She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull

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    Long time reader here with some serious questions so I’m finally creating and account to post with. Here’s our situation:

    Married since 1999, Julia’s 39 and I’m 49. Rock solid marriage, no kids (for four years we were guardians for my cousin’s daughter when she pass away of cancer). Julia’s 5-5, about 110 lbs, 32C-23-33, dirty blonde with green eyes, so she gets a looked over quite a bit. She has always sexy but ‘respectable’ around friends/family/coworkers, but eager to let out her wild side when away from disapproving eyes.

    While dating, after we started getting serious and she was comfortable, she started revealing her slutty side bit by bit. And around the time we got engaged we were embracing a ‘try everything once’ philosophy, including doing a few threesomes. After marriage, we talked for many years about her being a hotwife, and did a lot or role-playing where I played another man. In 2009 we went to Vegas for a week and on two nights she trolled a couple casinos. She caught a lot of eyes, but not one man tried to get her in bed. A few flirted with her at the tables, and bought her drinks, and one guy asked her to dinner (he was wearing a wedding ring, and we suspect he got cold feet). We had a blast, and our sex was incredible.

    Since 2012 my job has allowed me to telework from home about 75% of the time. This significantly contributed to our quality of life, and our sex life, since I was hardly commuting (which takes about 4+ hours, total), had more time, energy, and opportunities. She has had a few part time jobs, but also done volunteer work.

    Back in late 2012, she met a guy working at the local mall, and really had the hots for him. With my encouragement, she visited him a few times, and eventually fucked him in his store’s stockroom. That led to her meeting some friends of his at a party he invited her too, and over the following months she eventually hooked up with a few of those friends. By the summer of 2014 she had a small core group of guys she would hang occasionally hang out with and fuck. It’s a lot of time, and details, but the present situation is that one guy one particular guy, Doug, and she have been seeing a lot of each other since this spring.

    She has always been honest about being married, which seems to be a real plus with these guys since they all seem to like NSA sex. But-- after many discussions over the years--we believe it’s best that she play the cheating wife, as opposed to the cuckold couple. We agree we have much more control of the situation with me playing the unknowing husband. She also loves the whole ‘sneaking around’ aspect of it, even though I get full disclosure of what’s going on. Yes, part of me always liked the idea of seeing her getting pounded by some guy, but this is the way we operate. Anyway, this one guy, Doug, is really into having a personal slut, and he’s become her main guy. He even hired her as a personal assistant for a couple days a week to have a valid reason for her being at his place so often (he’s part owner in a lucrative family construction/real estate business and can mostly come as go as he pleases).

    Since she can see him on her work days, and any day I go in office (if I’m not home she can ‘slip away’ to see him) she’s been seeing him two to three weeks a month, two to three times a week. So since May he’s been fucking her about seven times a month. They’ve gotten into BDSM play (he is not a ‘real’ dom, they are experimenting together, and it’s very little bondage, emphasizing domination ) and he’s really gotten her into anal sex. They have slid more and more into what she considers a dom/slave relationship, to the point where she’s dressing to his mandate on a daily basis. Not slutty, but definitely sexier, and I have no problem with that. Some rules he’s made: Shaved pussy; No cutting her hair; G-strings only; Darker/bolder makeup. They do have a safeword. With previous discussion, her permission and urging, and collaboration he has prostituted her to three men he knows over the summer. Before it happened she and I talked at length re this and it was long time fantasy of hers.

    Doug is intelligent, creative, and his number one priority is always discretion. They both have had very frank discussions about their relationship and its boundaries. He is divorced and has no interest in a full relationship. He works hard, plays hard, and is protective of her. He told her flat out last year he is not going to fall in love with her, or threaten her marriage. This past week, Doug talked to her about ‘taking things to the next level’ as far as sex play, and they are throwing around ideas and what that really means. She said he is very interested in what SHE would like to do, and therefore she is talking to me about what turns me on, especially in regards to the ‘my wife, his bitch’ situation. Her fortieth birthday is in early December, and she said this would be a good opportunity for her to have a ‘makeover’ and change her look (for him). If family/friends ask, she can tell them the changes are ‘a turning forty thing’.

    Question: Does anyone else in a similar situation (wife subbing to another man) have any insight or advice regarding a continuing BDSM relationship between bull/wife? I’ve read that doms and subs can develop very strong connections and, while I’m not paranoid, and Michelle and I are very open about all this, I don’t want to blindsided by something in the future. I admit, even to her, that the FANTASY of another man making my wife his property is extremely erotic. But in real life I love my wife, she loves me, and we don’t want to do something that will ultimately damage out marriage.

    A few rules we go by (in no particular order):

    -She picks her own men (since I’m not supposed to know about them, anyway).

    -For discretion no sex with anyone we know socially or via employment.

    -Open and honest communication at all times. All questions are honestly answered and details are shared.

    -No secret dates or random hook-ups. If she suddenly meets a guy while out shopping, and has to have him, then she lets me know, and we follow safety precautions so I know she’s okay. This has mostly gone to the wayside since she has been with a core group of guys. The few times Doug whored her out, I knew in advance, and not only did he already know them, but HE used safety precautions.

    -Either one of us can call a time-out on her fucking other guys.

    -Condoms are a must for new guys. Doug is fucking her bareback because he’s been tested.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
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    It can be tricky. L and I have played with this scenario a few times, with varying results. Her very first lover was, and is, fantastic at bringing role playing fantasies to life, especially BDSM ones we began scripting together back when we first met him. He has shown to be immune to any romantic relationship with L, and we've grown to trust him implicitly. We've since moved to another city, but still spend long weekends, or even a week at a time visiting him. The three of us have become friends, but never close enough to endanger our marriage. He himself sees to that when his scripts get complicated and edgy, breaking out of character to assure L and I are OK. In fact, we've just finished several months of having L completely owned by him, at his place and long distance, with me having to ask permission to have any kind of sex with her, and he mandating L have sex with other men after denying me. It was "brutal" fun (in a good way), for a while, until L and I tired of it and other situations intervened. But he's one of a kind, and we're very lucky to have found him.

    On the other hand, some time ago a guy who ran the gym where L and I work out had his eye on L, and eventually wanted to play the same game. In the end, it went to his head and he didn't have a sense for what we needed. He became uncompromising, rude, and actually thought he WAS L's owner, in spite of our constant reminder that it was only a game, that he didn't really OWN L - we were only letting him fuck her and pretend to "own" her. In the end, L put him in his place, and it didn't end well, at least for him.

    It takes a high level of sophistication to play the Dom with a couple, and very few men have the skill and imagination to sustain that over a period of time. One needs an innate empathy for the couple, especially during the role playing. But when you find the right Dom, at least for us, there's nothing better. We just spent Labor Day week with L's first lover, and he still has what it takes after all these years.
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    Don -

    Michelle and I wanted to thank you for your kind and informative reply. I read it and shared it with her. It initiated some good conversation between us. Doug and she have been chatting about what they want out of their relationship, and even about how to keep it from getting boring. She and I have talked about how both Doug and I want her to be more subservient to him. He told her he would love for her to be available to him more often, essentially at his beck and call. But he knows it’s not practical since she’s (supposedly) concealing their relationship from her husband.

    I’d enjoy Michelle being more ‘owned’ by him and, in talking with Michelle about it, determined that Doug owning her should include:

    --She continues to conform to his wishes regarding her appearance and clothing.
    He’s already directed her to grow out her hair; embellish her makeup (darker/bolder colors); go Hollywood (clean shaven pussy); wear high heels, shelf bras and G-strings only (except during her period); and sexier clothing. Doug wants her sluttier so other men notice her. Of course, Michelle and I are all for this!

    --Doug is her primary sex partner; no one has sex with her more than him.
    This puts some interesting dynamics into play, including her and me possibly needing to limit our sex. I’m not a wimpy husband and (no disrespect to anyone) she’s definitely not into that. She admires dominant, self-confident men. In the past we’ve discussed and rejected getting into a ‘denial situation’. But if, say, she has sex with Doug four times one week, abiding by the rule that no one has sex with her more times than Doug, she and I wouldn’t be able to have sex a fifth time that week until AFTER she fucks him a fifth time. We’re still throwing around this idea, since the practicality is uncertain, but the concept definitely asserts his sexual status above me.

