuddly, which I enjoyed.
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    Week of 05/06/18 CON’T

    Friday morning, as soon as Nicki left for CrossFit, I picked out a nice bra and thong for her to wear. Then I watched the video Michelle left me, figuring I’d be too busy tonight with Nicki. Michelle had recorded it at a different time than the first video she left me. This was recorded during the day in our bedroom, not the dungeon.

    Michelle earnestly talked about her being a cheating wife, how much it turned her on to fuck other men, and that our marriage was so different from what we imagined it would be eighteen years ago. She explained that she’s never been happier and laughed that she is so different from when we got married. She stated that ‘old Michelle’ had fantasies of being a man’s sexual plaything, but she didn’t have the first inkling that it would ever become true. She described how, all those years ago, she’d wanted to be a perfect wife, have a successful career, and meet everyone’s expectations. She’d been an exceptional student in high school and college, so people assumed she’d have a prosperous life.

    Then Michelle spoke of how we met, and the initial trepidations some people had about her dating a guy a decade older. She was twenty-one and considered me wiser, more worldly, confident. She smiled and said she’s attracted to strong, confident males, and she finds me very attractive in that way. Then she explained that she also learned, as we were dating, that I was a good, honest man who accepted her for who she was, and that’s what really made her fall in love with me. She joked that the fact her family took a real liking to me also helped.

    Michelle then summarized our marriage as the honeymoon, the career period, then us taking in my cousin (1st cousin, once removed) when her mother died. At age 27, Michelle became a ‘mother’ to a 14-year-old. We juggled careers and parenthood. My cousin decided to do two years of community college and then transfer to a big university. My cousin transferred to an out of state college and had a job lined up before she graduated.

    Michelle defined the next phase of marriage as the second honeymoon since we were now empty-nesters. After five years of Michelle as a stay-at-home wife, we began experimenting with her hotwifing. Two years later she began her relationship with Doug. She’d fucked him a few times before that, so knew him, but it wasn’t until Halloween of 2014 that Doug really became her primary bull, and eventually her BDSM top.

    Looking straight into the camera, Michelle said she was at a wonderful point in her life, married to (she says) a fantastic guy, who accepts her for who she is and allows her to explore things she’d barely dreamed of. She spoke of how ‘upside-down’ her personality is from years ago. She remarked that society demands that she, a college-educated female, should be an independent woman with motherhood; a successful marriage; and a lucrative career on her list of accomplishments. Almost contemptuously she said that aside from being married to me, she doesn’t give a shit about any of it. She shrugged and said her diplomas were just pieces of paper that have no bearing on her marriage or her present life.

    Michelle told of how she loves having a strong marriage and being able to share her deepest desires with me and Doug. She thanked me, as she has in the past, for making that possible through my support as a husband, lover, friend, partner and (she said jokingly) provider. My thought was that she really doesn’t need financial support, as she makes good money on her own. She similarly stated, in all sincerity, how grateful she is to have Doug in her life, and everything he’s done for her. Then Michelle spoke of our arrangement: I have her and Nicki, while Michelle has Doug, to a lesser extent, Logan, and other men. She ended the discourse by saying that we must keep communication open, and I must tell her what makes me happy, and what doesn’t.

    The video made me miss her. Michelle had been in my thoughts all week and we were communicating occasionally. Nicki made the separation easier because she’s great company, a lot of fun, and her presence meant I wasn’t alone in the house. But this was the first real pang of missing Michelle. Despite that, I really did want her and Logan have a fantastic time together. I pondered the irony of my heart missing her, but my cock wanting her in another man’s bed. She’s never said it in so many words, but I knew the sex MUST be better with him. He’s athletic, handsome and thirty years younger than me and therefore has a much shorter refractory period. He also has a larger cock, knows how to use it (according to Michelle), and over time he’s learned what she likes.

    Thinking about Michelle and Logan made me horny as hell. Naturally, I wanted to bang Nicki’s brains out. I left her a note on the bathroom mirror again, this time telling her I wanted a ‘schoolgirl hooker’. I left out the bra and thong I’d picked and added a schoolgirl jumper, hooker boots, and black fishnets. It made for an interesting day. We fucked over lunch, then after work, we went over to Doug’s house to check on things. Nicki was still wearing her ‘schoolgirl hooker’ outfit and I fucked her in Doug’s rec room.

    We were both in a raunchy mood and she kept encouraging me to bang her like a little whore, saying ‘rape that pussy’ a few times. I the heat of the moment I lost my reluctance and started really giving it to her hard, which she loved. Both of us were pretty spent afterward and took our time leaving. Driving home, Nicki told me, with a huge smile, that I can do that to her whenever and wherever I want. I asked her if she wanted that occasionally, or often. She answered that half the time was good, adding that we have a safe word, and not to worry about hurting her accidentally; just go for it. In typical Nicki sassiness, she said she was my sugar baby, bought and paid for, and to fuck her as I like. I instantly told her I will, making her smile more.

    Saturday, we took it easy. It barely made it to seventy degrees, but Nicki was happy strutting around the house in nothing but a bra and panties. As I mentioned before, she does this at home, so it’s not like it was only for my benefit. After dinner, I gave her a thorough shoulder massage (my hands did wander) and, for fun, brushed out her hair. She enjoyed the treat of a little pampering and had a good laugh when I joked I needed to keep my kitty-cat’s mane looking beautiful.

    As we talked, she turned the conversation to what I liked seeing her in. A simple joke about her being my concubine grew into her being part of my harem (her and Michelle) and we were soon talking about harem girl outfits for her. She’d borrowed some lingerie from Michelle, including the harem costumes, for the photoshoots. Nicki suggested we pick some out for her. I liked it. We agreed we didn’t want some cheap costume, but something authentic, like Michelle has. We ended up piecing together three outfits of different design and colors. I don’t know how often Nicki will wear them, but we did have good fun shopping.
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    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Week of 5/13/18

    Nicki left Sunday morning and, as expected, Michelle arrived home in the early afternoon. She gave me the full story of her days in Vegas with Doug, and her last couple of days staying with Logan. It all made me so hungry for her, and the fact that she wore a ‘Doug outfit’ while telling me about it only made it sexier. We missed each other, but she said she had a spectacular time with Doug and Logan and thanked me for the freedom to do all those things. The reunion sex was fantastic, but after a week of fucking Nicki bareback, it was strange to experience the lack of sensation by using a wearable while fucking Michelle. The arousal was extreme, and the deprivation of the wearable only dragged it out.

    Michelle rode me for the better part of an hour, pacing herself and going in cycles of fast and slow. It was mesmerizing to watch her orgasm multiple times. At times she would zone out as she concentrated on pleasuring herself. Then she’d slow her pace and talk enthusiastically about her adventures. She was particularly delighted at having met the two men and making three thousand dollars in two very enjoyable evenings. She kidded again about working part-time for a high-end escort service. We ended with me fucking her bareback as she, referencing the video, talked about her ‘upgrade from a miserable slave to society into a happy, fulfilled and willing slave for men’. It got us both off.

    As we rested, Michelle asked for all the details about my week with Nicki. She especially liked the rough sex and daddy/daughter play, asking in feigned jealousy when does she get to enjoy some of that. I also explained that Nicki and I planned to see each other regularly on Tuesday and Thursdays, since she and Doug spent those nights together. Her response was that she was glad Nicki and I finally got around to fixing a schedule.

    While talking about things Nicki and I can do together (aside from sex), Michelle recommended I spend time at her place, and occasionally spending the night. Nicki is much happier in her new home than she ever was in her apartment. But she still prefers coming to our place mainly because it gets her out of where she spends her workdays, and she also enjoys some features of our property, such as the large and private back yard with patio, pool, hot tub, hammock, and other amenities. And there’s also the dungeon she likes to play in.

    The week after Doug comes back from travel is usually a bit hectic for him and Michelle. He has work to catch up on and she must get Doug’s personal affairs on track and manage her client scheduling. She was booked solid with three clients each (morning, afternoon and evening) on Tuesday and Thursday. She met with the evening clients under the pretense of date nights with Doug and spent the night at his house.

    Wednesday Michelle and Nicki spent the afternoon together and the three of us went out to dinner locally. When we got home, Nicki was in a particularly playful mood with me, which Michelle found quite funny. Nicki cavalierly asked Michelle ‘Do you mind?’ as she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me toward the basement apartment. Michelle laughed and warned she was going to start the movie without us.

    Like a couple of teenagers, we were quickly on the bed and going for it. Nicki was fervent and started talking dirty, calling me Daddy, goading me to fuck her ‘like a whore’ because that’s how she likes it. We didn’t last very long, maybe fifteen minutes. When we were done, we were both smiling like idiots and trying to catch our breath. It was then that I realized that Michelle was in the doorway. She walked over and sat on the bed, looked me in the eye and said it was one of the hottest things she’d ever seen. The girls, giggling, then confessed it was planned because Michelle wanted to see me and Nicki go at it. It was a fun surprise. I joked that if Michelle now wanted to play, I’d need some time or some Viagra. Michelle surprised me by (very good-naturedly) saying it might be a good idea since I was dating a thirty-two-year-old.

    We watched the movie and then Nicki went home. Michelle said she was going to go grab a shower and then maybe we could watch TV. I was in my office playing online when she came down later in a ‘Doug outfit’. My response to seeing her like that made her joke that maybe I didn’t need Viagra. She talked about liking seeing me and Nicki fuck, and about the fact that I like seeing her fuck other men but rarely get to do so. She brought up the subject of her trying to regularly fuck men in our house where the security cams could catch the action, which I encouraged. She admitted that sometimes Doug was into fucking her in our house, and sometimes not. If I wanted to stay at Nicki’s tomorrow, she’d ask Doug if he was interested.

    Since Nicki spent Tuesday night at our place, I went over to hers on Thursday. She was happy to hear I’d spend the night. After a great night with Nicki, I went home and got ready for my workday. Michelle came home from CrossFit and cleaned up, then came down to talk. Unfortunately, Doug hadn’t felt like bringing her back to our place for sex. She told me that Doug brought up the topic of her work schedule, date nights for her and Doug, date nights for me and Nicki, and my gaming nights.

