She told me she can never be faithful but expects me to commit to her , what does it make me

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    just joined the site at the suggestion of my 'girlfriend', who suggested I go and speak to 'people like me' and ask your opinion about what's happening to me.

    I met her 7 months ago, at work. We were attracted to each other and started to flirt which quickly turned to an affair. We are both married with kids, in pretty much vanilla relationships. She is super hot , I think out of my league really.

    Id been interested separately in FLR, chastity, Hotwire cuckold type fantasies for a few years. Quite soon into the affair I mentioned it, that I liked the idea of submission to a dominant superior female. I sent her some links but she seemed cool about it and said if anything she was looking for a dominant to make her submit, not to lead me as she is used to always being in control anyway. I was disappointed but didn't push it as we were having a quite intense affair with all that goes with it.

    Soon after things started to change a little bit. We had started the affair having 'normal' sex, but she soon starting praising me for how good I was with my tongue, while saying my dick is ok, 'fair sized'. When we did have actual sex, she would make me lick her afterwards and commented 'all cum tastes similar, do you like it'.

    She then told me that she had never been faithful to a man, but that she wouldn't want me to run around after other girls if I wanted to be with her. This has developed to her mocking me about her going on dates with other men , and getting me to pay for things - like nail varnish, stockings, panties, moisturising cream. She asks me if I like watching her getting ready.

    Lockdown happened. A few months ago she started me on a ritual of wanking in condoms if we are having text sex, I think because practically its hard to actually lock me. And bought me a fleshlight which she calls 'my gf'. She makes me thank her for her letting me have a gf, and then says 'thank you for letting me have boyfriends'. She controls JOI and mocks me about becoming her beta puppy, loser piggie and so on.

    Finally, she has started calling me 'cucky', making me say 'I'm a cuckold now', sending me cum licking captions and saying she loves how I'll do anything for her. She says she loves me and wants to be with me one day, but says when we are together she will continue to date other men and that its so sweet that I will be her willing cuckold. She now makes me lick her all the time and only occasional sex if she want to 'practice' for bigger date boys

    She suggested I come somewhere like here to share my experiences and to 'meet other betas like me'.

    Do people here recognise these kinds of experiences and does it mean I am a cuckold, or am going to be cuckolded ? What will she have in store for me next ? Is it real or just a game, does it matter ? I feel embarrassed and queasy but constantly twitchy thinking about it all. Thank you in advance for your comments or advice
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    Well I Certainly recognize it. And since I am Who I am, with Decades to not only process it and Experience it I consider myself Truly Lucky for the Fact that I do recognize it. Hopefully IF you are like me (we are ALL Different) you will recognize the Opportunity that Fate and her are presenting you.

    Will Everything be Great, NO, Real Life Never is. But with Communication, and Understanding, on BOTH your parts it will be one Hell of Ride and Adventure. That is what Life is about in the Time we have. Life was meant to be Lived, Responsively of course but Lived. It goes by Very Fast and Usually ends Without Notice.

    From what you have wrote it appears you don't have a hard decision to make with Both of you seemingly giving and getting what you need in your relationship. But that is me. I'd be All for most of what you are experiencing, except the word "loser" ( I am not a Loser, just a lousy lover, as a man, except for my tongue), and I was never turned on by being "locked up". But the condoms tease (when my wife didn't use them with her lovers) was a Wonderful one my wife used, including sometimes when I was given permission to beat off and Cum. I liked to ask in spite of not being locked for permission but it quickly came with her requiring the instruction for me to eat every drop of my "slops". Which I loved to be told). That was a bigger turn on for both of us, my letting her control my orgasms without a lock. Oh and I think her fleshlight girlfriend touch was Awesome. Congratulate her for me.

    And if you are interested in learning more about MY Decades of being a Cuckold, I have a Thread on the Humiliation section of this forum. Also there in the Sissification section is my Thread about what happened after my wife passed, though I wished I hadn't waited (But that Thread does NOT mean that is where many cuckolds, nor you, IF that aspect is not Who You are, are headed) There are NO Hard and Fast Cuckold Rules because ALL Cuckolds and Hotwives are different. I Really need to get back to posting on both my Threads, there is SO Much more document.

    In any case stick around , Read, Contribute and Learn. Plus maybe your girlfriend might benefit from doing the same.
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  3. ClairesCuck

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    Thank you , I think she means loser fondly she likes to mock and tease
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    I Adored being Mocked and Teased because I was not only Submissive Sexually but Loved Sexual Humiliation as a man ( But Only Sexually). And Luckily for me my wife was Very creative and good at it.
  5. Worth It

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    That's the way it started for us, not because Audrey demanded that I be faithful, just that she could keep her lovers. It was fine with me because I didn't have any other than my ex-wife, and Audrey gave me all the sex I wanted.

    Eventually I started playing with her lovers MFMing with the guys and fucking their wives.
  6. DaveA.

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    From what you wrote I can't tell if you enjoy being cuckolded. Doyou?
  7. ClairesCuck

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    I have been playing with the ideas a few years , find it potentially humiliating exciting at same time
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  8. Worth It

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    It definitely does not have to be humiliating. I found it exciting, loving, and an ego boost that other men admired me for having married Audrey, who they find so attractive.

    And that's even before the positivity of it all led to both the husbands and wives of two couples wanting me fuck their wives. Audrey's fascination with married couple MFF threesomes also led to her single girlfriend joining us.

    Humiliation is not a requirement for cuckolding.

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