    --She is at his disposal, as is practical.
    Doug calling her at three o’clock in the morning for a booty call isn’t doable, since she’s (supposedly) concealing the affair from me, her husband. But she and I believe that there’s definitely some leeway for her to be more accessible, including adjusting her work hours to better suit him, and meeting him more often under the pretense of her going shopping, running errands, etc.

    --Doug continues to prostitute her.
    This is one thing that Michelle is absolutely crazy about, and they accomplished this summer after she started working for him. A few times a month, on her work days, she did outcalls for a handful of men Doug knows very well either socially and/or through business. Doug makes the arrangements, she sees the men, collects the payment, has sex, and returns to Doug to hand over his cut of the money. He is a natural organizer and very detail oriented, and they are extremely careful about discretion and safety. To prevent her being identified during the little time she’s out in public, she drives one of his cars and wears concealing, unremarkable clothing (long, loose-fitting maxi dresses) over her hooker attire. Michelle sees five men about once a month and she’d like to expand this, as well as see more often the core group of men she’s met over the last couple years.

    --Doug continues to be her real-life employer.
    As his real part-time employee, Michelle is justifiably required to spend time with Doug every week. Family and friends know about her job, so there’s no reason to be suspicious about her being at his house (her work place) a couple times a week, or if they’re seen together in public (they sometimes have lunch out, and refrain from PDA). I’ve always liked the ‘girl/wife fucking her boss’ situation. And for Michelle, living the fantasy of being a slut secretary is pure catnip for her.

    Talking with Doug a couple weeks ago, Michelle asked him what his ‘ultimate fantasy’ is involving her. Since they are very straightforward about what they want, he explained that his most licentious fantasy includes her ‘raising the slut factor’; making her more devoted, obedient, and accommodating to him; using S&M to intensify his dominance over her; and continue to whore her out. He believes the thing they need most is time together. He’s respectful of our marriage, and does not want to jeopardize it, and is very cautious about discretion and not raising my suspicions. One rule he reiterated frequently when they first started seeing each other was that if she ever leaves me, he never wants to see her again. He’s divorced and quite candid about not wanting a full-time, romantic relationship.

    I’d been giving the ‘more time’ problem some thought, and suggested to her that a simple solution was that she increase her work hours. We also threw around ideas like her occasionally going to dinner or drinks with him under the pretext of it being business meetings. She liked that idea, and broached the topic of her going on some short business trips with him. While she’s never spent the entire night with another man, we’d never made it a rule that she couldn’t. I found the idea exciting, and she pointed out that spending a night with Doug definitely strengthened his ownership of her.

    After discussing it with him last week they increased her work hours to three half-days a week. He loved the business trips idea, but is also concerned with raising suspicions with me, and our family/friends. They’re still talking about it. This past weekend she and I came up with an idea we think will work well: She’s been thinking about a makeover for her 40th birthday, including some cosmetic surgery. The idea is that, after the makeover, she will tell Doug that her husband is quite comfortable with her sex appeal and declared that he has no concerns about men ogling her. Our hope is that once Doug is confident I’m ‘not the jealous type’ he’ll consider some overnights with Michelle.
    This Friday is Doug’s Halloween party. As his personal assistant Michelle actually planned the event and she’ll be attending to make sure the occasion goes well. Since she’s going as an employee, I’m not invited. He had some concern about her spending the evening at his party, and it arising suspicions. But it’s been in the works, and a topic of our discussion, for over a month and she assured him that she’s been providing me with plenty of info and I consider it perfectly natural that she should be there as his employee.

    It’s a big bash, with nearly fifty invites sent out, and they hired a bartender and two waitresses for the night. Doug’s already given her a short list of special guests—business associates – that are to be “fully accommodatedâ€. She loves the idea of having to (possibly) fuck a few of her boss’s business associates for the sake of good relations and accruing future favors. Since the hired help will all be dressed sexily, Michelle will be parading around in a very slutty witch’s outfit she pieced together. I’ve not seen it (it’s at Doug's) but she told me it consists of: an off-the-shoulder lace peasant crop top; black shelf bra; black waist cincher; short black petticoat; purple thong and garter belt with black/purple striped stockings; and black leather thigh boots. She describes it as combination witch and Renaissance Faire hooker outfit.

    In summary, Michelle and I think that this relationship triangle is going well. She and I, as a couple, are finding the situation exciting and satisfying, and Doug seems very happy, as well. I think the only thing, at this point, I’m concerned with, is her having surgery. And that’s all about me being a protective husband concerned with her safety, and nothing to do with what she has planned.

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    Greetings –

    Well, Michelle read my previous postings and pointed out that I unintentionally used the name Doug calls her (Julia) as well as the pseudonym she and I agreed on for making postings (Michelle). Sorry about the confusion. She also corrected me regarding the first time she fucked Dan, which was May 2012. For some reason I thought it was late summer. Again, real life mistakes, and my apologies.

    There’s a lot of history between 2012 and now, but here’s a synopsis of how we got where we are...
    Michelle discovered Dan working at the mall, and ended up fucking him a few times over the summer; maybe once every six to eight weeks. That autumn he introduced her to Kevin, who’s an accountant and single. He’s basically a hard worker whose irregular job schedule has ruined a few relationships. Before the holidays she met with Kevin a few times. Dan got busy in life and Kevin saw her twice before tax season started in 2013. After tax season died down she and Kevin played out some fantasies and also ventured into some mild BDSM (mostly light spanking and tying her to the bed). During 2013 she and Kevin became fairly steady, if infrequent due to his job. He actually gave her a key to his house.

    At Kevin’s Halloween party she was his date, but he introduced her to his friends Doug and Nick and, at different times that night, she fucked all three of them, per Kevin’s wishes. The following January she attended a small football party at Kevin’s and he and three friends fucked her. The next month Kevin had a small super bowl party and she attended that, as well. At both parties Kevin surprised Michelle by giving her cash gifts in appreciation. It was at the super bowl party that Doug expressed particular interest in her. Kevin talked to her about it and Michelle agreed to him give Doug her email address to contact her. They corresponded, but weren’t able to arrange a meeting until late March. With tax season in full swing, Doug sort of ‘took over’ (with Kevin’s blessing) while Kevin wasn’t available. From talking with Kevin, Doug knew she was into role-playing and BDSM, but he was much more interested than Kevin, talking with her at length about their likes and kinks. November 2014, she went to a small All Saints’ Day costume party/open house at Kevin’s where their collective plan was for her to fuck as many guys as she could that evening. Her charms and slutty looking Cinderella costume got her fucked by three guys and two others played around with her a bit.

    That night after the open house, Kevin, Doug and Michelle had a private ‘hand her over’ ceremony in which Kevin stepped down and Doug became her main man, so to speak. The reality was that Kevin had too erratic a work schedule, whereas Doug could see her often and was also wholeheartedly interested in exploring more interests with Michelle. At the ceremony, after being thoroughly fucked by both of them, Michelle eagerly agreed to a few simple rules like going from Brazilian to full Hollywood (clean-shaven), growing her hair longer and meeting Doug at least once a month. Things slowed during winter due to the holidays and the bad winter weather and road conditions in our area (reality can be a real pain the ass). Although they were not able to meet regularly, Doug and Michelle did email back and forth quite a lot. By March Michelle and Doug started meeting again, and he continued with the spanking and light BDSM. The role-playing got edgier as he began to habitually fuck Michelle in the ass and use a lot of verbal erotic humiliation (talking trash to her) which she finds very arousing.

    In April, after ample discussion, Doug began (as Michelle puts it) whoring her out to a couple of his friends. This was a trial to see how things went. Finding it to be an erotic, exciting experience, Michelle loved the whole call girl situation and was eager to continue. To justify Michelle being out of the house more, in June Doug came up with the idea of legitimately hiring Michelle part time as a personal assistant. This guaranteed that, two days a week, for four to six hours, she could spend time with Doug or do an outcall. Many days she saw a client and then fucked Doug after returning. Her client list grew to five men, plus infrequently seeing Dan, Kevin and Nick. She’s now doing outcalls about four to six times a month. All three of us have been enjoying the last six months. As we went into July, I wondered if the relationship would get stale and lose Michelle’s interest, but the opposite has happened.