    A good while back Michelle and I decided that Tuesday and Wednesday nights were my gaming nights. But she didn’t really see Doug on Wednesday nights and now Tuesday had become a regular date night for me and Nicki. She said that since summer was around the corner, Doug was interested in arranging to see her more often. The big surprise was when she told me that Doug wanted to talk to me about them dating. Long ago he’d gotten a verbal consent from me that I was ok with them dating. Now, she said, Doug wanted to sort of have a ‘check-in’ with me, man to man. I told her to set it up, and she asked if tomorrow was good.

    I wanted details on just what he wanted to discuss, and what questions might get asked, so Michelle said she’d get as much info as possible, suggesting that she go over to his place tonight. She also told me that Doug wanted to meet me at our place, so I had the comfort of the home-field advantage. She said she’d not be around during the conversation, and Doug wanted it that way.

    Michelle and I reviewed what she’d told him I DID know, and what she’d told Doug that I supposedly did NOT know about. Luckily, Friday was a slow workday because we spent a couple of hours discussing all this. Then she called him and arranged for a Saturday afternoon meet and a date for that night.

    Michelle drove over to his place to go to dinner with him. I’d decided to spend the evening alone to think long and hard about this meeting with my wife’s bull. I wanted to be careful to not let on that I knew they were in a well-established BSDM arrangement. I also wanted to be prepared with answers about a few points he would likely ask about. Not surprisingly, Michelle stayed overnight. When she came home she briefed me on what she’d gleaned from talking to Doug. We agreed upon several answers to likely questions. Michelle then told me that, while Doug didn't seem intent on asserting supremacy, he was intrigued with the idea of fucking Michelle in front of me since she’d told him I liked seeing her fucked at the beach last year. it. We talked for a while about this.

    Once I assured her I was OK with it, she revealed that she was ecstatic about doing it because 1) I’ve always wanted to watch her being fucked but hardly ever get to; 2) she knew I’d especially like to see Doug fuck her (which is true); and 3) she thought it was delightfully naughty for a wife to fuck another guy in front of her husband. She commented ‘it’s soooo slutty of me to do that!’.

    She told me that she and Doug had agreed that, after he and I finished our talk and he was getting ready to leave, she’d suggest the idea that I watch them have sex. That way, I had the final say. If I changed my mind, all I had to do was decline. Michelle said if I accepted the offer, she’d lead us upstairs, I’d sit in the bedside chair and get to watch him fuck her. She asked me if again if I was OK with this. I said if he wasn’t an asshole, I was good.
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    Week of 5/13/18 CON’T

    Saturday afternoon Doug arrived right on time. Temps were in the mid-eighties and I offered Doug a beer, got myself a drink and we went out on the patio to talk. The start of the conversation was like any two guys that are acquainted but don’t know each other well. He did ask if we were enjoying the house and I was honest, the craftsmanship was great and we were very happy. He was genuinely happy to hear that, and almost seemed a little eased by it.

    After enough preliminaries, I turned the conversation to Michelle and I having an ‘unconventional relationship’ and we went from there. I explained my concerns with discretion, her safety, and that Michelle and I had a strong and thriving relationship. Doug wholeheartedly agreed with all of that, and was honest about his position on relationships, being divorced and, using his own term, ‘a recovering workaholic’.

    I asked him what Michelle had told him about Nicki, and he reviewed the basics: Michelle and Nicki were best friends; Nicki was divorced and, like Doug, not in the market for a committed relationship; Michelle encouraged Nicki and me to spend time together; all three of us were in (using my words) an ‘unconventional relationship’.

    Doug then segued into his interest in Michelle, pointing out that she was honest, trustworthy (noting that she had access to one of his bank accounts), intelligent, fun, and had no interest in him as a potential husband. He admitted that he had briefly attempted casual dating after his divorce, but the two women he dated--despite his forthrightness about not wanting to get serious with anyone--seemed intent on solidifying a relationship. They were looking for husbands, and he was not looking for a wife.

    Finally, he got to what I knew (from Michelle) was the supposed point of the meeting: what were my boundaries and was I happy with the situation? I told him that Michelle and I had a strong relationship and were openminded enough to try an alternative sex life. Everyone was a consenting adult, and no one was being deceived into thinking this was anything but what it was. I said it was also mine and Michelle’s responsibility to, as a married couple, communicate what we did and did not allow within this arrangement.

    I told Doug that just as Michelle wasn’t looking for a spousal replacement, neither was I. And that Nicki understood that as well. It was, however, a great opportunity to have some fun and enjoy some unusual sexual appetites, to which he agreed. I went so far as to acknowledge to Doug that I know Michelle has a very active imagination (he couldn’t suppress a smile) and I was glad they were enjoying themselves, as were I and Nicki. I also, very briefly, related the beach trip, and that Michelle and Nicki had swapped places. Of course, he knew of this already, but now he could acknowledge it. I also confided that Michelle had recently watched me and Nicki go at it.

    As the conversation wrapped up, Doug and I had not set any hard rules. We’d concurred on discretion, safety and that I had no issues with Michelle continuing to see him, or (recalling the beach adventure) other men. But we’d set no limitation like ‘no going on vacations together’ or ‘she can only stay at your house but so many days a week’.

    Doug thanked me for the opportunity to spend time with Michelle, and I believe he genuinely meant it. He also said he was glad to be able to talk to me about this, so he was confident everyone was on the same page. As we entered the house, Michelle was sitting at the kitchen island on her phone messaging. She was in a pretty maxi dress, the kind she wears in public to conceal sexier attire. I now had butterflies in my stomach, knowing what would happen next. Michelle coyly said that since I like to watch, if Doug and I were game, we could all go upstairs for some fun. Doug hesitantly looked at me. I’m not sure if he was truly a little nervous or just a good actor. I said I’d like to but declared that Doug had no obligation to indulge me. Doug said he was game.

    Smiling at us both, Michelle let down her hair, and then slowly unbuttoned and dropped the maxi dress to expose an emerald green Basque set that looked great with her copper hair. The attached suspenders held up black thigh highs, and she wore black platform pumps. She’d omitted the panties. Genially, she said she wanted us all to enjoy this. Doug and I followed her upstairs to our bedroom. She took me by the hand, led me to the chair and motioned for me to sit. It was obvious I was hard, and she noticed, giving me a knowing smile. I saw that she’d considerately placed a towel on the chair arm. Then she positioned Doug standing at the end of the bed, facing slightly away from me. I was basically at his nine o’clock position.

    They were unhurried and kissed and touched, his hands all over her. After a few minutes, she began undressing him, and eventually went to her knees to suck him. In due course, he had her stand and they again kissed for a while. Then he moved her onto the bed. It wasn’t a raw pornographic display, but leisurely, passionate and beautiful to watch. It was obvious they were well-acquainted; there was no awkward unfamiliarity to anything they did. Soon he had her missionary, and again I was at their nine o’clock, so I could see them in profile.

    Their fingers were intertwined, Doug holding Michelle’s hands above her head. Her legs were wide, allowing him full access to her as he pumped slowly and methodically into her. Their kisses were deep and passionate. I didn’t know if it was purposeful showmanship, or merely his inclination, but I liked that he took his time and wasn’t hammering at her like a porn movie. As I watched he would slow down, they would just kiss fervently, and then he’d again begin thrusting into her. This was a marathon, not a sprint. At a relaxed pace, they changed positions a few times, from missionary to her ankles on his shoulders, where she first orgasmed. Then to a modified cowgirl where he was sitting up so they could kiss. Michelle used several skills in her repertoire, including slow gyration, fast pumping, slow pumping, and plenty of kissing. She’s very adept at the cowgirl position and showed it. It’s one of her favorites, and she had a wonderful orgasm from it.

    They went back to missionary where he picked up the pace (she came again) and then to doggy style with her holding on to one of the bedposts. He took her long hair and began pulling it, and she became much more verbal. Up until now I’d heard sighs, plenty of yeses and approving moans from Michelle, but now it started to get energetic. They climaxed almost together, and both were a bit spent. I watched as she craned her neck around to kiss him for another minute or so. To my surprise, they disengaged and then she knelt to lick off his cock. When she was done, she handed him a towel to wipe off. As Michelle lounged on the bed, Doug calmly got dressed. Then he looked me in the eye and quietly said it was good talking to me and he’d let himself out.

    I had a raging hardon but wasn’t embarrassed by it, so felt I should walk him out. It just seemed like the thing to do. I don’t know why I didn’t unzip and jerk off to my wife fucking another guy, but for whatever reason, I didn’t. Yeah, I was stroking the front of my pants some, but I’d been so busy watching them I really wasn’t paying attention to pleasuring myself. At the bottom of the stairs on the main floor is the bathroom, and he excused himself, went in, washed his hands and then came right back out. The stairwell leads directly into the foyer and the front door is right there.

    We shook hands and I thanked him for coming over, telling him that I appreciated that he had wanted to talk with me to make sure we were all in understanding about the situation and arrangement. I told him that Michelle very much enjoys spending time with him and I was glad she was happy. He replied lightheartedly that he enjoyed their time together, as well. After a hesitation, he suggested that maybe we could grab a beer sometime. I said that sounded good. I told him I hoped he’d enjoyed the afternoon (I was really trying to not be crass). He smiled and declared he had, and said he hoped I had, as well. I told him I did. He wished me a good evening and I let him out. I waved as he drove down the driveway, closed the door and went back upstairs.
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  10. MidAtlanticFun

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    Week of 5/13/18 CON’T

    Michelle was still sprawled on the bed but rose up on her elbow when I entered. She asked if I liked it, and I told her it was weird but absolutely amazing. I asked her how she felt, and her smile only brightened. She replied “You’re happy. Doug’s happy. I’m incredible!’ As I leaned down to kiss her she smiled and warned that she hadn’t cleaned up. That was a polite way of saying that Doug’s cum was still on her face. I didn’t care. I wanted Michelle just like she was; freshly used. She commented that it’s been a while since Doug fucked her so gently, adding that he probably didn’t think I’d enjoy seeing ‘him bang me like a whore’. I wasn’t angry, but I wasn’t in a gentle mood. The smile, the gleam in her eyes, told me she loved what I was doing to her, giving her a slow, hard pounding.

