She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull

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    Week of 04/29/18 CON’T

    Doug and Michelle also covered the subjects of her picking up some new clients, though not necessarily expanding her schedule; the idea of a becoming part time bartender to pick up men; learning pole dancing; and getting piercings. He supported her picking up some new clientele and loved the pole dancing idea. He questioned the feasibility of her holding down another part-time job, although the concept he liked. Much like her nose and boob job, tattoos, and the permanent makeup, he was guardedly neutral when it came to the piercings. She said that he told her that he’d happily whip or spank her to tears, fuck the hell out of her, and help her prostitute herself, but body modification was her choice.

    He had no problem with her taking a sabbatical from clients while piercings healed and, as she and I do, believed the holidays would be the best time. Though reluctant, he eventually agreed to review some pictures of piercing types she was considering and tell her what he really didn’t like. He liked nostril rings but disliked septum rings, unless they were very small. He laughed and said that they made him think of a bull with a ring in its nose. He did like the nipple rings (over bar bells) and admitted they looked slave-like and appropriate for her.

    For a clit hood piercing, Doug thought a vertical bar or horizontal ring looked attractive. He did divulge that he wasn’t crazy about navel, eyebrow or lip piercings, and she assured him she wasn’t considering them. In talking about other piercings, she learned he likes multiple ear piercings. He considered them classy and sexy and, though her hair would cover them most of the time, he had no problem with her doing that.

    Michelle’s big surprise though, was a stroke of ingenuity she was very proud of. Doug knows she and I are into daddy/daughter play, so she told him that for fun, she’d bought some stuff with a D on it for ‘Daddy’ that she could wear at home and (some of it) in public. She explained I liked it, and even made some temp tattoos for her to wear. She cleverly told Doug it had been her idea, and that she got off on the fact that secretly, she was wearing his initial when fucking me. Doug thought it was brilliant, asking if I’d ever associated it to him. She’d told him no, that it was mine and hers ‘little secret’ and she’d always made sure to remove the temp tats before seeing him and clients. She asked him permission to not remove them to see him. Of course, he said yes, but wanted her ‘clean’ when she saw clients.

    With an impish grin, Michelle delighted in telling me that now she could wear D stuff for me more often, like I wanted, and even around Nicki, since we could explain it meant ‘Daddy’. I was turned on at the idea and impressed with her inventiveness. However, I was a little startled she hadn’t talked with me about it. She apologized and explained the idea came to her Thursday right before Doug got home. She thought it would be a nice surprise for me. I wasn’t angry and considered it a win for everyone.

    We talked about whether we preferred to stay in or go out for dinner. Michelle wanted to have some fun together since she’d be gone next week. We decided on dinner out and maybe a movie afterward and picked a seafood restaurant in South City. We planned to leave as soon as I finished work, to beat the dinner rush.

    Michelle prepared to go run some errands and maybe stop and see Nicki. I good-humoredly asked if she was going to stop and see Logan, as well. Today was his last day of exams. She gave me a winning smile and coyly asked if I wanted her to. I flippantly told her to go fuck his brains out. She laid an incredible kiss on me, then whispered that she loved cheating on me.

    Over the next few hours I got some messages from Michelle, letting me know she finished the errands, stopped by Nicki’s, and was picking up some last-minute groceries before coming home. We had lunch and she told me she’d messaged Logan, but not heard back from him yet. She went out again for a bit and was home about midafternoon.

    That week we’d had a heat wave and Friday afternoon it was 90 with low humidity, and breezy; a gorgeous day. Michelle wore a short skirt, sexy little top and platform heels. Immediately noticeable was a silver dog tag hanging from her trust collar. It had a gothic D on it; close, but not quite the Detroit logo ‘D’. She enthusiastically described how she’d gotten it custom made at a jeweler (her second outing was to pick it up since they had to engrave it). It wasn’t gaudy but was overt.

    Her wearing it out into public was provocative, yet a little awkward. I knew people would assume it was her initial, or possibly mine. Still, I had unease about her strolling around displaying a symbol of her slavery to Doug. The bottom line was it made me hard, which she noted with enjoyment. Lifting her miniskirt, she showed me the ‘D’ on the front of her thong, then turned so I could see the huge ‘D’ temp tat on her ass cheek. I wanted to fuck her right there, but I could wait.

    Dinner was great. We did a little window shopping while waiting for the start of the movie. I always get a kick out of guys looking Michelle over. While waiting in the concessions line, the most blatant gawkers were a group of four high school boys, who couldn’t seem to get enough of her. They whispered amongst themselves with rascally smiles on their faces. I’m certain, with her being so fit, with the tight shirt, big tits, short skirt, high heels and long copper hair, they were talking lasciviously about what they’d like to do to her. I pretended not to notice.