    The weekend after Doug’s Halloween party, Michelle and I again talked very honestly about our current situation and what ‘the next level’ for her and Doug might be. She reiterated that several things had gotten her into hotwifing: 1) us talking and mutually fantasizing about it for several years; 2) having and stable marriage and that the Las Vegas ‘experiment’ had proven we were both ready for it; and 3) after several years of working part time or not at all, her day to day life had become monotonous and predictable, so she had the time and incentive to embark on something exciting. She also pointed out, and I agree, that our sex life is definitely intensified by her infidelity. She enjoys the double life of being in a stable marriage, but fucking different men. And fulfilling her fantasies of being a prostitute, a slut secretary, an unfaithful wife, and generally being subservient to men is exciting and gratifying. She stated that there is great freedom in letting Doug manage the details, like arranging meets with other men. Obeying him is fun and effortless. She also appreciates the trust and intimacy we share as a married couple enjoying this alternative arrangement.

    Michelle pointed out that things are coalescing well, since Doug wants more control, I want him to have it, and she is all for it. The question is how much control should we give him? One major block of his control is the pretense that I’m the unknowing husband, and she must keep her activities with Doug secret. Discretion imposes limits. But she admits that she’s reluctant to remove that safety net, and there are easier ways to have more time with, and give more control to, him. She asked me how I felt about what happened at the Halloween party, such as: Her attending without me; Doug offering her up to some of his business associates (for the purpose of currying favor and to impress them); concerns about her being seen ‘in public’ with him by some of his business associates and friends, and them knowing that she is his ‘girl Friday’; and Doug using the party to scout for future clients for her?

    Me not being invited makes perfect sense; she’s his employee and it was a business-related party (as in some expenses were legal business write-offs). Michelle and I both find it extremely hot that Doug sees fit to use her as a commodity to garner or repay personal and business favors. So long as safety and some discretion are observed, we both find it well within his prerogative as her bull to do. The same goes for her being known among a few people as a loyal, obedient ‘anything for the team’ minded personal assistant. Being an occasional call girl definitely thrills Michelle, and she and Doug spent a lot of time working out a discreet and sensible way to carry this out, so I‘m completely onboard with it.

    Michelle revealed she has some interesting ideas about going to the next level, but wants to talk with Doug first about them to see if they’re even feasible. She asked me to consider the idea of having a ‘trophy wife’ and what my vision of one was, asking for some pictures of what I thought one should look like. She also asked if I’d seriously consider taking over our home finances. We’re still all talking amongst ourselves and things are still developing. Finally, Michelle affirmed that our marriage will always come first, how much she enjoys that we’re doing this together, and that none of it would be possible without the love, intimacy and trust we share.

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    Greetings, all!

    Noteworthy happening from back in June that I thought I’d share. Something I’d remembered and thought would (maybe) make a good post. It happened on a Friday, an in-office day for me (I telework half the time, on a regular, alternating schedule). On in-office days I leave the house about 5:30 AM and get home twelve hours later. And Doug arranged his work schedule so that every other Friday he and Michelle can spend the day together. As usual, Michelle went over to Doug’s, arriving around 10:00. Typically, after she arrives he lets her know what client she’s seeing that day (usually around lunchtime), she does the outcall, and returns to enjoy an intense fuck session with Doug. That day he surprised her with a quick, hard fuck, and then told her to drive him over to our house to sort her wardrobe. With him laying in the back seat of our SUV so he’d not be seen, Michelle drove them over to our place. He had her back into the garage and lower the door before he got out. Once in our home, he looked around a little, and then made out with her in the kitchen for a few minutes, before taking her upstairs.

    Since spring she’d talked about going through all her clothes, since it’d been a few years. But she’d been procrastinating. Doug had decided to seize the opportunity and make it fun. Before starting, he had her strip her down to her bra, G-string and suspender hose, and put in her a remote controlled pussy vibe, and a butt plug. She said he was friendly, but commanding, talked some trash, and she felt (like she so often does now) like a little girl trying to please her father. They then weeded through all her clothes, starting with our spare room closets (off-season clothes), and finishing in the master bedroom walk-in. She told me how he kept her constantly aroused by talking nasty and occasionally taking shorts breaks to use the remote vibe on her and make out. He was pretty merciless, but practical, weeding her wardrobe. After jamming six large garbage bags full of clothes into the back of the SUV for the trip to Goodwill, they then looked through her lingerie collection. Nothing was discarded; he just wanted to see it, and made her model some of it for him, for comparison to what she has at his house.

    Last December Doug bought a house not far from us (although he did not know that at the time). Before moving in, he had his company finish the basement, which included, aside from a large rec room and wet bar area, ‘playroom’ bedroom and nice full bath which his basically hers. He’d concluded it was too risky for her to frequently go home looking/smelling freshly fucked, so she uses the bathroom to shower and clean up after fucking around. Since he moved into his new house last spring, she’s been accumulating lingerie and sexy clothes there, and he wanted to see what her home lingerie collection included. Before leaving, he bent her over the kitchen island and did his typical ’world tour’, as they call it: making her first blow him, then fucking her pussy, and finally doing her in the ass.

    Around 3:00 she drove them back to his place, and while she showered he ran out and got a late lunch for them. They talked and ate, with her wearing nothing but a little robe, and then he headed out to run some errands. She finished getting dressed, left, and stopped by Goodwill on the way home to donate the clothes. She arrived home not long before I did. When I got home she was waiting in lingerie and ready to be fucked. She immediately told me what had happened, hoping I’d not be upset that her boyfriend had actually been in our house and fucked her right in our own kitchen. And she confessed that part of the reason she was dressed and ready to fuck when I got home was that she wanted to appease me.

    While I was surprised, and she had NEVER brought any of her fuck buddies home before, I didn’t have a real problem with it, other than the practicality of needed discretion. And, admittedly, Doug is always mindful of this. We went upstairs to our bedroom and proceeded to make out and fuck while she told details of the day’s events. The cover story for her husband, she explained, is that she decided to get rid of anything old and not recently worn, and her wardrobe needs ‘updating’. Looking at what was left, it was clear that not only did they purge all the old and unused clothing, but Doug successfully got rid of everything he didn’t consider sexy. Granted, he left a few plain items for workwear and cold weather, but even her bras and panties were expunged of nearly everything but shelf and demi bras, and G-strings. When I commented about that his motive she pointed out he was thorough about getting rid of almost all her pants, as well. It’s no secret he prefers skirts, and the shorter the better. At least two-thirds of her clothes, and half of her (fairly small to begin with) shoe collection, are gone.

    End of story.

    Recently we were talking about the broader picture of Doug and her’s relationship, and how we felt about the arrangement. This is something we do from time to time, and it had been a while since we discussed everything that had gone on the last several weeks. She expounded that her view point about her life has changed some, and I asked how. Michelle stated quite frankly that, as she and Doug has discussed, for the better part of a decade she had not had a career and, since our financial situation didn’t require her to work, she had no real desire to. She said the last few years had been the best of her life, and her marriage, and that she enjoyed the entire hotwife lifestyle. She pointed out that she has a fantastic marriage AND is living out her wildest fantasies. She laughed and distilled it down to being a good wife, a decent secretary (personal assistant) and a whore. She surprised me by saying that her college education was a waste, and that she didn’t even need to be particularly smart, just good looking. I hesitated to agree with her and she said that, seriously, consider what jobs she’d done in the last decade, let alone the last five years, and what of them couldn’t be done by a high school dropout?

    Now I had concerns about Michelle’s self-worth, and said as much, and she assured me she was perfectly happy, but was just considering the facts of the situation. To prove her point, she asked me: what does she use most, her looks or her brains? She listed her weekly activities: grocery shopping; light cleaning (we have a professional cleaning service come every three weeks); laundry; paying the bills; maintaining a great marriage, and occasionally socializing with her friends. Outside the house she runs some errands for Doug, pays his bills, keeps his calendar and appointments, organizing some of his home stuff (personal library, old papers/bills, etc.) and fucking a lot. I conceded her point, but I’d never consider a college education a complete waste. She acknowledged that, but stipulated that she didn’t NEED a college education for what she was doing, which, arguably, is true. I got the gist, and told her I now better understood her question about the whole trophy wife thing.