    Michelle whispered that she loved cheating on me, loved getting fucked in front of me, loved getting used by Doug and loved being owned by him. It wasn’t teasing to provoke me, but more of an admission. Her comments, and the fresh memories of Doug fucking her in our own bed, were so arousing I had to pause several times to last long enough to get her off.

    When we were done, we showered together and got dressed, then decided to go out to a nice dinner and celebrate. I guess part of me wanted time alone with her, and some normalcy. Going out to dinner seemed normal. Once we were sitting in a quiet corner of the restaurant, she shot several questions at me: Was it all I expected? Yes. Was I angry, jealous or disappointed? Not in the least, although it was still strange, as in unfamiliar. Did I want to do it again? Yes, but I feel that their relationship was theirs, and they don’t exist to provide me with live porn. Did I enjoy sloppy seconds? Yes.

    I filled her in on the long conversation on the patio and the short conversation Doug and I had when showing him out and Michelle asked if I had any intention of being social with him. I said I had nothing against it, but I didn’t expect that Doug and I would become best buddies. I sort of like a level of separation.

    I then asked Michelle some questions about how she felt, and what she did or didn’t like. Was she nervous? Quite the contrary, she was extremely excited, but Doug had told her beforehand to tone it down, so I wouldn’t be put off. Did she mind me fucking her right after him? Absolutely not, that’s part of the fun, she said. And she loves being a wicked wife and giving herself, used, to her husband. I asked how she felt about our interaction or lack thereof. She said she was surprised I didn’t jerk off. But she didn’t know what to expect as far as interaction. She admitted that she thought I might urge Doug on, saying something like ‘fuck the little slut’, etc. I told her I really wanted to be a spectator, not a director, that I would find it distracting if another man was giving me instructions when I fuck her.

    Michelle, after a few more questions, confirmed that I’d rather be invisible than participating. She also made sure I didn’t have a problem with the fact that she’d been so focused on fucking Doug that she’d never looked over at me sitting in the chair. I told her it hadn’t bothered me, but that in all honesty, I thought it would be cool to have a photo of her, looking right at the camera, while she’s getting fucked. She laughed and said we could try to do that sometime.

    I asked her what was probably going on in Doug’s mind right now, and she giggled. She said that he was probably very happy that I was still cool with them dating. Fucking her in front of me had accomplished several things: it established a firmer foundation regarding our agreement about him dating my wife; it let Doug show me he could be considerate and humor my voyeuristic desires; and (supposedly unbeknownst to me) gave him the thrill of fucking my wife in my own bed right in front of me.

    We talked about more details and had a great time relishing this high-water mark in her hotwifing experience. Naturally, Michelle asked me, if I could have exactly what I wanted, how often would I like to see Doug fuck her. I told her that after seeing them live and up close, I was happy seeing it on a big screen monitor, whether prerecorded or live. I loved the experience, but also sort of felt like an intruder sitting there like a fifth wheel. I’m not sure I’d want to ‘put on a show’ for him and was therefore very grateful he did it for me.

    She assured me that when you’re in the moment, you truly don’t give a second thought to who is watching. She told me she knew I was there in the room with them, but it wasn’t really a consideration, she just wanted to have a good time. She added that, if I was a little nervous about somebody watching the two of us fuck, I’d soon be over it once things got going, and pointed out that I hadn’t even noticed her in the doorway when I was fucking Nicki.

    On the drive home, Michelle asked if I wanted to have some more fun. Of course, I was interested. She suggested I wait for her in the apartment: she’d change into something she knew I’d like and meet me there. I was eagerly waiting for her to appear in what I assumed to be one of the ‘Doug outfits’.
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    Week of 5/13/18 CON’T

    She walked in wearing white contacts; dark makeup; false eyelashes; dark purple lipstick; large silver hoop earrings; the metal Trust/Slave collar with the silver dog tag; a black halter bikini top with a gray collegiate font D on the left breast; a black thong with the same D on the front center; and black stripper boots. When she did a slow spin to show it off, I saw a large D temp tattoo on her left ass cheek. This outfit was a new variant, devoid the Detroit Tigers logo. Michelle told that she found a site online that did custom clothing and, unlike some sites we’d purchased from before, swimsuits. She wanted something original in lieu of the sports logo, adding that she was never particularly fond of, nor liked being limited to, the navy blue and orange team colors.

    As she put the wearable on me and began slowly riding me cowgirl Michelle stated honestly that she’s never been into the cuckold theme of humiliating and demeaning me and denying me sex: That’s not what she and I, and she and Doug, have focused on. But despite that, she continued, she’s realized that her desire to be a ‘wicked wife’, and my desire for her to be a cheating slut who I encourage to prefer other men, has parallels with a few ‘traditional’ cuckolding practices.

    Again, with great sincerity, she talked about the turn of events over the past three years; what I wanted; what she wanted; what Doug wanted. We’d agreed, she said, on ideas, and then she gave Doug the tools he needed to help make that happen. She was thoughtful for a moment and asked rhetorically how many bottoms teach their tops the basics of classical and operant conditioning. Though she didn’t mention it now, we have in the past discussed how she’s explained to Doug how to use those, and positive/negative punishment/reinforcement, on her.

    [Note: For those who might think Michelle’s been brainwashed and has no free will, I’ll quickly explain that brainwashing is breaking down a person mentally and making them believe what you want. A brainwashed person can consider their training to be fact, despite obvious evidence to the contrary. Michelle has a minor in psychology and has read extensively on it. One of her fantasies was/is to be “brainwashed” into a bimbo slut. She devised some methods that would reinforce things she knew she and I wanted, and that Doug wanted.

    And she’s used conditioning to better embrace some of her wants and desires and be more open to exploring them. An analogy might be someone who really wants to try zip-lining but fears heights. Using some conditioning/therapy, the person can learn to deal with those fears and eventually enjoy zip-lining because they’re desensitized to their fear of heights. I ask that people not turn this into a debate about what brainwashing, and conditioning is and is not. Remember, getting rewarded with pleasure when having sex is, in and of itself, a minor form of operant conditioning. When humans orgasm it’s the reward (pleasure). Therefore, they’re predisposed to want to do it again.]

    Michelle spoke of her love for Doug and of being his slave. She joked again about the Catch-22: She wants to make me happy, so she indulges our fantasies. Now, she’s owned by Doug—his slut and whore. This, in turn, makes Doug happy, and she enjoys that. Doug, in turn, wants her to keep me happy (initially so I didn’t suspect their affair, now so that I am content to let it continue openly). To please Doug, she (among other things) focuses on making me happy. And part of keeping me happy is letting Doug have more control over her.

    As she often does, Michelle told me she loves being married to me and loves being Doug’s slave. She thanked me for going with her on this crazy adventure and asked if I was still enjoying it. I told her I was, absolutely. She was being very straightforward, and so was I. I told her that as much as I love her being owned by Doug, I still love her and still want her as my wife. She paused the slow riding of the wearable, smiled at me lovingly, and said she feels the same way. She said that we are playing games in games, and it is fun, thrilling, and kinky. But in the end, I’m the guy she wants to spend her life with. Then she added that she truly doesn’t mind Nicki being in our lives.

    Michelle even said that she and Doug have acknowledged, but not deeply discussed, the fact that their relationship will eventually diminish. She said Doug once told her he wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually found someone else to try some new things with or, that having experimented enough, might become bored with him. I asked her if she was getting bored, and she laughed and said, ‘not anywhere close, at least not for now’. Continuing our slow fuck, we talked on and off. As usual, we finished off with me bareback and called it a night.
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    Week of 05/20/18

    Michelle and I spent Sunday together, enjoying each other’s company. She said she felt very connected to me and really loved the experience we shared Saturday. We cooked a nice dinner together and relaxed in the evening.

    Monday, Michelle had an afternoon client and I had a busy workday. Tuesday, Michelle came home a little disheveled and informed me that since most pretenses were now unnecessary, Doug saw no problem sending her home looking freshly fucked. At first, I thought they had canceled date night. But Michelle said she came home to change, and Doug was picking her up. I was a little relieved since I had plans with Nicki and didn’t want Michelle feeling lonely.

    We talked as she got ready for her date, which I found very erotic. She changed into an electric blue bodycon minidress that showed plenty of leg and boobage, then touched up her makeup and hair. I complimented her on the dress and she told me Doug had bookmarked several dresses he found online and she’d already ordered a few. She smiled and told me that since we were now into warmer weather, Doug was transitioning her into more revealing day wear. She told that he’s been growing tired of her ‘work uniform’ of skater skirts for a while now. Since they were full-on dating, he wanted her in sexier stuff. The ‘work uniform’ has been a ‘sexy secretary’ outfit: Cute, sexy, but generally fit for public consumption. Michelle joked that instead of going to work looking like a ‘fuckretary’ she’d soon look more like a slut going out clubbing.

    I asked if she was going to walk out to meet Doug, or if he was coming to the door. She gave me a shrug and said that last autumn I’d not liked the idea of Doug coming to the door to pick her up. Neither Michelle nor I were into the ‘greet the bull, serve him drinks, and hand over my wife’ flavor of cuckolding. She asked if I’d changed my mind and I said I felt OK about him coming to the door, coming in for a minute, laying a kiss on her (that made her smile) and then them being on their way. She gave him a quick call and asked his inclination. He told her that, if I didn’t mind, he preferred coming to the door, like a gentleman.