    After we took our seats, Michelle revealed that for fun she shot the guys a few coquettish smiles, and that a lady on the line next to us then proceeded to shoot Michelle some disapproving looks. What immensely amused Michelle was that the lady’s elementary school age son was giving her a big smile. Though he might not yet know about the birds and the bees, he liked what he saw. The movie was ok, and we arrived home around 10:30. We were getting hands-on before we made it through the mudroom. Michelle asked me to meet her in the family room and ran upstairs.

    She came down in a purple fishnet teddy and hooker boots, carrying a blanket and headed for the sliding glass doors. As I suspected, we ended up in the graveyard. The temp was still about 80 and comfortable. She threw the blanket on the 4x6 horse mat we’d put down last year. I saw she had brought lube and the second wearable we hardly ever use. Unlike the ‘werewolf’ model, this one is open at the end and allows the head of my clock to stick out some. But your shaft gets no stimulation.

    Michelle was eager, but unhurried, and started with a nice blowjob. Then she put the wearable one me and climbed on cowgirl. As she carefully got used to the size of the wearable, she said she wished she could have gone to some back room with those teenagers and let them gangbang her. She asked what I thought of them holding her down and taking turns with her, much like Logan and his two friends had. I told her it was crazy sexy, which she liked.

    It was evident she was enjoying the large wearable, and I teased her a bit. She told me it was mind-blowing, then asked how I felt re her enjoying an incredible fuck (from the wearable) while I’m unable to feel much. I good-naturedly told her I like to watch, to see her be a wicked little slut. She grinned and whispered how interesting it is that I like her fucking more than I like fucking her.

    I commented this was a lot like the wife fucking her werewolf-cursed husband: She gets great sex and he doesn’t even remember it. Michelle gave me a knowing smile, mindful I found this arousing, then facetiously stated that if I didn’t care, she didn’t, either. Then she asked me if I liked this form of ‘denial’ (yes, I do) and how often. I replied that we were both getting off on it, so I didn’t mind how often we did it. She stopped, looking me lustfully in the eyes, and said she could do this all the time. When I smiled at that, she went on to say that while she wasn’t into the chastity thing, she could certainly be a naughty wife by denying me the ‘full pleasure’ if I enjoyed that. Then she got very serious and said she still wants me to come in her for the health benefits of semen exposure. That made me laugh, but I agreed with her point.
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    Week of 04/29/18 CON’T

    As I’ve said many times before, Michelle isn’t into the femdom thing. But she is into the ‘wicked wife’ kink. It’s about impropriety, not dominance. She likes being bad, and that I crave and support her ‘bad wife’ behavior greatly intensifies it for her. She’s told me that if I dislike something, like her wearing the D outfits, or fucking Doug, she doesn’t want to do it. She’s affirmed numerous times during this journey that this is about us enjoying ourselves, not hurting each other.

    We had an unorthodox conversation during sex, and Michelle conveyed her commitment to pleasing me, as well as Doug. She expressed how she wants me to be happy and enjoy this arrangement, and how eager she is to entertain some of my kinks just as I indulge many of hers. Michelle affirmed that she was, at first, hesitant about our activities regarding other men superseding me. But now certain that’s what I like, she’s completely comfortable with that.

    Inevitably, after several orgasms, Michelle was weary but sated, and proposed the wearable come off and I ‘have my way’ with her. I went at her missionary and it was extremely enjoyable for both of us. During pillow talk she again brought up the topic of ordering a sex doll for her so I could watch her fuck another guy whenever I wanted. We decided to look at websites the next day.

    Saturday morning, Michelle did her packing since Doug would be picking her up Sunday morning. We had lunch, then went online and began looking at realistic sex dolls. Long story short, we ended up purchasing one after a few hours of comparing prices, and options. It’s made by an overseas company. Since it’s best to hang a doll for storage, I thought I might construct a table that pivots up 90 degrees into the vertical. Upright it would be storage; horizontal she could ride cowgirl. But Michelle said she wanted to be able to put the doll in our chaise yoga chair, as well as flat on a bed for cowgirl. So, I decided I’d just build a strong, wheeled hanging frame from pipe that would support the 70-pound doll and make it easy to move wherever we wanted in the dungeon.
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    Interestingly, my wife is dominant with other men, but not with me; we're neutral with one another. The only time I've seen her submissive is with other women, but she is also dominant with women, even the same girl at different times. It is something I find fascinating since we do nothing ourselves at all D/s or BDSM.
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