    Got to go, more later.

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    Hope everyone is having a good week. I’ve got another question, and I’m not even sure of it falls into the realm of this forum. If not, my apologies.

    Michelle and I have done a lot of talking over the past weeks about her relationship with Doug. We discussed some very significant questions about our kinks and desires, and mapped out some plans and some boundaries. We’re both great communicators and listeners, and credit that for our wonderful marriage. I’ve come to realize that Michelle became very bored with life, but not our marriage, and when she started down the hotwife path it really opened up a new chapter of excitement for her (and me).

    This summer she got to explore some rather taboo subjects and, knowing that she had a safety net, dove in head first. While she’s not been dishonest with me, only now do I truly understand how intense her relationship with Doug has become. She gave him permission, actually dared him, to push her limits. She’s enthusiastically enjoyed the ride. She likens it to getting on a roller coaster you’re terrified of, and committing yourself to the experience to endure both the fear and the thrills. And while they are both committed to not destroying our marriage, it’s become clear that Michelle is captivated with being his dutiful sex toy. While a little unnerving, I approached it levelheadedly and asked some fundamental questions: Does this jeopardize Michelle’s safety? Does it threaten our marital relationship? Are careless risks being taken regarding discretion? Is she doing anything she truly does not want to?

    She admits he’s made her do things she was afraid to do, but never anything she was utterly opposed to. For example, occasionally prostituting herself has been a long time fantasy of hers. She was afraid to try it, and really didn’t know how to go about it. He was her impetus and enabler. She and Doug handle discretion, and are meticulous about it, along with her safety. She says the most dangerous thing about seeing Doug or her clients is the drive to and from. She also reiterated that Doug has not only become expert at fucking her brains out (including the use of sex toys) but they both also enjoy playing out some very intense ‘scenes’ and roleplaying. Her favorite fantasies are about being turned into a sex slave, especially driving her crazy with orgasms while restrained and ‘programing‘ her to be a slut (which only means putting earbuds in her ears, and playing tracks of trance music with his recorded voice verbally humiliating her, which really excites her.)

    As for our marriage, she says (and I agree) that only we can determine what a threat is, and take steps against it. After talking extensively these last couple days, we agree that she loves how things are developing, and that we have no intentions of screwing up our marriage, dragging our reputations through the proverbial mud, alienating our friends and family, or going through a divorce. So far as the dynamics, Michelle asked if I still like another man owning her. Frankly, I find it tremendously arousing. She verified that Doug loves ‘owning her ass’. We recognize that this is a very reciprocal triangle. And she is enthusiastically enjoying alternating between being a happily married wife and an obedient, submissive slut who occasionally turns tricks for her boyfriend/boss. Quite firmly, she declared that I own her heart. And with that, Michelle confessed a bizarre desire of hers she says she’s had for a while. And so here is my question…

    Michelle confided that she has a fantasy where she is my daughter, not my wife. She longs to be a nymphet who is happily incestuous with her father, but also dates other ‘boys’. This is a new one for me. I can’t recall ever reading about something like this in any forum I’ve visited (though that’s only a handful). I’m sure Michelle’s not the first woman with such a desire, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of a woman who seems captivated with such a fantasy. She doesn’t want this to be a full time lifestyle, but she does want to make periodic transition that might last for a few days. She revealed that she has thought about turning one of our spare bedrooms into a girl’s bedroom, where she would sometimes sleep or bring men home to.

    Have any other husbands had a similar arrangement or roleplaying with their hotwife?

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    Greetings all,

    Thanksgiving has passed and family has departed. Michelle and I dined out tonight and afterward went for ice cream. As our conversations often do, we started with normal household stuff, then my job, then her job and of, course, her and Doug. We were sitting in the car in a DQ parking lot talking about how she went over to Doug’s to work a half day while family was staying with us, and how wicked and thrilled she felt to come home after mind-blowing BDSM sex with Doug.

    One interesting thing we hit on was that I had not posted (she knows I post on this website) anything about her Halloween party fun. I’d started writing an account of the party, but we had gotten into serious discussions regarding aspects of the relationship triangle, as well as her decisions regarding cosmetic surgery and the writing fell by the wayside. That’s real life for you. So here’s her story of the Halloween party adventure…

    After lunchtime, Michelle went to get her hair done; returning a couple hours later sporting purple/magenta colored hair. I was shocked she did something so radical, but she explained it was spray-in color done just for the party, and would shampoo out. I commended her on the really cool idea and that it should go well with her witch costume. She told me it was Doug’s idea, and she really liked how it turned out. A little before 3:00 she headed over to Doug’s to supervise the party setup and be there when the bartender and two servers arrived.

    Michelle didn’t give me every detail, but basically Doug wanted (and Michelle hired) three hot girls from a staffing firm to do the bartending and serving. Doug provided off-the-shelf costumes for the three girls (on the left), adding hot pink tights (to make the girls stand out since they were serving staff). The large hats that came with the costumes were too big and too light, and promised to fall off a lot, so they had trashed them in favor of small witch’s hat attached to a headband. The girls provided their own black pumps.

    Doug wanted Michelle’s costume sluttier than the wait staff’s. She showed him the costume (right side of pic) and suggested putting together something like it, since it was out of stock. He approved, so she went about piecing together what she called her ‘hooker witch’ outfit. The top was a black off-the-shoulder peasant crop top, which showed the black shelf bra she wore underneath. For an ‘antique’ look, she got a black waist cincher. The bottom was a purple mini-length petticoat, which was pretty much see-through. A black G-string, floral pattern suspender stockings and black thigh boots finished the outfit. She wore a witch’s hat headband like the other girls, and did a green-based makeup (blush) with dark purple eye shadow and black lipstick. The final touch was the orange contact lenses she wore. Unfortunately, I never saw the finished outfit, and she has no pictures of herself. She did the same makeup again for Halloween night (Saturday) and it looked awesome, even without the purple/magenta colored hairdo. Even some of the trick-or-treating kids and parents complemented her.

    Michelle told me about sixty people showed up for the party. About half of them arrived, stayed for a polite amount of time, maybe an hour or so, and then departed. So the house really had only about thirty to forty people in it at any one time. Doug introduced Michelle to seven of his business connections. Four of them brought wives (one of which was a little standoffish, two were perfectly pleasant, and one was a young trophy wife); two brought dates, and one was solo. Only three seemed particularly interested in her. Two talked with her for a while, and one danced with her some and was very ‘hands on’ with her. But no extracurricular activities with any of them. Disappointing, but that’s real life for you.

    Three of the five men Michelle has been turning tricks with since summer showed up. All three were interested in scheduling a meet with her, but none of them actually did more than talk or dance with her. Three of the ‘friends’ Michelle has been fucking for the last couple years showed up, and all of them had fun with her, two fucker her and one got a blowjob. After the party died out around one o’clock, Michelle, Doug the wait staff, and Brandon (Doug’s cousin and company employee) did a partial cleanup. The surprise of the night was that Dough fucked one of the waitresses (apparently she turns an occasional trick if the opportunity arises). Brandon fucked Michelle and then headed home. After the waitress left and it was just Michelle and Doug, they had some BDSM fun; she showered, changed and finally got home around 3:00 AM. She was exhausted and I was asleep she got home, so we had out fun the next morning.

    This coming week Michelle will have her surgery, so don’t expect to post for a couple weeks. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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  9. MidAtlanticFun

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    Happy February!

    Michelle is seven weeks post-op, and doing great. At her post-op appointment her doctor cleared her to resume normal physical activity, so she can now hit the gym. I know all the guys will love the view. She’s got 625ccs of high profile silicone added to her 32C chest, making her a generous 32DDD-23-33. They will continue to ‘drop and fluff’ some more as the last of the swelling subsides, her skins stretches, and things settle. But she is definitely going to retain that bolt-on porno tits look which is exactly what she wants. The rhinoplasty knocked around a decade off her age; she looks late twenties, early thirties with her cute little nose. She looks young to begin with. Up close she has a few laugh lines that give away some age, but ten feet it’s a real difference.