    When he arrived, Michelle greeted him and they kissed and hugged like old lovers. As I walked around the corner from the kitchen into the foyer, they were body to body. Doug had a hand on her right ass cheek and the other behind her neck as they French kissed. I noticed that Michelle’s right foot ‘popped’ (a reference to The Princess Diaries, and the ‘V-J Day in Times Square‘ photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt) when kissing him.

    Michelle looked sexy, and he looked handsome. Even with 4” platform pumps on, Michelle is only 5’ 9”. At 6’ 2”, Doug is conspicuously taller than her. Although it was still odd to see them like that, it turned me on immensely. I truly think they make a great looking couple. He’s lean and in great shape. I can see why Michelle, Nicki, and other women consider him attractive.

    I’d wondered if he might be reticent about Frenching and groping Michelle with me around, but I guess after fucking her front of me, he felt comfortable doing as he pleased. They’d not been putting on an exaggerated show, but instead looked perfectly natural. I think that made it even more erotic than if they had sucking face like a bad porn movie. They broke their embrace and he walked over and shook my hand, asking how I was doing, how was work and made polite small talk.

    As he and I stood talking she eased in next to him and put her arm around his waist. His arm automatically went around her shoulders, which I pretended not to notice. I loved seeing them instinctively interact as a twosome. After a few moments, I wished them a good evening and they walked out like that, him opening the door for her and closing it behind them. As they walked to his car they kissed again and he gave her ass a squeeze. He opened her door and she got into his sports car. Both were smiling. I expected that she was already wanting to fuck him.

    I never know exactly what Michelle and Doug are really going to do on date nights, and neither does she. Yes, she knows if she’s got a client to see that night. But they may go to dinner, then sex. Or vice versa. Or it may be a BDSM session. It may be an evening where she plays housemaid; cooking and serving him dinner and then sex. Or it may be going over to Kevin’s where he and Doug pass Michelle back and forth. It’s all up to Doug. I find out when she returns home, but often I have no idea when she leaves what he has in mind.

    During the workday, Nicki and I had chatted online and decided to go to dinner at a bar in South City. I changed into dressy casual and went to pick her up. Though cloudy out, the temp had hit close to 90, and Nicki was dressed for the warmer weather: a black leather vest, jeans miniskirt, and pumps. A lacy blue teddy was underneath. After the hour drive, we had a nice dinner, talked, flirted, and had fun. As we started home, we spontaneously decided to stop at a small comedy club. The crowd was in their 20’s and 30’s, so we (i.e., I) stuck out a little. Nicki was getting looked over. The show was actually pretty good, but we agreed to head home around 9PM since it was a work night. Back at her place we had sex and called it a night.

    I was glad I’d gotten a decent night’s sleep because work got busy for the rest of the week. Wednesday Nicki and Michelle went to lunch. Thursday was date night for all of us. Michelle saw a couple of clients that day and spent the night with Doug. I went over to Nicki’s, where we fixed dinner and watched a movie. We had some lazy sex (her riding cowgirl since I was tired) and I returned home.

    Friday was pizza/movie night and I was ready for the weekend. Michelle and Nicki, as always, were flirty and sexy. But I was mentally exhausted and wanted sleep more than I wanted sex. I went to bed around 9PM. I woke up Saturday morning when Michelle was getting dressed to go to CrossFit. I was feeling much better (she was wondering the night before if maybe I’d caught a bug) and went downstairs to work out.

    During breakfast, Michelle and I had the idea to invite Nicki over for an afternoon barbecue and a little pool party. Saturday morning it was cloudy but started clearing up by 11AM. By the time we started grilling the weather turned cloudy again. We ate outside under cover since it was plenty warm out. I enjoyed the girls being in skimpy swimsuits. Around 7PM we had some wine and cheese and discussed ideas for fun over the summer. The mini-vacation for mid-June is a go.
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    Week of 05/27/18

    Sunday, Nicki was shopping and running errands, so Michelle and I spent it together finishing the sex doll stand, getting it into the basement, and doing a little re-arranging in the dungeon. The room is underneath the right side of our garage and is roughly twenty by twenty. We’d done our bedroom ‘sophisticated’ so Michelle wanted what she described as a ‘modern but sleazy’ theme for the dungeon.

    After settling on the style, Michelle had found good prices online. She loves canopy beds since you can use the posts to attach restraints. The low-priced bed is unadorned black metal with a faux leather headboard and no footboard (which can get in the way during sex play). The money we saved on it we spent on a very good mattress; a chaise yoga chair (also in faux leather, for easy cleaning); a simple wood dining bench; and a versatile (and expensive) sex bench that Michelle picked. At a local store, we also purchased two unfinished shaker chest-of-drawers, two bedside tables and an entertainment center cabinet for the stereo and TV components. All were painted black, with gray doors/drawers. We installed cork tile over the concrete floor. It is cushioned, absorbs sound and is a thermal insulator. We have rugs for color.

    A thick concrete wall separates the dungeon from part of the basement apartment. After putting cork on that wall, we did sound tests to make sure if we ever did rent it out, we’d not have to worry about someone hearing anything. To get to the dungeon you must first go through the basement laundry/utility room. This room’s walls are also corked. We told the installers that we didn’t want the washer and dryer disturbing a tenant, and that the dungeon was going to be a home gym where loud music would be played while working out.

    One quadrant of the room is reserved for the future pole dancing stage (a pole with six feet radius of clearance). That area will eventually have a laminate floor; considered the best (per my research) for pole dancing. Another quadrant contains the bed (the head of the bed is in a corner); side tables; chest-of-drawers; entertainment cabinet and wall-mounted TV. The third quadrant has the chaise yoga chair (especially good for the cowgirl position) and dinner bench, which I upholstered except for a section in the middle. She uses the blank spot to affix dildos with suction cups. She rides them while I recline on the chair and watch. The last quadrant has only the sex bench and became the home for the sex doll rack.

    The finale for the work project to which I was assigned was already underway, and this week proved to be extremely busy. Most of my job was network monitoring while others did the frenetic work. But it still required lots of time and focus. Monday was a late evening and I was worn-out. But we’d made a big advance and hoped the next few days would be easier. Michelle was very supportive, stopped by during her lunch hour, and fixed me nice dinners. She’d had two clients that Monday and told me the highlights that night.

    Work went so well Tuesday it was uncanny. My team was waiting for a disaster to occur. We called it a day around 6PM. I’d canceled date night with Nicki since I’d no idea when we’d quit for the day, and that night was the full moon. Michelle made sandwiches for dinner since I didn’t have a lunch break and had been snacking all day. She’d seen two clients in the morning, and Doug had given her a good fucking in the afternoon then sent her home, knowing of our full moon routine.

    Michelle was eager for werewolf sex, and I didn’t want to disappoint. She changed into a slutty vampire outfit and we first made out some in the rec room for a while. Since the temp was in the low seventies, I opted for the full ‘werewolf lord’ outfit, mask and all, knowing she’d love it. She preceded me to the cemetery while I changed and began our roleplaying as I arrived. I get to grunt and growl a lot and fuck her. She gets to talk dirty, moan and groan. We both had fun.

    We knew Wednesday was going to be a late evening, in hopes that Thursday and Friday would be easy. Our team was ahead of schedule and wanted to increase the lead. I expected to be busy into late evening. Michelle asked if she minded if she picked up Logan at the airport and spent the afternoon with him. He’d spent two weeks’ vacation with his mom and was returning on a midday flight. I thought it was a great idea. She brought down a nice lunch, ate with me, and informed me she’d prepped some snacks and put them in the basement’s minifridge. Then she got ready to meet Logan, said goodbye and headed for the airport over an hour away.

    That evening, as things spooled down and I was almost ready to call it a day, Michelle came home. She’d surprised him at the airport. Logan had expected his roommate Chris to pick him up. Michelle had coordinated with Chris to arrange things. They went to a late lunch and then back to the townhouse where they spent a couple of hours having sex and catching up. Michelle told me that after Logan was tired out, he, she and Chris had sat around talking. She mischievously told me she wore nothing but a bra and G-string until she prepared to leave. I teased her about being such a slut, which she loved. To celebrate the project’s success so far, and to get me out of the house, Michelle took me out to a steak and lobster dinner, then home for sex.

    Thursday Michelle had a client and I had a rather easy, comparatively speaking, workday. She and Doug spent the afternoon together and had a date night. I went out with Niki and then back to her place. I was home by midnight, and Michelle got home Friday morning. I worked about a half-day and then was released, but on call. Nicki came over early and we all hit the pool, though it was a cooler day, then made homemade pizza for our usual pizza/movie night.

    During the conversation, Nicki teased that she owed me a date night (I think the reverse was more accurate) and joked about going out Saturday night. When we started throwing around ideas, Michelle endorsed the plan, saying she could always see if Doug was available. In short order, Nicki was advocating an overnight trip into the country. After a while online, we found a small B&B with an available room and made a reservation.

    After Nicki left that night, I jokingly asked Michelle if they’d conspired to get me on an overnight trip. Michelle laughed and declared it was all Nicki’s idea. She asked if I wanted to have some fun, and I was game. She said to give her a few minutes and then come to our bedroom. When I arrived, she was in another derivative of a ‘Doug outfit’; white contacts; dark makeup and lipstick; large hoop earrings; the silver dog tag hanging from her trust collar; a black fishnet micro dress; stripper boots; and temp tats above her pussy and on her ass. I liked that she’d omitted the thong.

    It was a slow, sensual fuck, with Michelle playing the bad wife by telling me how much she’d enjoy going out with Doug Saturday night, and that she was glad Nicki would ‘take care of me’ while she was cheating on me. I pointed out that I’m a cheating husband, but Michelle countered wittily she didn’t really consider that cheating; that I’m still who she married, but she’s not really who I married anymore. I played along and said that strictly speaking, I guess I didn’t marry Michelle version two. She liked that. We bantered back and forth some and enjoyed each other.

