She cheated on me with a random hung guy in Vegas

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    My girlfriend had a Vegas trip planned with her best friend. It was a "just because" trip which isn't out of the ordinary for either one of us. It's also not out of the ordinary for us to take these trips without one another. However, something felt different about this one. Right as she was about to walk out the door I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her. She said "love you too", but rushed off. I was left with this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was going to happen.

    She was gone for three nights, and I did hear from her throughout the trip, including a video call from her on the third night from her room. Everything seemed fine so I didn't give it anymore thought. Later on though I found out that my spidey senses were tingling for a reason.

    On the very first night she was in Vegas, she met a guy at a casino bar. She didn't think much of him at first but as she drank more, he got more attractive to her. She apparently got so wasted that she doesn't remember what happened that first night. She just knows that when she woke up the next morning, he was sleeping next to her. She had a nasty hangover and jumped in the shower. She was in the middle of her shower when all of a sudden he jumped in with her. That's when she saw his dick. To say this guy was hung is an understatement. Not thick but super long.

    They finished showering (nothing happened in the shower) and she put on a long shirt and started to make the bed. He then came up behind her, flipped her on her back, and started to eat her out for a bit before getting on top of her and starting to pound her. She said that she would try to push back on him and squirm away a bit because he was really trying to get all the way inside of her and she could feel it. He could go on forver. He flipped her around again and started to pound her from behind until she kinda just collapsed onto the bed because she couldn't take it anymore. He got dressed and left. But it didn't end there.

    Later that night he started texting her wanted to fuck her again, and she didn't hesitate to come on over. About 20 minutes later he was there in her bed. Things started with them making out but soon both of them had their clothes off. She started by sucking his dick which I'm sure she choked on given how long he was. Eventually she got on top of him and she loved riding him since she was able to have full control. She rode him a while and then gave him another sucking before he put her on her stomach and started to rail her again. She was loving it, but apparently it wasn't enough for him because he tried putting it in her ass which she put a stop to immediately. He didn't push the subject anymore but instead pounded her pussy harder. He fucked her for a solid half hour before they stopped and he never came (she's pretty sure he was on something). He got dressed and left and she went on with her night as well. He tried texting her the next night again but they weren't able to connect, and that's the night that she ended up video chatting me.
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    reminds me my Wife...;)
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    I was happy to read that your wife went to his place to have sex with that man. What happened in the first day and morning does not sound like consensual sex. It sounds like this guy is way too pushy for my liking. At least he stopped fucking her arse when she asked him to.

    How does she feel about it now? How do you feel about it?
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    I completely agree. When she told me about the first night I didn't like it at all since it sounded like she was way too drunk to actually know what was going on. The morning after though she knew what she was doing. I asked her if she didn't feel up to it why did she go with it and she said that it wasn't that she didn't want to, she just had a horrible hangover but wanted to at least try because she did want to get fucked. She did end up stopping it though because she just wasn't enjoying it. Once she told me about having him over again the next night, that basically confirmed that she did want it and enjoyed it. Knowing that, it's something that I'm very glad to know about.
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    Glad to read that she enjoyed. Isn't it a great feeling to know that your wife just got fucked by someone else?
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    Long before I met my wife, I had a 2-year relationship in university during my bachelor's degree from the time I was 21 until I was 23, with a girl who would ultimately set me down this road for life. She was serially unfaithful the entire two years we were together, although I did not discover the initial cheating until 7 months into our relationship.

    At first she was very apologetic and made lots of promises about not doing it again. Keep in mind I had never heard the word "cuckold" before at least not in any modern context outside of English and French literature. It wasn't something that at first I wanted in my life.

    However, after months of her cheating and me catching her, eventually the tearful apologies became more like shrugs until one day she told me quite bluntly that she did not intend to "waste" her college days being faithful to just one man. While she did not want to hurt me and wanted to continue our relationship (which I very much did too) she might as well own up to the fact that she intended to sleep with other guys and her advice to me was "to find a way to deal with it."

    Despite the fact she was quite open about this, over the Christmas holidays that year she told me of plans she had to go to Las Vegas with three girlfriends (this is where I circle back to being on topic). At this point she was now fairly open about her cheating, but not in such a way as to rub it in my face, she just made no effort to hide it anymore. We didn't at this stage discuss her dates or anything like that, but she no longer had any problem telling me "I have a date Wednesday night." etc. (I particularly remember that line because that was the first time she told me so bluntly)

    So why I overreacted on this particular occasion, I don't know; but she was packing to go to Las Vegas and I stupidly took a look inside her bag. While I shouldn't at this point have been surprised or offended, I found a box of condoms in her bag and it sent me absolutely ballistic. "What are these for?" I demanded to know, as if I didn't already. "Is that what you're going to do, go down there just to fuck guys for three days?"

    She was likewise furious with me for searching through her luggage and wanted to know what the problem was. She was entirely right too; I had invaded her privacy and had months earlier given my tacit consent to her seeing other men. We had a great big fight about it and in a huff she said that fine, she wouldn't bring the condoms. "Happy?" she asked, smouldering.

    We did calm down and enjoy a quiet night in, but I honestly did feel bad about it. The next morning I drove her to the airport. I had a knot in my stomach at what I had planned to do but before she got out of the car I told her that before she went I wanted to give her something for the trip. I then produced the box of condoms that had started the whole fight the night before and told her that I wanted her to take them and that I wanted her to have a good time.

    She asked me if I really meant that and I said yes, I absolutely did. She thanked me and said that was very big of me and promised to make it up to me when she came back. She never told me what she actually did in Las Vegas, but I was careful to check the condom box and sure enough there were only 10 remaining in the box of 12.

    We were only together another six months after that, but after that turning point she began to be much more open about her dating/sex life aside from me. She would start telling me details about her dates and tease me a little about them and thus a cuck was born.

    So in a way I credit Las Vegas for helping me realize I wanted to be a cuck. I'm likewise sure that many cuckolds have been made in Las Vegas.
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    That's the way I got into it too, CW. Almost identically. I was 21, bisexual (which my g/f knew) and semi-consciously gagging to be cucked. I also happened to have the hots for the enviably more handsome spunky alpha-male five classmates of mine that she fucked behind my back. All of them later confessed to me that at her urging they didn't once use a condom with her. For me that was hotter than the mouth of Hell.

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