    She went back to work for Doug the first week of Jan, but he refused to get physical with her until the doctor officially cleared her for normal activity. He didn’t want to risk something happening and injuring her. After getting cleared on Wednesday (1/27), she went over to work and they had some fun, but he took it easy on her. She came with a blissful smile on her face and feeling very happy and horny. They had been texting and emailing back and forth on her work cell, but she’d not seen him since the end of November, right before her surgery. When the blizzard threat came up, he was really bummed it might be another week before she saw him again, so I suggested a crazy idea: What if she went over to his place on Friday and ’got stuck’ there for a day or two? She really lit up at the sound of that, and then we started discussing how to pull it off; how could she realistically get stuck there without it being too contrived. We considered a few ideas but decided to play it by ear.

    Having taken over a month off, Michelle had some legitimate work to catch up on, so she arranged with Doug to go over and begin work Friday morning. He wouldn’t be getting home until midafternoon because he and his crew were trying to hit some project milestones and prepare for the blizzard. The idea was that she would drive over in our older car (I was supposedly using the 4WD truck to run errands) and, depending on when and how the snowfall came, she’d supposedly become preoccupied with work and not realize the road conditions until too late. Doug’s house is about five miles away, but half the distance is on a windy back road. Our idea was that I’d make an attempt to get her with our truck, but then turn around deciding it was too dangerous.

    Although the forecasts said it would not be snowing until late afternoon, it here started before noon, and by 2:00 was really coming down. When Doug arrived home, Michelle pitched the idea to him that it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time together, and they quickly collaborated on a convincing story to tell me. I had not heard from her and finally about 4:30 she called, saying that time had gotten away from her and she’d been so busy that she didn’t realize how much had already snow had come down. She said that Doug had just arrived and he said the roads were already treacherous. Per our plan, I volunteered to come get her. About twenty minutes later I called her (sitting in the truck with the engine running so it sounded realistic) and told her roads were getting bad, and could she possibly wait out the storm at his place. She went to speaker phone and Doug piped up and said that it would be quite all right, that our safety was important, and urged me to get home safely before I got stranded or had an accident. Thirty minutes later I called back (again, inside the truck) and told them I’d arrived home safely, and she said she’d call me later. About 9:30 PM she called to report on the conditions there and to say goodnight.

    Saturday morning Michelle called and the three of us discussed the situation and quickly agreed that it was too dangerous to be on the roads, so Michelle would be staying Saturday night. Late Sunday morning we spoke again and decided that I’d pick her up Monday. I arrived around noon and the road in his neighborhood had only gotten a cursory plowing. By the looks of it, it was someone with a blade on their truck, not an actual state road crew. Our street didn’t get plowed until Tuesday. For the very first time, I actually got to meet Doug in person. He acted perfectly natural, and I genuinely thanked him for being so accommodating and letting Michelle stay for three days. It is east to see why Michelle can’t get enough of him; he’s 6’2â€; fit, probably about 180 lbs.; black hair; green eyes; and handsome. He has a great smile, deep voice and firm handshake. I always expected him to be sort of the fast talking type. Not dishonest, per se, but having that shrewd, opportunistic businessman aura about him. But I found him to be a likable guy.

    We departed in short order, agreeing that we would pick up Michelle’s still-buried car later in the week. As soon as we were going down his driveway Michelle coyly asked how I felt about her spending three nights and two days with Doug. I told her I was dying to hear about it, having fantasized about it all weekend. We got home and spent time fucking and talking. Michelle said Doug really worked her over during the weekend, fucking her body and mind thoroughly. Having her mouth, pussy and ass fucked while she listened to graphic humiliation via earbuds was a real turn on for her. She said he also whipped her ass, did some nipple play, and, most especially, edged her for agonizingly long periods during which she listened to trance music laced with his berating dialogue. She loves roleplaying mind games. She also skyped with two of the ‘johns’ she’s being seeing regularly since last summer, showing them the ‘new and improved’ Michelle with her nose and boob jobs.

    We talked about the mechanics of her relationship with Doug, and how they have definitely moved into a solid Dom/Sub relationship. He’s read numerous BDSM books (she says he now has over a dozen). Michelle has bought five and is currently reading through them, while I’m reading my third, so she and I can talk knowledgeably about the topic. There is actually a nine-level rating on submission, and we both agree that Michelle is fully in Stage 7, meeting the following criteria: 1) She has an ongoing commitment to an owner/slave relationship and regards herself as the dominant’s property at all times; 2) she wants to obey and please the Dom in all aspects of life-practical/non erotic and fun/erotic; and 3) devotes most of her time to other commitments (e.g. job and required commitments) but Doug has pick of the her free time.

    My wife is obedient to him in many ‘everyday’ capacities, including what clothing she wears and her appearance (makeup, hair, shaved pussy, etc.) within practicality. Obviously, she can’t strut around looking like a stripper or skanky hooker all the time, but she is dressing much sexier and more glamourous, striving to be eye-candy for men in general. And Doug exercises some influence over her behavior, even away from him, in that he’s instructed her to maintain an active sex life with me (to prevent suspicions that she is cheating). He also has some control over her personal schedule by controlling her work hours as her part time employer. During ‘work hours’ she is either performing genuine personal assistant duties (her actual, and publicly known, employment); having BDSM sessions with him; or he is pandering her out to a small group of men with whom he associates.

    Having developed some suspicions, in view of the influence he has over her, I asked her point blank if the boob job was Doug’s idea. She laughed and explained that Doug never told her to get a boob job, that, as I knew, she’d thought about it for a number of years. She’d been putting it off because of the expense, and fear of what people would say or think about her doing it. Michelle said that she’s reached the point where she does not care what other people think. And while she is not going to go out of her way to alienate our friends and family, she can’t give up her wants and desires for fear of their condescension. She reiterated, for example, that she’s a part time prostitute because she LOVES doing it; the adventure, the pleasure, and the thrill of it, she says, are amazing. She admits that the rush she gets from getting away with something illegal and immoral--that the walk from the ‘scene of the crime’ to the car, and driving away with the john’s cash stuck in her bra--is awesome. She went on to say that of course that must remain a secret, but she has no guilt regarding it. It would be ‘damned inconvenient’ if friends and family (or law enforcement) found out about it.

    I also asked Michelle what Doug knows, or suspects, about our marriage. She confessed that Doug does occasionally ask if I am showing signs of being suspicious, because he’s extremely careful not to risk the discovery of Michelle’s cheating on me. Per the agreement Michelle and I have (as I’ve mentioned before), every man she’s fucks around with believes I’m an oblivious husband who has no idea my wife is a slut and a whore. Doug, and some of the friends Michelle fucks, knows I’m a decade older than her, and (supposedly) not keeping her satisfied as she goes into her sexual peak. That is the whole ‘justification’ for her starting to get some on the side a few years ago. I sometimes feel a little funny knowing that she’s told other men that I’m ‘not enough’ for her, but it’s the keystone of the story of why she’s stepping out on her husband.

    She’s also told Doug that I’ve seen guys gawk her for years, we joke about it, and I’m perfectly comfortable with it. He knows that I’m completely happy with the plastic surgery, and that I also have great appreciation for her complete makeover (wardrobe revamp and makeup). Doug asked her if I wasn’t a little dubious about her sexier look, and Michelle laughed and said she told Doug ‘all a woman has to do is tell her husband ‘I did it for you’ and hubby will love the change’. Essentially, Doug thinks I’m old, naïve and unperceptive. He loves having Michelle wrapped around his finger and me none the wiser.

    Apologies for the lengthy post. I’ll call it quits here.

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    Hi Eric,
    Thanks bro for this great sharing. First time I'm sitting in front of my computer and reading someone's entire posting. You are very lucky to have such a divine hot wife. My regards to her. You both are very fortunate to have some like Doug. Good Luck to you both. You are doing very well. Keep it up and keep posting.
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    She's Married to Me, but a BDSM Slave to Her Bull

    I began this thread last October, and the ‘fledgling BDSM†part no longer applies. In late November I realized that Michelle and Doug had passed the ‘fledgling’ phase approximately July of last year. Michelle wasn’t keeping anything from me; it’s just that I didn’t understand the depth of their BDSM play. Like most cuckolds, I love to hear the details of my wife’s adventures; but I make an effort to not be overly demanding about details. After all, who wants to be grilled about every second of every moment after getting home from a date? Michelle happily volunteers the highlights and I try to keep it to a reasonable number of questions. We both know that more details percolate out in subsequent conversations.