    Saturday, I packed a bag, picked up Nicki and drove off into the country. We spent a fun day together and checked into the B&B that evening. Not only was it great spending time with Nicki, but it was also wonderful to get out of the house and into the world. Michelle understands that, with me being a teleworker, days can go by where I don’t even step foot off our property and it can wear me down. Nicki, however, lives that, and truly appreciates what it is to be a teleworker. Yes, it has great advantages, I’m not denying or forgetting that, but as with everything in life, there are pros and cons.
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    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    I know I’ve written a lot. Some people may enjoy reading through it all. Others may think it’s too lengthy. I’m sure some of the events are repetitive, such as Michelle and I having sex with her wearing Doug outfits.

    I realized that I’m not catching up as I’d hoped. Instead of going week by week, I’m going to change over to month by month from this point forward, with the intention of getting this up to date.

    Addendum: The above notation was written in my notes some time ago, and I'm only now posting it. I'm even further behind than I was before. Life just keeps us busy and time marches on.
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    JUNE 2018

    The major events of June were the sex doll arriving, the three of us going on a short vacation and Nicki’s birthday (during our vacation).

    Michelle and I had a good time being exhibitionist and voyeur, respectively, when it came to the sex doll. With a little ingenuity, it was easy to position it for cowgirl sex and chair sex. Being the role player that she is, she had fun giving the doll lap dances, blowjobs and riding him sensually and wildly. For me she played the seductive, cheating wife role to the hilt, talking as she fucked the doll (she’s thinking about names for him) about how much she liked going behind my back and breaking our wedding vows.

    For the beach trip, we started down after lunch on Wednesday, arriving that evening. As we did before (at the girls’ inclination) Nicki and I were a couple and Michelle would be her single friend. The weather was great, although a little windy at times. With schools out the crowds were larger and places were busier. Since we’d been planning this trip for a while, Michelle had contacted Jim, the guy she’d hooked up with a few times, and they’d made plans for when we were down. So instead of Michelle having to look for hookups, she had a guy waiting for her.

    In some ways, it was strange double dating with Nicki as my girlfriend and Michelle paired with Jim. But admittedly it was also a huge turn-on for me. I wasn’t jealous but fascinated how Michelle could focus on him and detach herself from me. But she is a skillful role-player and, being a part-time call girl, has a great deal of experience becoming what a guy wants. That Saturday was Nicki’s birthday, so we all went out and had a blast, though we kept in mind that the next day we’d be driving back home. Presents consisted of several gift cards, allowing Michelle and Nicki the added fun of going shopping together once we were back home.

    At the end of the night, back in our room, I gave Nicki one more gift: a simple but elegant white babydoll I’d picked out and along with a card. I explained that the anniversary of our first hookup was the next day and I wanted to give her a little something special to commemorate it since tomorrow we’d be busy driving home. She was absolutely dazzled that I’d remembered and rewarded me correspondingly.

    Sunday morning, we finished packing the truck and were about to head to breakfast. I closed the back hatch and Michelle and Nicki were standing together, hands behind their backs and big smiles on their faces. I was immediately suspicious, wondering what mischief they were up to. They started giggling and each held out an envelope with my name on it. Amused but wary, I took them and then the girls, in cutesy voices like a couple of five-year-olds, started saying ‘open mine first!’ Then Michelle declared, ‘No, I’m older, open MINE first’. Nicki said, ‘But I’m your favorite, open MINE first!’

    It was good fun, and when I got the first card (it just happened to be Michelle’s) open it suddenly made sense why the girls were playacting sisters; the cards were Father’s Day cards. Both had numerous double-entendres written in them. I thanked them and each of them playfully gave me a kiss on the cheek and rubbed seductively up against me, then got into the car. They thought it was hilarious and were having a great laugh. I was too but couldn’t help but look around to see if anyone was watching. After I got in, I muttered to them that if they didn’t behave, I was going to spank both of them. In response, they both spontaneously did a girlish ‘ooooooooohh’ which then made us all laugh. Then (as they’d planned) they pulled up their shirts, flashing their tits and said ‘love you, daddy’ together. I enjoyed it but was glad we were all in the vehicle.

    That night, after Nicki left, Michelle and I talked about the vacation. She wanted to know what I enjoyed and what, if anything, I didn’t like. Bottom line: She had a fantastic time spending her vacation paired with Jim, and so did I. I loved watching Michelle concentrating on him, and he on her. They were great fuck buddies with excellent chemistry. I know that part of my satisfaction was not being the fifth wheel; I have Nicki to keep me company and share in the intrigue of Michelle being adulterous. And as Nicki has said so many times (and did several times on vacation) she finds it erotic and satisfying to become my ‘wife’ while Michelle is paying attention to another man. Michelle loves it.

    As June came and went, I was detailed to an ongoing (multi-year) project. Michelle’s clients remained steady (two to five clients a week) and she continued to see Logan once or twice a week. Tuesday and Thursdays remained date nights for her and Doug, and Nicki and me. A late-night outdoor werewolf sex session on June’s full moon was the last of the summer we did with me in full costume. As we agreed, instead of a vampire, Michelle once again played the ‘evil wife’ and was thanking the Wolf Lord for cursing her husband because he was ‘such a better fuck’ on the full moon when he turned. It was a real turn-on for us both hearing her be so contemptuous of her husband. We talked about it for days afterward. Michelle, the victim of several bug bites, also declared that we were getting a gazebo tent with a mosquito net.
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    JULY 2018

    As everyone reading this thread is aware, increasing their time together has always been one of Doug and Michelle’s goals. Michelle is mindful that I’m very turned on by the idea of her spending more time with him. All parties involved were very happy when the situation transitioned from them dating a couple of nights a week to her staying overnight twice a week. Michelle asked me to hear an idea of hers: She suggested we use Doug’s Independence Day party to expand the envelope. He was having an afternoon party/barbeque with his buddies and Michelle was invited. Michelle’s idea was to stay overnight Tuesday night as usual; go to his party Wednesday and spontaneously decide to stay that night; then stay overnight Thursday as usual.

    The milestone would be Michelle spending three consecutive nights at Doug’s. While she’d done this back in 2016 by purposefully becoming stranded at his house because of a snowstorm, she’d never done so since they’d started openly dating. I thought it was a great idea. She was straightforward, that once he saw I no objections to her spending three nights at his place (and she’d relate afterward I was perfectly fine with it), that Doug would slowly make it a regular occurrence.

    I asked Michelle if she felt Doug would try to go beyond three nights, and she responded that Doug wasn’t foolish or malicious: He had no desire to destroy our marriage, reminding me that Doug had stated several times since they began seeing each other that if our marriage hit a bad patch, he’d put the brakes on their relationship. But she added that Doug delights in having her at his disposal and would love to be able to occasionally see her on weekends. Pensively, she stated that he’d probably take whatever ground I was willing to give if he was confident our marriage was in good shape.

    Michelle told me she and Doug had discussed the fact that everyone--Doug, Michelle, me and even Nicki--was acclimated to her spending two nights a week at his house. Having date nights is the norm. Michelle then asked if I had any stipulations re her spending more time with Doug. I told her that I truly enjoy our Friday tradition of pizza/movie night with her and Nicki. While I didn’t object to her seeing Doug on a Friday night, I preferred that it be a rarity. The existing Tuesday and Thursday date nights we also amenable to me.

    Michelle stated she liked keeping Fridays and Sundays for ourselves. But she was willing to sometimes see him on Saturdays. Per their current arrangement, Michelle preferred to keep Wednesday open for home stuff (grocery shopping, errands, etc.). She, too, was also comfortable with the Tuesday and Thursday date nights arrangement. We agreed that the most plausible ‘third night’ would likely be Monday. She jokingly asked if I was OK with her being absent from the marital bed three nights a week and I told her if everyone was having fun, yes.

    On Independence Day Michelle left for Doug’s a little before noon. She picked up some groceries and arrived with plenty of time to help him prep for the party. Around 1:30 she messaged me a few selfies of her in an American flag monokini she’d be wearing for the party. I messaged back she looked hotter than hell, and to have a great time. She sent me a smiley and wrote ‘luv u but dyin to pull a train!’. I asked how many, and she replied that only Kevin, Nick, and Tyler were attending. I remarked that it was a small party, but she replied she was still a happy slut, then that she had to go.

    Nicki arrived around 2PM and we lounged around the pool and swam some laps. It was a 90-degree day, but the humidity was low. Staying in the shade and having a cold drink made it a nice, relaxing day. Nicki enjoys the pool, and especially the privacy at our home. We talked about work, life, TV shows and eventually about what to do for dinner. We’d made no plans aside from her coming over, taking it easy and spending the night. Thoughtfully, Michelle had made sure we had some options for grilling out, including the Independence Day traditional hamburgers and hotdogs. We mulled it over and decided on a light dinner of salad, cheese, crackers, bread, and wine (for Nicki).

    After we showered to cool down and wash off, Nicki announced she was going to grab a teddy and would get dressed if we decided to go out. Unlike her, I’m not accustomed to walking around the house in only my underwear, so I put on a pair of shorts. She complimented me re going without a shirt, saying that she liked being able to see my tattoo and muscles. After eating we cleaned up, picked out a movie and cuddled up on the couch. We were both content to relax and just hold each other. When the movie ended, we decided to make some popcorn and pick another movie. By the time it ended the local fireworks to begin.

    Unfortunately, the orientation of our house doesn’t make it easy to view the county fireworks display, so we were in the back bedroom looking out at a 45-degree angle. It was easier to watch while standing, rather than try and position two chairs and crane our necks. We went back down to the rec room to watch TV but ended up changing to a new age music channel and started slowly making out. Both of us were kind of mellow. It had been an easy, relaxing day. We ended up on the couch with Nicki slowly riding me cowgirl. It’s one of my favorite positions since I can use my hands to touch, caress, play with her hair, or just hug her tight. It was apparent that Nicki wanted a lot more than just a wild fuck, and we had a great time making slow, lazy love to each other.