    When they got into BSDM play, Doug began to educate himself on the subject both for safety and their mutual satisfaction, and progressed from novice to adept in short order. In their extensive discussions about what they both wanted in their dom/sub arrangement, Michelle expressed her (and, unknown to Doug, MY) wants and desires. I was very turned on by the ‘’another guy ‘owning’ wife’’ fantasy, as was she. Doug knew their relationship was secret from me, and that incurred limitations on what level of compliance he could require from her. But he still did his best to fulfill her expectations by progressively establishing his control over her to make her his ‘property’. While his goal was our goal, the manner in which he reached the goal she essentially left to him. Michelle eagerly succumbed to his process of transforming her into an obedient and compliant slut/slave. What I didn’t comprehend was his means to get her there, which included shifting and solidifying some perceptions of hers.

    Eight years ago our financial situation became such that Michelle no longer needed to work. Having worked to put herself through college (honor student) and then plunged into corporate America, she welcomed the respite. But in the last few years Michelle become bored and because of that (and her abundant free time) she decided to seriously consider hotwifing, as we had discussed for many years. In 2012 she hooked up with a guy. Her life had been revolving around marriage and housekeeping, and hotwifing added excitement to her (and our) life she’d been missing for a long time. Things progressed from there.

    Doug has illustrated to her that, in this phase in her life, education, vocation and intelligence are immaterial. Michelle’s domestic routine is grocery shopping, laundry, running occasional errands and paying bills (we have a cleaning service). And I recently, at her request, took over the bills. Irrefutably, her life is not rocket science, and Doug, driving home this point, presented her the easiness of letting him (and me) make decisions for her. Her assent became compliance, which became obedience, which became submission.

    With Doug’s help and collaboration Michelle has indulged in her fantasies of being a ‘cheating’ wife; all-around slut; her boss’s fuck toy (including him pandering her out to a few friends and associates, which is a real fancy of hers); and exploring a BDSM relationship with him. She delights in being Doug’s sex slave and my trophy wife. I can’t really argue with her that her life is now all about her being sexually appealing to, and satisfying, men; making her intelligence and education immaterial. She considers the time and money spent going to college not worth just ten years of use. She underscores the fact that a high school dropout could do what she does, and her college diploma is irrelevant. I have mixed feelings about some of this, but she’s perfectly happy. In discussions, she admits that in the future, she may get bored with this, but for now, it’s what she wants in life, so I’m supporting her in it. She’s happy, vivacious, sexy as hell, and determined to be the best slut wife possible.

    Thursday I was teleworking from home, and around 9:45 Michelle came down and kissed me goodbye, dressed in what last summer became her ‘work uniform’: Boots (black, red or white), either over-the-knee boots for wintertime, or go-go boots for summer); sheer suspender stockings (black or nude) that are easier than dealing with hose and garter belt; G-string (black, purple, red or royal blue, but most often red); a pleated skater’s skirt (usually black, but also burgundy, purple, red, royal and navy blue); a close-fitting long-sleeved button down shirt (ordinarily white, but also black, burgundy, purple, red, royal and navy blue) with few buttons undone to show some cleavage. Now that she’s a 32DDD, her tits are too big to button up her shirt all the way even if she wanted to. With her shirts being high-quality, but thin, material, it was never too difficult to see her bra. Now it’s easy because her shirts are tight over her tits. Doug was the one who told her what colors to buy, but she puts together the combos that are fashionable. Thursday it was black boots; black stockings; red G-string; black skirt; red shirt and black bra. She looked hot. After we kissed we said out goodbyes and she went over to Doug’s.

    Funny how real life is. It’s sometimes anything but a good sex fantasy. Turns out with all the recent snow, Doug’s company is playing catch up, he’s busy as hell, and he never made it home to fuck Michelle this week. Thursday evening he texted her on her company phone (which she now keeps, instead of leaving at his house) that he planned to knock off early Friday and spend the afternoon with her. He knew I’d be in-office and not get home until about 6:00 PM.

    One the commute home she texted that she’d pick me up at the train station and take me to dinner. She got me at the kiss and ride lane and we went to our favorite steak place. She was in a sequined little black dress, hose and heels. I told her she looked like a high priced call girl, which she loved. After a wonderful dinner she asked if I was interested in hitting a hotel, so we did. She loves doing it at hotels, and a change of scenery spices things up. While fucking, she told me that she had two appointments next week. It’ll be twelve weeks since her surgery, and her clients are very eager to see her.

    I’m having an enjoyable weekend with my wife, knowing that I'll be one of four guys fucking my wife next week.

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    This is one of the hottest threads I have read. So wish we were in your shoes.
  13. MidAtlanticFun

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    Hello all –

    I wrote most of this last night after dinner, but didn’t finish. Posting it today (Friday).

    Monday was a telework day, and Michelle strutted into my home office to say goodbye (and show off her attire) before heading off to work. She wore royal blue shirt; white bra; purple skirt; red G-string; nude stockings; and white over-the-knee boots. Despite the mainstreaming of thigh-high boots, I (and she) privately call them ‘hooker boots’. Very sexy! I loved knowing that Doug would be home at lunch and Michelle would enthusiastically and obediently let him use her.

    I’ve never described her usual routine, so for those interested, here’s her workday practice. Keep in mind this is all about keeping her infidelity ‘secret’ form me and family/friends. As their relationship progressed, she and Doug were methodical about not leaving evidence or inconsistencies which might raise suspicions. Her being employed by him serves two purposes; giving her a legitimate reason for being at his house every week, and fulfilling her fantasy of being her boss’s slut. Last summer she began working as his Personal assistant (PA) a couple days a week for a few hours a day. In October they made it three days a week. My teleworking also changed some last summer (partially my doing, to give them more opportunities to meet) so I’m in-office 50% of the time. It alternates with me in-office two days one week and three days the other. This provides a nice, steady schedule for them to work around.

    Michelle leaves for work around 9:45 AM. After Doug gutted her wardrobe last summer, he’s had her slowly rebuild it per his stipulations. She’ll look at clothes online, save the links and send them to him, and he’ll look them through and give her a yeah or nay regarding purchasing. Occasionally he’ll find stuff online and tell her to buy it. Her clothes at home are very sexy, but not so wild as to put off family/friends. Her wardrobe kept at his house is much more provocative, ranging from some sexy call girl outfits, to stripper/hooker garb. She’s also been doing her makeup more glamorous, per him. What we call her ‘work uniform’ is an outfit she wears leaving the house. It’s sexy, but suitable enough for being in public. I described it in my last post.

    At his house she’ll check her business email for that day’s brief instructions from him re her appearance, and a legitimate PA to-do list. If I’m teleworking, she has to be home about 2:00 PM. If I’m at in-office, it means she doesn’t have to be home until about 5:30, before I arrive home from my commute. They make their plans accordingly. So a telework day means they have time for a quickie, and an in-office day means they have time for a BDSM play session, and/or for Michelle to see a client or two.

    Michelle’s next step is changing her appearance per Doug’s instructions. Back in December of 2014, he purchased a house in foreclosure. It’s a large, five bedroom home on 2+ acres of land. Previous to that, to save money, he’d lived in a smaller home sharing it with a couple renters. He’s a successful contractor and also buys and flips several houses per year. He divorced a few years back, has no kids, and is not interested in marriage, or a relationship that may lead there. Michelle is the perfect solution to having fun without the unwanted emotional entanglements so he doesn’t mind spending money on her or their sexual indulgences. It sounds like something from a fantasy story, but he had his workers redo/complete the partially finished basement so there is a bedroom suite (large bedroom, spa bath and a walk-in closet/dressing room) in the basement. That’s the ‘play room’. The suite is accessible only through a storage room, away from prying eyes. Only Doug, Michelle and some of their male friends (those that have fucked her) know about it. I’ve never seen the suite, but Michelle helped Doug pick out the décor and furniture last spring and did show me pics of the bedroom set he bought.