    We rested afterward, then I got up, told a drowsy Nicki to stay put, and started picking up. In the kitchen, I checked my phone and there was a message at around 10PM from Michelle, saying she was going to stay a bit and help clean up. I’d been busy with Nicki at the time. There was also a phone message from Michelle from 10:30. I’d missed it by a few minutes. This one was the ‘do you mind if I stay the night’ call. Her final message joked that since I’d not answered, I must be having fun with Nicki, so she’d see me in the morning. I messaged her ‘see you tomorrow, sexy. Having fun with N’ along with a smiley face. I was surprised to get a quick response, just a smiley face back.

    I finished cleaning up and then went downstairs to get Nicki. She was awake but sleepy. When I told her Michelle wouldn’t be coming home and would spend the night with me, Nicki simply smiled and declared ‘good’. I carried her upstairs, her giggling most of the way, and we were soon in bed. Around 2AM I was awakened by Nicki spooning me, gently caressing my arm and chest and softly kissing my neck. I rolled over and we began kissing and she started massaging my cock. Again, we were leisurely about it and soon ended up in missionary position, with Nicki’s arms and legs wrapped around me. The sex was amazing.

    In the morning, Michelle came home to get ready to go to CrossFit. She invited Nicki along (they usually meet there in the mornings for 6AM class) and loaned her workout clothes. Nicki hadn’t expected to stay overnight and had nothing but what she’d worn over. After class, they brought breakfast home. I start work at 8AM and had already showered and dressed. Michelle starts work at 8:30, but Doug’s not a stickler. Nicki, being self-employed, was in no hurry and we talked while I started work. Still wearing a racerback sports bra and yoga shorts, she looked sexy and I asked how the guys at the box kept their minds on working out. Nicki shrugged and said that it’s part of the code not to stare, and everyone is basically too busy to gawk. She added that one of the great things about their CrossFit box is that everyone is there to work, not to show off, like other gyms she’d been to.

    Turning sincere, she told me she and Michelle had a good talk about last night, with Nicki making it clear to Michelle that she has feelings for me but isn’t going to wreck a marriage. Michelle told her she was happy for both of us and reiterated the fact if Nicki didn’t mind sharing me, she didn’t either. Nicki said (to Michelle and to me) she didn’t mind at all. She just doesn’t want to become the type of women that wrecked her marriage. I assured her that this was a very different arrangement. And while Michelle and I were fine with each of us seeing other people, we were still committed to each other. But, per our agreement, that didn’t mean we could not have meaningful relationships with others. I also told Nicki frankly that she is not just a friend with benefits to me; I truly care for her. Nicki was happy, relieved and excited, telling me she was really looking forward to date night tonight. She gave me a kiss and then went home.
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    JULY 2018 CON’T

    Michelle came down a short while later looking racy in a bodycon mini dress with cutouts, showing serious boobage. I commented that I liked Doug’s taste in clothes and she said she did, too. She told me she’d give me a call from work and tell me about yesterday and was about to kiss me goodbye when I offered to walk her out. I wanted a drink from the kitchen anyway. At the door to the garage she paused and smiled a cute little smile, so I asked her what was on her mind. She remarked that we wouldn’t see each other until tomorrow, and it just occurred to her that we hadn’t had sex since Monday. And tomorrow would be our first opportunity in four days. Flirtatiously, Michelle reiterated that Doug is always directing her to keep me satisfied and asked if I was. I told her absolutely. In jest, I asked if she was getting enough sex. She laughed, answering ‘yesterday was a damn good day’. We kissed, and she left.

    Michelle called me a little after 10AM and told me Doug would be home, as usual, after lunch. Then she related how the guys had arrived around 3PM, and Doug used coin tosses to establish a random order for fucking Michelle. Knowing that she would be there until the fireworks finished (about eight hours) there wasn’t a rush to get her into the bedroom. Instead, they enjoyed watching her walk around in the skimpy swimsuit, danced with her, and had fun flirting and occasionally fondling her. They also made conversation and included her, asking how she was doing and how life was treating her. I thought it nice that they see her as more than just a sex object.

    In addition to games (everything from pool volleyball, to throwing darts to shooting pool in Doug’s basement) and a barbecue dinner each guy got to fuck Michelle twice. The party ended promptly after the fireworks finale. The next day was a workday, and everyone had enjoyed their share of food, fun and banging Michelle.

    Michelle had then messaged me and casually announced for the guys to hear that she was staying to help with the last of the cleanup. It was the pretense for her not to leave along with everyone else since she was spending the night. No one knows she regularly spends nights at Doug’s; everyone thinks she’s just a cheating wife with a very unsuspecting husband. After Kevin and Nick departed, Tyler lingered to ask Doug and Michelle about introducing her to a friend of his. After a quick conversation, in which assent was granted, Tyler then headed home. There really wasn’t much to clean up. Doug’s buddies were considerate about not leaving a mess.

    By 10:30 the house was cleaned up and Doug fully intended to give Michelle a quickie before the left. She told him that I’d not yet responded to her text and was undoubtedly having fun with Nicki. She suggested to Doug that they take the opportunity to make a night of it since Doug only worked a half-day the following day. He loved the idea but insisted she first call me to get consent. As related earlier, I missed her message and call. She giggled and told me she was already naked and sucking his cock by the time I replied. He’d picked up her phone, shown her the text, and then replied with the happy face. Doug was extremely pleased I had no problem with her spending the night.

    Michelle went on to say that it wasn’t long before Doug had her strapped into the BDSM bench and the vibe and motorized dildo were driving her into ecstasy. He’d admonished her for enjoying being passed around amongst him and his friends like a bottle of whiskey, cheating on her husband, and even getting a lead on a potential client to whore for. She absolutely loved it. After relating the story, she thanked me repeatedly for letting her spend three nights with Doug. I told her I enjoyed it as much as her and she laughed and said she was pretty sure she would enjoy it more. We said our goodbyes and I resumed work.

    I was surprised to get another call from Michelle around 1PM. She announced I was on speakerphone and that Doug wanted to make sure I was OK with them having their usual date night since she’d spent the night before. Doug chimed in that Michelle had said it was fine, but he wanted to check with me. I told him I appreciated the etiquette but was perfectly OK with it. I even expressed that there was no law saying they could NEVER spend more than two nights together per week. Michelle gave me a cheerful ‘thanks, hun” like she has a million times in our marriage. Doug thanked me, wished me a good evening, and then we all said goodbye. Horny over the fact that Doug would spend another night using my wife as his personal slut, I texted Nicki that I’d really enjoy a slutty little schoolgirl this evening. Her reply was ‘incest is best!’ referring to our daddy/daughter play.

    Around 4PM Nicki texted that she was coming over and to wait in my office. When I replied, she provided a safe word for spanking and said she couldn’t wait. I’d finished up my day and it was almost 5PM when Nicki walked in. She was absolutely worth the wait. Nicki strutted in sporting a burgundy V-neck pleated jumper; a sheer black long sleeve top over a red balconette bra; black fishnets and black over-the-knee hooker boots. Her hair was in long, flowing pigtails and her makeup was dark and heavy. We spent the next couple hours having a wild time. Afterward, while we rested, she confided that making love the night before had been an incredible experience but playing rough was also wonderfully intimate.

    Friday morning, after CrossFit and cleaning up, Michelle came down to my office to hang out for a little bit before running some errands. She wanted my thoughts on her being at Doug’s three consecutive nights, and us not having sex for four days (unusual unless she’s traveling with Doug or I’m away from home). To be clear, I’d spent those three evenings with Nicki, who eagerly gave me what Michelle wasn’t available for. But Michelle wanted to make sure we were, after the fact, both good with Doug monopolizing her for three days.

    In a horny moment of uninhibited candor, I told her how turned on I was by him appropriating more of her time and attention, consequently reducing her accessibility to me. I affirmed that I wanted them spending more time together and hoped that this weeks’ events would result in abolishing the ‘two-nights a week’ custom. I did say I still have a longing to fuck her after being used, and it’d be nice if she occasionally came home on date nights after Doug was through with her. I ended by declaring she wasn’t the girl I married but was an incredibly hot little cumslut. She was elated.

    Michelle, plainly aroused by my declaration, cheerily retorted that I liked fucking Doug’s little cumslut a lot more than having a devoted, respectable wife. When I agreed, she broke out in a lustful smile. On a whim, I suggested she go run errands and perhaps stop at Logan’s for a couple of hours before coming home. She gave a smoldering look of delight, then leaned over, putting her hands on my chair’s arms. We were face to face, her feet apart, and her big tits magnificently displayed in the tight dress. It occurred to me she was perfectly positioned for a guy to fuck her from behind. Michelle then planted a long kiss on me. She whispered in my ear seductively, asking ‘would that make you happy?’ I answered; yes. Then added that I knew she loved being a fuck toy for a hung college boy. She giggled.

    After another kiss, she coyly reflected ‘you want me to be partial to them’. Despite us having discussed this kink of mine in the past, specifically talking about it still tends to give me butterflies. It’s a little scary, a little dangerous, but incredibly electrifying. It wasn’t a question, but I replied; yes. She gave me an endearing smile and took my hand and gently put it down the front of her panties. She was wet. She told me guilelessly that’s what happens when she thinks about cheating on me when I admit I want her to fuck other men and especially when I tell her I want her to fuck other men instead of me. I kissed her zealously, full of love and desire for her. It surprised her, but nicely.

    I told her we’d promised to be open and honest with each other, and we had to be, always. Then I asked her point-blank; would she rather fuck Logan, or me? She hesitated, then smiled at me. Good naturedly, I pointed out he half my age, muscular, gorgeous (her words) has a bigger cock, and can fuck her out of her mind for hours. To prompt her, I told her I’d be hurt if she lied to me, but happy if she told the truth. She finally whispered ‘Logan’.
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  18. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    JULY 2018 CON’T

    I asked if her hesitation was guilt or concern about my reaction. Michelle told me lovingly that she never wants to hurt me or be cruel. That as much as she loves being ‘a whoring, deviant, cheating slut’ she never wants to become someone I don’t want in my life. Quite tenderly, she said, ‘you love me even though I’m a complete nutcase. What more could I ask?’ Then remarked humorously, ‘I think every now and then I even shock Doug’. We both laughed.

    She gave me a wry smile and asked, ‘So, what do you like more: fucking me, or other men fucking me?’ I knew she knew the answer, but this was a moment of utter truthfulness. Uneasy as I felt saying it, I was honest, as I’d said we should be. I told her that there were times I couldn’t get enough of her and times I couldn’t get enough of her being a slut, or whore, for other men. But for some twisted reason, I don’t fully understand, generally, I’d rather watch her, or know she’s somewhere, getting fucked by another man more than fucking her myself. Furthermore, I loved the idea of her wanting sex with other men more than with me. To me, it was the exemplar of a slut wife.

    For clarification, I added that I’d had this predilection long before Nicki entered the equation, and Michelle stopped me by saying she knew--absolutely--this had nothing to do with Nicki, which I was glad to hear. Michelle told me she loves the fact Nicki and I were connected, for several reasons. First, Michelle loves Nicki like a sister and knows she can trust her with our lifestyle secret. Second, I’m good for Nicki in that I give her a fulfilling relationship on her terms. Third, Michelle knows I’ve found, in Nicki, a dear friend just as Michelle has.

    After a moment, Michelle admitted that while it does turn her on knowing I’m home alone while she’s out with other men (especially during the workday, when she escorts and spends time with Doug), she also likes knowing that I have Nicki to keep me company. It wasn’t about giving me a distraction to appease me. It was about me not being lonely. We’d discussed all this before, but it was good to reaffirm it. We spent a minute just hugging, and Michelle thanked me for being such a wonderful, accepting husband. I teasingly thanked her for being such a dirty little slut. She laughed, kissed me, and said ‘you’re very welcome!’

    I suggested she get her phone to call Logan to set up a meet. That put a gleam in her eye. In the kitchen, she dialed and put him on speaker, so I could listen in. She informed him she’d told her husband she'd be out running errands and window shopping and asked if he felt like spending a couple of hours using another man’s wife. He laughed and said he was down for that. Michelle asked if he had any special requests. I was amused that he, as I sometimes do, couldn’t decide on what outfit he wanted her in. Finally, she asked if he wanted her to surprise him, and he happily agreed. They decided on a time and ended the call.

    With a sly smile, she asked me to pick her outfit. Inspiration hit me, and I told her trashy hooker. She loved it. We went upstairs and in only a few minutes put together a gaudy outfit of a black spandex microskirt, fishnets, a front tie halter top and suede leopard hooker boots I’d recently bought for her. She then left to run errands, planning to come back later to change before going to Logan’s.

    I continued my workday, pleased with our conversation and excited Michelle would see Logan that afternoon. She came home around noon and we ate lunch. Before she left, she came to my office and modeled the outfit. She looked like a corner hooker from a Hollywood movie; indecently seductive. She asked my opinion, and I complimented her, saying that Logan would love it, and she’d have to wear that for me sometime. She said she’d love to. We said our goodbyes and she went upstairs to put on a maxi dress to conceal her hooker outfit from public view, then set out.

    I sat thinking about Logan as my workday continued. His father had urged him to take the summer off--a sabbatical before starting grad school in the autumn--and had signed a summer lease on the townhouse. Logan confided in Michelle that he suspected his dad had done it to give him some independence and privacy, as a reward for his great GPA and advancement to grad school. He visited his dad every two or three weeks, but also began taking occasional day trips to tourist sites, hiking and walking local trails; and enjoying being outdoors after having his nose in books for the last few years. He also decided to quit his gym and joined the same CrossFit box Michelle and Nicki attend. He purposefully chose different classes than Michelle, so they wouldn’t be there at the same time. He was in it for a different type of workout, not to be around Michelle.

    With Doug’s sanction, Michelle began meeting Logan on Wednesday or Fridays. They’d pair for activities like walking, hiking, biking, tennis, swimming, etc. If they encountered anyone they knew, they planned to tell the truth; that Logan was Doug’s renter, they knew each other, and for safety’s sake, she’d asked him to accompany her since neither I nor Nicki was available during the day. It might still raise some eyebrows, but we didn’t much care. They had a strict ‘no PDA’ rule when out and about.

    Michelle and Logan fucked at least once or twice a week. He’d grown accustomed to stopping by Doug’s house to see Michelle during her workday. Doug’s collaboration ensured she and her young stud would be uninterrupted, although she still had to work around her schedule of clients. Michelle also liked that this reinforced to Logan that she was in a relationship with her boss, enabling Logan to maintain some emotional distance from her. When Logan remarked about her wearing provocative clothing for work, she’d told him she came to work dressed normally (still rather sexy) then changed. It made it clear Michelle dressed very sexily because of Doug. And it only served to strengthen Logan’s notion with that I was naïve, oblivious or in denial about Michelle fucking around.

    Michelle loves the mind-blowing sex with an energetic, young, well-hung stud who has great stamina and can literally fuck her for a couple of hours. Yes, he paces himself, but she extols his endurance and claims that it’s the best non-BDSM sex she’s ever had. She’s kidded that some of her orgasms with him are ‘borderline seizures’. He and his father had, using plans found online, built a simple canopy platform bed. I don’t know what excuse he gave his dad for wanting a new bed, but the real reason was having one with a strong frame and bedposts that could be used, after he added a few screw eyebolts, to give Michelle the pleasure of being restrained. After she’d given him the leather wrist cuffs to use on her, he added a couple more items to their fledgling collection of sex equipment; another pair of restraints for her ankles, and from the local hardware store some carabiners and black plastic chain.

    Just as my workday was finishing up, Michelle came home. Before leaving Logan’s, she’d stashed her hooker outfit into the black hobo purse she uses to carry extra outfits, makeup, and her regular little purse. She calls the hobo her ‘rogue’ (the manufacturer’s name) and I find that quite fitting, since it’s her go-to for overnight stays and seeing clients. Michelle was wearing the maxi dress with heels, a G-string and bra. So, while she looked a bit tousled from an afternoon of sex, her appearance was uncharacteristically modest. She wanted to say hello then get upstairs to shower and clean up before Nicki got here for pizza/movie night. I called Nicki to verify her arrival time, then ordered the pizza and set up for dinner.
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  19. MidAtlanticFun

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    JULY 2018 CON’T

    Nicki arrived shortly, and we checked out the on-demand movies. Michelle came down all cleaned up and energetic, and after deciding on the movie we all chatted while waiting for the delivery. Spontaneously, the girls had fun flirting with a young, and very cute, delivery guy. By 9PM we’d done the movie, cleaned up and Nicki was ready to head home. She hinted that Michelle and I probably wanted to ‘catch up’ after a busy week.

    Michelle and I had a very good night. She put on a ‘D’ outfit and strutted around to tease me a little. She facetiously apologized about not getting to me until the end of the week because she had so many other guys to fuck. I was so hard it hurt a little. Amusingly, she played the shameless naughty wife to the hilt. She lubed me up and administered a nice handjob before putting the wearable on me. Then, riding me cowgirl to satisfy herself, she offhandedly told me about everything Logan did to her and how much she enjoyed it.

    I could tell that she was appraising my reaction to her giving him accolades. It made me hot as hell, and she became more candid, eventually taking the ‘honestly’ to a new level. While she didn’t make direct comparisons, she was clear about his exceptional skills and attributes. Michelle knew I was impassioned, yet frustrated at not being able to get the stimulation I craved. I did fondle her excessively, play with her hair, talk dirty, and the kissing was insanely good. Michelle was always a great kisser but since becoming a hotwife she’s Olympic level. She even gently thwarted a few of my impulsive bids to get her on her back. She’d giggle at my yearning, then distract me by kissing me or requesting I smack her ass or play rough with her nipples.

    After the good part of an hour and numerous orgasms (many small, some huge) on her part, she was sated. Our usual finish when we do this is her taking off the wearable and me going at her as I please; typically missionary, but sometimes doggie. This time she laid on her side next to me, removed the wearable, applied more lube and then, leaning on my chest, started kissing me as she began a vigorous handjob. As I realized what she was doing--trying to finish me off--I laughed and she laughed back, giving me an impish look.

    We both knew that if I really wanted to put an end to this and get my cock in her, it would happen. She teasingly asked if I was happy and redoubled her stroking. It felt so good I had no desire to stop her. In the last few months, we’d talked a few times about pseudo denial play. For the better part of a year, I’d considered what it would be like to sometimes forgo intercourse for a handjob or blowjob. And at the end of April, during a conversation, I’d told Michelle point blank I liked the idea. As she smiled at me, I was both nervous and excited that we were doing this. It was my choice, though. All I had to do was roll her over onto her back, and I could have her pussy.

    After a long kiss, Michelle whispered that part of her job was to keep me happy. She cheerfully, teasingly continued about how good she is at making men happy. With her talking like this about pleasing other men I couldn’t last very long. I soon came all over my stomach and up onto my chest. Michelle lazily spent a minute licking me clean, then we curled up together. She slowly, lovingly caressed my chest and arms, but we were both spent. After about 20 minutes without a word, I turned out the lights and we went to sleep.

    Over the summer Michelle started wearing the D temp tats openly around Doug and Nicki under the pretense that D means ‘daddy’ and they referred to me since she has a daddy/daughter kink. Nicki noted this and, since she’s taken to calling me daddy, asked Michelle for some of the tats to surprise me. I never expected one July date night for Nicki to strut into the rec room in a schoolgirl outfit and bend over for me to spank her only to reveal—what to me is—Doug’s mark of ownership on her ass.

    Although I appreciated Nicki’s good intentions, I was uneasy with the idea of Nicki being owned by Doug. As much as I love Michelle, I’m perfectly happy with her being Doug’s eager and dedicated bimbo fuck toy. What Michelle, he and I have is a balanced and consenting situation. But I want Nicki separate from the whole Michelle/Doug dynamic. Nicki asked me last summer if I had issues with her having a one-night stand with another guy. I’d answered her honestly saying I was good with that, and certainly didn’t expect her to be monogamous to me while I was fucking Michelle. Earlier this spring I’d flat out asked Nicki if she wanted to see other men and she’s said she was quite happy seeing only me.