    Michelle goes to the suite’s closet, containing her slutty wardrobe, and changes. On quickie days, he usually has her wear a shorter skirt and a blouse that is fairly sheer, and intensify her makeup from ‘glamorous’ (more than what most women wear) to ‘heavy’ (aka kind of slutty). I’ve attached a pic of a couple examples he once emailed her regarding what he likes. She calls it ‘modding’ (modifying) her makeup/clothes. On in-office days, anything goes, and she may be told to dress like a school girl, skanky hooker or any one of numerous clothes/costumes they’ve accumulated. He’s into her looking sleazy.

    After altering her appearance, she texts him from her company phone to let him know she’s arrived and got his directions. Then she begins her PA duties. As his PA, she’s a private contractor, and not on his company’s payroll. This keeps the business arrangement simple. They set up a couple email addresses and he bought burner cell phones to use to prevent any incriminating emails or texts on her personal phone or email account (nothing for hubby to find!) or his. For the purposes of keeping their secret, it is entirely appropriate that her ‘work’ email account and cell he gave her, are off limits to her spouse (though it actually is not).

    On quickie days he shows up around 11:30 with lunch (construction crews start the day early) from a local sub shop near his house. On arriving, he immediately begins using her as he pleases--kissing, groping, then a blowjob, then bending her over her desk, a kitchen counter, the couch, the breakfast room table, whatever--and fucks her fast and hard. She relishes this, and has come to refer to quick, rough sex as being ‘bitch fucked’. Oddly enough, they then have a sociable lunch together and she updates him on her task progress and he adds to her to-do list anything else he needs done that day. Then he’ll go back to work and she’ll cleanup and goes home around 2:00 PM.

    On in-office days, several things may happen, and he lets her know in the morning email. She could be told to go meet a client at a certain time and place. Doug might only have time for a quickie. He might take a long lunch. Or he might take the rest of the day off. Being off for the day, or taking a ‘long lunch’ means they’ll have a BDSM ‘play session’ for an hour or more and eat afterward. He particularly enjoys giving her a play session after she’s come back from seeing a client, to reward her for whoring herself. But it’s sort of like rewarding someone for devouring their favorite desert. After he’s done fucking her brains out she cleans up in preparation to be home before me.

    Her ‘cleaning up’ means that she showers, redoes her hair and makeup, and gets dressed in whatever she left the house in that morning. At his house she has all her brands of cosmetics and toiletries she has at home. That way she doesn’t have Doug’s cologne on her, smell of sex, look disheveled or anything else that, appearance wise, might indicate something is going on.

    As I mentioned in my last post, this week Michelle happily got back to Doug whoring her out. She’s been unavailable since her surgery back at the beginning of December. Initially, it was supposed to be only two men this week. She was told Monday she’d be seeing one client Tues, two Wed, and one Thursday. These were days I was in-office and Doug knew Michelle was free all day. Monday she was very excited, and eager to show off her new tits.

    Tuesday she saw Martin, an older (early 50’s) guy, retired military, who works in private security. While he really enjoys women, doesn’t have the time to devote to a full time relationship; that’s why he’s divorced. She likes him because he’s buff, badass and has that handsome/ugly look. Doug gave her a good fucking after she got back from seeing Martin.

    Wednesday before lunch she met Jared, an accountant who’s young, single and well-mannered. Although he’s a really nice guy, he’s on the tame side and not her favorite sex partner. After getting cleaned up she met William in the afternoon. He works for a travel agency and likes his girls a little on the sleazy side. Michelle’s told me he’s smart, but a little devious, and sort of has that used car salesman vibe going. But she does love to see him.

    Thursday Michelle saw Tyler. He’s a twenty-six year old black guy that’s on one of Doug’s crews. She’s described him as 6' 4", muscular buy very lean, almost skinny. Built for baseball, not football, she says. He’s actually well-endowed (as is Martin), but she doesn’t know his exact length (she once remarked ‘I don’t keep a ruler handy’). He’s mellow and never rushed, but very focused, taking pride in getting her off several times before he’s done. Michelle says he’s very intelligent, very well-read (he apparently has read most all the classics and is always finishing off a good book), polite, eclectic, health conscious (eats well and doesn’t drink) and mature for his age.

    Over the months they began trying a little roleplaying. Initially they were both careful not to offend the other. But they soon figured out that she likes it rough and he likes giving it to her. Things quickly progressed. After she referred to herself as a ‘white slut’ a few times he admitted that he definitely likes fucking a white woman, especially since she’s married. He likes to see her once a month. Work, personal interests and fiscal pragmatism preclude more frequent meets. He once told her that, for him, she’s like the hamburger that a PETA person secretly indulges in every so often. Michelle says that he’s also a great conversationalist, let alone mind-blowing in the sack, and she really enjoys meeting with him.

    Doug and she only had time for a quickie yesterday afternoon, as work had him running around most of the day. One of their work sites took some nasty wind damage from the storms we had in the area Wednesday evening. Under the pretext that she only worked for him Monday and Tuesday, she went over to his place today. Since today is a telework day, they’ll have to settle for another quickie.

    Back in October Michelle and I discussed an idea to make Doug her ‘primary sex partner’ since she’s his ‘property’. Originally, we considered the stipulation that she and I never have sex more times than she and Doug do in any given week. Both of us considered the difficulties abiding by such a rule. Her surgery and not seeing him for several weeks while convalescing postponed our verdict on the idea. But we’re now discussing it again. Michelle (and I) refuses to enter into a ‘cutting me off’ situation, yet we both find it extremely hot that Doug becomes her primary partner.

    Here‘s her suggestion:
    A---He’s my owner, so he always fucks me the most. If he fucks me five times a week, no one else fucks me more than four times a week.

    B---The count is ongoing. If Doug fucks me five times week one, twice week two, and four times week three, that’s eleven times in three weeks. Theoretically, you could fuck me three times week one, twice week two, and five times week three, for a total of ten times in a three week period.

    C---Sex is defined as you getting me off or vice versa. You fingering or licking me (or using toys) to orgasm are considered sex. So are blowjobs and hand jobs.

    D---If we’re on vacation, or Doug is out of town, that week is a hiatus and the rule doesn’t apply.

    It’s a nice plan, but we both realize that we have a very active sex life, and her fucking around only fans the flames. We’re still discussing it. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

    An interesting development is that Monday Doug told Michelle that, since she stayed at his house over the weekend of the blizzard without raising any suspicions, he wants to take her on a business trip with him. There’s a builder’s convention in Atlantic City, NJ, at the end of March. She discussed it with me that night and the next day she made the reservations. Funny thing; I’d imagined their ‘business trips’ would actually be her spending a few nights at his house, or a two- or three-day getaway at a B&B, under the pretext that they were out of town. But their first ‘business trip’ is actually a legitimate business trip. She and Doug discussed travel options and chose to take the train to Philadelphia and a connector to Atlantic City. They will leave Monday morning on March 28 and return that Friday afternoon. She gave him some hotel options and Doug opted for the Taj Mahal, only a couple miles from the convention center. I know all three of us are looking forward to the two of them being out of town together.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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  14. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    In your original post, you said that your wife has green eyes. Green is the rarest color and I absolutely love them.
  15. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member


    I mentioned L and I experienced something like this last year. While Dave "owned" her, his rule was that I could only have sex with L after she fucked someone else, and each guy had to be someone new, not a former lover. She began to visit a cozy little restaurant with a nice lounge after work near where we live. I was astounded at how she began to troll for guys - she rarely drinks, and ordinarily hates bars. So I get how exciting it is for you to have her ordered to do other guys, especially ones she's never met.

    It became even more exciting (and a bit more humiliating) to know L was hunting the guys on her own (I doubt she would ever go for being set up with strangers, as in your arrangement). It was like Dave was modifying her personality by enticing her with the game, and seeing her take to it was an immense surprise. His rules were a bit more stern - he ordered her to bring back the condoms they used and add them to the collection in a bowl by my side of the bed. Watching the count grow week by week was sobering. A possible option for you would be to also earn sex with her only after she fucks someone new. It adds a bit of an edge to things, although it would probably deprive you more. We found that as things progressed, Dave upped the number of men she had to fuck to keep the game edgy and more difficult. Building in a flexible or more challenging reward system on your part keeps things from getting old.