    Later that night, after Nicki and I had gone to bed, I laid awake imagining a vision of Doug with Michelle on one side of him and Nicki on the other; both girls his adoring bimbos. It makes for a great cuckold fantasy, but the likelihood of that happening seemed extremely implausible. It was unsettling, but I also had a raging hard-on. I wanted Nicki all to myself, but the concept was seductive.

    As desperate as I was to wake Nicki up and use her to satisfy my horniness, I decided not to. I did love that Nicki took the initiative to ‘mark’ herself for me and a temp tat on her gorgeous ass looked wonderful. So, I decided that the next day I’d find a design and make a temp tattoo specifically for her.

    The next morning, after looking over many designs, she picked a Korean dragon and I made some temp tats in B&W and color. She’s so fond of it she says she’s considering getting it as a permanent tattoo. Back in February, we’d spent some time looking at designs and used some we found to make temp tattoos. Nicki still wants to get inked but realizes it’s a (mostly) permanent decision and wants to make the right choices. She admits that as cliché as it is, she really likes a tramp stamp, using a Celtic or tribal design. Something classy, but still risqué.

    Since Michelle and I are honest with each other, I told her my feelings about Nicki wearing the D temp tat. While she found it amusing, she completely sympathized. She pointed out that while Doug owning her AND Nicki might be a fantastic cuckoldry fantasy, the reality was that it was infeasible. For starters, Doug was avoiding relationships with single females. And Michelle guessed he’d deem the idea of adding Nicki to the equation as ridiculously ambitious and too likely to piss me off. Michelle also corroborated that Nicki was quite satisfied with me as a friend and lover. While Nicki had not ruled out a one-night stand if she and Michelle were out of town for some fun, Nicki had no intentions to date around.

    Michelle admitted that odd as it sounds, she’s willing to share me with Nicki, but doesn’t want to share Doug with her, saying that ‘Doug can give me what I need, but you give Nicki what SHE needs’. Michelle said that she, too, disapproves of Nicki wearing Doug’s mark, and only gave Nicki the temp tats because she couldn’t refuse without divulging the true meaning. She does, however, love the idea of Nicki using a different tattoo.
  20. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    JULY 2018 CON’T

    Long ago I wrote in this forum (different thread) that I had a fantasy of Michelle and my cousin’s ex-husband, Leon, hooking up. They had some chemistry, but nothing ever happened. She and I did some sex roleplaying where we’d pretend I was Leon. But we eventually moved on to other things. Leon is handsome and generally a nice guy, but hot girls are his kryptonite. That’s why he and my cousin divorced. He did a good job of sharing the child-rearing after the divorce, and my cousin and he got along civilly. Last fall their son went off to college down south (out of state), and this spring my cousin accepted a job close to his school. I think a big part of her motivation was to separate from Leon since the joint custody was legally over.

    Last year Michelle mentioned that she was interested in the possibility of hooking up with Leon, but I’d forgotten about it since it seemed impossible at the time: My cousin still living in the region. After my cousin moved, Michelle tracked down Leon on social media. Now she asked if I wanted her to try to hook up with him. With my cousin and her son out of state, it seemed viable. Admittedly, it would be damn exciting. We agreed we’d go for it, and she talked with Doug and got permission.

    She initiated contact via social media and his replies have, thus far, been brief. Probably because he (understandably) expects animosity from his ex-wife’s side of the family. If he maintains communications, Michelle plans to slowly let on that it’s more about her interest, and that I’m unaware they’re corresponding.

    Doug changes Michelle’s hair color every three months, rotating from light to medium to dark. The exact shade varies. In January she went from silver/gray (medium) to burgundy (dark). But only a month later he had her change to gold blonde, believing it would look better for her photoshoot. I prefer her as a blonde or redhead and was very happy she was blonde for the shoot. Nicki had gone copper/red in January and stuck with it. I thought the girls looked fantastic as a blonde and redhead in the photos.

    Per the routine, in April Doug had Michelle go copper/red; a medium color. Usually, the girls go to the salon together and make an afternoon of it. But Nicki skipped going as she was getting her permanent makeup procedure a couple of days after and was busy. At the start of May, a couple of weeks after her procedure, Nicki went Passion Purple.

    In July, Michelle was due for a dark color, but Doug stipulated Ultra Pale Blonde (Redken 10NW, per Michelle). He figured it was much more sensible than dark hair in the summer heat. Like me, he’s partial to blonde, particularly the platinum blonde bimbo look. Her clients’ feedback also seems to favor blonde, so it was also a matter of customer satisfaction. Nicki continued with her Passion Purple color.

    When they came home, both were in high spirits and very flirty. I mentioned how incredible they both looked—the light/dark pairing looked stunning--and remarked that I’d love to take some photos. They surprised me by taking me upstairs and asking what I wanted them to wear. I told them to put something together they really liked and then went to get the camera. We spent about an hour taking pics, with both girls modeling a couple of minidresses and a little lingerie. Afterward, we went out to dinner.

    Both girls had been prodding me for gift ideas since my birthday was at the end of the month. Aside from some normal stuff, I’d joked that a wild weekend with each of them was on my wishlist. After a look at the calendar, we chose the weekends of July 28 (with Michelle) and Aug 4 (with Nicki). In private, Michelle told me she’d like to do something special for my birthday, which was a weeknight. She also asked if I wanted to incorporate some ‘full moon madness’ into my birthday weekend with her, since Friday, July 27 was a full moon.

    Friday, the beginning of my ‘birthday weekend’ and night of the full moon, Michelle went all out with a vampire outfit and we fucked in the backyard cemetery. The humidity was high, but by nightfall the temps had gone down into the mid-seventies, making it decently comfortable outside. Saturday morning Michelle and I went out to breakfast and came home to do some online shopping together, purchasing some lingerie and sexy clothing for her, and some stuff she recommended for me (i.e., casual-dressy stuff she and Nicki think would look good on me) like slacks, some shirts, and more boxer briefs.

    I’ve been a boxer guy for years, but both girls have been urging me to convert. Lightheartedly, I told Michelle if I go full-on boxer briefs, I’d like to occasionally see her in very high cut panties, which I’ve always found sexy. She reminded me that she’ll be a G-string girl unless Doug changes his mind, but gladly ordered a couple of multicolor packs of sport thong high cut panties to wear especially for me.

    We grabbed a lunch snack and Michelle revealed she had a surprise for me, telling me to go to the dungeon and I’d find a video from her. She explained she’d see me later, but first, she had errands to run and then we’d have dinner together. I kissed her goodbye and went to watch the video. It was a nice, sexy vid of her dressed slutty and fucking the sex doll while talking to the camera, which was positioned on the chaise lounge. The perspective was as if I was sitting and watching. After about a half-hour she finished with the doll and then sat and talked to the camera.

    Michelle seductively talked about how I should have an ‘epic fuck’ for my birthday and she knew a guy who had this whore he pimped out and often loaned to his buddies. Michelle said this dirty little slut liked it nasty and was ‘highly customized’ with permanent cosmetics; twelve hundred CCs of silicon porno tits; a gym-toned body; and bimbo blonde hair. It was emphasized that ‘the little whore is a high school dropout with more boobs than brains but is perfect for satisfying men’.

    Most of what you just read were her words, not mine. She was deliberately vulgar in her description, but also flippant about it. She loves playing the slutty little bang bitch and was doing it to the hilt. It was a definite turn-on hearing her talk about herself like that. In the video, she provided the time and address at which to meet this harlot (again, her words). She told me to be in a location about 40 miles away at 3PM and message Michelle’s business phone when I’d arrived. I still had a couple of hours to kill.

    Per her video info, I pulled into a restaurant parking lot on time and messaged Michelle. The reply was an address which took a few minutes to get to. I recognized the place as a hotel we’d gone to a couple of years ago. We’d had a fun night, but also a serious and productive discussion about her, Doug and our marriage. I messaged I’d arrived and received a hotel room number. When she opened the door, Michelle appeared much like the trashy hooker outfit I recently picked out for her to wear for Logan. She had her hair in loose pigtails (think Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad); dark makeup with royal blue lipstick; a sheer black t-shirt top over a violet pushup bra; a pleated purple mini skirt; black sheer suspender stockings and the leopard suede thigh-high boots I bought her.

    Michelle introduced herself as ‘Candi’ and invited me in. Her persona wasn’t that of a cliché airhead, but she spoke slower and smiled a lot. She sexily played with her hair and moved leisurely to subtly show off her assets. I think Michelle would make a great actress. In a flirtatious voice, she announced that today would be her usual fee. Making full body contact while doing so, she casually pulled my wallet out of my back pocket. She withdrew eight fake Benjamin Franklins (she’d planted there beforehand) from my wallet, tossed it on the desk, then folded the bills and tucked them down into her stocking. Unhurriedly, she began kissing me and we started making out. She got me undressed and she maneuvered us to the bed. During kissing, she offered to remove her bra, top, or both. I preferred the bra off, which she removed without taking off the sheer top.

    After some more fooling around, Candi got up and put on some music, using a Bluetooth speaker with her phone to kick off her stripper playlist. She spent a couple of songs just dancing around for me. After the first, her skirt came off, showing the black G-string with ‘slut’ on the front in a pink script font. She spent the second song making an enjoyable spectacle of shedding the G-string. She produced a condom from nowhere (hidden in her boot), removed my boxer briefs, and quickly had it on me. I commented on how well she did that, and she giggled saying she had a LOT of experience.

    I often forget that Michelle has been putting condoms on guys for years now. While Doug, Kevin, Nick, Tyler, Logan and I are permitted to ride her bareback, other guys abide by the ‘no glove, no love’ rule. And of that inner circle, only Doug and I bareback her all the time. The others use condoms as often as not, more for the desensitizing and endurance enhancing qualities and/or using textured condoms for her pleasure.
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