    I know your game is to pretend she is cheating (not letting him in on the game), but again, the most memorable times are ones I've spent with L and Dave in public. Sometimes there is intimate behavior (hand-holding, light kissing, etc), but sometimes it's just innocently being there, knowing I'm the third wheel, even if no one else does. Restaurants, art galleries, concerts, fairs - so many opportunities to watch them together. Have you considered having your wife inviite him to an innocent dinner out with just the three of you? You can play the clueless husband, so grateful he's given your sweet wife such a great job that she loves running off to each day. I'm betting your wife would also get off playing a dual role...

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  16. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    ‘Worth’ It and ‘Don’ –
    I’d like to thank both of you for your kind responses.

    ‘Worth It’…Yes, green-eyed blondes are not very plentiful, and Michelle’s even been asked a few times if she’s a reddish/blonde who’s been lightening her hair. Although she does do highlights, she’s definitely not a redhead.

    ‘Don’…Thanks very much for the response. I’m a bit envious that you are part of the game with ‘L’ and Dave, and got to see them together. That’s something I’ve not figured out how to accomplish.

    As for Michelle fucking strangers, it’s actually been a pretty safe situation, as far back as when she first started back in May 2012 with a guy (Dan) who was manager for a small store a mall. She saw him a few times that year, and in the fall he introduced her to his friend Kevin. During 2013 she occasionally saw them, and in April Kevin invited her to his small end-of-tax-season party where she was introduced to a couple of his friends, Doug and Nick, one of which (Nick) would end up fucking her later that year at Kevin’s Halloween party. Dan was an occasional fuck buddy, but Kevin was more into seeing her regularly, when possible, and it was him that originally started the (very) light S&M play that Michelle really grew to like. It was a good experience venturing into the hotwife/cuckolding thing slowly.

    In 2014 Kevin asked her to ‘entertain’ at his (very small) super bowl party in 2014, and she fucked all four of them--Kevin, Dan, Nick and (for the first time) Doug--before the game started. Doug took a real liking to her and they slowly started seeing each other, and by autumn she was seeing Doug more than Kevin, who was always working. Doug also had some light S&M play with Michelle, knowing she enjoyed it.

    Kevin had a Day of the Dead party/open house and they ‘made’ Michelle try to pick up (and fuck covertly in the house) as many guys as she could. She was introduced to seven guys that night. When propositioned, three fucked her; one made out with her and another settled for a blowjob. The other two declined. Nick also fucked her. After the party ended, Kevin and Doug had a special fuck session for her and she was sort of handed off from the former to the latter. The three of them had been discussing Kevin’s problematic schedule for many weeks and he decided to graciously ‘pass the torch’ to Doug. It was also a precursor to Doug and Michelle getting into the BDSM activities. With the busy holidays she didn’t see anyone but they emailed a lot, with the conversations delving into possible future adventures and fantasies, including BDSM. The weather also played a role, but Michelle did make Kevin’s small super bowl 2015 party, and ‘entertained’ by fucking Kevin, Nick, Doug, Brandon (Doug’s cousin) and Tyler (employee of Doug’s). Dan couldn’t make it. By March Michelle and Doug started seeing each other about once a week.

    They had talked and emailed about what they wanted to explore, but there were never any firm plans. April was the milestone, as Doug surprised Michelle by fucking her in all three holes. She says it was not rape by any means, but it was the day that he truly started calling the shots, based on what they had mutually agreed on during so much previous discussion. She admits that both of them wanted to take the leap, but were also anxious about actually doing it. Michelle says that fortunately, Doug was daring to kick things off. Two days later he sent her to fuck Tyler for money. That was the first time Doug prostituted her. She loved it. She’s told me that taking those first steps was simultaneously a huge relief, and an incredible thrill. The beginning of June Doug moved into his new house after the basement construction was done. A couple weeks later Michelle was in his employ, and they began semi-regular BDSM play.

    Oh, Michelle pointed out to me (she knows I post) that it was not June, but the beginning of July when Doug went through her clothes. She remembers it was the Friday AFTER Independence Day. Sorry about that!

    In all this time (with the exception of the first meet Dan, and that was at a public place, with his employees not far away) she’s never been around strange guys when she didn’t have one or more of her friends around. And Kevin, Doug and Nick really look out for her. The clients she fucks are people that Doug (or Kevin, or Nick) knows. She doesn’t troll for strangers, although that is a hot idea.

    Your suggestion for interacting socially with Doug, such as inviting him to dinner, is tempting. But I’m also a little paranoid that Doug might catch on that I know he’s turned Michelle into his toy slut. She might slip. I might slip. I’m very reluctant to take the risk. Michelle, definitely the skillful deceiver, says it wouldn’t be that big a deal, but she definitely does not want Doug and me to become good friends. As she puts it, she sort of has two worlds, and wants to keep them separate, similar to career and family life for normal people.

    As for your observation about Dave modifying L’s personality, it definitely strikes a chord with me. Over the last nine months Doug has certainly made some ‘adjustments’ to Michelle’s behavior. He’s hasn’t made her believe she’s stupid, or destroyed her self-esteem. But he’s persuaded her to value her beauty and sexuality far beyond her intelligence and education. And she’s also become very accommodating, especially sexually. She and I have discussed this, being very open and honest in our relationship. She knows and acknowledges that it’s happened. And she fully admits that a decade ago, at the height of her career, she would have never thought it possible that she’d someday revel at being a trophy wife, part-time prostitute, sex slave and general sex object for men.

    But then, it didn’t happen overnight. It was little steps that led her to where she is, and that’s how life works. When we were discussing this, she asked me, quite pointedly, if I was unhappy with where we were. Was I disappointed in her? And did I dislike what she had become, and was becoming? I told her I’m not unhappy, by any means. I’m anything but disappointed in her. But most importantly, I love who she is. Doug has undeniably shifted her viewpoint on some topics, but I have not lost the girl I fell I love with. She’s different, but certainly not gone. Michelle also says that it is the duality of her roles as slut/prostitute and wife, the ‘having her cake and eating it too’, that makes the entire experience workable. She says that love from Doug is limited, whereas love from me is unconditional.

    Enough for tonight. Wishing you all well.
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  17. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to change the name of a thread? I've looked though options cannot find anything. I'd like to rename it: 'She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull'

  18. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Well, the snow we were supposed to get turned out to be minimal, and I commuted Friday. Doug arranged for Michelle to see William and Kevin (who, being an accountant, is up to his neck in work right now and needs some stress relief). William is a client and pays, but Kevin, being one of the ‘core four’ (with Doug, Dan and Nick) gets freebies, per Doug. When she returned from her appointments, Doug gave her a quick fucking. Afterward, he told Michelle that he needs her all day on Saturday the 12th. He instructed her to tell me that that she needs to be over there around 9:00 AM to go through several years’ worth of personal and business records to sort or shred them, and she probably won’t be back until late afternoon.

    He wouldn’t tell Michelle exactly what they’ll be doing, but she’s pretty sure it’s not to go through old records. He likes surprising her with stuff. She’s guessing that he’s either going to whore her out to one or two guys, and/or they’re going to have a pretty intense BDSM play session. He’ll probably be more forthcoming this coming week. Both she and I are curious, and a little excited.

    She asked me if I had a problem with Doug demanding that she ‘work’ on a Saturday, since we generally keep our weekends to ourselves for ‘us’ time. I told her that, quite honestly, I didn’t think that Doug imposing on one of our Saturdays once in a while was a big deal, as long as it didn’t become a habit. She asked me to elaborate and, after thinking it over, I told her that her working a half day Saturday once, or maybe twice, a month would be my limit. But blowing an entire Saturday was only good maybe every couple or three months. I really like our weekends together, and she agrees.

    For me this is a commuting week (three of five days) but Michelle will be doing regular PA stuff, since she’ll be on her period and they don't usually play then.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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  19. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    "She's Married to Me, but Property of Her Bull"

    Audrey is married to me, but property of no one. That's why I'm grateful for every day she's my wife, regardless of who she's fucking.
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